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Is really cool.

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ryuzaki_vale Probably Till's Dick @ghouIsandghosts HHAHAHAHAH well you're my friend and the merch is really cool so im curious πŸ‘€ 🌿horny on main for men at least 20years older than me, may they wear a mask or not🌿 Drawing acount: @Koryuky🌿 He/She🌿 ACAB🌿 BLM🌿 ENTP🌿 18 🌿
Gowho Binghamton, NY @ItsNotElsie He is really cool. I really like his weapon designs and the music that plays when he catches up to a survivor
codechips Stockholm, Sweden This whole Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView stack is really cool, but what about native apps? What's the solution? Ping @jlind @mahnve CTO at Ingrid. Manager by day, hacker by night. Polyglot. Svelte enthusiast. I tweet about modern reactive webdev, career and life wisdom.
Shiro37200485 dans un lieux paumΓ©.. @lowkeydbjosh The utility? Who will uncheck? You did not understand anything And loba who has nothing like buff... Otherwise the rest of the patch is really cool, finally GOOD changes ~ ◍𝑯𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒔/π‘¨π’π’Šπ’Žπ’†π’”/π‘¨π’‘π’†π’™π‘³π’†π’ˆπ’†π’π’…π’”β— ~
RookSlayerNate Seeing a lot of middling reviews for Maquette. Personally really enjoying it. The puzzle style is really cool and the story is hitting home in a way I didnt expect. Curious to see if I can nail the speed running trophies. Gamer. Geek. Music Enthusiast. Member of the R3bellion streaming team.
verdski she/her @DevinElleKurtz This is really cool and you are really cool. I don't know how to use these, but I love watching your tutorials and hearing you talk about them. Thanks for all you do. Irreverent gamer. Book nerd. Metal head. The person you want on your trivia team.
DaCanadianFrost Canada @crustycris51 @Graffiti_ssbu @Chuckfug Guys CHILL. Graffiti is really cool and who cares what character he plays. :) Smash Ultimate Competitor | Palu Main | 15 | He/Him | French Canadian | FrΓΈst#1192 Banner by: @MochaSsbu
megasexhaver69 Harlingen, TX @CommieItalian italian person who is really cool and extremely aggressive against the virgin menace also plays league but beggars can't be choosers 18 | ML ⛏️ He/El
Delta__IV He/Him @wolvesandgirls_ And that translates through the lack of world building outside of Canto-Bight. But this is really cool to see. I never knew these existed, thank you! 22. Star Wars fan. Loves OT, PT and ST. Clone Wars & Rebels too. Header by TheRiseOfSwolo
fra21207 any prns :) β€’ minor β€’ ifb @dreqmteam THATS WHY I LOVE DREAMS MERCH. someone came up to me who didn’t watch mcyt and was like β€œur hoodie is really cool. the smile looks nice”. THEY DIDNT EVEN KNOW. #Karl: Dream is being a bit of a dictator, hold the tator
mellocri_ she/they bi | ic @jellogumdrop 9 - hi! i think youre layout is really cool! :] you are always so nice and ily / p β€” ❝ now i'm making a cake that can kill god ❞ β€” 1 days since tubbo lore
cherryluneVT logo:lunaa_th ❀ i:minawananami i tell this story all the time but i remember daydreaming every night about what i wanted my model and streaming assets to look like back when i just got into vtubers and vtubing and now everything that i dreamed for came true and i think that is really cool πŸ₯² a sleepy virtual bunny girl who likes sweets and @usamarumio 🍨🐰🌸 ❀ ENG/TAG OK ✿ γƒžγƒž: @vasirii ❀ パパ: @heavenmozaic ✿ art: #cherrylunart πŸ’πŸŒ™
Thribbulous This is really cool, and that guy is really bloody clever! Denizen of the fine Georgian City of Bath. Now with 25% extra sick peng or something.
jmnbos @egirlyerim hmmmm well this morning ihad German and we're studying a film script n watching the film as we go along which is really cool n ilove the themes... kinda failed my history test that iwas super capable of acing but lost tracked of time n answered the two last questions in 5 min sun&moon
TerriGrahamBur1 Ontario, Canada @MagdaDavitt77 My son set the music from this oldest complete musical composition (to the beat from Stretched on Your Grave, along with guitar and female vocalist. school It is only 1:46 long but it is in MP3 format and I can't share. It is really cool! Liberal-minded Canadian. Recovering from Complex PTSD from childhood trauma. There IS light at the end of the tunnel!
egg0ro X is really cool but there's a mission that requires you to grab a material that only exists in like two rivers in the entire forking world map and it doesn't even tell you where it is ACAB | BLM | he/him | Check out my YouTube channel, I review stuff
SaikatD31020700 Kolkata, West Bengal, India @NASAKennedy @ISS_Research @Astro_illini @Space_Station @NASA This is really cool, Does the process need soil and same circumstance?
