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Is really cool.

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ProfessorCrunk This is really cool. Salute to this Sister. And I want a share a couple of things about the ridiculous PWI vs HBCU debate. Professor. Contributor @TheCut Books: Beyond Respectability| Eloquent Rage| The Crunk Feminist Collection| Feminist AF| Stand Up! (Aug. 2)
SueR10504678 Queensland, Australia @erfbeeass Dubbo zoo is really cool because you feel like you are almost walking with the animal since no cages like in a usual zoo. Been a few times. Oh and get to the Loo Loo Loo NOW. Food & travel is my thing. Want to see more of Australia in our van. Don't DM without asking.
moench108 the concept of the harp bow is really cool and the moonward bow is the only one i like a ton... connie. mostly she/her. 25. obsessed w/ kohaku. currently RTing too much art. livetweeting tsukire on @witchpilled. icon by @idyllruin. i ♥ @mygenderischaos.
WolftheWaffle twitch.tv Someone was a first time chatter in my stream tonight and when I asked how they found me they told me they have been following me for a while, I checked, they have been following me since February, I started streaming in March, that is really cool. Dbd ha-..player | Twitch Affiliate | General Flop Idk how to write bios this is what you get
qwertzwashere he/him im gonna flex that i got cyno, candace and cynos polearm all within 8 single pulls which is really cool please tell me how cool i am talking to people is scary.
cr_zgay 20| he/they Frankie being nb is REALLY cool!! and her leg too, i just hate their eyebrows RPS, RPF ☆ EXO⁹/WayV/NCT (reluctantly)☆ ♡Xiumin♡ ♡HyeWon♡ ♡Taro♡ 🇨🇱 esp/eng | 🏳‍🌈
polyesterbot my moomin oc, cricket, is really cool and you should ask me about them! @fluffypolyester bot. posts every hour.
ghostbutter Tokyo @NoelFB @RandyPGaul zig is really cool. unfortunately there is almost no ecosystem yet and the language itself is not even 1.0, so not exactly stable. still cool. rust has a lot of upside & hype as well, unfortunately i find the compile times to be problematic (though that's also the case with c++) Spooky-cute, bone-licking good games Penko Park: Wunderdoktor: Community:
Mikchimin She/Her @ke_jh_ No, like taking an extremely well-known melody and/or lyrics of a song and building a song around it. I think sampling is really cool when done correctly. I'm talking more about songs like this. I used to respect her You can call me Mikayla or Moo :)|OT7|🐰💜민꾹💜🐥|The Only Lost Stan 😔💜|ENFP|너는나 나는너|Jimin and Jungkook biased :)|
tunatotts @aishuucream Either way, your idea is really cool too and your art is badass tonda gossa, i draw • taking a break from twitter, catch me on tumblr!
RazerLazar My House @EpicDaylight @TricksOfShadows I started playing this game about 10 or 11 months ago and I’ve honestly really liked all the new stuff they’ve added. Whenever I see it on Twitter I’m like “oh this is really cool, I wonder what other people think” and they’re just crapting on BHVR for no reason. I will ratio your wife, I will ratio your son, I will ratio your infant daughter.
magicdweedoo installing 500mb software just to turn off the lights on my mouse is really cool and good making @DryftCityKyngs get dweeMIXED: Thwee Pack NOW @ 🔴 nintendo switch ⚫ steam
nyanyabwah ۫ 。 ᶻ 𝘇 𐰁 . . @nursefujoshi those pants and shoes are very bold and cool and ur hair is really cool too so the jacket is purfect with it @nyameowsy CAT JAIL ...... ໒꒱ ♡ twin @gayeminem 🫶 loml @oxycomptons ♡
xelaann96 Toronto, Ontario @onlyforhyojoo The camera angles and the transitions are so true to the storyline so far. This edit is really cool btw! in an unbroken reality
raulARAGON1206 Portland, OR Ai crap is really cool. Look at it it's the perfect reference for something I'm cooking up for DnD. That being said people who type words into these and claim to be artists are still stupid AF OWL addict, #EverUpward #ShockTheWorld #BurnBlue F1, #DR3 #SP11 RBR #gopackgo ♥️ @The_Roseowl DnD critter. env technician Hololive Entusiast #MAGNATION
KDGalactic #SaveRiseoftheTMNT I’m so holy crap this is really cool. Like 😱 and 🤩 29 (She/Her) Nerdy Mom, OC Creator, & Procreate Artist. DO NOT REPOST MY ART. ❌ NSFW & T*est DNI ❌ Mod for the #RiseFamCalendar
kazumiochin They/them @Hologram_Hobo I think the work that Possum Creek is doing is really cool and I am always a fan of what Jenna Moran is doing … all of these people are breaking and creating forms in interesting ways that aren’t simply another way to rate stats and randomize, but offer narrative structures! Author of Having a Coke With Godzilla. Game designer, poet, teacher, scholar. Kundiman fellow.
