My boss is cool

My boss is cool.

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jetmoses21 Cape Town My first one-on-one is at 11 today and the paap has me. My boss is cool but I suspect I've o ly seen her nice side so far. Long may it continue Views are my own
BigTrello Texas, USA My boss is cool and funny as fork man lmao how many people can actually say that? Kameron Tate 💙 IG:TrellNeverFails
avpost Indiana, USA I had the best first day ever. My boss is cool as crap and everyone is so happy to have me! (Probably because everyone hates FMLA and they are glad I’m stuck w it lol) but STILL!!! Yayayayay whatever.
MarvinDorfler5 It would be really nice if Eagles take a monster lead at half. I normally dont work Monday and if not for late game I would work tomorrow so I can grab OT this week. My boss is cool and gets that I'll be up late so he said it's my call bout work tomorrow. So Let's Go EAGLES Former United States Marine.. Hardcore Philadelphia Eagles fan........... Yankees fan as well Hoodie revolution in full effect LGBTQ
panda_stasia probably in my room My boss is cool af today. I legit thought I was going to get fired for being an hour late to work and he did not give 1 crap. Lucas is my bestfriend
deb_yeal Michigan, USA @tyschutte My boss is cool and brought me a coffee, I’m cool now! Just living for the weekend with @tyschutte 💛🍻
xryanfinex Muncie, IN @ed_schrader @futureislands my boss is cool and runs a music venue on his front lawn can we do this anyway @VillageGreenRec // @whocarestheband // he/him // My opinions are sometimes wrong and sometimes right.
jetmoses21 Cape Town My first one-on-one is at 11 today and the paap has me. My boss is cool but I suspect I've o ly seen her nice side so far. Long may it continue Views are my own
Shiromi_ pre-gentrified NW and W LDN ||🇬🇾🇬🇧🇩🇪🇨🇳 Not only is this one of my favourite songs that always gets me going, but I’ve decided that Brother Nature is basically my future son. Imagine having a son that loves all animals like you do and can just go onna stage and dance ~boss level cool~ for a crowd. LDNer behind #portraitredefined on IG 🎨|| ex @MediaLSE @fudanuniveristy 复旦大学 || Let’s talk gaming, new media & voice coercion || streamin’ my conscioussness🛰
ayeshaslair My boss called to ask me if he's allowed to greet me and told me that he will cancel our 1:1 because of this day. Haha. How cool is that? Learning #Revert ☝ • Mom 👭 • Master Data Ninja 📈 • Recommited basketball fan of Magnolia Hotshots 🏀
AudreyMcKinney1 florida state just made my boss take the myers briggs test and then texted her “cool you have the same personality type as taylor swift!!!” so if you’re wondering if I’m staying on brand these days, the answer is yes passionate about personality inventories, iced coffee, and screaming
maggielynne24 Also I’m Facebook messaging memes back and forth with my boss’s wife and she has her pilot’s license and speaks Arabic and is one of the really cool, really open-minded Christians that doesn’t make me despise religion ANDIWANNABEHERBESTFRIEND. Fighting with a true love is boxing with no gloves
xbabylungzx Illinois, USA my boyfriend's boss is cool as fork truck wouldn't start when I got off work, before he even clocked out for the day, his boss let him use his own personal truck, with his wallet and everything inside, just to come jump start me 😭🙌🏻 dude is cool asf as within, so without 🌻🐞
kellycookster Greensboro, NC when my boss calls me, my heart always stops and i’m like “this is it, idk what i did but i’m fired” and then she always ask me a question and is like “ok cool have a good night” and then i just have to wait for my heart to come back up 😂 he/him. #BLM #BTLM
nbtmatea ok my current job out of london is genuinely the best, my boss is so sweet and subtly ~cool~ but like i just applied for my dream job and i need it so bad 🥺 DYLAN R. FOREVER
DaphOhDil athensAL✈️dallasTX The presiding officer over the Texas board of Social Workers is my boss and it’s so cool I can just go to his office and chill. God’s favor in my life is UNMATCHED! i’m just trying to get down the field without being tackled. graduate of una & aamu. roll tide.
Plaguesworth Secret Laboratory of Horrors I been having a blast livestreaming my animation process. The best part is that it helps me with scheduling and getting things done, its like having your boss watch you as you work but they're cool and hyped to see what you're doing. Skeleton-man, bootleg animator, toy collector, loves wrestling, Happy Halloween 🤖🎃💀!!!
