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Drewdle25 🅱️🍖 Nick Saban shared his morning routine and wow, this is really cool for @CBS_42. #HelpsYouFunction Sports reporter/anchor/bad take giver @CBS_42 • 🍊 • used to move ❄️ by the OZ (shoveling the driveway in MN) • ask me about my corgi! • 👋 dcarter@cbs42.com
nickntto San Francisco, CA but in all seriousness thanks for making a single that wasn’t even a dance song reach 1,000 that is really cool and in return I’m going to gift you all a forking RAVE of a dance album so very soon ;-) graphics + sound 🔩 music (as) Mechanic
goattail @postsynthpink the artstyle is really cool and the plot thikens a little after the first part of the show i think. Just like JojoBA, ahah 21, she/her Russian artist, Goattail10 ✨🐐🌿 Open for chats, commissions and etc. Love dnd, games, anime, comics and all that nerdy stuff.
kurtrisser Newport News, VA., USA @CindyinMemphis2 @ZimmermanV66 That is really cool, and a great tribute to Obama. But the reality is that most people do not have a friend with the means to pay their enormous medical debt. Joe Biden should think about that when he continues to oppose #MedicareForAll . Gonzo software developer, drummer, science enthusiast, animal welfare advocate, pescatarian, & Liberal activist. #Resist #BLM #DumpTrump #DitchMitch #BlueWave
stucolovebot Hope's Peak Shouji is really cool! He might seem a bit self-centered about his band, but I'm sure in reality he is just a nice and good person. Spread the love for the student council because they deserved all of it! | run by @ZettaiKibou | bot tweets every 30 minutes
BookSyrup New York, NY @abby4thepeople precedents were set by Raegan 🙄 and how time & time again we come back to them. That said, this history of unions formed by slave rebellions is really cool and fits into some reading I was just doing on the history of lynching/loopholes in the laws as a replacement for slavery. Writer ✍🏻 I talk about books 📖 She/Her🦋/ bi 🏳️‍🌈 Radically nice ~ sassy 🌼 ancom / abolitionist / survivor / Halloween enthusiast / words are my demon’s
TTV_FrostViper Toronto, Ontario IF YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING THIS PRECIOUSLY BADASS BEAN!? YOU MUST! HE IS REALLY COOL, FUNNY, AND DESERVES YOUR ATTENTIONS! 🖤 Than you for attending my post 😂 I'm just a Goth Daddy in disguise! ☠ Twitch Affiliate🎮, Gamer Guy, Makeup Lover 🤡, Tik Toker, and OC Cosplayer Tik Tok: FrostViper
Egonatello Norman, Oklahoma. @paleopaws This is really cool and will have lasting impacts on people who weren't allowed to mix colors when they were kids. Exhibits @OU_libraries. Paleontology, HSCI, AMHist, ArtHist, Pop Culture; modern & historical #WPAleontology #PaleoPopCulture Tweets mine (& a guy named Steve).
wolfolotl it's an important piece of the evolutionary line of a lot of important entries in the genre or just other video games that want to Say something about the medium, you know? and the aesthetic and worldbuilding is really cool but the battles just, kinda suck, wolfy/ovid/boris 🍹 21 🌺 xe/xem/xyr or they/them 🍹 illustration student, object show magnate, Open Source Objects organizer 🌺 read carrd before following 🍹
PiffExplores It's a question I've been asked many times, why even try caving? And I could be sarcastic and tell people that I dig it ;) But the reality is that I think caving is really cool. It's different, it's strange, but I love it. LINK: (she/her) Gear Reviews, Outdoor Education, Trip Vlogs New Videos Every Tuesday
AlexaRaeMoore Las Vegas, NV God is really cool. He can give you a new vision and dream at any moment. Ive learned to hold my plans loosely. big heart energy
abdelo_b Khartoum the most politically aware girl i know and talking to you is really cool :) Here to voice for my unwanted opinions & what not.
HanniUwU_ Okay so Apparently TheOrionSound may be returning to MCC and I think that is really cool because if the Simmers are participating this season too this might be more like MCC10 vibes with 5-7 competetive teams and 5-3 for fun teams Bi, 19, Any pronouns Twitch strimmer and a Hermitcraft/ MCC fan Twitch TV:
TritoneTheGame England, United Kingdom @MoonmenGames @divivor @tha_rami @MFabriciuz Same, that visual style you have going is really cool, and the mothership hub, such a great idea. Im particularly excited to just get stuck in and explore the world you’ve made :) creating #tritonethegame a Zelda inspired action adventure game with a focus on colour, mysterious technology and puzzles
yanzbanz Washington, DC Honestly, it is really cool to hear “Madam Vice President Elect” in real life (and not just on Veep). I don’t actually know what I’m doing here.
shotameow he/they @gummimars mars is really cool!! they are an amazing friend and i think of them like a younger cousin!! i love talking to them and they are very nice to me (sometimes). i am very glad to have met them !! i hope they have a good day today tropicana no pulp calcium + vitamin D orange juice enthusiast
RobbinBanks1312 they/them People who would be cool to see in the dsmp: Misstrixtin (mumza); VERY unlikely, but I feel like she would do really well and it may also give stream mom an excuse to stream more 👀 ElainaExe: she is really cool and funny and also is friends with most of the people on the server+ name's Robbin. I do art n' stuff. if you want to use said art for whatever, thats cool just credit me. no one's asked to use my art yet, but i'm ever hopeful.
samemachine cat island what is it like not to get migraines? i bet that is really cool and fun sorry to moan but it's what i do best
coveydenton Google pixel art for the win! Conditional formatting is really cool... had fun making a Turkey day multiplying decimals form they could work on in breakout rooms and chat with one another. My kids loved it!
