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Is really cool.

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NizaarKinsella London, England The rebranded Kingsmeadow stadium is really cool. Home of CFC Women and Academy. PL2 game incoming with West Ham visiting the champions. Kick off delayed until 10 past. Chelsea FC Correspondent for @Goal, part of @daznglobal. On FB/IG @nizaarkinsella📽 📸
richardzussman Victoria, British Columbia This is really cool. BC one of the first places in the world with this new test to make it easier for students to get tested. It is made in BC. Which helps with distribution and access. #bcpoli Reporter @GlobalBC at BC Legislature. Co-wrote @matofconfidence w/ @robshaw_bc. richard.zussman@globalnews.ca
jotarosjazzydad she/they 19 First: Heyyyy, maybe don't be mean to Josuke but uh your stand is really cool! VERY cool villain tho! Sneaky man. Now: You're very very pretty and I want to take you out on picnics and hear you complain about work and make you breakfast and- 😍 I care you #KIRA: Dynamite with a laser beam 💥 currently watching: MP100
ughustd93 @lilyoonberry plus NPR stands for national public radio so it’s free and broadcasted worldwide and online so everyone across the country can listen live which is really cool 🌸 she/her i’m gay and i don’t have crap to say (27 and always tired)
REVOLVERMcCLANE Florida, USA @JESSnLearned Wtf was this dude recording anyway? Whatever, if it's a shoot, then awesome. This is really cool. But, you know... pro wrestling and whatnot... ▪ Former Pro Wrestler ▪ Frequency: 141.80 ▪ Raccoon City survivor ▪ Hero of Shadow Moses ▪ #SHDeity ▪ Xbox GT: REVOLVERMcCLANE
sarahrenee777 Garden City, MI @jessmaramakeup Some of the stuff on the update is really cool! You don’t have to do the widget thing bc believe me I’m old and can’t figure that crap out for the life of me 😅 but you can search emojis now! Which I think is really cool! if the good Lord intended us to walk, he never would’ve invented roller skates
himbosonfilm they/them. col phi van vgk car i think vikingism is really cool but i don’t care for all the bearded men where are my she and they vikings ceo of the tyson barrie lesbian alliance
lolpokemanz_ @dorien360 @mmalex @mediamolecule This is really cool :) sorry I couldn't get around to helping out. It's a great idea and you should be proud of it! Writer/Creator of The Sounds Of Nature, an animated comedy series #madeindreams! Team member at @CurlyTaleDreams
mburridgemusic Charles Town, WV @Lawrbear 5/4 is really cool, we’ve been using it a lot recently and I feel like it kinda works the same way as 3/4 in that you can make it sound really natural but it’ll still have that like not straightforward 4/4 vibe. Songwriter | 🎸 & 🎤 in @pulsesva | solo record out now! | Make beats as @bdlckbeats | Sami 💕 | he/him
abbagaytozier no terfs, maps, racists THIS IS REALLY COOL AND FUN WTF they/them • 20 • 🔞 • #BlackLivesMatter #ACAB • header by @kitseyransom
AgentAJ_Spl2 Somewhere You ever just follow someone that you think is really cool and then get overly excited when they follow you back? Yea me neither SplaTuber and Competive player in training, follow for random crap • Best fwiend is @Abbysaurus23 • He/Him • Proud Bamboo main
tiredkooks 22, she/her seeing how junhee and chan actually shot the concept photos is really cool a deobi now apparently + miscellaneous kpop // i’m not making a carrd so here’s this 🇵🇸🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️
ithrah69 you can't trust the brownies @DistantDistant @bales1181 @riccardi17 @sequelsonly @stonegasman @filmizon But the history is really cool. I love when books and movies inspire people to explore history ☺ Avid horsewoman, ineffecient diva, expert bull☆%£*ter, and purveyor of nothing useful. #LAUGHWITHABANDON @loudenswain
PLefko Mississauga @CBredar Hey @CBredar, you either have a lot of followers or Eddie has a lot of friends and admirers. Your post about Eddie and the book is blowing up with all the likes. And that is really cool. Multiple award-winning writer, co-author of Eddie Olczyk's book Beating The Odds In Hockey And In Life. Coming soon #Undrafted, the story of Nick Kypreos.
