Iphone is cool

Iphone is cool.

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pointfiremedia Fire trails and ice blast! Dead Cells on the iPhone is cool, but with a controller it’s amazing! #DeadCells #ios #iphone life is fun!
jantoin North London At times of lockdown with the family - this is cool! For those with children, this has kept us quite busy today. If you type an animals name into Google (on an iPhone or Android) and then press ‘View in 3D’. It brings up your camera and then 30 seconds later you it in your house IT Consultant, Sports Lover, Football Supporter, Arsenal Fan. I follow back all gooners no matter your opinion, I can take it and give it. I love a debate.
IAmFloridaBorn O R L 🌟 N D O @Stephen0610 If I keep the iPhone which I probably won’t, but if something happens and I keep it I can see Apple TV being a great way to connect pretty much like chrome cast was the fire stick is. Having everything all in one place would be pretty damn cool Permanently unavailable.
MimiIsHere4You Massachusetts, USA Thunderstorm is here and it is cracking loud. It rarely happens in California and we feel very excited about it. The iPhone forecast app shows such an animation for thunderstorms. It looks cool.
goblincouture art@staraptures & @qttcore VERY MUCH dislike the specifically white person need to pretend their parents arent mondo rich so they can have a cool edgy Aesthetic...like....come awn now. "life is so hard for me : (" well why dont you call your dad on your 3 camera bottom iphone and ask for some trust fund money a baby? from hell?/ 23 / @moggiedelight suiter / funniestyle demon ghoul and goblin combo that will come to your house and eat your steaks raw /💙@fishingcatz💙
Mr_Psychology Sigmund Freud's Couch 🏥 Ya'll still have iPhone vs Android debates? Even though one is clearly a phone and the other an Operating System... cool 🤡 Dream Chàser / KHÂOS™ / Writèr / Hip-Hóp & Sports Connoissèur. IG: Mr_Psychology 澳 Don't get your feelings Hurt 是
anapauglez Miami For kids and the kids inside of us all, this Google feature that allows you to see animals in VR with your iPhone is really cool - unlimited hours of fun 😂 Tapatía / I am a work in progress / Passionate about impact / Dancing through life / Current: @500Startups / Alumna: @BCG @NewVenturesMX @Columbia_Biz
TheDailyFreeApp Free iOS App - Status Art iPhone Giveaway of the Day Status Art for Iphone. Status Art is a fun new way to update and customize your phone even further! We tweet free PC Software and Free iOS app
neurotubes Cairns It's as simple as turning on scanning for wifi to know if the neighbour is home with their iphone. Not cool for them, and i hate being in somebody's wifi field. PSA - turn off wifi if you're not using it. (Catalyst got taken off air for 2 years after doing a program on wifi.)
DylanTymes I think this is on Apple Podcasts now? If anyone has an iPhone be a cool human being and lemme know plz.. doing better than I deserve..
Alicia_Reinhard How cool is this from Google? if you type an animals name into Google (on an iPhone or Android) and then press ‘View in 3D’. It brings up your camera and then 30 seconds later you have a shark in your house! Try it with some different animals!! @Sherwood_Grange all views expressed are personal
CMOyeks London What is the point of studio mode on iPhone camera?! My blanket, candle and Buddha look cool but what’s the point?! 26 | project manager | my header says it all tbh | (views my own) 🇳🇬 | Jer 29:11
Cabbiechick1 United Kingdom 🥰 Try this. This is sooooo cool! For those with children, this has kept us quite busy today. If you type an animals name into Google (on an iPhone or android) and then press ‘View in 3D’. It brings up your camera and then 30 seconds later you have a tiger in your house! Self-partnered Cabbie - Love Cats and Netflix
ImperiusRex1 Planet Houston @ToddStashwick Mine iMac is strictly for design work using Adobe software. I’ve had no problems. The increased connectivity between my iPhone, iPad, and computer is actually pretty cool. I have occasionally set my iPad as a second monitor and it works fine. Graphic Design Professional, Comic Book Guru & All Around Nice F---ing Guy
thegeminiedit Toronto, Ontario This is cool as hell. Google search (on iPhone) an animal and then click on the 3D link.
LanceZierlein Houston Give me one of your favorite "under the radar" apps for Iphone/IPad. I don't care if it is sports, entertainment, weather, financial, fitness.... whatever. Just interested in finding and sharing something cool with everyone in this thread. Easy one here. NFL draft analyst for co-host of The Bench on 97.5 in Houston. Have an awesome wife with 5 great kids. I want to abolish lightning.
brizzy034 Texas, USA Soooo I finally had to upgrade from my iPhone 7 and although my new phone is cool and all I have just confirmed w myself that I’m not tech savvy and I should’ve just gotten another 7. 😭😭😭
stirlock St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast @blindbat84 I've been playing a lot of granblue fantasy on the iphone, which is a browser RPG with tons of voice acting and cool story. Acting is all in japanese, but the text is visible with voice over. Just a nerd living in Sd. Gamer, hobbyest voice actor, all around tech geek.