CosmicLin 🇮🇪 Me: wow this weapon is really cool i love its unique playstyle and aesthetic and it's really satisfying to perform well with it every youtuber: this is the worst weapon in the game do not pick this frightful oni girl (full of fright) Icon: @dustbinrat Banner: @keebheebin
AnthonyMGarcia1 @BlackKrystel @AchievementHunt Rivals of Aether, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (it could use the love), or Sonic the Fighters would be cool to see. Or there's always the fan game Among Us Arena made by a solo dev who is creating his own fighting game so it has a lot of polish and is really cool. Writes poetry
PeggyKe79500342 @DinoKasamis This goat looks GREAT. The color is really cool, and has nice wheels. I`m kool, I`m fun, I`m everything
Ali_Developer05 All my Links here 👉 @DappifyWeb3 WOW amazing, I am learning Reactjs now a days and it is really cool. are you guys using any DB for this project? React Developer | Refugee Boy | Threads about Web Development 🧵 | DMs are open for collaborations 📂
promise_bts7 Hope World Apart from maybe if this is representative of a transitional period we're seeing a shift away from chaos towards artemis as we approach Jimin's conscious self. I think that artemis is someone Jimin identifies himself with, which is really cool and I'd love to hear his thoughts he/they | 20 | 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🇦🇺 | 이젠 내게 약속해 ~ 하루에 몇 번씩 ~ 혼자라 느껴도 ~ 널 버리지는 마 ♡ 아포방포
ryoubot_ jaden yuki is really cool and amazing and smexy Ryou Bakura bot from Yugioh Duel Monsters, monitored by @spiritsshipping and @fIamewingman
_Lizrrrd_ PNW Honestly this is really cool and I always want to see more settings like this. 💚💚💚 Bio-mystical crap. Love it! fork it. I'm back. Still learning how to crappost and not care. TTRPGs, OSR vibes, etc.
TheAmberStreet Los Angeles Area I LOVE the shofar and lily band is really cool..so this song is a win win. Writer, Artist, Musician, Singer. Loves #journey #steveperry #robertplant #ledzeppelin #LAGuns #judaspriest #robhalford - #writer #artist #musician #singer
Starling3232 This is really cool technology and it’s great to see Northern Ireland innovating but this is NI & the caveat is never far behind … sadly singular technologies never actually fix cities as funnily enough they require joint up systems not silver bullets … mega thread 🧵 Potato Waffles - @Visit_Belfast Maps - #CursedTitanicQuarter #CursedCityQuays #CursedLanyonPlace #CursedGasworks
VanceBarbour Woodhaven, Queens Oh crap, @Casey drove through Woodhaven and posted it on his video today. We’re honored! He doesn’t get back home from the left coast that often so this is really cool! Born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn before, it was “hip”. Native New Yorker, because what else is there. You talkin’ to me?
polyesterbot my moomin oc, dali, is really cool and you should ask me about them! @fluffypolyester bot. posts every hour.
YabunMoo @DegolladoHailye " This is really cool and fun being up in the air like this, Tri-fusion!" M. Eteled said as she grinned and giggled. Moo 25 She/They Into a bunch of fandoms. This blog will contain Nsfw stuff. You have been warned.
Rottenetudofon1 Guinea You get to bring your own sound system when you play an arena, all the lights and visual stuff, which I think is really cool SUNFIRE は私の子供の頃の最初の日本のスーパーヒーローです、私は彼に敬意を表したいと思いました。#shirɔmuzik 🎧 | 𝖯𝗋𝗈𝖼𝗋𝖾𝖺𝗍𝖾 | #OP | 𝖭𝗂𝗇𝗍𝖾𝗇𝖽𝗈 | #BTC | 𝖠𝗇𝗂𝗆𝖺𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇 👾
EscapeClaude @brian_shearer Looks really cool! The way you exaggerated his face shapes looks great in your style; really tense, GRRR vibe. Your inking style here is really cool, too. It's looser and more energetic but also has a sharper pop that goes with the sharper shapes of his manly face, etc. very cool 36yo / M imagine if life didn't suck. yep, being dead sounds pretty great. i'm worthless human garbage and a complete failure and I hate being alive.
Agony_2005 CToS Servers @EthanHunter_RP Rec 2 is really cool and expands on the story more (literally picks up 2 seconds or minutes right after the first ended) and has creative camera work for a found footage movie. Rec 3 is both found footage and non-found footage…it basically goes to regular movie- here is my yt channel: and insta
caingle Orlando and everywhere else ✈️ This is really cool. The 1st year of Lou Saban, who might be a distant relative of Nick and was a big, big deal in his time. #UCF Athlete 🏃‍♀️, celebrity ⭐️ & speaker 🗣booking agent. Also still a digital content manager 👨‍💻. Proud #UCF Knight ⚔️.
adamtheduell @tompawnbadil The way that Lewis uses "Numinor" and Atlantis in the Ransom trilogy is really cool too. Also kinda cool that he put those references in his own books before Tolkein had ever released any books that referenced Númenor. Christian - Husband - Father of four - Reformed - Postmil - Truth Teller - Writer - Reader - Musician. The Kingdom marches forward.