Dun_1403 Complete the work home safely and get plenty of rest Pí. Thank Pí so much for today. Pi is really cool. Always proud of Pi. Thank Pí for everything. 🥰🥰 Love you. February boy 😚💛 #MSS1stShowCase #MewSuppasit 🌻Vì mê trai nên mới ở đây 🙂 Chỉ mê trai nhà hông mê trai lạ 😚 #MewGulf là chân ái 💛❤️ #MewGulf là định mệnh 💛❤️ #MewGulf là ngoại lệ 💛❤️ #Waanjais 🖤♓
khaleda5353 Prague, Czech Republic @Jet1Jack Dude...you are awesome...you so care about your fans & that is really cool. I bet you are the most laid back and kindest biggest entertainment star ever. Thx man for making US feel important. Now I know why I have been such a huge fan. You are talented and kind. You F**Kin Rock!
rotten1_tom North Dakota, USA thoughts on james C: — james is really cool im glad i met him bc instead of blowing up everyone elses phone i can blow up his and he texts me equally as much. hes a fantastic friend :3 i tweet a lot - BLACK LIVES MATTER - he/him, ftm - literally attracted to men - homophobes beware, ill make you gay - commissions are open
dogs559 @jmwilt17 I'm loving my fold took to a wedding last night and cameras are very good and the attention is really cool.
yibotrash0805 @thewangs_ Audi is really cool and good looking! ʲᵘˢᵗ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵒᵘʳ ʸⁱᵇᵒ🥺 Wᴀɴɢ Yɪʙᴏ. MTJJ. WᴀɴɢXɪᴀɴ. Tʜᴇ Uɴᴛᴀᴍᴇᴅ.🔞. “無感是將傷害最好的回擊”
cumdescroissant auckland, nz // bay area ios14 is really cool and i wanna take the time to customize it but it just feels too much like an assignment that is due rn so i am going to procrastinate nerf or nothing
elvis_quajo Ghana "Akwesi na me nananom wɔ hen" part tho😂. This #MorningOffer is really cool. Go grab your AirtelTigo sim card, perform any transaction on the AT money menu and enjoy this offer. Existing users can activate the offer for just GHS 2 by dialing *110# and choosing option 2. Private Social Media Practitioner🙏.....Everyone's friend... @thenanaaba's Biggest Admirer✌️
judaifag Down the Rabbit Hole, July ∞ @emiyaposting i live in like a village and i went to the watermill(?) but i dont do it usually because theres a lot of drunk men and i dont wanna die but walking at night is really cool especially when theres no lights and everythinf is dark blue ☆ 19, he/him ☆ stupid chuu2 ☆ i draw sometimes ☆ tweeting everything i think (i will die if i cant do this)
DrMarsRover The mountains @Swansons I’m looking for fall flowers to photograph and the center of the one in the left is really cool. 😄 Engineer & Analog Photographer | Drawing about being a film photographer | Views are my own
NeshieArt @cactussfox Your art is really cool, it deserved a lot more attention! And I think you’re sweet 👉👈 Learning artist, and I love to play video games a lot! I’m more active on Instagram: Pronouns: She/her PFP: @dwiggyplant
swiit_cindii in the womb @The_Kocks I wanted to join the @Ultimius but I can't dm them so uhm hi ultimius if you see this, I think your nation is really cool and I would be happy to join if that's possible she/her ♡ 16 ♡ ENTP ♡ Moroccan/Dutch ♡ artist ♡ danganronpa ♡ private account: @swiit_private ♡
JustaGamingNerd I think Thor is really cool for photo mode just because the lightning effects he has look insane and capture well on the photo mode Just a gaming nerd
Loa_draw Living in a dream 💜 650 Special - Tawna Polaroid 💜 Well, i was suppose to do a special for 600 followers, but i actually forgot because others projects XD But well, here she is, Tawna's new design is really cool, so i had to do it :3 And of course, thanks so much for the 650 followers!! 💜😊 🇧🇷 (with bad english) / Male/ Just having fun doing art. PSN:Loa_Draw Banner: @eemerson_a16 Pfp: @SpongeBandiMar1 NSFW: @Loa_DrawNSFW
livtoons I’m everywhere... 😈 @MortemOdium I really like how you draw mafia men and whatnot- like, dudes in their 40s Aswell as just how you draw animals is really cool. Like. Im super fond of Stratford because of how you interpreted an owl into your style if that makes sense!?! 🥺 Heya!! I'm Liv! I'm an Animation Student who loves to draw, Animate, and Design Characters! 💞 Feel free to check out my Portfolio!!
aura2d @Ceejayybruhh this car is really cool actually but u could go a lil lower and i could do without the big wing but hey its ur car :) 7.5/10 Retired Competitive CS player, I play with cars now
Ezre131 @Roswell1828 I personally think adding that fact section is really cool. It really makes it stand apart and pulls you in. Future horror game streamer, current artist and emote maker. Open for commissions! I love horror, animals, kind people, and swearing. Sorry mom...
orbiiance the day irl people find me I'm heyy!! if you're from the uk, please consider signing this petition! it allows trans and non-binary people to identify without medical diagnosis, which is really cool :) but please don't sign if youre not from the uk, it can discredit it! #uktransrights yo! I draw a bit, hopefully you see something ya like :) • they/them • constantly trying to not be in despair • 🍣🥢(please do not quote rt my art thank you!!)
