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shanedawson not sure who started this trend and i’m also not sure why i have a super 8 song on my phone but either way, this is really cool. my plan was to devote the next year to doing more stuff with family so i was excited to see this. :,)❤️ The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star series now up!
ireaderinokun Lagos, Nigeria I've noticed that lately, whenever I go to conferences abroad (outside Nigeria) and tell people where I'm from they always bring up @ConcatenateConf ! I think this is really cool, and it's amazing that so many people know about it after just 2 events! Frontend Dev, UI Design, @buycoins_africa (YC S18), @botsofcode, @googledevexpert, @frontstackio
zerowondering business@zerowondering.com It's awesome how it's kind of normal to see such a big outlet like ESPN, on their MAIN account -not the esports one- to tweet not just about videogames, but a game we Smash players all hold near and dear. Impossible to vision this when I started playing. 2019 is really cool! @Tempo_Storm| Gonzalo Barrios 🇨🇱 | #SmashBros Legend | 56 @GWR Tournament Win Streak | | #ScarfArmy Vanessa❤|
MVPmikhail Indianapolis, IN @loganhancock95 Uncultured? Nobody to listens to Eminem anymore except white boys and little kids growin up who think rappin fast is really cool. |♈️|✊🏾Lakers/Pelicans/ManchesterCity IG: prince_athletiks
PJ_Mills15 Scranton, PA @CotyBlack1 @CBTSeminary I love it! They have very biblical priorities to start with, the faculty is great, the education is challenging and rigorous, and the seminary itself was recently accredited and is steadily improving which is really cool to see. Sinner saved by grace. Simul Justus et Peccator. Confessional 1689 Reformed Baptist. Husband to @StephKMills, Father to Felicity. Contributor: @Servantsofgrace
AlexIMacleod Sheffield, England This is really cool. Physiological and evolutionary implications of tetrameric photosystem I in cyanobacteria. MRes researcher in plant evolution at @sheffielduni | Interested primarily in plant development and terrestrialization | Views my own
jwhite1811 Massachusetts, USA @iamtaylorlynn Peace love and happiness and you know the deal with that. Also the TL logo is really cool. Don't let the haters post all the Tweets. Instagram: jw181 SC: jw1811a #GoPats
kookachuwu YOUNIVERSE @ResearchBTS @BTS_twt Thia called me poor in 95 different languages lol jk. This room is really cool and I hope to do the same when I get an apartment in like three years haha I can be funny, I swear— moaarmystayblink @/kookachuwu on Instagram
OceanicSpectre Ontario, Canada @ChrisJPanatier Did some research. I've got my artists mixed up. Kinda excited actually. I love Baizleys style and finding someone who does something so similar is really cool! Music Junkie, Marketer, Movie Nerd, Horror Writer and Mozzarella Stick enthusiast.
Ignatz_victor main @ TrouMacacq ignatz having his own personal cheerleading team is really cool and nice Its me Oscar [he/him] side spam account where all i do is talk about things | banner by @RaphaelBestBoy
Edem_ghana @GabbyDarko He is really cool with it. @NAkufoAddo 's govt is just not corrupt , he is embodiment of corruption and cronyism ... Ghana must survive!
Theninthwolf @Suirano Honestly, it’s a tie between “ASGORE” from undertale and “Deliverance” from God of War. Baldur’s theme is really cool. 😁 Writes, composes music, streams video games, and is a furry. Man, I must be crazy. Married to the beautiful Babethebunny
AlroohNayaa @weverseofficial This season is really cool and interesting bts are awesome Oriental with exceptional thinking👒👓👗
BarryAldridge Worthing Now this is really cool and you can check on YouTube in 2019. So much better than the Rewind video in my book. I am autistic. Producer for @tayannastudios Love Life and Living The Dream lol. E-Mail: barry832003@googlemail.com for business
AlroohNayaa @weverseofficial This season is really cool and interesting bts are awesome😍😍 Oriental with exceptional thinking👒👓👗
Earthangelcyka Violence is Romantic @BaptismOnFire The 3d effect is really cool and I just like it in general ( ´∇` ) Not feeling good rn
AlexMasmej San Francisco & Paris 9. Union, a new project by @JacobShiach, is attempting to do a Union / Revenue-Generating DAO and their model is really cool, check it out here: Crypto ⚡️ into novel types of orgs: DAOs @meta_cartel @marketingdao @stakecapital; fellow @joininteract founded @joinmeteor 🇺🇸🇪🇺
ifyouseejadey Here, There and Everywhere. @TheGoonerAFC I mean I did it in a live in position so it’s different to in a school. When you’re teaching you don’t actually need to be fluent which is really cool, and if you do it through a language school I’m sure they’d help! They should all pay fair. Living my dream. Travelling the world. Filling in spare time with F1, football, tennis and the odd bit of music. 🌏
