My life is cool

My life is cool.

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razzadoop Los Angeles @ZeroDoxy I’m drinking blue Star Wars milk with Doxy and @Daelric because MY life is cool. How About This Game? | Formerly of Game Grumps | Working on secretsss | Business contact: barrykramerbusiness@gmail.com
theoddlittleone United States That feel when you walk to the laundromat but realize you forgot detergent so try the detergent dispenser and nothing works so you resign to just walking back home and handwashing tomorrow's clothes even though you need to go to bed in like an hour. Har har har my life is cool A bit of a harmless nuisance. Macabradorable. Come check out my cornbread.
NikkiGlaser Los Angeles, CA My fav mode of transport is the airport terminal shuttle bus where you get to drive on the tarmac up to speeds of 10 mph and everyone is just really jazzed about traveling to another terminal. The energy is cool. I hope you get to experience it over and over in life Comedian and host of @youupsxm on @SiriusXM Channel 95 every morning. Former host of @notsafeshow. Watch my 2 specials on @Netflix and @comedycentral!
jahkeyyy Pittsburgh, PA Cool by The Jonas Brothers is so relatable. I really do feel cool. Not cool like early 20s, reckless behavior, immature cool. More like late 20s, settled down with my girl, deliberate with every decision, stable life cool. And so yeah, lately I’ve just been feeling so cool. My life revolves around my wife and my pups 💕🐾👩🏻‍🍳
MeganFrazer7 England, United Kingdom When I was in First Year, I saw the third years as these cool beacons of light, about to embark on their next adventures in life and would smile seeing them hug goodbye. Now I’m here, and oh my god they were good at keeping cool. Cos this. Is scary. 21 year old Drama & Musical Theatre student at university. southerner currently residing in the Midlands. honestly just tryna get by at this point
Rmuconn1 @Corikenned One of the reasons social media is great. My daughter played against this girl several times and she is very good and cool to see this get big time attention. The bad part is when people feel the need to knock her or the sport down. Get a life!
PaddyCoyne17 Guns are honestly a blast to shoot. Technology is cool and in a safe environment I am all for it. But giving up A FEW CERTAIN ASPECTS of that seems like it would be worth it, and since my life doesn’t revolve around the next one in the chamber (thank “god”), I am okay with that. Coastal Elitist
bizzybunnyy Dreamland My love life is literally going nowhere and that's okay. I accept this. It's cool. I'm chill. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.
idolMariya I'm so forking excited seeing my vision come to life. The idea of making an org and trying to get into a franchised league is so cool. I hope we succeed. If you know anyone that would help fund the venture, we won't let you down. Professional League of Legends Player. NA Challenger Support. Twitch Partner.~ League Partner. 赤い髪のスケバン。♡~ Free Agent: idolmariya@gmail.com
lbechkos17 wild & fluorescent Life is cool and I’m so grateful. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. 🇨🇦🇬🇷 i’ma scream n shout for what I love passionate but i don’t give no forks ✨
keldoumjamie mars @notch This game was my life and it still is a really cool game ok
_DeeLoLo Louisiana, USA So one of my IG followers and i are uber cool with one another. I got to talking to him one day about how I’m in that weird part of life as a woman where is Love a family but also I’m single so I’m not really in the position to start a family. No bf and all.... I'm just here to do hood rat stuff with my friends. 😬
andrewtekken Texas, USA @heystaceykay @painandcats_ I was born with spina bifida and have been wheelchair bound my whole life. I still think the Pokémon movie is really cool. sorry that I enjoyed something that you didn’t. like I get it, but it was nice seeing a character that kinda looked like me, even if it was in poor taste tekken player. sign language interpreter. poor stand-up comedian. resident emo. really bad disabled
CameronBrinsley Skid Row @SailorJooj This is the 3rd time ive ever drank, i dont drink at partys or anytilhing only when im about to kill myslef lol i spend the rest of my tine trying to work out and improve myself but right now is genuinely the worst I've ever felt but you feserve a good life youre cool as fork @dunjs9thaccount fool
FrpPressuretank 北京, 中华人民共和国 Life is wonderful and good things come with its reason. My College classmate is visiting us for business,really cool! I prerfer working with people , with the people from each corner of the world . Since 2004, I dived into the FRP industry. Love Football playing
Swaschy I was so cool on my Minecraft server when I was 13 >admin (could fly haha peasants) >had biggest clan(by a lot) >girls hung out with me and the boys >told everyone I was 17 My life is a movie crapposter :: my thoughts on,,, things”- 9898 alt))))@cumposter
razzadoop Los Angeles @ZeroDoxy I’m drinking blue Star Wars milk with Doxy and @Daelric because MY life is cool. How About This Game? | Formerly of Game Grumps | Working on secretsss | Business contact: barrykramerbusiness@gmail.com
_stefparrott_ Los Angeles, CA My goal is to design an art-centered life that I find fulfilling. If people end up knowing who I am when I’m out and about as a result, that’s cool. If not, that’s also cool. Represented by MMG NY, Brand Models, and More Talent.