HisFaceMyThrone Nuevo Mexico My boss is listening to SPM and I'm cool with it. Ambrosia Romero 🖤 a Latina addicted to pandulce y tacos. somewhere between Proverbs 31, Pablo Escobar and Jodi Arias there is me. ♓️ 49ers🏈 Shakira💃
taeyongsfann @LTYGlobal I like when he displays the boss's song here. very cool and spirit. Besides that, he is wearing black outfit which increases his level of handsome. Boss is my favorite song and my favorite MV, so I really like when their perform boss #LTY_GA #TAEYONG 🌱 • 🐸zen •
villamin_c Day 73 of #100DaysOfCode More gatsbyjs. Trying out & learning a bunch of plugins; source-filesystem, sass, remark, etc. The image one is so boss, Fluid_tracedSVG fragment is very cool. Great ecosystem! Also, refactoring because of stuffs. And so my gatsbyjs adventure continues... Hi! I am learning web development 🙂 Account created to track my progress 🚀 Let's be friends, fellow developers! ✌️
abi_jean Missoula, MT Me to my boss: I’m pretty sick today so is it cool if I do a few things and then go home? My boss: *starts playing a Spotify playlist themed around songs talking about being sick* Me: ... so is that a yes or...? I dwell in possibility. Writer of emails at @dftbarecords. she/her
tomsmizzle neo-birmingham 20XX beat the first wing of the new hearthstone stuff on my second attempt, the final boss is so cool, i am really looking forward to the other wings, i hope they get harder. also titanic ring (passive: your minions have +1 health and taunt) is OP i'm very bad at making video games, but i'm very good at twitter i have notifications turned off for people that don't follow me [he/him]
Just_Ge0 Essex Look at my face! But yeah, Neonhive is live, and it's real cool, so go read the words n that. Oh, and follow @Neonhive if you'd like, there won't be any Destiny chat, because @Shikaboom won't give me the password. She's also frankly a rad boss. Hot Senior Marketing Manager | Tweets mine | I talk about Destiny 2 a lot | MCV's #30Under30 2015 | PSN: justGE0 | XBL: G30rG31
nvanlouw Johannesburg, South Africa I just screamed in my office and my boss heard me (his door is right next to mine). For the first time in almost two years I lost my cool. Lord I hope I still have a job tomorrow 😂 • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) • female rights are human rights • candidate attorney • legal practitioner trainee • a soon to be lawyer 💼
BillsRa kampala My former boss and govt Spokes @OfwonoOpondo is looking cool today as he talks matters #64CPC2019 . #Uganda is ready for the world. Team Leader @lsaleaders Author/Mentor/ Leadership Speaker and Columnist. Keen interest in Oil &Gas sector Business Devt at Xtraordinary Media
candycatboi @airrouge 1. First impression: aaaa this person is SO COOL 2. Your nickname in my head: red 3. You are my: fc capn and friend 4. To be honest: you're way cooler than I'll ever be lol just hella boss 5. Should you post this too: sure! (he/they🏳️‍⚧️⚧️) I like games, especially FFXIV and Sims 🎮 FFXIV: T'oblerone Tia (Sargatanas/Aether) Sims 4 gallery: tobestobelle Tumblr: candycoatedsims🤠
sallyrugg Sydney and Melbourne Yes cool, and I have explicitly encouraged my staff to strike, but let’s remember the point of a strike is to deliberately inconvenience your boss and people who use your works’ service to make a political point. And it’s a protected workers right. Executive director @Change.org Aus. Former Campaign Director @GetUp. Bad laws must be challenged, not obeyed. Author of How Powerful We Are - out now! 🌈💪
Creighton_Bayer God’s Waiting Room, FL My boss @allenjoseph5 is one hell of a cool dude. S/O to him & @RobotBrewingCo for being such a cool place to work and tell jokes. total professional. oops. 😬
KirbyVolt @Morgman006 The problem is they went, "let's give him a power-up too!" and it's really cool, but since he's not the boss of the stage they had to go, "oh whoops, gotta make him a little bit easier." They should have just made him the boss of the stage, my only dislike in this game. Hello everyone, KirbyVolt here! I make loony Let's Plays on @YouTube. Say Strange things when I stream on @Twitch. And Cookies are tasty! 日本語はちょっといいです。 ~KV
Wordse_Vo San Antonio, TX I secretly lied to my boss so I could work on my birthday he is aggressively trying to be a cool guy and give me ample time off and I just wanna work 28 - Writer / VA / GM . I write and attempt to entertain. I hope we can be friends. he/him • Business Inquiries: earlcraigva@gmail.com- Banner by @BeedropsArt
S_Jaclyn96 WLU 🤘🏻 @kyliseevers97 My boss is pretty cool. I slept for four hours today and then hung out around my house the rest of the day. I feel so much better now. Someplace talking & trying to get right with the Lord. XI•XI•XVI 👼🏼
kaIavinka isa, 23, they/she top guild in onmyoji is recruiting me again LMAO on one hand i think being there would be cool but on the other i like how helpful and nice my guild is and also i can get top scores in boss defense and stuff which wont be possible in a guild w the top players v系 ▪︎ onmyoji ▪︎ hypmic ▪︎ anime | check carrd for more info
SamHallWales Gods own country This is my boss, he’s a Director General at ONS, and responsible for the next Census. He’s cycling to all the areas in our rehearsal. They are very far apart. Very far. How cool is that?! #VeryFar Love Wales. Like travelling and nice boots. Will generally be out walking the dogs. Doing digital things. Words are my own - so there! She/Her
PastelChum Minneapolis, MN @haertsisnoob when i worked at gamestop one day my boss had some guy do hers in the back room for the record this is the same boss that thought it would be a cool idea to have a hamster as a store pet, and then forced me to take it home when our district manager found out big idiot lesbian 💫 – rhymes with GAY-uh - she/her 🏳️‍⚧️ – freelance JP‐EN translator (Please Bang My Wife, Mamono Musume: Slime and Scylla) 🔞
seitan_desu cfo, this morning: nothing really seems to rattle you, you always keep it cool my boss, just now: you made a mistake and it is unacceptable me: [cries, contemplates suicide] bernie 2020 || DSA || BDS || cat mom
AlexIsUpdating Part 5 of my Resistance 2 playthrough is up now! Some really cool moments in this one and some overwhelming difficulty spots. Also, probably the worst boss I've faced in an FPS in a long time...I'm still confused. \ o / Partnered Streamer | Live nightly for 900+ Nights | Founder of the Team: Mellow Fellows | Business Email: alexiscreating@gmail.com
redaheadmn My boss is leaving today. 😔 ...so I made Midwest Beignets bc she is hella cool and sugar makes things better. MN ladypants. Mommabear. Working on brave, courage finder, crap-starter-er, inspire-er; outdoors-erer.