TaleOfAMonkey @Waxlimbs It's so good!! I couldn't say no after listening to this ☺️✨ I also think the video is really cool and I hope you plan to do more of those! illustrator and paperjammer 🎸, get's excited way too easy, bad humor
jameshickstwi London, England My wife and I proved this kind of secret; it is really cool; examine our video training On a mission to teach people how to get paid to LIVE.. not live to work! Secret lazy income creation method available now at
stuckinbooks97 Malta @yourtitakate Not doing much reading outside of university reads lately but I’ve got some new blogging ideas that I want to try out over my Christmas break! And I’m also getting closer to 300 followers on the blog which is really cool c: 🇲🇹 | Blogger 👩🏽‍💻 | Student at UoL 🎓 | Witch 🔮 | INFJ | books, photography, mental health, cosplay, anime/TV series & writing ✨
EatTheDARIO Bikini Bottom i've been seeing more posts about spongebob being trans and that makes me happy because that's my favourite headcanon (i have a pic I did of him in the trans flag colours, because there is official merch of him in a really similar colour scheme which is really cool!) 21, a person who loves spongebob, sonic and Pokemon! (and many other things) 💖@_terriperry 💖
rachelmcoggins A rapidly filling Scar lot at #MagicKingdom for the @SnowballExpress is really cool and heart warming to see. OH✈️FL • Chasing my dreams one day at a time. • Have courage. Be kind.🌻💛
d_riddlea random question but would you be interested if I host an art giveaway? (for 400 followers+ which is really cool! and I'm super thankful!) hello! i am riddle/aiko, and i draw and game on my free time | voca, FE, Sinoalice | suou is a positive baby!! | header by @konpeitobun
Val_M94 Muskegon, MI Jojos Bizarre Adventure is fun and the art is really cool, but it lacks the kind of complexity I crave while not being satisfyingly simple. I think I'll spend my last month of my Hulu subscription watching something else when I'm done with Part 3. I'll come back to it eventually. I wanna make a webcomic. CCS Alumni-BFA 🎨🖌️ Not SFW but also not pornographic, just Adult.🔞 Commissions: Open!
ShotgunLord @ceIestiaIs That was something I didn't know, and actually is really cool, but now there are a lot of Christmas movies that look dumb now... I mean they're all dumb anyway but still, it'll make me chuckle more when I watch them apparently a shotgunlord... new found love of twitter? no
Odin_twt New Jersey, USA @TXT_members Your phone case is really cool...but you are so much cooler!! Looking good my friend..looking good👀 Get outside and play ball😁💜 From Odin @TXT_members @BTS_twt Hi. Odin here, I'm a recruiter for BTS ARMY-PUPPER DIVISION Group Rules: Be kind. Be respectful. And LOVE YOURSELF. Tag @BTS_twt every time you tweet
DewayneKizzie @RaunchyIs ...now a woman with a sense of humor, who can also be funny is really cool to...animation and acting-out part the wit or joke can really help... Slave masters wife: dammmn Rufus Recently freed Rufus: thats ur last mfn freebie Author of The Turkish Order. Enjoy it!:
ZeddyShizzle Nairobi Someone just gave me this. So guess we going to Indonesia next year, also coach surfing is really cool. Just keep meeting cool people who share alot in common and the idea of hosting someone who you completely know nothing about is just loco then in a few days you grow a bond. Techpreneur | HODLing | Programmer | UX | Man U | From Uswazi to the world
Sorrowfulsavior Asteroid M- Avalon to write a char I don't appreciate and try to appreciate. btw the poor guy is really cool . just too nice UGH I hate to Rp too nice guts that gives me spot. 😣 Hahaha but I do because it's an important one... like cyclops. it's needed So... 30 years of comics knowledge. FAN ACCOUNT.
PRALAYJANA14 India @colorosglobal The Hawa mahal live wallpaper is really cool and awesome. I wish to see live wallpapers of India Gate, Humayun's tomb etc.
oliviahns Melbourne, Victoria @vontheodore That is really cool! And inspiring to hear, as someone who also juggles a day job with game work ☺ best of luck!! game developer and 2D/3D artist 🍑 she/her
adambettcher Hugo, MN @PurpleGeth And the relatability if that is really cool. Back when I was in wrestling that was something many of us had to deal with. An anime and video game content creator. I collect and twitch stream JRPGs. 1/2 of the podcast "What Do You Say Anime?!
rmulfordv PDX Really annoyed that someone gets a job that is really cool, talks about how they have always wanted it. Then proceeds to put up a logo they haven’t used since 2011 and doesn’t know the hashtag. #fake #pissed #superjealous
znmmks 3期生 I don't understand but the song is so nice, and his voice is really cool.
