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Is really cool.

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KingRicochet This is really cool. And actually just inspired me to bring back the old me. Time to start showing the world what I’m made of again. Just a kid at heart, living his dreams. When I fly, we all fly together. Positive vibes only! #SuperherosAreReal
MagnusonMark Nashville, Tennessee Wow! This is really cool, and exciting. There remains much to learn. Biomedical scientist. Concerned citizen. Maine Coon owner. Wine enthusiast.
jgitchell Bethesda, MD This is really cool. And I could mostly follow along until @jamesheathers showed his *foreign-ness* by using.....the.... ☣️METRIC SYSTEM☣️ WTF is that? Consultant in public health & regulatory policy. Consult to Juul Labs to advance tobacco harm minimization. Own IP in improved NRT gum.
Dj_mtp The Trash NieR getting a remake of the first game plus a mobile game is really cool. Never expected to get even a sequel, but now we have even more NieR related things and I won't cry too much. Will never be taken seriously with anime avatars. | Likes trash video games and anime. | Puyo Puyo is life | @puyodaddy & @_Faelivrin_'s wife ❤ | he/him
jimmclean1 Aberdeenshire @stuart621 Disney Plus is really cool, each of these Marvel films are of epic length at over 2 hours a go! Hope,you are all keeping well and safe Works at Aberdeenshire Council. Google Cert Trainer,#MIEExpert, SMART Exemplary Educator, #STEM Ambassador, 🍎 teacher. Views my own.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
AndrewDoingArt @LoonarisArts @Procreate I absolutely love your art style! The way you use angles and shapes to convey expression is really cool. Just a guy who loves to draw. I’m a Christian. Also, way too many of my hours are spent on comic books, Doctor Who, and Nintendo games.
HUGE_PAWBS @SpunkyFeathers yeah, i get that! resurrection is really cool- oh, and the best kind of vore to me is when the prey is safe and warm and gets back out afterwards 19 he/him 🔞i draw nsfw stuff🔞 minors will be blocked i don't really rp feed me and sleep on me
BeenVnm @BulkosDesigns @Paliza @TeamSynergy This is really cool man I would say the try to work on the background and kind involve the text with the background a little more! Social Media Arteest I Designerd for @Lucky7 l Commission work is currently OPEN! 💌 (NO REFUNDS)
TheTeeReado Houston , Tx Lmao my personality is bomb so when I’m drunk is really cool asf. We went to taco cabana the other day for happy hour and we was in line and talking to the dude thru the speaker and I’m just me and he was like “ummm who is that? She funny asf. Hey girl heyyyy”😂😂😂😂 #RIPTLRJR ❤️| I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Phil 4:13🙏🏽| IG:theteereado
VixillaLesbean I'm really excited for April in ac, I'm glad we're getting new events like Earth Day and having new content to look forward to is really cool! Gay Witch Mom Extraordinaire | she/her | Expect lots of art retweets | 25 | pfp by @TanukiMaria !!!
IcyKirby__ Michigan, United States @MarkS58399485 You're art is really cool and I like your personailty 20丨♂️丨Bisexual丨Just wants to be a better artist 🖌️🎨丨Loves Video Games (Mainly Nintendo), Cartoons, and a small chunk of Anime {PFP: @jazzymixel7}
larrymybabiesx The red and black aesthetic is really cool 💙💚 (Fan Account)
freeformfahad @bobimono Purple Moonlight Pages by R.A.P Ferreira (not the most consistent project but it’s got some really good moments and the production is really cool) Poet. 🇪🇹🇾🇪. Touch my hair and tomorrow’s headline will read ‘white person pummelled into oblivion by enraged negro.’
CT430S Deutschland @LukeLobo2 That is really cool! So instead of switching the tuner into mono to get rid of the hiss, you turn the noise compressor on, and you still keep the stereo! Account created to annoy the user Tails Furse. Ill maybe post random things of my interests here- you might ask: what does he post then? Well, you will see!
munmunjin Belgium @ethereallixie omgg yes i heard that they were coming here! i really hope it works out, especially bc most artists don't even know we exist and to get a group like stray kids here is really cool?? but yea i'm 🙏 they don't just cancel nd instead reschedule and all i see is you.