KrisMP93 Berta @AllySavsCards That’s a pretty sick patch card. And the auto is really cool as well. Usually tweets dumb stuff. Former Mayor of Edmonton. Hockey cards. PC: Oilers, Oilers Young Guns, and Ryan McLeod. #Fisherman2024 #Kony2022
JeffWRadcliff @VerizonSupport That’s awesome I remember the DSL days and even Fisk up. This is really cool I’m glad to see Verizon’s potential
_ST4RSTRUCK_ ⭐☂️🪦🎲🌈🕷️🗡️🌌 do you like Identity V? the art style is really cool and I've heard its similar to dbd — I've never heard of it but I'll definitely check it out! ☄💫 Starlight Cafe » DID system of 60+ » body age is 17 » DMs are open » m/w @VOCADlCE
jbummiest oneus vocals are top tier and this mashup is really cool that's all for mamamoo and oneus also khh/krnb 🤟
yeehawmeowqing @alarming_prism he's really not gay!! he just thinks Lan Zhan is super attractive but like objectively speaking anyone w eyes could see that! and Lan Zhan is really cool & nice & smart but seriously everyone thinks that who wouldn't want him just a little bit you don't have to be gay to see it!! she/her・23・mostly tgcf & mdzs・not spoiler free・can be 🔞・header by @Xanctus_9・
raistlinorr @SolomonRDavid No just this one. I didn't take a full body photo of it. I was scanning it with Seek and it IDed at that shot. Finding 3 different gar in one spot is really cool. Too bad two of them were dead. I wish I could have fed and took video of the living ones to post. Recreational, amateur paleontologist. I find, collect, and sometimes prep fossils. Interested in paleontology, geology, and nature. #WannaBePaleontologist
PlayHighpoint Sunset with Friends @reykerI7 This is really cool to see - lots of folks enjoying the Team Sport aspect! And you're right, we've got more work to do! New mechanics are coming, as is more sophistication and polish! Multiplayer Sports Brawler Wishlist on Steam - Discord - Contact: Info@PlayHighpoint.com
beefslaps Colorado Springs, CO I think Harry Potter is really cool and not lame (this isn’t true I just want the followers I lost to come back) my coconuts 🎶
Trentyn907 Alaska, USA Hello @ModeratelyMtg yes hi my name is Trentyn and I play cEDH sometimes and your channel is really cool and I'm friends with Skylar, Claire, and Mab and I was wondering if you'd share your Kess list with me because it looks dank and I don't want to scrap playing Kess kthxbai 💙 Ally, BLM, Trans lives matter. Learning to do better and not just be better. He/him. Alaskan gamer, MTG player, general nerd. Musician, outdoorsman, & mechanic
raeurae The Primoridal Soup @louceph If you can do a little coding, neocities is really cool for that kind of stuff, and is free! 🫀 Chitinous Bastard 🫀🤍 She/Her 🤍🪱 22 🪱
Slight__of_Hand @Imaginary_Ones @HUGOBOSS I think this is really cool and helps both parties. Helps introduce Hugo to the nft space and helps IO get more exposure! Win win!
lennitheghost moomin valley @cowboycryptids heathers is fabulous, the hamilton music is really cool and it’s worth a watch on disney!! aussie | six idiots, good omens enthusiast. i get way too attached to fictional worlds with silly british people :)
ah_haunter tiktok/etsy: gayragequit they are so t4t and i love them dearly!!! seeing them support each other's relationships with other people is really cool and also they are just. very real in the way they are not always perfect and man i just want them to be happy gavin | agender | they/sun | not a minor | ah/rt, rwby, marvel, ofmd, wwdits | matt bragg’s biggest fan | team sssn enthusiast | 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏴‍☠️ | #blm
P0SSESSEDR3PORT Mount Massive Asylum. 𝐎𝐎𝐂. Got curious about @/paternalpenta character so i started watching about it. And yo, is really cool. ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ↬✧ ⁱ ᵃᵐ 𝑵𝑶𝑻 𝘼𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙚.。. ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ ᅟ
Tlahuizcalpan10 Moscow Russia @S3baX_215 2 are fine as hell 1 is really cool and the black one got nothing going for her
triagegirl Unceded Ohlone Land (Oakland) This exhibit is really cool and is not just design but chemistry and history. Heath worked on building materials too. I'm looking over at my 3D printer and wondering what Heath could had done with that tech. I build web stuff and rockets; they/she; your queer aunt; DevEx @bandcamp; more pleasant on fedi: I don’t speak for my employer

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