AnnReece6 USA @Ursalette @Kalaax008 @lisaemond1 @docholly @rinkydnk2 @elise_flowers @reevynap @kemet2000 That is really cool and if you were there, I would have a reason to come. Married, lover of books & history. Proud grandmother & democrat. Twitter does not cater to punctuation or spelling, so please don't judge.
Valcore_ The Shadow Realm @thegas_ You deserve it tbh Your art is really cool ngl Makes me want to pick up a pencil and start 2d art but I suck at it Avid soysauce drinker | Pfp by @madkingisout| Professional @advancedmink simp | Blender Artist |
romyilano Oakland, CA I only started using my appleWatch. recently for directions in London and fitness. But the new translation feature is really cool for my Russian class I like to build things
PixelClearr Toronto, Ontario @TheAnimator @LesleyLai6 @gregcons @code_report @mikedaum Toronto is really cool. No mass shootings , free medical , free public schools. People do complain about high taxes but I don’t mind them as you get the benefits from it such as employment insurance. Only down side is less salary than US and less options for job change. Ray Tracing @AMD . previously device driver programmer @AMD .Opinions are my own.
pashie_chii In Outis' arms @izzysplants DUDE THIS IS REALLY COOL HOLY CAP??? THE CONFETTI AND THE VIBE AND ALL THE CCS CHEERING ON AND,, WAIT I NEED TO STARE AT THIS MORE THIS IS SO COOL?? 🥺💕🐖💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 "AWOOGA WOOGA!!" -CEO of trying but failing -please use my art with credit! 《she/her》🇵🇭
bewithTYIS_9793 @inseongniaa I can't help you kak. Aku pun nak menangis 😭 but the interlude video is really cool and the bgm too I love Inseong, Yoo Taeyang and SF9 ❤
neoharry10 Lost in time Ultimate low poly pack from the humble unity games and game dev assets bundle is really cool #madewithunity #gamedev #gamedevelopment #makinggames #lowpoly #learninggamedev I am a game no developer ya know!
Rownabells SM’s concept is really cool. Plus their teasers and logo 🤙🏼 #NCT2020 SANA ALL BIGBANG iKON EXO NCT
MarcusCVance Bethesda, MD A lot of recent fantasy is "let's take this normal staple of fantasy and make it the opposite." Which is really cool, and even cooler when you treat that X thing you're changing like more of a spectrum. @SFWA member. Stories in @DailySF. Freelance line editor. Tactical advisor for TV. #Writer #scifi #fantasy #swords He/Him
PropTartMN Saint Paul, MN @PizzaMeeple Ummm ... you already have a jacket? Um and you can’t wear more than one at a time. And ... ... but it is really cool and fall is coming ... Mpls/StP. Crafting. Cats. Cartoons. Soccer. Social. Disney. Books. Games. Theatre. Whimsy. 8-bit retro, not 16-bit retro. she/her DA-7158-7697-4216
alt1na1 Washington, DC Oh man this is all ok but what if ur family name is bad and hers is really cool! tweets my own - not anyone’s or anything’s anywhere else but inside my brain. rt/likes ≠ endorsement; rt/likes = curious. not an e girl #trad #cobol #piratelife
Bluenight0525 curiouscat.me/bluenight0525 I think we can share more about this story tomorrow~ I have alot to talk about with wheesung so tomorrow we will share everything! Wheesung is really cool ㅎㅅㅎ! He’s been discharged and I think he contacted me only about 3 times now (laughs) since he didn’t contact me I Every Sunday Midnight kst streamings of Jonghyun's Blue night broadcasts along with live translations! You can find past translation threads in our likes 💙
psychecmh Missouri, USA Is this like a video game theme? Either way, this is really cool and I’m excited! 😄 Just happy to be here tbh 🥰 she/her 💁‍♀️ BTS ARMY 💜 my sis: @miss_hsara
T_Isadorable United States I don’t know if I asked this before or not but what’s your favorite @Pokemon? Mine is really hard to pick.. jk it’s umbreon. BUT if I wasn’t allowed to pick anything from eevee evaluations then ditto bc it can be any Pokémon or anything which is really cool and convenient. 😂 I’m a random girl in the word with a disability trying to help kids with worse conditions then me by raising money on @Extralife4kids
9597jaeyong Tbh NCT’s concept is really cool. SM just let NCT do their own sht and they reconvene every two years for a month and show how powerful they are as a whole. #NCT2020 #NCT2020isCOMING jeong taeyong enthusiast
liystykkk behind you :D @Raypalch_Arts 😊 well, it's hornet.. and she is really cool soo ☕a guy in internet who don't know what he's doing. I do drawings too.. and drink coffee☕
taylorbang_ This doll house is really cool. It’s 3 stories and it’s taller then Ava 😭 Ava 💕👶🏽. Leo ♌️
noturavgaries Black Lives Matter This is the moment when having a foster cat is really cool. Because I feel like staying in bed all day and being sad, but I am able to go and be sad and pet Tuck. liz 22 they queer

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