TechHert Lahti, Suomi @MathyWallrod @lumiqcreative @myAPdevs @MKBHD @howtomen @EzTech231 Ok this is all cool and all but what about iPhone users? This is my account where I follow tech stuff. Main account is @hertwashere
Eddynelson6 Massachusetts, USA @SnazzyQ Thankfully Jailbreak is a thing and there is a cool tweak that allows you to force any iPhone only app to be compatible with slide over, and to be full screen like Robinhood is here. 🇩🇴❤️👟
SSTakeCare British Columbia Got an #iPhone for the first time and gonna be real the slowmo video is cool asf Gary! Almost 25! I work on ships! Just another spot to post my film photos! Also On Instagram and Tumblr as Staysafetakecare
Malavethe3rd Newbrunswicknj @RicheyWambach @mkyle338 @Dreamcast_1999 @juiceupkha_x3 Yea so is we we lost 2 players. And u got an iphone 5 so u think u cool lol big time fan of Rutgers university athletics analyzer of sports cause Cleary i dont work for espn or anything lol
Sunnyhh1 Chengdu Several pictures taken by my phone at my school, parks and Shangri-La. Edited on Lightroom for iPhone, and I didn’t use any other device. Cool! Shot on iPhone Xr, although it has only got one camera, the quality of the picture is still extraordinary! #shotoniphone #iPhoneXR
dreyesceron Washington, DC @missagoodier Cool! I have a few Switch ones in mind but I'll hold off til you get it. One that just hit me that ticks most of the boxes worth a look is Pixeljunk Eden Obscura. It's on iPhone and Android game and rolls with an abstract plant motif. Video Editor & Producer, Free Agent. Latino, #DC Born & Raised. @GuilfordCollege alum. he/him. My tweets are solely my views. No, I have no idea what I'm doing.
marcspunt Buffalo Grove, IL @kcndband @enedland I do not know how to use twitter! Joe is on here too, ugh... LOL, do you want a mac or a PC? I had a mac and it was cool, but all key strokes are different than a PC and I didn't like it. Although you have a watch and iphone so if you like the mac and its features do it! Family, Friends, Volunteer, Sports, Work, Play
TiaraSlayz Texas, USA @Cool_Mintz Im an iPhone user and Spotify is my crap. Got on Apple Music for a day and was like nvm. Only thing I like about Apple Music vs Spotify is the integration into the iPhone like setting music alarms Fine Contemporary Artist - Vibrant Portrait Art - Black Love - True Black Form - NO ART in your HOME? 🤯 Lets CHANGE that! ⬇️⬇️Commissions OPEN ▶️DM for prices!
TheRicoSuave_ Boulder, CO This fake concept is cool and all but apple doesn't have the balls to make a 3000.00-5000.00 iPhone that y'all would still buy and go into debt for 🙄 DJ | Producer | Trisha Takanawa |@ElectricFamily
Tushidomiku Detroit ⛩ Usb C is truly the future of all cables like it’s so cool that my Switch, Canon, Sony headphones, MacBook and IPad all use the same cable. Now the only thing left is the iPhone. Photographer 📸 | IG: @mello.celestial & @brucethephotographer 📱
NurZulain I followed her since way back, cuz she’s a personal shopper. She was cool and all. The only thing that made it messy, is after past dia came back (iphone) and she started involving her feelings and mock peoples income. Y’all just kept on shoving her, as if korang tak macam tu? My sweetest ecstasy 🦋 Ami’s 💖
neongrraves spook pook hello everyone this is Monica using the voice dictator app on the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and I don’t really know what to say to you all I kind of feel like I’m doing a podcast right now kind of crazy kind of cool it’s 1:16 in the morning just kind of vibing and yeah that’s it a different state of mind
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BambooCreatives Gallery ⬇️ All these photographers using "night mode" on their iPhone... It looks cool and all but; It's looking samey. All i'm seeing is buildings, cars and caravans with the window light highlighted. The more important thing? It's teaching many of you nothing about exposure techniques. We. Are. Bamboo. Skinny But Strong. Creative Management. Writer & Filmmaker. #SkinnyButStrong #KingJohnAndTheSandHoppers #HBL
iblametom London So I downloaded the Disney app on my Apple TV and it then auto downloaded on my iPhone... is that normal/cool? Security, surveillance and privacy reporter for @Forbes+@ForbesTech. Tip me! Signal: +447837496820. Email: tbrewster@forbes.com. Threema ID: S2XY9B9U
LumumbaMridula Perth, Western Australia Lol, this is so cool, Twitter. And my smart iPhone. Samsung, Android. App store, iTunes. Bye. Opal moon 2011, I forget. 20. Female. Perth. Western Australia. Birthday: 28, 06, (June), 1999.
pointfiremedia Fire trails and ice blast! Dead Cells on the iPhone is cool, but with a controller it’s amazing! #DeadCells #ios #iphone life is fun!