jdvxmc @JulieOBlenes @Cisco_1520 And I’m not like other “pro life” people (I don’t like labels so I don’t use them so I’m hesitant to call myself that). I’m cool with birth control and planned parenthood helping preventing pregnancy. My only beef is killing babies. That’s it 👌🏼 6 pointed star
ActualRSouthee ÜT: 31.573128,-110.221927 Now that this conference is over I can say conclusively it was one of, if not the, coolest experiences of my life. And not to brag but I’ve done plenty of cool crap. This made me fall in love with my field all over again. I’m so excited for the future. Graduate Student | Transhumanist | Linguist | Veteran | Mixed | أنا مجرد متأنق
FredoSwetchana Walthamstow, London Minecraft is one of the games that has shaped my son's life. It made really cool excellence in his buildings, and he still plays it as well. I play it as well. I love @Minecraft and I cannot wait for @minecraftearth. Hey guys I am Zack! I take over news and I'm also @speakmanhorrid's manager. He passed away ):
nulref Ventura, CA @theWellRedMage I'll take credit for it. Actually no, that's messed up. That artwork is incredible! I could spend 10 of my own life times and never be able to do anything that cool. 😞😓😢😭 Video games, computers, anime, nunchuck skills. Profit btw? Barely understands how memes work. Dad, husband, idiot.
MedicX2017 Strangers are following me? Kind of cool. Being a nice guy my entire life must have paid off, because I got laid 4 times today; and by 2 women who are way out of my league. Being in your 30s is so awesome. #goodkarma
bkransford @colinokeefe So cool. Got to meet Griffey in my cubicle while I was there. Sat and talked about—of all things—college football for 25 min. He also dropped a Husky joke. “The only thing that looks good in purple is Prince.” Best day of my life. GOMS. #Drop70
PhantomInari • 18 • Pansexual • He/Him • @Caitlin_2113 @Harley_556 i literally have so much crap and i was going off about it to my friend and my other friend was just like “okay but your life is so good” like okay!! cool!! i guess my life problems are going to yeet themselves away because my life is better than someone else’s!! A breathtaking sight... imitations they may be, but together, they make a fine spectacle.
pennywhispered This has been a problem my whole life. “Imagine yourself as a woman.” OK... I’m 5’1” and asian. “NO! *Yourself* as a woman, not some other woman!” ... omg ... she’s so cool ... is that me??? I’m Penny. She/her. 日本語でOK
MsJuliaEpiphany Montreal (QC) Canada how cool is this? watching my own porn being projected to about 100" screen and also watching it through the mirror. Sometimes I amaze myself... and yes I'm aware of how arrogant that sounds but I just had to say it once in my life, ok? Official Twitter account for pornstar Julia Epiphany, aka Ms Julia 🔞🏳️‍🌈 DTF TS lesbian, what else is there to say? ⟶ Follow my SFW Tweets via @juliagreaven
_albullock minding my business. we literally put her in the ground on sunday, they had her out of there today. when i say i’ve never been so mad in my life. bruh. i have to document this in case i don’t cool down by the time i get there and have to go to jail. what kinda fork crap is this??? your body is bangin ma, but where ya brains at?
sadzac Denton, TX ate an edi and now playin overwatch with twitter friends life is cool i cant feel my hands tho slonk on // unt ‘22
DodgeColin Ok so my dog is not dead, I’ve been sober a week and THE YANKEES ARE IN FIRST PLACE. I REDACT THE PREVIOUS TWEET. Yeah tomorrow will still keep getting better but today isn’t done GETTING BETTER. Wow, man, life is cool. Hats off to it 🇮🇪🗽🍻
neo_cciola neo city @KPOP_predict18 wow this is so cool and interesting... I wish I'd find out about my dating life too 😄 nctzen💚 i also love coffee ☕ ot21
ashewriter So this is kind of cool for me bc I joined Twitter to network with writers. For a while I stopped using it bc ya know, life, but then I buckled down on my writing and decided to try again. That's when I found #writingcommunity and my #llamasquad #MyTwitterAnniversary English teacher by day, writer by night. Mom mode 24/7. Author trying to get published.