vhopekook_tingz @swicsx Memories of the Alhambra! While there is romance it is not the main focus. There is mystery, action, and a sci fi element which is really cool! #Taekook: Hobi hyung is cool
snakehugz your local landfill 20 Your sona is really cool, I'm jealous of all the cool art you have of him lol, and you're a nice person and we should talk more! 17, Demiboy (He/They), terrible furry artist, posts/RTs often. Pfp by @jossaIyn
nebulalazu @ResonanceInSin Can i compliment you on your cat in a way that only good cat parents can raise a wonderful cat like that? But other than that i think your dedication to your particular aesthetic is really cool. Youre ALL ABOUT THAT and thats!!! So nice! 行逢りば兄弟 20↑ENFP✧She/They✧Soft like clouds✧Possibly a fairy 📷: ↑ @ZenChanXXXI
XjumauX Parts Unknown/Buffalo It is really cool when your gym is shutdown and they still charge you. Lovable heel Go Habs Go XVX
R_Office1 Botswana @TheOther_Mandy That's what I thought at first gore this is really cool. But then I remembered that I'm talking to you here and everything is connected to everything 😂 BEST OF ALL TIME...💪😎|If awesome awesome was a person, he'd be me😎|
ryoubot_ jaden yuki is really cool and amazing and smexy Ryou Bakura bot from Yugioh Duel Monsters, monitored by @spiritsshipping and @fIamewingman
CopyAndHastes Memer @Sakura58557584 It is really cool and I think I would have great responsibility and use it at appropriate times. And also don’t you think 70 or 100 followers is gonna take you long? Why not decrease it to 50 or 60? It’s your choice. Make your decisions. Robux
Savior_Sis United Kingdom @JDMorgan @jdmxgrimes This IS really cool! I love it! I'm visualising a highly polished ornate desk with top quality fountain pens and personalised stationary.. do you have a family crest/emblem/coat of arms for your wax?? That wins extra cool bonus points. I will always be Negan🖤 Instagram @ myprivatejoy & stalkingred🖤 @jdmorgan @billellis #GregNicotero #twdfamily
ttiaranr Wym The word cosmos is really cool and at the same time it reminds me of electronics hustling, and so on
hderful @point_ignition I would really like to see bomberman in smash, he is really cool and would bring a unique play style due to how limited it feels. Having a moveset based completely around bombs would need creativity
MultiCocoa A Happy Place :) @holyhobisprite @jimnfairyy Danganronpa ruined my life 😭 yoi is really cool I loved it and I haven't finished bb but it's cool -minie (it wasn't addressed to me but I'm a weeb soo) Hello! We're a group of multis spreading the hashtag #downwithfanwars (and love) in the kpop community! Please DM to join our cause, everyone is welcome 🖤🍉
FavourEkong007 @Skepta INSOMNIA album is really cool for the ear and heart Nice rap and vibes
YoungBitcoin Portland, OR Blender having the mouse and keyboard shortcuts related to the action you are doing on the bottom of the screen is really cool Medium smart but kind of broken but trying. Starting a Wordpress / motion graphics studio / co-op. Learning Linux + Blender + Reaper currently.
HiranJPB Virginia Yall should totally follow my friend @jumpinJunies She is really cool and draws dope art! Hiran 💚 He/Him 💚 Discord: Hiran#5745 💚 Cis Male 💚 Message me! 💚 Follow me!
StephanieAzri Our Lizard is really cool. However he has so many names, my 16 year and I have started calling him DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)... We have Toothless, Karma, Hisstopher Robins, Lizguinni amongst others. What… Clinical social worker and Author of various books and magazine columns, but most importantly,mother of five children xxx
theonyxshade nb fray brigade subsurface circular is REALLY cool so far...nothing revolutionary plotwise but really fun to interact with and really cool switch implementation and aesthetics im very soft for and an interesting structure evil doesn't stand a chance! (i love you more than you'll ever know) (lea/22/leo/they)
NovemberDawn24 I found out the other weekend that on my mothers side my Great Babas mother was Czech! Which is really cool! Now I have all the pieces, my brothers and I are Ukrainian, Czech, French, German, and Irish! The first three are my mothers side and the last two are my fathers side. I am a Photographer and a musician.
mo_elsadek Egypt - Australia @TheAmiraSaad And by the way, ur music is really cool 👏🏼 #FEPS Graduate - Marketing Strategist - #Leo #Madridista 👑 13 / 33 #Zamalek - #Football is more than a score board.