BernardPandile Pfp & Banner: @sebbyiscynical I recently started playing Astral Chain, and it's been wonderful so far! The combat is extremely satisfying, and the whole concept of Legions is really cool πŸ’– Bernard here! | 🐼 Qinling Pandile 🐊 | Sometimes a Synth | πŸŽ‹ I will eat your churros like they're bamboo
momocch11 @icoro__ THEYRE ACTUALLY SUPER COOL, PATHFINDER AND REVENANT HAVE FUN ABILITIES!!! also bloodhound (not a robo) is NB !! which is really cool ;u; Jamie πŸ‘ β˜† 21 πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ β˜† she/they β˜† Nijisanji hell β˜† gacha doesn't give me a Break β˜† Crazy:Bp β™‘ UndeadP β™‘
JackYouStole Manchester, England @anthonyforever I like this one a lot, the instrumentation is really cool and hypnotic. The vocals sit really well in the mix. This is a cool style. I'll give this song a 7.5 πŸ’œ Bassist and backing singer for Woman You Stole. Based in Manchester. All my opinions are unpopular. There is no God, only music.
dxintyrose πŸ•Š sw: 107 | cw: 101 | ugw: 85 @ellethebulimic I saw L’s tweet and decided to reply to him. His profile picture is really cool! Maybe blue and black are some of his favorite colors? Could that be why he chose it? πŸ’™ 16 (she/her) πŸ’™ tw: ed / vent / sh blm /// always pro recovery
wtchwhthppnsmax the netherlands | he/him | 18 @BRAINDEADBEASTS @awsten @waterparks i love your art sm and i think your style is really cool and honestly you have inspired me so much so make more art myself so thank you for that🌟 now it's 3 am, everybody goes home alone
esileisaseal he/him @claymorecore xiao is my fav prob idk i just saw him and was like β€œi want that character” bc his design is really cool tho i also rlly like zhongli also for the design and the vibes. liyue vibes/aesthetic are just so good broooo trans rights bro (BLM πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΏ) Genshin Impact AR 55
olitheelegume she/they my sculpture teacher is really cool but does not understand the cost of materials and time the worms in my brain are unionizing
Cowboy_James12 @CallofDuty This is really cool. A bit pricey though. I can’t really talk, I bought the Cowboy Adler bundle but I don’t feel like dropping more cash for just a character and a few blueprints/emblems/stickers God is eternal and infinite. Thanks be to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, One God in Three Devine Persons! Catholic, gamer, nerd, YouTuber.
feverymcytstan he/they @gnfpinkmilk the moon looks really off to me but the coin is really cool and i want it very badly lmao the other account like this was creepy, i replaced them πŸ‘ if i follow you then you're legally obligated to fb A6D STANS DNI discord tag: feverymcytstan#6213
Voltikz Terra OK ngl, this crap is really cool but also forking creepy! Like the engineering behind it is beautiful in my eyes.... But no! Anyway if yall need me ill be in a cave miles away from any form of civilization and tech 🀣 Just your average Space Nerd, Gamer and Sim Racing enthusiast. All Space Good!
richardnair Jena, Germany Tea would be a great supervisor and the QUINCY model is really cool :) @MPI_BGC. Interested in how plants and ecosystems work (in particular nutrients, roots and plant nutrition).
Jocus108 London, England @jorgeagu @rafael_rosado1 @johnnovakart Colin thinks the sword (and dog) is really cool :) Dad. Nerd. Blue Jays and Spurs. Public Health. He/him. At least occasionally in the room where it happens.
RevengerLamar Manheim, PA @WizardsComics Marc Silvestri is really cool. He took a picture of me and the Top Cow girl at SDCC01. Still here for revenge, just had to start over.. I'm your new best friend, just don't ask for money.
LukeCarlisleman @TheEllenShow Hey eminem can we get @dacko___ on the show, he is really cool and trendy Really Cool Guy
crabmannington @Espenartman2 Hey this is really cool and massively unnerving, a perfect piece hyperfixating like a mf, currently on (and frankly dying a bunch to) Resident Evil 4, Hollow Knight
ARS0N_IST younger than u | вя gΞ±ΠΈg !! @M3D1CAL medic is an awesome person and si is REALLY COOL β™‘ γ€° he/they/paw/heir ++ β™‘γ€° alt is @ARS0N1ZT β™‘ γ€° poppytwt dont even get /near/ my tweets, i dont like u and id rather not see u at all in my notifs bye shush
yeen_fiend bri'in, innit @jossadoe joss is really cool and i wanna get to know em more, eir art is amazing and ey are d,eer he/him | artist/musician | 15 (⚠ N S F W ACCS DNI ⚠) | πŸ–€πŸ€πŸ’œ aroace, huge disgrace the modern day diogenes pfp- @8lackpen
MilkmanSad @Mega_Spud So all and all I'd say this is really cool looking and I can't wait. But I can't help but to think how landscapers are gonna try and top this. Maybe they should be roughed up just a bit more? But I think it should be considered a bit more before implementing. Really cool though! YouTuber, just like making stuff for fun :)
yhteeeb H O U S T O N, T X Depression is really cool cause one day you’re on top of the world and the next you want to die. So today is fun. Geophysicist // Chemist // Pluviophile β€” should’ve been a doctor.