CaucasianPat Jacksonville, NC everyone’s gonna hop on the braves wagon now that Riley is on em and that’s cool But I’ve been with em my whole life! Chop on baby 901/662 - USMC - Grizzlies Fan - Memphis Tigers - Oklahoma Football Maniac - MCAS New River
_Kovis_ Carson City, NV. BLFC!! I had a specific idea in mind for a new badge and I was so excited to see @Tsebresos here, the artist who first helped me bring my goofy dude to life. This is exactly what I had been picturing in my head, thank you so much! And the detachable name is cool too. M/Furry/. Here to make new friends/work on my social awkwardness. INFP. likes: positivity, art, fursuits, and fun! Badge art by @Tsebresos
revelationscorp @SenSchumer My stupidity my being poir and the rich abyding need us not ok ever the answer to them in my life is nooo and gross I'm not singing with him either. Yuk no thanks an abuser is not at all cool grosss
lrndnls fayetteville, ar @fcandido7 @HectorBellerin assuming this has something to do with his football stats or whatev based off your profile and cool u don't like him as a player, whatever, but I've literally never heard of this man before in my life but he was the first "public figure" who is a man who I noticed said anything. jeremy bearimy, baby
WhoIsCjJones At this point in my life If a relationship is not meant for me cool. I will be single for a while and travel the world. NC📍| Creative Director | RhoDNupe |
myvansaredirty 256 so glad i don’t go out on the weekends anymore but then again my life is pretty boring and i’m cool with that i wake up every morning and tweet excellence
stateofbelle lol got paid $1700 today and after all my bills were paid I’m left with $300. Still have to grocery. Adult life is cool they said. 🙃 Instagram: stateofbelle
0fyxSrAwl2tBd6C 日本 if my life was boreing it is OK so lone days works which someone make I can buye it and also make my works I notice I can change my boreing to cool works 34才、文筆、音楽家。 「OUTSIDER」代表。
Jamierodr14 Georgia She better be thankful I wasn’t there. As a Veteran and a Human being I would have lost lost my Cool on this pathetic individual! Life behind bars is to good for her! Proud Female Army Retiree,Trump supporter! Veteransfortrump, fb @ericbolling @genflynn @cvpayne @michellemalkin @RealJamesWoods @DineshDSouza @mitchellvii
dean_tongue Mason City @DelightfullyThe In real life I find it hard to tell people about my writing because it's so dark and forked up, I just couldn't deal with their reactions. Twitter on the other hand is amazing, I can totally be myself and people are cool with it 😍 Writer. Gamer. Movie Geek. My books aren't for the easily offended, you've been pre-warned! Member of the Anti-Douchebag Death Squad ☠️ #ADDSforevva
nataliesdilemma deeply in luv with victor i see some of my girls from camp at this girl scout party and one of them is a 12 y/o that’s ~too cool~ but whenever the most pop-y song about love and life comes on she goes NUTS and i cherish her bc that was exactly how i was at 12 this dog is staring blankly into the snow, waiting for it to turn into art || aspiring life-lover & author || coldplay acc: @natalielavida || infp-t || she/her
LuNz_IcE_cOoL I really feel like I need to make a sit down video where I talk to you guys. You teach me so much and also make me so angry, yet I wouldn’t change it for the world. My IRL life is amazing and you lot are a awesome escape to relax, reflect and gather my thoughts with. Thank you 💙 Colonel @SAP_TagnBag | All Platforms: LuNz_IcE_cOoL | Podcaster @battlecast2 | Streamer? | 'Alex' 😉
rxbyndavidson Leeds | Preston | Loughborough really love how I’m in the period of my life where cyclists are now younger and more successful than me. this is really cool. really okay with that. no issue whatsoever Anti-Doping & Sports Integrity intern. Freelance sports journalist. Writer for @ByTheMinCycle, @CanyonDHBBloor and @DoubleGSports. Co-host of @BitchingBasebal.
takayo_aki London My sloth for @onthisplanet_ open 17-21th at theoldstreetgallery Each print is £10 and every£100 donated=1acre of land bought+protected for wild life which sounds pretty cool.🐥 @ The Old Street Gallery Illustrator and cartoonist. Play bass in a comedy band, Awesome and Possum.
MrsEmmyPeel Great Pacific Northwet @ScoziaNighean Me too Jen! As soon as my knees and wealth come together. But life is good when I can see pics and hear stories about trips I probably wouldn't be able to jam in or might not even think of! How cool is that?
Vini_vlp Atibaia e/ou São Paulo well the life of a Healer main is cool (it's not) but it won't carry any games so let's go back to our roots (my roots are actually playing healers since day 1 but) and practice again with a carry Tsundere; crapposter; Rush Hour Apologist; #TrainTwitter; Redator do Pagode Japonês na @TorreVigilancia; Bad English/PTBR pior ainda
intlmon3ygirl Summerlin South, NV 📍 I'm ina cool lil space in my life & rn I really don't feel like being around no fake love and we all know funerals is where the most fake love is so at the end of the day Billy knows wassup with us 💔🤞🏾 #bloodcousins ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕🦄
voxeldogs icon: hedgefruit my phone is reaching that part in its half-life where it only charges in a certain position, and takes a full eight hours to charge completely. very cool. love how well stuff works these days Badger Ciar // 22 // they/them // WA // Illustrator // Graphic Design 🌈 // i write abt necromancers // serious art: @badgerciar

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