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pankajcreates Mumbai, India Inspite of facing tough time politically CM @OfficeofUT held a meeting with district heads to understand the #COVID19 situation and gave necessary instructions. This is really cool and appreciated…#MahaAghadiRevolt #COVID19 Journalist, scribe for @aajtak, @IndiaToday. #AJF fellow, @NUSingapore. For leads — pankaj.upadhyay@aajtak.com. Views are personal, RTs not endorsements
N_Magaro Jeremy Sochan on new teammates reaching out: “Dejounte Murray texted me, which is really cool. I feel like he already is making a connection with us and wants to help us out. I feel like we’re going to be sponges and just learn from him. So, we’re excited.” Writer & Editor @PoundingTheRock || Host @AlamoCityLimits || Formerly @ProjectSpurs & @NetsRepublic || Spurs Draft || @MaybornUNT Graduate || RT≠Endorsement
jiyunaJP 東京/TOKYO This is really cool to see in Japan; the #GGST community rented out a space in a hotel to set up a 24 hour play session. For $70~ you get your own hotel room and access to the free-play space. 21 people signed up so far and still space for more, looks pretty tempting... A M E R I K A J I N living in Japan | Content Creator for @PandaGlobal | Partnerships @TwitchJP | ANIMEILLUMINATI | #FGC | Strong Zero | DM's Open for Business
hanaOhnahnah San Miguel, Bulacan @vasilissaadair @ATEEZofficial The concept is really cool, and i love how they include atiny in it, and the way they are sending things that only atiny can recognize is really cool, its like "for atiny only, no other people allowed", then later sparks other fandom interest, thats really really cool omg ✨LOOK AT MY HEADER, THEY ARE THE FUTURE OF KPOP✨ Angels are interesting too☔✨
epsiIonAI sonic origins is really cool and i would totally get it but i don’t really see a reason to i’d probably only play 3 and if i ever wanted to play 1, 2 or CD i’d play sonic 3 air equivalents for them instead epsilon#7035 | they/it | filipino | alt: @puyohater
RocklightZX He/Him Tried BMZ1 demo and I'm sold, this is really cool REALLY loves Mega Man | #1 Rock Volnutt Fan | Currently has Star Force brainrot | Never stops crying about MML3
bimbowaif222 Fatphobic bimbo Ur fatspo threads help me a lot to not binge also ur aesthetic is really cool ily byeee — Glad I make threads that help out <33 and Tysm hun ily2 byeee 🫶🏾 proana❦deranged
PawnSacrifices Tasmania, Australia @ZHerb76 @313Greengiant Dude is clearly in pain. It’s all he can talk about. IF ps was any good, he’d be like “hey check this out” or “this feature is really cool” But nooo. PS launched missing features, PS+ died in the water And the only new game is a 3 re-remake that they’re charging for again. Gamer / Sci Fi fan / husband & dad / 90s kid. 🇦🇺 Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Nintendo, all my tags 👉PawnSacrifices
DailySunnie She/Her | 20 @Chouxsugarfree1 We are twins! 🤭 sadly Rook is really hated :( people find him ugly! My other favorites are Jamil, Vil and Riddle (I kin all of them) Rook is a complex character but he is so attentive to detail is really cool to see. Plus to be honest he gives me yandere vibes so I fell for him PROSHIP🌈 | オタク✨| 腐女子❤️
Jo50877025 Martin and Selena are legit real friends now, not just like actor friends. Their relationship is really cool For me, it's Selena Gomez 👑🌟🥰
CCH_1980 This process of preserving and restoring posters is really cool but also gives me anxiety because I know I'd screw it up if I did it. Earth vs The Flying Saucers - 1956 6-sheet Linen Backed @posterfix via @YouTube Damage control is easy. Reading Klingon, that’s hard.
