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bipbopbap UK | She/Her Galvantula is the closest with legs and also pedipalps. Araquanid is really cool and I like it but SIX LEGS And what even is Ariados calling it a spider is a stretch I like biology and palaeontology, mostly chelicerates, onychophorans and mammals | Aspiring Pantopodologist | Avi by @uckersSket
DEDEDEISTHEONEE @GarchompSZN I mean, I understand what you’re saying, but personally I’m not judging. The design is really cool and at least resembles Zapdos? Just like Alola Sandslash, I personally didn’t mind the name because Sandslash still looks pretty similar lol A Waddle Dee who works for the king but has his own Twitter because why not. sorry, not too Kirby-related tho. Art Twitter - @klim_deggab ☂️
chjunoo N-D / HöS @Miafluous Hello, Mia noona. First of all i have to admit that i love all of Everglow's title track. And i have to admit that Dundun's choreography is really cool. The way you lead thr dance break though? Anyway, it's me Junho. You may call me Chacha or just Junho. ㅋㅋㅋ English / The 4th generation prince coming through, conquering the stage with unlimited charm. Currently being a part of #Woollim_Rookie.
iambarbib Toronto, ON @bell01121 @m00nishh Look closely at your words because you’re doing all this to yourself. Commenting on my race is really cool. I’m indigenous and white passing and you can stfu. self-identified coffee & reality tv addict.
ACavalluzzi New York @SamRC1987 I love all things NASA and space related so this is really cool for me. I wish I'd seen it. I usually have the business channel on in the morning to get updates on markets, etc. but this morning I was on a call and didn't have the TV on for opening bell. I'll Google it. Author: "A Million Dollars In Change". Host of "Alessandra's Angle" podcast. Speaker, consultant, and writer on social good and leadership. Views are my own.
MutatedHead Earth (most of the time) @MediaMikes @le_matos_ @turbokidfilm @summerof84movie This interview was so awesome, thanks Le Matos, MediaMike. I feel like I got to know you guys just a little which is really cool, never seen you live yet. And my very first job was when I was 14 was in a movie theater, that's rad you guys met there. I've worked in tons of them. Mutant head, normal body. Artist. Animator. Weirdo.
Philip_tyo 日本 東京 I always think 'van' (part of Dutch name) is really cool. What If I have that in my name? Just, teacher will be disgusted. (Like Willem van Hanegem, Wardt van der harst, Robert van de corput and Nick Rotteveel van Gotum) ↑all of them are DJs lol Japanese🇯🇵 🇱🇻🇳🇱 (16)
UwaBabyy Lagos, Nigeria If you haven’t yet donated because if lack of funds. This is really cool, easy and free way to help the cause. Faàji Ministress 💃🏾| Child of the most high 🙏🏾| #E4T💙
charlotteb372 @Paricyte Your people are so nice and your history (besides colonialism) and architecture is really cool! Hi I make music, play dnd, and occasionally say funny things - 16 - she/her
mikeevmm Portugal Been listening to a lot of capoeira/berimbau-based traditional songs, and the minimal structure is really cool to reharmonize. Physicist by day. Game developer by night. Currently Personal Projects + Thesis I sometimes make modular music. Miguelmurca@mastodon.social
dykehearts lesbian, 25, she/they, multi ♥ LRT i donated to actblue as well and their system is really cool ! please donate too if you can !!!!! 'should we brush our teeth, hyung?'
girishmallya Bombay This is really cool and comprehensive. Designer labels in the Rs.5k+ band are missing :| Urban commuter runner🏃. The only time I push beyond limits is to run the victory lap. Media professional. Mastodon, Snapchat & Insta - girishmallya
kmluvclub // allie being friend with hana is really cool. tl is a mess with antis, and she’d be sliding in your dm and talk about jikook au 🤪 do not talk to me if you’re not Park Jimin.
GrizzlyMania Ian game is really cool, please play them. I'm playing the one on the 3DS and enjoying it lots! I go by many names; Gaming Expert, VTuber Extraordinaire, Salmon Hunter, Prince Charming, Ecchi Consumer, Art Fanatic, The Funny Guy, but you can call me Bro.
halfsamuel White Forest, North of C17 @Harry101UK It is really cool. One thing that is bugging me when scene building though is that models spawn like 25 metres away from the camera and consequently the rest of my set. Source Engine Animator! Doing the Half-Life stuff! Commissions open.
AlakeAdam Czech Republic @Sovereign_Leah @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 Interesting, that is really cool. I am in Europe and recently I heard the sky rumbling for like 20 mins at a time, there were also multiple circular "contrails" visible. Weird stuff. Professional media composer and producer, cyberpunk and scifi connoiseur.
