My life is cool

My life is cool.

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nissadeaa Yogyakarta, Indonesia I am with my new personality. Thank God,my life is cool✨ I am with my new personality✨
radsickhannah my life is cool, my friends are cool, i appreciate it. make art, spread love
_TRAmendous I’m 24 with no kids, so I will say my life is cool
myslwrn California, USA i don’t think my life is cool but other people think it’s cool so that’s cool it b what it b
minnsiemouse Chris Pratt @LauraaaS_ @juliettep0rter @alexkompo Just means Juliette is ACTUALLY living life, and Alex is trying to make it SEEM like he’s living life. 😂 Idk about anyone else but I’d rather be traveling and enjoying times with friends instead of partying trying to make it look like my life is cool. Lol #POS I’d rather be kicking a Deadites butt in a Sperm Bank while Take on Me is playing in the background than talk to you any day. I reply in Gifs DB 💕💍
rallman10 Nags Head, NC My life is cool because my Friday afternoon at work consists of jumping off sand dunes hang gliding woke up feeling pretty dangerous
ccmoicmath Que val MY LIFE IS COOL j-87 @jok_daddy ❤️
MeatshipRyan Toronto, Ontario Because my life is cool, I got to chat with @Mortiis for the @CatvsBatPodcast. Hope you enjoy! 🦇🎙👹 #mortiis #podcast #dungeon #goth #industrial Talented hack living in Toronto. Co-hosts @catvsbatpodcast. DJs at #DeathDisco613 & #ALTAERTO. Pronouns: He/Him 🦇🌘🎶
IdealistRyan San Jose, CA My life is cool af 22 San Jose | California | Happiness is all that matters.
ico90clast कानपुर, भारत Instagram - My life is cool #wanderlust #foodporn Facebook - Look at this important thing I did Twitter - Outrageeeee LinkedIn - Iam the most hard workingest person ever Social media identities in a nut shell. A new kind of identity crisis. A confused bloke who likes sports, tech, photography, travel and gaming. #COYG #RCB #BleedBlue
__Trevie Cleveland, OH I can honestly say that I’ll be 24 next Week ,Have a good Paying Job, No Kids ,have a Great Supporting Cast Behind me that keeps me Grounded and I’m only trying to Pursue one Woman and I’m Happy With that ... Never Been to Jail never been shot at my life is Cool Frfr #DramaFree Psalms 27:1
caerball The Land of Smol Tiddies. @alleywanders @HolidaysTime3 @NoesBooper @DaWakandaTarget @sharonallgood @RAGGEDYROYAL Every woman in my life is cool with female. There is no debate. Some people just can't seem to get that female=woman=girl. Its all the same. There literally is nothing dehumanizing about it. Also I'm perfectly chill here, there is nothing to rile one up on this topic. ;/ 🔞 MALE artist who is a connoisseur of smol tiddy and freckles. My art is sexual and pagan/occult themed most of the time. Porn artist~
VAPORBRE California, USA my life is cool or whatever BLACK LIVES MATTER •
imreaganstrange Memphis, TN i have been blessed to have some pretty cool influences in my music career, most recently @JayDeMarcus! he is on @GMA tomorrow morning with @rascalflatts and their new song “back to life”!! everyone retweet and show some love! 💚😃 📍memphis, tennessee, @nbcthevoice season 15 !!
Spencermusic1 Los Angeles CA I just wanna say: all this stuff is super cool, but YOU are the reason I do this. I made music for YOU! Not for numbers or anything else. I want you to connect and love this! Thank you for letting me make this for you, it’s an honor to have you guys in my life ❤️ Debut EP NONE of this has been about you out NOW
IamTomWalker Been to some cool places in my life but this is another level. It's nice to be back in town 🇮🇹 😘 My debut album #WhatATimeToBeAlive is OUT NOW!!!
Wamirul Me to know, you to find out I have yet to see a boomerang that was actually enhanced by the looping, its entirely just "my life's not that interesting but here it is rewound and looped so that it lasts even longer in a tempo that robs it of anything cool" Robot that draws dinosaurs, pokemon and knights. Writes for @Gamermatters and @GamerMalaya. (He/Him/They)
becky2293 Birmingham, England My latest weekly round-up for @Stylebham is here, inc. @BhmWineWknd and some other cool events! Freelance Writer | Lifestyle, Culture, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Travel | Love a good coffee | Can I work with you? becky93weaver@hotmail.co.uk
omegaenvych People say that OnePlus 6T under-screen fingerprint sensor is amazing. It's fine for my right hand, but left one... It doesn't work for some reason. Still, it's cool to see something like this in real life device.
patkaymun ho hO hO! @xndrealopez Self is Universe is track when i start to get my life together and move into a new apartment with cool jowa town 🌞🌞🌞 jeepers !
joanneolivier79 Nelspruit, South Africa @heygabsters_d Cook the chicken the previous day and cool it over nigh in the fridge. For most of my life this is whay we did for Christmas lunch, seeing that SA is so hoy over Christmas I use to be interesting. Now I’m just moeg