population_x Everyone! Please go check out my friend and his girlfriend Co-stream! It is really cool and they are awesome! This is their first time doing this! Support would mean the world!!! 😃😃😃 They are playing 'It Takes Two'. I am a Twitch Streamer. I have been playing video games my whole life and it is my passion. Feel free to check out my Channel @ Tha
swordieenjoyer Milwaukee ➡️ Kenosha @Shelter0000Plus something i like about your play is honestly your advantage state. sometimes it feels like i just die no matter how much i sdi vs u LOL it's crazy. your optimization and quick thinking is really cool 😲 ult joker/seph ♡ hdr dpit/seph ♡ #4 in wisco ♡ he/they ♡ 21 ♡ pfp: @polmcarts
kreepaevox Puerto Rico, USA @MrboomstickXL @Xbox @DanieljMcG @UmbraInfinite I'm talking to many japanese xbox users thru twitter ( with translator ) and many are very excited and impressed. Also, so many customized controllers via #XboxDesignLab. They really like personalization, is really cool to see Hope, Love and Positivity. Game On, Live On Drive On 私は少し日本語を理解しようとしているので、私は新しい日本のXbox ファンを歓迎することができます。挨拶することを恐れないでください
TheYungCitrus Earth @loveminies97 @RealBrittBaker Ikr People just wanna make a fool of themselves Britt is amazing for being able to make it through a grueling schedule like that. Being a dentist and wrestler is really cool and part of the reasons she’s one of my favorites what’s good ya favorite Pokémon Master here Die hard Saints fan and Wrestling fanand LSU fan Future pro Wrestler Broncos fan since 07
ryoubot_ jaden yuki is really cool and amazing and smexy Ryou Bakura bot from Yugioh Duel Monsters, monitored by @spiritsshipping and @fIamewingman
Stat1c0nString they/them and we have hit 400 likes!!! this is really cool and thank you guys for liking this art :]]]] || I draw || minecraft is neat || 🚫do not reports 🚫
ArchCools Michigan, USA @XVZT__ Sawyer7mage is really cool and makes great reviews. Him and Morj are really the only ones I watch at all anymore these days. Ohara is good I like manga, anime, and video games. One Piece and JJBA ❤️ Follow me on iFunny ⬇️
TrevorS31686729 Division No. 8, Subd. L, Newf @Asperkids miss cooke can you help me find love, I maybe Autistic but I'm in a wheelchair from a car accident and I have A speech impairment trouble talking and walking, but your spectrum movie is really cool, I like 4 u to take me there for a date if its ok with you I may not see u but that's not the point. How do I know you're not laughing at me? I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT
lady__katie__ Syracuse, NY this piece was inspired by kazumasa nagai's graphic design pieces from the 80's. this was a lot of fun to do!! the way he mixes graphic colors and shapes, with realistic backdrops is really cool. #graphicdesign #art #kazumasanagai #contemporaryjapanesegraphicdesign #retro #80s 30 she/her | just your lady, just your katie, just your ladykatie 💘 | graphic designer & illustrator-ish | singer & musician-ish | sometimes i say funny things
_ActualKuma He, Them @jwanaldee Splatoon 2's music from a music nerds point of view is really cool and interesting. But there is a bunch of it that really isn't that accessible to people who aren't. probably the worst part about being a professional e-gamer is that everybody just assumes you’re some kind of attractive, socially well-adjusted muscle monster.
4r7hr_B0T Especially since I know how much smaller TV and t-shirt is really cool. Markov chain-generated idiot tweets built from @4r7hr-generated idiot tweets.
akipyonz nia. she/he/sun i just think their voice is really cool for popsicleiness in the song and they have a really cool robotic yet versatile sound as kageyama tobio once said: objectify me so I can get you into my special interest
DataLorean @system73554 That is really cool, I can imagine the work put into it. We have a 3D printer at my job and I know it is not easy to get them to that final perfect state all of the time. English, Português, Svenska. Father and married to a Brazilian Diva. Video Games! Started with the #AtariST ,🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ally. Library Clerk. I don't do NFTs
ikatjam Ilex Forest A guy asked if he could fly me to where he lives and I’m brain fried rn. I mean he is *really* cool and cute too but… I don’t know. Me + male never seems to turn out well. Twitch Affiliate 💚 shiny hunter 💚 described by IRL friends as the “Silent Bob” of the group
3loodied_Floof @1Vestina This is really cool and absolutely adore the eyes!!! 19- minors dni
doobots_nft This is really cool and Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 DooBots collections . 555 to be Minted Animated gif format . . ⛽ No Gass Fees 🎨 1/1 Hand MadeNFT 👾 Polygon Blockhain
bjorkcute9 my new neighbor is really cool; we were introducing ourselves, and I mentioned being bi. she mentioned that her and her bf are bi, but then quickly added "but we're monogamous." I felt sadness that she felt the need to explain herself + the stereotypes about queer couples Inaccessible Black Hottie. budding francophone. 🏳️‍🌈
karadamnversfc Los Angeles, CA I’m sorry but seeing a segment on @weareangelcity and @Miseleccionfem on Univision is really cool and lowkey emotional. I need way more coverage of them pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee Supergirl, soccer, and a side of Taylor Swift (she/her)🏳️‍🌈 🇲🇽
thisisaheart Texas, USA (#GoBeto) @QondiNtini Such a big part of it!! They really bonded! But I’m so in love with each and every one of them I seriously don’t know how @StickQondi can choose! The drama, the twists and turns, the THIRST!! Also Ossoff is really cool. Sigh. Mom, wife, farmer's daughter, reader, ally. 11 on the scale of worried about our country. #BanAssaultWeapons #BlueTide #BlackLivesMatter