remyers_ NYC @thedavidcoen @feulf I think what you're looking for is the not yet released @volkfi ; a cool startup headed by Greg Hazel of Bittorrent and OpenGarden fame. You can also convert your favorite iPhone or Android phone to a mesh phone today by connecting it to a @gotenna Mesh! decentralization engineering at @globalmeshlabs & @goTenna, co-founder @BytabitAB c++ programmer #bitcoin #mesh
Teamugi NSW Australia It’s like launching a new smartphone platform now without apps and telling people “well, the iPhone didn’t have apps when it launched!” 😒😒😒 Yeah cool story bro, it’s 2020 you need apps. If you don’t have apps your platform is useless and it will fail. App platform when? Gamer, tech. Coffee addict. Anime is good. Cats are best & dogs are ok. Ex-Nintendo fanboy long ago. Any opinion is fine by me!
eliheuer NYC @y_molodtsov @rjonesy Sure, but the Linux phone ecosystem is seeing a huge amount of progress right now, and I'm skeptical their unemployed parents will buy the next overpriced iPhone. Where is the money going to come from? Is Apple going to start making cool affordable stuff like the Raspberry Pi? Font Engineer • UI Designer • Graphics Programmer
orlandogherrera Los Angeles, CA @Jacklouisfox I vaguely recall seeing this video before. I think it may have originally made several years ago. The MacBook Pro has the original MagSafe adapter and the iPhone is 5 or 5S. Super cool video though, makes me want to try out my own with all my free time! IATSE Local 600 • Society of Camera Operators
VitaliGisko Vilnius We've released a free app to track your pulse with your iPhone camera (how cool is that, ha!?) I would highly appreciate your ratings on the AppStore, feedbacks and thoughts! DM me ) Stay safe & calm during this tough period 💖 Designer & Maker 🔴 Habit -
erinelizbth Flora, IL @JeffreeStar @pulte I've been a Jeffree fan for years.. actually a whole decade! This infuriates me. Why not include all people? Why not make it clear in the beginning that you have to have an iphone? Phishing for likes and followers is not cool Jeffree. Ugh
nvcidambi San Jose Not using Wi-Fi on phone? Then #Stayhome. This is so cool. So intuitive. And mostly right. iPhone users in many countries that disconnect from Wi-Fi are notified to STAY HOME. Because #coronavirus #COVID19 . #WiFi6 #WiFi6E #stayconnected Vice President at @Broadcom; Passionate technologist with a soft corner for #WiFi; Big believer in compassionate #leadership; Thoughts and opinions are mine.
aultfern ÜT: 37.784065,-122.404401 This is kind of cool. . Have been using it for calls with friends instead of whatsapp. . Its free and the video/audio quality has been good so far. Works on iphone and android. A dozen early stage companies. CEO, sales, BOD, PM, alliances. Mostly app infrastructure, messaging, IOT. Love solving hard problems. Comments my own.
Garin_Pace @Scott_Helme @TheKenMunroShow @InfoSecPS Gotta say it’s pretty cool how ATV will let you enter using your iPhone. I’ve been suffering typing in complex passwords from a pwm and just got an ATV, and when that box popped up and I could copy from pwm and paste into ATV through iPhone - delight! Not sure how secure it is. I like figuring out how things work. I work in the infosec & privacy (cyber) insurance space as an underwriter. Views are my own and not my employer’s.
manojkalita India With latest SD 865, best ever DXO mark rating for audio and camera MI10 will target OnePlus head on. But in India, OP had a great fan base (poor man’s iPhone). Xiaomi abandoned MI brand in India and focus only on RedMi which is not cool enough. Also miui is so last decade. mechanical engineer, cricket enthusiast, gooner
TheOrangeAlt could it be Eastern Europe? a cool iPhone + AirPods thing: I can call people literally by touching my earphone and saying "call dad" and I don't have to fetch my phone or anything the future is here doing public self-therapy to get better at things. ask me anything anonymously: DM me if you want to look at my main acc.
KeZalendo Kenya @itsmitchallway @osoroKE Yea and am cool with that, to think the text "Twitter for iPhone" makes you some sort of a god is just laughable 🇰🇪🇰🇪
strikeeagleband London, UK @ninasounduk @moogmusicinc You and me both! That said, they released their model D app for free but its only for iPhone. My Android is minus a Moog. But it was cool of them to do that. Strike Eagle is the solo #retrowave project from the UK based synth artist Graham "G-Man" Waller @GrahamWaller.
textrixa The Alola region @miltownboyz773 @Nascar1883 @Kairo03979915 @NotXzylem @FortniteStatus The fact they crap on androids because they have an iphone. Now thats a flex. Technically saying. 'Look lmao this guy is using android im using an ios so im a cool kid gimme that clout and attention' Hey, I'm Textrixa and have a YouTube channel! Crazy, right? I do giveaways, post exclusive item codes for Fortnite, and create skin concepts for Fortnite.
TrevorBurch12 @k_ryanZ71 I couldn’t give a good comparison between the iPhone and the new Galaxy; but blows my Pixel 2 out of the water. The cool thing is the iPhone has a .5x camera feature that blow the picture up wider so you can get more into one photo and has pretty clear quality too. I'm just the normal run-of-the-mill dude.