_lightdog @AmongUsGame It's a really fun game which comes with constant updates. It doesn't get boring and each game doesn't feel too repetitive. The way the game is designed is very creative and the art style is really cool. Everything I wish was there is already coming in future updates :D I like talking to random people for fun so if you wanna talk for fun just DM But my timezone kinda not that same to people I like talking to. I'm cringe
enbykong vixx bipo ggd @taekkeroppi ryan is cool i think he is incredibly cool and xe owns a lot of really nice plants which is really cool of xim :o ㅡ hongbin called he said u should stan b1a4 ⋆ any pronouns ⋆ fan account
HopatAsstSupt This is really cool! I know this Calming Space will be helpful for many of us (staff, students, and families). Thanks, Mrs. Marinaro. #SEL Dad, husband, doctoral student, professor, and Assistant Superintendent of the Hopatcong Borough School District
phys_tech Oxford, England This is really cool, incredible to be able to image something so small. I assume it is killed by the high vacuum and or the electron beam? Academically challenged, scientist! Analytical lab Tech, Electronics engineer, Physics Research Tech, School physics Tech and Stem science communicator.
shoupp_n @NotTodayLorelei Love finding bronze age stuff. So cool. And this is really cool!! An NPC with 1,000 HP and 3 Lines of dialogue. Icon - @gabydraws probs
PhilBraultMusic Hogwart, school of witchcraft @Animation_Takes As a weeb, i can say that cal art style is really cool and i really like it. Hey you! my name's Phil and I'm a singer who makes vocal covers and a capella covers on youtube. He/Him
neil_b_hacker @JorgeO haha I suppose it has been pretty different to what you would have expected last December. Obviously a bit more recent than Hammurabi but for something older and really interesting the dialogue between Fermat and Pascal when they were trying to figure out EV is really cool
AlistairDusty In the UK... @YaBoiJames97 To me it's weird, but at the end of the day it's cool to see a show progress and change as time goes on. Staying the same would be boring and samey, CGI is expensive and the model railway sets even more so! So to see the show take a new turn is really cool "IT'S MEEEE" | TS Creator (Sandnessbanen V1 Coming Soon!) | Transport Enthusiast | 18 | He/Him | Furry | Profile pic by @HeartlessSonic
andrestaltz Helsinki, Finland @abbey_titcomb Are the slides somewhere? The video looks glitched, and the talk is really cool so far, would be good to see some content with high resolution Creator of @manyver_se and @cyclejs. Self-employed
radseed nyc * FL born This is really cool! Dad got me the Jr versions of an RC plane- just had a gas engine and kite strings you pulled to control lift. You only flew in circles. We never moved up to real R/C outside is crispy, inside is all mush. 'Now, keep in mind, I'm an artist... and I'm sensitive about my crap.' TheRadSeed on IG, part of @theJCNTN
corinniePop @bisexualluigi Oooooo I like this...I was thinking of like an "oil slick" look with just streaks of yellow, orange, red, and green. This is REALLY cool though Samwry the DM's wifey and #1 biggest fan! Stop reading my bio, go check out @samawrythe and @ASMRPG1
MemoriesIn8Bit Mountains of Madness Learning more about Unity has taken away some of the magic of games made in that engine. But in a way this is really cool, because I notice even the most amazing and/or successful games have some beginner mistakes in them. Game developer / #DDGravityDive / DRM-Freedom fighter / Drinker of lotsa coffee / Onions are my own
readwithkeke 24 | pfp by @poika_ @kxisanri I’ve had the book forever and the magic system is really cool. but I can’t even reach pg 100. I keep wondering if i should give it another try leave me alone unless you want to talk about the sword of kaigen or anime. founder and ceo of #NezhaDefenseSquad she/her
PanteraKeniata Somalia, Mogadiscio @NancyMinaaj @lottosluts @chartdata @burnaboy @TINARIWEN @ShankarAnoushka @bebelgilberto @Antibalas And Antibalas are really cool. They are an afrobeat (not afrobeats) grup based in NY. They actually have a chance to win, i want Burna to win it but Antibalas is really cool. Si Twitteas algo interesante te seguiré, que es gratis. Padre Catalán,madre Somalí🇸🇴. Panafricanista aunque según mi encabezado soy comunista. Afrobeat lover
runs_3 ///hunk.bravo.blushes @kyle_j_kranz @UKRunChat I love this. ❤️ The fact you ran an ultra 🏃🏻‍♂️and 2 marathons 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️ in a pair of secondhand shoes is really cool and they were only $35! Wow!! Thank you for this. Sending much love from Seaford, UK. 👍🏻🌎🌍🌏 In my 50’s. Frugal runner, Plogger and MTB rider. Use @what3words to plot routes for others to try. Working with @plogolution to help raise awareness. 🏃🏻‍♂️🌏
vangoghsimp tiktok: @/willturnersimp okay but the art is really cool, i love the slope of cardan's brow and jude's nose and the rough medieval look to it all | Gentlemen, hoist the colours | Fan acc | 16 | white | She/They | super hecka ace, demiromantic | BLM+ACAB | pfp by imagesbyele on tumblr | READ CARRD BYF! |
Fabshadier Germany @Touma_Gang @RENGaiden @LZwei_ @ihatewinterz plus shirou projecting caliburn and later avalon is really cool and sets up shirou's abilities really nicely. also just in general Avalon is a cool concept of a defensive weapon. He/him | i like fiction | sometimes nsfw? |matching avis with @UchihaShadow123 | priv @shadierzone (request if close may not accept)
jojo27508515 @mamimi_2nd I wonder why you do that to komi? Your art is really cool and i love it but, why on komi?!