neckbeardnj Carcosa It makes me feel bad that Rosario Dawson is so cool and dating one of the two biggest herbs I've ever seen in my life. They move so slowly when they're not afraid.
trickcyclistraf United Kingdom @danmadmorgan Cool! I am losing track of time/date. Alcock and Brown is my life at the moment x All round terrible individual. Historian of RAF medicine. Grumpy old lady.
mr_rdagher I hate when people have drama with one another like what is the point?! All my life I try my best to be cool and friendly with everyone even if someone doesn’t like me I will respect them and be kind to them life is too short for anger and hate. Be kind to one another. UNLV Alum Biological Sciences | Entrepreneur | Published Researcher | Educator | Doctor of Pharmacy/M.B.A candidate | God & Family | 🇱🇧
dogs_R_cool I think it is important to clarify that I have never in my life consumed any piece of naruto media and never will final fantasy crystal chronicles for the nintendo gamecube is the best videogame (although wobbegong land is a close second). he/him
ChelceeGrimes STUDIO / STAGE OR THE PITCH Very excited. Got so many cool things happening that you’re going to be seeing soon. But 2 highlights coming soon is 1) I’m going to see Jurgen Klopp next week for something fun & 2) I’ve chosen my next single. Could life get ANY better?!!! ❤️🙌🏽 ARTIST/SONGWRITER/FOOTBALLER 🎤 I play football for FulhamFC & write songs for people. Currently working on my debut album & playing football.
aderall Puerto Rico @chaoscheebs wwww "I have never been cool a day in my life, you know this!" is a beautiful line. :'D Silly.Dork.Fujoshi.🏝Boricua.🇵🇷🌺🏝ENG+ESP=OK❣👍🏝Random as hell🏝 Talks NSFW/R-18🏝Personal Account🏝Projects Acct: @fujoshi_aruru🏝Avatar by: C Vélez @icmvm
EAPRese Durham, NC Got fam and ones I call fam that are solid, so no disrespect to them, but a African-American can’t help but feel like it’s me against everybody. Underdog my whole life. Overlooked my whole life. Nobody understand me. But I’m cool with that. I’m cool with it being just me. Truth is. Idgaf. Creative Director for @worldwide.clo bookings.rese@gmail.com #RipMaine
mypeterhan 🧸 @Seungminescence when I saw changbin for first time being like “I love dark" I was like woah this boy is my type in real life 🤣 I thought he was really cool sᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅs ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏʏᴢ ɴᴄᴛ ʀᴇᴅ ᴠᴇʟᴠᴇᴛ ʏɢᴛʙ ɪᴅᴏʟ ᴘʀᴏᴅᴜᴄᴇʀ ɴᴇ𝟽ᴛ ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ɴɪɴᴇᴛᴇᴇɴ
JarrydHuntley Downtown Cleveland, Ohio I've also already met 4(maybe more) friends I've only know online in person & it's one of my fav experiences in life. Getting to catch up face to face after knowing each other online for so long is so cool. Thanks everyone for being so rad and I'm looking forward to more GDC!✌🏿 #GameDev. @ArtClubGame. Adjunct Game Programming Prof, Author(Freelancer, @CleGameDevs Organizer. I play music sometimes. he/him words=mine
BenjuKatchowee Baden-Württemberg, Germany one of my life goals is to be the german voice actor of a cool and funny Pokémon the guy that recorded all of those variations of the name "Fuegro" for Smash Ultimate is a legend My nama Kai actually but Benju sounds cooler. | Big fan of Donkey Kong, Puyo Puyo & Platform fighters. | 1️⃣8️⃣♂️🇩🇪👻🎨 | Join my Discord:
yungba5qui Central Harlem, Manhattan What your favourite season? Mine is Autumn... Cool nights and slightly warm days. And all those beautiful colours of nature — Summer! I always have great summers! I’ve always had my best life experiences in the summer time! Flea Dip Me! 🐕
PrisBlossom Denver (and sometimes Miami) Oscar. I've lived with grouches my whole life. I can totally deal. Also, he's cool with eating trash so he won't be competition when I'm seeking fresh food, and he's also crafty and is good at reusing trash which could prove useful. Writer: Travel, Identity, Entertainment, Health/Wellness @romper @10Best @lonelyplanet @mommynearest @hiplatina | Queer Latina. She/Her #childloss #binders
Owlly1224 Wyoming, USA Look at my I’m quirky.I have mental illness so that makes me cool. My bio says something about hating all people because the suck. And importantly I don’t take advice from others and wonder why my life is a mess Ouch
midluuna Italia I think I’m forced to leave my country to find a job Ya know Italy is cool but woops, nothing works here and finding a real job is impossible I’m sorry but life isn’t free and I really wanna live 🤷‍♀️ Hi! I'm Mid, an aspiring cartoonist who loves games, cartoons and memes [Level 23, ♈, ENFP] 🚫NO REPOSTS ALLOWED 💌midluunaart@gmail.com

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