DMCFFD @dave_sandman Haha! That’d take a seriously large table! And this dude is really cool too! I talk about mental health & PTSD, Fire/EMS, & gaming. Vet and Small business owner. I am exhausted 99.99% of the time. Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Luap2690 Minnesota @Idolomantises Going to admit I followed after seeing the plague doctors but really it wasn't the fact that they're plague doctors. I really like their outfits the mantle on her shoulders and then the double-breasted buttons kind of look on her skirt is really cool. Lover of Bulbasaur.
justgregb Saint Petersburg, Russia @BogdanBelei @careless_passer @KevinRothrock She is a Russian singer Monetochka: And she is really cool I translate wine into words. Support King in the North @1Password
Langsto32776516 @BraveWilderness That is really cool! You should come to North Carolina sometime to look for insects and snakes. adventurous, I love the woods.
ElisabethMcQ Manchester I love watching I am Jazz, @JazzJennings__ is really cool and a good voice for how we should be treating trans youth. Plus her family are great and so accepting manic depressive anorexic transsexual, happily in a lesbian relationship and random blogger. #bipolar #trans #anorexia
agust_ijah قلب يونغي @7ERSONA This is really cool, I will always support you from behind, so become an amazing graphic designer and succeed in your life, okay? ‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏ أذا أنحشروا الذكور بيجون هنا يدورون شيء يرفعهم
ZEROMAVWICK Enderman!! Drew this beautiful guy last night ÚwÙ Gosh, I think I’ve been playing Minecraft since like 2009 and it never fails to help make me feel better. Seeing how far it’s come since then is really cool and I’m glad they’re able to continue creating more things. 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤 A girl who has no forking idea how a guy can put glass in his asshole
PlpLive Hell, MI But it is really cool and trippy how it feels. It is like when you pick up an empty can thinking there's soda inside in reverse. It can't possibly be good for my wrists haha 30/M ✧I play retro, indie, horror, & shmup! ✦ I stream a lot of Mushi Futari since I'm trying to get into the top 3 on the BL God/Reco leaderboard rn 虫姫さまふたり漬け
curatethiopia Ethiopia I think it is really cool how a human rights movement in a different part of the world has laid bare the utter ignorance and ingratitude of our fellow "Ethiopians." Anyways: here are some of the most iconic pictures that were taken during the #Oromoprotests , 2016. A blog on Ethiopian culture: Film, Lit, Music, Photography, and much more.
PollitoDiablo2 I was disappointed first when i saw High Score Girl Dash...But the story so far is really cool and Koharu Hidaka is always so sweet. BUT i still miss my little Akira and this stupid Haruo 😀
Just20204 @mattysino @TheCryptoDog This is really cool project @AirdropOmiseGO 💙 Now the owners of Ethereum and Ethereum coins will be able to receive 33% a month of the amount they hold in their account for free 🔝 فنان تشكيلي
GyIeenhaal SMALL ROLEPLAYER WORLD I don't know why but @satansdolI is really cool and people know it. 𝘌𝘕𝘎𝘓𝘐𝘚𝘏 • i warn you honey, i'm 𝑺𝒆𝒍𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒗𝒆 | RP
ItuMahuma_ Pretoria @Didiza_x This new year is really cool and it’s only day 2😂😂😂 Mechanical Engineering Grad...Life ga ena therefore!
rinbaebae 서준 @CHOISOOBlNE I've watched the MV, whoa... Where have I been? Your MV is really cool and I love the music too! 🥺🖤 Can't you see me? My friends don't understand me, don't understand me anymore~ 〔RP〕레드벨벳의 아이린 입니다. 𝓢𝓽
beybarik777 @Your_NLP_Coach @crypto_birb @paolovassalli1 @seetified @LiBZ42 @ape_rture @CryptoHerc @KongBTC @TonyRobbins This is really cool project @AirdropOmiseGO 💙 Now the owners of Ethereum and Ethereum coins will be able to receive 33% a month of the amount they hold in their account for free 🔝
MariaGrasmick Oregon, USA Omg @afbranco isn't she the best to draw she is absolutely gorgeous gorgeous and you got her long nose right and her puffy lips and those big blue eyes you did such a good job this is really cool she's so beautiful 🦁 I want to be the Political Cartoonist 🍫 Donald Trump loves the Best! 💓 My Cartoons are for world leaders! Share! #infj #politicalcartoons #donaldtrump …
VikingsSBSZN I’m playing 4v4 with friends and i see this. This is really cool . Vikings wining the SuperBowl
beau_jester Skellige @okocelot Probably not for a while because I wanna make sure my OG girls are good first before I start a new campaign. Yes it's awesome! The new Paladin Oath is really cool too and I'm making a Lawful Good Paladin girl who is super sweet 😌 24, UK. Official disaster lesbian, greatsword enthusiast. Dungeons and Dragons obsessed. Icon is my Barbarian OC, Amaris, by @Tallinier.