Daellwon ger/eng β€’ 23 β€’ he/him β€’ ADHD 4. Kamen Rider Ryuki My favorite Kamen Rider show so far, really liked the concept and story around the mirror world. 13 riders in one show is really cool and creates an amazing dynamic. The CGI is alright but the riders/suits are really well designed. Rating: 8.5/10 πŸ€ γ€Ž Nico 』Shounen and JRPG ambassador | Berserk, MHA, One Piece, HxH, Dragonball, JoJo | tokusatsu fan Priv: @NicoJJBA || FFXIV: Veni'to Rheiflutu @ Behemoth
SudrakonLoR Campinas, Brasil @Precipic1 @Trivo_Lor Actually @4LWlor made the deck, it just spread like water in the Brazilian comunity and trivo spammed it like crazy on ladder. But yeah the deck is really cool! I play LoR once a month. I stream once every 6 months.
WeLoveNews12NJ New Jersey, USA Hiiii I’m not sure if anyone at News 12 knows this but this is really cool I wanna tell y’all that I’ve made a News 12 NJ fans group chat on here a few months ago and now there is 22 of us! I’ve brought together many fans around the state into this amazing group πŸ’–πŸ–€πŸ’›@News12NJ 20 | I have autism & ADHD | I adore @News12NJ πŸ’Œ grateful for meeting 8 people at News 12 so far βœ¨πŸ’• β€œin a world where you can be anything, be kind” 🧑🌈
john01170111 @dancekevindance @TheNattyPoo @Hamad26_01 @RapAccess Kevin is really cool and woke. and don’t forget Kevin is always right πŸ˜‰ Trump or Die
LadyDragon333 United States @GiggukAZ Personally I think it is really cool you were a monk! This person is horrible and I’m sorry you have to deal with them. 25 - I retweet things about games, anime and art. Gaymer and Enthusiast. crapposter First Class.
SpeedSportLife Houston, TX @HuntingBenjamin Oh wow this is really cool. I had no idea this existed. I’d love to see this take off and become cheaper as the technology improves. Occasionally does car and motorsport writing and photo things. Lover of BBQ and travel. Porsche and Jeep owner. IG: zerinTX
AVideoGamer2 he/him - they/them - she/her @SW4GGER1OUZ this feels like a slow-mo shot which is really cool cause its just a drawing the perspective just gives it that vibe and i think thats rad Im AVG / Genderfluid / BLM I make videos and videogames. / Sometimes funny tweets Working on @RPGShattered / Omori finished me. / mnt baja blast supporter
mothking97 The Netherlands @lemongraceful I loooove the colours you use for her and her profile is really cool, we stan a strong nose. She gives off a Do Not fork With This vibe which I respect Anna / 23 / i would literally die for blood elves Argent Dawn EU
R3DDV5 Forge World Metalica @AtomizedBanana I know right? Absolute, and I say this without irony, girlboss. She owns it and her art as an extension of her self-expression is really cool. I haven't ever seen anything quite like Nanbaka, and it's right up my alley too. RIDE THE LIGHTNING! I paint models, draw, and write. Vausterlitz is my beloved boyfren, please be nice to him!
GFcvolendam4 @HoustonDynamo @adidas This kit is really cool and awesome and my favorite color in the netherlands there is also a soccer club using this amazing color as kit the club FC Volendam Ik ben een grote fan van FC Volendam en een Grote fan van Micky Van de Ven
zKumoo_ Bamberg, Bayern Megami no CafΓ© Terrace is very fun to read, I'm starting to like it. Akane is really cool and I love the artstyle Spread Love πŸ¦‹ Kleiner Streamer auf Twitch LvL 22 β€’ MHA β€’ AoT β€’ JoJo β€’ OnS β€’ Magi β€’ DnA β€’ DGM β€’ Kaguya Sama | Tokyo Ghoul Nr. 1
maximumrozema Calgary @jasondunn That's pretty good! I find nuclear power fascinating and very promising. The idea of using Thorium and molten salts is really cool. Where do you park your atomic lawn mower?
RavensLilies Village side of Norway This is really cool anime, really adore itπŸ’œ Have some emotional dramatic moments, the history, sound and fighting scenes really drag your attention even more. Highly recommended if you like those motioned above!🌌 Anime: Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia Writer and Artistic Creator, Cosmic Druidic Goth DnD - DMing |+3Charm and Magick INFP-A | They/Them | DemiXPanromanticGrayAce Dark AC: @MindtheBess
macroburroefeio @BrawlNoContext "this brawl stars copy was out today and it is really cool" por favor supercell cria o codigo de apoiador do gaebe eu juro que vou checar toda semana pra ver se estou apoiando ele