leftyellewoods Eden one feeling that is really cool is when you’re getting in bed and your body goes “time to hate the fact you’ll wake up tomorrow!” retired from organizing, new career in depression
eatchickenbro Gym is really cool place to hangout with strangers and not talk about personal life, just positive vibes,tips & muscles And you know what There's was CHRISTMAS TREE at gym today....,🎄 wow Feeling santa santa 🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼 I disappoint everyone and i love chicken
ATINYYUNHO in hongdae, we were approached by a female and a male, both korean who were very friendly and nice to us. they told us that they were students and that in their study group, they talk about educating foreigners on korean culture and things like that which we think is really cool- {fan account} 𝘮𝘶𝘭𝘵𝘪 | 𝘴𝘦𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘢𝘤𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘮𝘺 𝘶𝘭𝘵 𝘨𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘱𝘴 @princemyoongi @babykyg @imshorizon @kwpfalsetto
Moxagita @PeriFireEmblem The entire concept of the gen 6 starters being Paladin/mage/thief is really cool, and I think it’s nice that they got unique secondary typings that double their type advantages but also I just don’t like the 3 of them, they feel so.... not lifeless but like? Just there Hi I'm Anna She/Her/24/♉️, I like a lot of things but current obsession is fe3h (I also like SMT and Caligula)
itschuckjohnson God, X-wings are so cool. And so are Y-wings, for that matter. This whole scene is really cool. The movie is even better than I remembered! I will consume all sci-fi
Adrienne711 Kekistan @TribbleIndustr1 @AnJillOfLight @ZRealLoki2 @RTerriers @Shorty56167141 @FederalistNo78 @jaimec729 @We_Have_Risen @4heartandsoul @ThomasFines @wtwtwcwwg1 @HB04920973 @KalanuRaven @KcRated @cl27744391 @JustinAlbaugh2 @Renee41085532 @TonyMarano6 @ROCKINGANGELBMI @AreUHis @17thOps @TroyLawson5 @stickyhammer @Nocoincidence33 @Fish_Lips_ @Nasty177814489 @CounselLance @RikPik2 @lvs2glf @canada_rj @ranger_ivan @wings_dragonfly @chrissy40697285 @Me86179017 @PatriotsDontSlp @jt_light @Jacquel53991286 @Spud2u2 @Loki_1399 @llotus6 @exprincehall @LavenderLives @GhostIn09827879 @PhoenixxRizen @paulacblades001 @VeteransAlways_ @Devine_freedom @AssociatesGui14 @ljcambria @findering Top two pics could be right down the street! I should grab a pic and try to get the same perspective as that curved road pic. The trees pic is really cool. Bathroom= I just had to issue another warning. MY bathroom is OFF LIMITS. mine mine mine mine mine. #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #QAnon #1A #2A AMERICA FIRST - I love God Family Country and our beloved President Donald J Trump Shadilay!
thewwhiterabbit Sydney, New South Wales Checked out the #HarleyQuinn pilot on DCU and I really like it! It's kind of bizarrely profane and the art style is really cool! Also Harley/Ivy 5ever! ♥️💚 and if you go chasing rabbits and you know you're going to fall
Larkin331 Brindleton Bay @Eugenia_Cooney You should check out the area around Harvard! It’s really hip and has cute shops and cafes. Also definitely Newbury Street. The Newbury Comics shop is really cool. Have fun! Sims 4 CC creator, dabbling in custom careers and traits
Moondancer1626 New York, USA I love how when we’re like, actually flower crown culture is really cool, here’s the history, and the cast dig it, there’s only defensiveness. Someone on the outside of a group insults its culture and is shocked to be told it’s *insulting* but we’re the worst! #SaveHannibal. Marketing, magic, and more. Contributor @BamSmackPow @screenrant. Banner by @amngelll! She/Her. rotemrusak@gmail.com;
YouGeneOneill Hollyweird, Los Angeles i'm on the last episode now and it's following the exact arc i had with LOST 1. Huh, this is kind of cool 2. Okay, this is really cool. 3. Wait a minute, is this getting dumb? 4. Jesus, that was forking dumb (TBD) Producer/Writer. My stuff has appeared at OverheardLA, Twitter, and The Sports Guy Mailbag. My opinions reflect those of anyone who has ever employed me.
knottedjiminie land of timbit | 22 @sugamagicshop it is really cool! my sister gifted it to me when i was in high school, and omg jdfhg i love that pocketwatch! that's cool too 🥺😭💜 #PDOGG: i see a colonizer? I floor it!
NUDodgers california @Dodgers @buehlersdayoff Karen Buehler is so nice to give credit to all his coaches over the years. This is really cool and hope to see more #LABLEEDSBLUE and Joe Kelly is still on probation
fairytailguiId she/her @gojoforker oh he will always be kinda snarky but he starts to love and enjoy volleyball which is really cool on the edge of greatness, turning darkness to light
WeebWhos @okkyukii @cybernova @Keisyooo OK 1st of all this is really cool Is the music coming from a different device or the tree and if it's coming from the tree can you teach me how to do that. here for rh tea and memes PFP NOT BY ME
MovieguysCraig Columbus, OH @themightybfhb Right? I don't think they can pull off a true sequel, so taking it a different direction and tackling it in the modern world is really cool Snack enthusiast | #Movie #Podcaster | RMG fan | Founder of