bulius San Francisco, CA I’m tired and this is probably inappropriate but the hospital ship paint job is really cool. 🏴‍☠️
BonBonnet_rp Circus Baby’s pizza world @MichaelAfton16 Baby, because she’s a really interesting character and her design is really cool Bisexual//RP account of BonBon & Bonnet from FNaF sister location//Mostly NSFW sometimes SFW//BonBon’s crush: @DancingDickGirl Bonnet’s crush: //DMs open
LunarLux_RPG Luna • 30XX @MonstersofKanji @CosmicNobab I had the largest grin on my face when i found the reference in my playthrough, this is really cool! Thank you!! im always here to support you, Monsters of Kanji is such a fantastic game, both 1 AND 2!! )m:) LunarLux is a Turn-Based Action RPG on the Moon! Created by @CosmicNobab 🌙 Chapter 1 Available NOW on Itchio & Steam! Discord:
nategeezy90 North Las Vegas, NV @tanamongeau You’re amazing. I love seeing a Vegas native helping others in need. I lost my job and I know that any help would be a blessing and you being that blessing is really cool. Hola! I’m Nathan. Vegas born and raised. Obsessed with batman and dc comics. In love with an amazing man and my puppies lol
RatherMalicious Nashville, TN @marinamuimui This is really cool and inventive! I've never seen any costume similar be this rad. Well done at making something awesome!!! Professional retweeter. AAS in IT Networking, Mad King, ♥️ pro wrestling, anime and video games. I'm an artist for fun. #ZoidbergApproved Lvl 22!!!
stillxampd she/her the virtual rave is really cool cause it makes me happy that i can take part in what i love still and i could probably cry knowing in the future even if im too sick to go anymore i can still watch the livestreams and do virtual raves, like i wont have to lose everything i love
slodog54 This is really cool and a great tool for @felstedprep students to try. Give it a go! #nature PE and Science teacher. Sportsman. Coach. Sport Scientist. Sport enthusiast. Reader.
JackBonza Sydney, Australia Like and share this is really cool. Who do you wanna see talk over the matches? Australian Pro Wrestler for PWA Black Label and Newcastle Pro Wrestling Jack J. Bonza.
Overlord_Omnius British Columbia @axia_chan The freedom to better explore characters! having XDU as an outlet is really cool. Some sort of connection or cross-world reference between Fudou and the bow would be clever for sure. Really looking forward to seeing how Kaneko steers this story. Hello. I collect anime merchandise. My favorite series is Symphogear. Currently playing F/GO:NA and Symphogear XDU Yukine Chris is my wife
stephen_doster Austin, TX @DewaynePerkins @chelseaperetti This is really cool and unlike any singing group I've ever heard! Fun! 😃 Their names already sound like a band. Lifelong singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, husband, father, brother, son, and friend.
hye_youn1110 NP; #미드나이트 #청춘기록 #불도저에탄소녀 @manseoo what a sudden heart-warming confession. 😳❤ thank you, minseo. i'm working on two film projects this year, please do anticipate it! 🙌🏻 psst. i once watched your webdrama before, and your character is really cool! ㅤ𝗥𝗣 • An acting prodigy; @sidushq_ent & Hyeppy Ending's pride. She has the cutest deep dimples ever, and her name is Kim Hye-yoon/김혜윤/金惠奫✨ #ACTwesome
KitKrap 45. A really close friend of mine who is really cool, kind and understanding. You are a really funny guy too. You're also a really talented writer who can come up with great ideas on the spot and your OC and verse are so cool. Genderfluid/Non-Binary | 21 | Pan | I'm boring and there's nothing interesting about me :P
carolineamberrr San Diego, CA I think my boyfriend is really cool and I value his opinions and whatever tangents he goes on about random things I love listening to them 🥺 1/3 of #MrCleansBoxes | 22 | MM ❤️
softwindfuzzy It’s time for a football hooligans and fans. . . Take your ball and let’s show them who is really cool!-–中英雙語句子
lzbthsalamander Somewhere in the vicinity of @MortuaryReport That is really cool and also horrifying EDS-HM spoonie w/ chronic migraines and many dislocations, trying to afford her own college transcripts on 2 part times jobs. Venmo below. she/her/Liz
shifsabre Scotland, United Kingdom @DickInMyJohnson First of all, WHY Second of all, this is really cool and well designed, great job! 21 / Artist / Avatar by @_Tropicous / Banner by @TheAlphaJayShow / Open DMs, feel free to say hi, I love meeting new people! Discord:
spakfuls San Diego, CA @MrDanishButterC Cedric has Frita and i think she is really cool and her redesign makes her look so much better WHY WOULDNT YOU WANT A FRENCH FRY BURGER HOT DOG SHEEP???? Boba is a meal | Space Mountain Stan | Gunpla Enthusiast | @Smash_Sisters Lead | ex-Smash TO | Cosplayer | She/Her | ❌@cedgehog ❌|

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