thecodegangsta Santa Ana, CA @kelseyhightower Like some folks are mentioning. NATS is really cool. I turned down multiple great job offers to go work on NATS and with @derekcollison. There is a potential to introduce some paradigm shifts for programmers with some of the patterns that are available these days OSS tech dad. Engineer @synadia working on @nats_io. Author of Martini, Negroni, Inject & CLI. Prev CPO @kajabi. Gopher and Rubyist. #GirlDad x3
EsterAria @babyblossomy I absolutely love your hair, that is so cute ^w^ Dark and light contrast is really cool in my opinion. Princely and cute boy. Future Streamer/Content Creator. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ^_^
lauradavis Denver, CO I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: It is really cool to be around all this hype. Is it against sports rules to go visit the Stanley Cup when it’s in town, even if your team got spanked? I’ve never seen it IRL and I want to. Audience editor + newsletter writer @USATODAY. Slingin' bad jokes + brief news in The Short List. Plz subscribe so my parents will believe my job is real.👇
livluce Los Angeles, CA Sometimes my job is really cool and other times I have to walk across the entire Paramount lot carrying 11 coffees by myself probably hyper-fixating on something! cosplay, anime, & horror
ARSL0V3R @YOUNGJAExArs @GOTYJ_Ars_Vita I like this part because of the change of scenes, for a moment he is playing chess with his friends and the next second he is in the game, THIS CONCEPT IS REALLY COOL. #영재 #Youngjae #YOUNGJAE_SUGAR #SUGAR #영재_슈가 #날_끌어당겨_SUGAR뮤비 @GOTYJ_Ars_Vita I love you(ngjae)
Dovalszn Local Taqueria @WWE @JohnCena Holy crap getting Danielson and Paul wight on here is really cool bravo 👏 The name is Brian, not BRYAN. Brian with an I (:
BullsEra23 19 - pan - he/him After finally reading on it, and seeing what Green Bull’s powers actually are, his whole “no eating” ordeal is really cool His powers drain the life from others and what can be presumed as himself as well (meaning behind his tattoo) basketball enthusiast | Draft Guy
MARCYBUGS they he ♡ eng esp, paraguay @frogcoven88 YEAH the show is really cool and the idea is amazing it's just me who can't watch it crying over gay cartoons and kpop
polyesterbot my moomin oc, otta, is really cool and you should ask me about them! @fluffypolyester bot. posts every hour.
GregOir63592489 @dalevon_digital that is really cool because this morning I was trying to watch a video I had to open the link in the sort of safari inside of tweeter, then in safari then click the open the youtube app on my Ipad, this is a forking mess and I never add this problem on android Your/Mom I use arch.
TheSpiderPimp New York, USA My boss who is really cool and based (should give me a pay raise tho) 17 | Bi | Extremely amateur writer | Wendy’s Employee | Header by: @SlashBeuh | Pfp by: @ToonlyGoofy
AbsentShift Chile @Lygerkiryu_Rex @zmanbrianzane I mean, I'm ok with hugs, Tony is really cool, he's a fan and such a wrestling nerd but if you know a little bit of Japanese culture you will realize that they are very strict and not used at all to this kinf of things. Guitarrista encontrando rumbo, poeta disléxico, ciclista perpetuo y entusiasta del Arte de la Pelea en cualquiera de sus formas.
LINDAJUDY23 @anonasnone @emptywheel That is really cool, I worked with Omar Jack Anderson, One of the first GM programmers Who learned from the IBM team, Before I retired I worked for Atos, they have a quantum computer, and there is so much new stuff to learn. I appreciate you, I miss being in the industry! Concerned American,former ATOS IT analyst and WJML cohost, pre Covid world traveler no DM’s
DoubleAye_Vee Puerto Rico @vanillanomasju1 EXE deserves a second chance from the rest of the community, his concept is really cool and shouldn't be ignored just because his creator was a crap person. Hell, even after the controversy was brought to my attention I went with the idea myself for an OC. Call me Max | I say stuff and doodle stuff. He/Him | Gynosmexual 18, mental age of 7/ Cant spel/ Is very funny plz laugh
cinestealth Attuma will also appear. His costume is really cool and his helmet is made from the skull / bones of a shark. He still has blue skin like in the comics, so do his followers. #BlackPanther #WakandaForever Spoilers feel good in a place like this.
JackJackington Louisiana @TG22110 That is really cool and I don’t think it has a single good reason for existing outside of it being cool. I read, I study, I examine, I listen, I reflect, and out of all of this I try to form an idea into which I put as much common sense as I can. #woketopian
nepovim_o @EliteOSIN @JamesKi19787413 @UAWeapons How long were those conflicts... and you racistic comment is really cool. Oryx is dutch, intelligent person. Sholud be a fraction since he accounts only visually comfirmed wrecks. Whoat makes you so proud of yourself and ehat you have archieved? Any personal experience with RUS?
tolivier9 @JudgeLord This is really cool and useful! Thanks @JudgeLord !! Assistant Professor @FAU_PublicAdmin Public policy, collective action, water governance. he/him
TheRealMoneyjar Texas, USA @eutumned I love you art so much, and seeing you evolve and grow is really cool! I remember a while back when I first found you, I found your art to be amazing, and when I finally got around to commissioning you, you blew my expectations away each time! Don’t be afraid to grow 💚! Writer, driver | 22 any pronouns | Manager at @FurriesHaven | Worlds Fastest Fox | Single/looking | Pfp: @StiltPup | Latino 🇲🇽

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