Foxeldru @fhatpotatou Fhat is really cool and sweet they are very pogers MINOR🎈He/She🎈Pan🎈PFP: @Maukeiv🎈Banner: @StormyTheWolf_🎈Vent: @foxeldruwu 🎈Balloon Lover🎈💖@StormyTheWolf_💖🎈
deadpine223 Brawl is really cool and I enjoy playing but man I would love to see an option for commander. Even if it was only in deck building and for private matches! @MTG_Arena Partnered Twitch Streamer! Content creator of the goofy variety! Business inquiries: DeadpineBusiness@gmail.com
848ty Somewhere on the beach @BaseballKards Thanks Marty, I nominate @BeastonCards , we went to school together back in the day and have been able to reconnect thru the hobby. So that is really cool and I’m glad! #UW alum, #Mariners card collector, #Seahawks season ticket holder, #Supersonics nut job............ WORLD CHAMPIONS
DarthBearGames Shifty Shafts @Official_Crms @FortniteGame Seriously, they are practically giving us the mandolorian and the child for free. They could have put it in the item shop for 3,100 vbucks but no they put it as the bonus battle pass skin. That is really cool of them. have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagus the wise?
tschlander Germany @alexobenauer This is really cool and another foundation 😉 Sales guy with a lot of channel experience - IT Admin - Apple nerd - Community lead at #SortedHQ - Proud father of a son and husband
DaleOHays Columbus, OH @SenSchumer Happy Birthday Chuck! While I may not agree with all you promote, I do wish you a fine day and it is really cool you have your parents around to celebrate with! Now - about all those spankings you deserve . . . it will be a CRAPLOAD! LOL Passionate about people, life and creativity. Work hard enough, play hard and love people along the way.
CelloArt_ @Lazy_1nk I think is good deal because if you alredy own the battlepass the give you 950 v bucks, so is like 1950 v buck each month And the skin is really cool, but im looking for that pickaxe Aquí publico los renders que hago, casi todo memes || Here I publish my renders, most of them memes
grenouillenap any pronouns :D my band teacher is really cool, i really like him but i’m afraid he’s gonna get upset with me for not knowing anything but i know he won’t because he understands and he’s patient but i’m so scared ☁️mcyt artist 😔 ☁️forever rowen stan☁️doodle: @M0OBL0OM ☁️priv: @grenbutpriv ☁️
To_The_Ark_ IC: 0ktavian on tumblr @cottagefriends lust and i are friends! lust is really cool. lusts jokes are super funny. i hope lust is happy with lustself today. :] me and rot played a game today. rot's really good! rots skills are great. one day i'll win against rot. (2/2) ♕ ❥ Brian 🐝❥ they/it 🐝❥ me perdonas❤️ @ghostburtwt @homeuck 🐝❥ 💛qpp: @pissoups💛 🐝❥ priv: @Editor_Wilbur
talesofchivalry I always go back to this game despite the ending pissing me off LOL... the concept is really cool and it’s a fun game to play. I like speedrunning it and also going for the pseudo ending (if im skilled enough, i have done it before though). overall, super cool. a favorite el • he/him • sakyo oshi & buzama enthusiast
UK_Bound_2021 Wherever GODDESS tells me @XKateAlexisX Goddess Kate, what is really cool is YOU have invested in all of this AND YOU HAVE ELEVATED content toba STATE OF THE ART LEVEL🤩🤩🤩 YOU deserve both the FUNDING from your very lucky pets and the absolute ADORATION❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏 Ancestor mistakenly left England!!! Time for me to Return to Manchester in 2021!!!
17BLACKXO eroda @FINEDIRECTlON @Louis_Tomlinson he’s always felt like somewhere i can go when there was nowhere else. and it’s like he gets everything i’m going through without even knowing me. this is really cool of you to do thank you!! - just me and the stars can get lonely🪴 she:her
pinkerhero ceo of being a muscular woman I was just practicing parallel world this morning; the song is so magical, and the dance is really cool; they're so magical. Mighty hero, the Lord is with you! 21, she/her. Multimedia commissions open.