SansomScience Perth, Western Australia this indeed is really cool. Fake news is easy, legit science certainly isn't and can take months (or years) to be published. Postdoc at the Space Science and Technology Centre, Curtin University - Earth & Planetary Scientist and meteorite hunter.
shapemover Tucson Hey Tucson did you know the Dunbar is really cool?? Formerly a segregated school building, the Dunbar houses a black-owned barber academy and the Visual and Textile Arts of Tucson, among other really cool orgs: I move shapes around. 🦒 giraffic designer 🧵 fiber artist 🍄 super mario cultural anthropologist 🛌🏅 olympic sleeper 💗💜💙 she/her
thefandomcat @nightyblues hi! i completely missed your retweet im so sorry the science gc is still in existence, however uh it is quite dead, we havent used it in a long time. i could add you tho if you still want? it's a small gc and everyone is really cool stand up to injustice
BadNyah Sacramento, CA The amount of ppl reposting LITERALLY EVERYTHING I’m saying is really cool. Glad to know we’re on the same page. And to the ppl coming to me for advice on dealing with their racist friends I’ll save us a convo...block them 😚 art hoe! ✨🐝 venmo: californyah
jxchong Seattle, WA @ines_catherine this is really cool and I was interested to see how many genes that underlie Mendelian disorders w/thoracic aortic phenotypes but I can’t find the supplement Assistant Professor. UW Center for Mendelian Genomics Analysis Group lead (@uwcmg). @MyGene2 creator. Human Geneticist. #raredisease & complex traits
fin_e_vuh San Diego, CA I think anonymous is really cool. My honest criticism for america is that what will truly happen when everything is exposed? We saw a murder on camera and there are STILL murmurs of suspicion. We have facts, people in power just don’t care. They want control oh, worm? she/her
dqiyong 𝐛𝐥𝐦 @yerongss your drawing is really cool and thank you so much for bringing awareness! people needs to know about it and not be silent not a local, i’m just in love with kaylee bryant
3willbfree ren ❤︎ | they/them the fact that people are still rting and liking my svt being woke thread even though i made it like a year ago is really cool #INNTOUCH: but my bottom didn't hurt in the morning
antigravitykid TARDIS, Medium Boston forkin represent tbh. While I'm really angry about the protest yesterday this is really cool and making me feel some sort of pride BLM 😻Homestuck = Life. a cat without a collar 's just a stray. sometimes quality tweets/retweets. ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓
HealthPonderer Middle Of America @GoLimitless @naval I loved that you defined status games and natural games this way. Visuals help too. Please keep posting. This way of explains things is really cool and easy to understand. Daily advice on how to be healthier because you probably need it.
Behzod73348255 @TronWalletMe @SamTheCarpetMan @justinsuntron @Tronfoundation @MikeNerdUK @JTS_Global @johnkim77 @MustacheTommy @mishalederman @cz_binance @anndylian This is really cool project @AirdropOmiseGO 💙 Now the owners of Ethereum and Ethereum coins will be able to receive 33% a month of the amount they hold in their account for free 🔝 @Behzod
Dorfjunge2 @SweetLizzyy Nach Englisch  I love your tits because man can certainly play nice with but your bottom is really cool imagine him in the doggy and I behind it a nice thought 😇😊😉 Hannover
boatxfeet Madison, AL This is really cool and all but y’all let white kids with n-word usernames and clan tags run RAMPANT in your games 🥴 part time punk • butt rock enthusiast • pro wrestling fan
Hive4K NYC @Karakaradu @CMargaronis @TampagirlC19655 @prime_bee @blbiscut @Paiyslee @_talia_t @BrettMargheim @GregHowardJr1 @doctor_eon @jamiesbowen @karentotten @ajsgmajc @Grania64156311 @PrezHillary17 @karmacondon @oREGINAl49ers @thejollycrank @Rhinocerization @chrislongview @Heather3E8i8 @TheContentiousO @Drea_got_rage @DaryonnJackson @very_skerry @xtine_mac @filsdelucie1 @iamJxWoods @klewis191 @VeeCeeMurphy76 @rebelroyalty20 @AloColbeck @SailorHaumea @Stephenhasideas @Needle_of_Arya @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @dustinfalgout @tify330 @KHiveQueenB @dk_stephan @BreatheAirInn @MichelleBYoung1 @litapi1 @EternalNyx @KamalaHarris That is really cool. We trade off...I clean up the dishes and do other things around the house ( and bring takeout if she's tired) in return for her glorious cooking 😍 @Khive for Biden!!! Supporting Kamala and whatever path she chooses. Never trump and never bernie. #KHive #Khive2024 #RidenWithBiden #VFL
10sOfFloods One thing that is really cool to see right now is that most people my age are seeing what’s going on and are not having any of this bullcrap. Gives me hope. fork trump. fork 12. BLM 23/Denton, TX/dog crap speller, unreeeeal cheller
Eijipop ACAB || BLM || fork ICE :)! I just want like a medium sized friend group where we all get along and we can like call all the time and go on road trips and everyone is really cool and we can take really cool pictures together and just groove man ''my dick is so hard right now'' • clown • 17 • lgbt+ • taken

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