earthtobrandy Knoxville How do I even have a real job lol I am a CHILD and everyone here is so professional and they know exactly what they’re doing and I’m trying to be cool and not follow my boss around like a lost puppy but like... I am chaotic neutral energy
BigTrello Texas, USA My boss is cool and funny as fork man lmao how many people can actually say that? Kameron Tate 💙 IG:TrellNeverFails
1996SIXSIX leo gemini scorpio this is part of why i love my boss so much. i know for a fact that he loves his wife so i feel safe talking to him because i KNOW he isn’t trying to get something from me or acting with an ulterior motive and it’s the same for me towards him like we can just Be Friends it’s cool the borderline personality disorder chronicles
MorrisTemplaria Mobile, AL The first ork (Boss Nob) to start my first Warhammer 40k army. I actually agonized for about two hours on how to customize him. Mostly I wasn't sure the weapon combination is legal. It was too cool not to and plus, well, they're Orks. I love him. #warhammer40k #Warmongers For me to keep up with all the gaming news from these lovely developers who spend so much time and effort on them for us.
OhWzky per aspera ad astra My fav boss fight is prolly Troy because he such a forking cool design with his abilities, second being The Ravager, it's just... it's a forking Kaiju you can eat my bottom if you disagree but the ravager is beautiful and its sounds are amazing. That is all, thank you. I need to fill this thing in some time.
Draik_Tempest Welp. Pain and Terror is where I lost my cool. Game was fun up till that point but that boss is what is making me put down #Borderlands3 . It looks cool, but there are far too many small targets for weak points, and commentary started funny, but ended up frustrating. Gamer, streamer, novice game designer, amateur writer, anime enthusiast, lewd, sometimes crude, dood!
RielDeal Scottsdale, Arizona @davidrocknyc Hi! My name is Stephanie. I do cool crap as my own boss with @RielDealMktg - marketing and public relations firm. 🙌 Marketing #socialmedia #email #PR consultant @rieldealmktg. Tweet it like I see it. Enjoy travel, puppies, tech + a proper beverage trifecta.
mrs_magician Texas, USA Started my new job today, and it still seems cool. I have a nice view from my desk, my boss is laid back, and we all use "business Discord" aka Slack listening for patterns in the sound / looking for faces in the clouds // 沒辦法
avpost Indiana, USA I had the best first day ever. My boss is cool as crap and everyone is so happy to have me! (Probably because everyone hates FMLA and they are glad I’m stuck w it lol) but STILL!!! Yayayayay whatever.
constantdsgnr It’s so cool that I have a boss who recognizes that I’m smashing my job and is like “you got everything done go home and beat the traffic!! Also work from home on Friday bye!!” 😭😍 constantly designing // @ashley_elayne
_long_lost if my boss isn't cool with me leaving the office right now bc i'm tired and lonely and would rather be daydrinking at home with my cat under the guise of some suffering artist bullcrap, then—i gotta say—this is NOT my ideal company culture 😎 music has always soothed my vicious temper
katiecookies Portland, OR My team is hiring for the exact same job I do, looking for a person located in TX, MS, LS, AR, or OK. It’s a cool job on a cool team with a cool boss, and I’m happy to answer any questions folks have! abortion funder, swimming enthusiast. public health and systems dork. board member of @abortionfunds. organizing w @snackblocpdx. she/they. all opinions my own.
HobisMami I told my boss about my second job and he was cool with it and happy I told him. Today is a good day 💆‍♀️ ♡ #방탄소년단 • #이달의소녀 ☽ psn: z134340

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