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Iphone is cool.

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DustinTigner Utah, USA @triptych I think companies are trying, but anything “innovative” at this point will likely appear gimmicky. I welcome the doubling of my battery, a larger and better screen, and some awesome cameras (macro photography on an iPhone is cool). 🤓 Author of GameLit/LitRPG. I also design & develop sites. Love board games, video games, books, and anime. My books 👉
baavamoorthy @LewLater @UnboxTherapy iphone is cool and super I love to play games mostly chess
ArcaneJuice 1tb iphone is cool, but i can buy a micro sd card and swap them with things i download and put them into my phone and suddenly im not limited to 1tb of data, just chip capacity.
catchwastaken she/her Hey Apple the new iPhone is cool and everything but please I am begging for new AirPods 🙏 bionotfound atm ifb :)
tldtoday Los Angeles, CA if you own an iPhone 12/12 pro you don’t NEED a 13/13 pro if you own an 11/11 pro or earlier and were on the fence but didn’t buy a 12/12 pro the 13/13 pro is a cool upgrade Easy. trying to make cool things
madmanmadworld The new iPhone update is cool, And kinda not cool I’ll heal in hell, can you be a doll? have a cranberry vodka waiting?
AlenaErin Where I wanna be, TX @_Weeshy_ Monthly…the iPhone X was THE most expensive phone I’ve ever had and like $30+ a month. I went like 6 to 12 months with a paid off phone. Would’ve been cool to go longer but the trade in was worth $800. My 13 is only gonna be $2 a month added to my unlimited plan 26 • StMU 🥎 Alum • 🎶 Lover
AznburInnit @realutsavdoshi You may think I’m biased cuz I’m on  for iPhone but hear me out This take is god damn wrong. They have 20% of the market share. If anything, they’re UNDERRATED. Why? Intergration with your devices It’s cool how I can copy some text on my iPhone and paste it on my mac- bri ish | sus | he/him
webjedi #OSINT @gdbassett @lil_lost @mckeay Yeah, I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max showing up this Friday, so I am suspecting there's some LIDAR and scan capabilities that will assist in this. Also, oddly, my gig has me leaning into some tech, which is SUPER cool. Tactical Geek... “flagella-waving oddball“ (opinions expressed here are my own & not employer's) RT/Fav/Follow≠Endorsement. Pronouns: she/her they/them
GenevieveROlson Florida Remember when iOS 7 came out and the whole iPhone layout was redesigned and we all thought it was cool? Now here we are suddenly at iOS 15?! How it is possible to feel old, but also feel like the digital age is our only identity? She/Her | UNF | Future educator | Writer | Saved by grace |
piougar santa cruz california @brookec_4 I feel like owning a tesla is like owning a iPhone in 2003 being a cool kid in high school. and then the screen breaks and your on hold for a month. Cool cars but not my style. can't stand propaganda. promote self thinking , .X-QB ,X-high school football coach slv harbor rematch
Grizzle_E_bear United States @androidcentral 2/2 you have to convince people to give you a shot. $1000 is way too much for most people to throw around to casually leave their comfortable ecosystem. If Big G really wants to compete they need killer trade-ins to make Pixel look cool AND save a couple hundred bucks over iPhone 🏳️‍🌈 Eat the rich. And cheese.
b3arodactyl Boston, MA getting an iphone soon, thinking the spatial audio thing might be cool but pretty sure its just gonna be a gimmick and ill just use spotify lol, i feel like the surround sound stuff is mainly aimed at videos/facetime, why would u want music to change depending on where ur looking ESEA Invite TF2 medic for @RealFordGaming Compsci grad student @UMassAmherst 📚 🛫📸 🎮⛷️
a7madShehata Wroclaw, Poland I like UI of the weather app and how it has been reshaped to provide a newly user experience; The background color ambiance that changes according to the weather conditions, the colours gradient used and the rain drops animation that is so cool! #AppleEvent #Apple #iOS15 #iPhone A father, Community Manager, @LFC fan ⚽️, User Experience (UX) Expert, #Traveller ✈️ and love #Interiordesign 👨🏻‍🎨👨🏻‍💻
bakougguk SHE/HER 23ㅣat taekook's | bi @bIeptaetae im sooooo happy i got this back 😭 android really had cool things that was just normal for yeeeears iphone are years behind and no one is complaining lmaooo ⋆ 私の天使 ㅣboyfriends say phrases like: look at me, just me. 🍃
redperil_18 guys i know having wired headphones is way more aesthetic and cool BUT IM TIRED OF ACCIDENTALLY RIPPING THEM OUT OF MY PHONE 😫 #iPhone #AppleEvent #Trending #music #aesthetic #iPhone ur mom
vkamluk Something really cool is brewing for SAS2021: our first remote iOS forensics exercise using Bitscout. Join and learn how to analyse real physical iPhone that is thousands of kilometres away from you! Register here: POP, NOP and ROP walk into a bar...
OnPoliticZ Gilbert, Arizona It is important to impress on everyone the role that the "We The People" and "The Press" play in a well functioning government & society. That's why we changed our logo. (Psst! Pretend - just pretend - it is as "cool" as a leaked iPhone reveal. ) Promoting Civic Virtue & Spreading #Love & understanding in our politics. Explaining why. Promoting Self-Government. #Altergeneering, but to a better future.
PastorTrey05 Dade County to the World @natgrace79 @breakaway11 @sara_waltermyer @TheAmberPicota Because they consistently feel the need to convince themselves that people care about operating systems and that theirs is somehow superior. iPhone users: oh snap, this is kinda cool Android users: SOME OF US HAD THAT TWO YEARS AGO! Christian and subversive at the same dang time. Lovin, theologizin & Black Power nappin. Not as outlandish as I could be. Please don’t make me curse. @3BlackMen
zark_iPhone Accra, Kokomlele Falaa dealz is in with ur Super deals It’s iPhone Xsmas Factory unlock Silver and Gold Silver 256GB Gold 64GB With super cool BH Price 64GB 2900 Price 256GB 3300 📞📞📞 0246838872 let’s do business. Support my business with a retweet 🙏🏿🙏🏿 iProduct Only ☎️ 0246838872/ WhatsApp 0551029749
sdpate Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Overnight my iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch got a new look and cool features. iOS 15 is here and delivers more new features but for most people is looks better, a trick ⁦@Apple⁩ does better than anyone. ⁦@MacRumors⁩ covers it in detail. Summer with PEI opening up, lots of vaccinations and tentative opening. I'm still going to wear a mask and avoid indoor crowds, except atWalmart and Home Depot.
Mindinventory INDIA | USA iOS 15 is packed with new powerful and cool features: 👉 Drag and Drop between apps to the iPhone 👉 Live Text in photos 👉 Improved Maps 👉 iCloud+ Make sure to give it a try! #iOS15 #iOS15Update MindInventory works with Enterprises, Startups, and Agencies since 2011 providing web, mobile app development, enterprise mobility solutions & DevOps services.
Riddy it would be quite cool to have the telephoto lens on the iPhone at 85mm instead of 77mm. but then again, not everyone is gonna be shooting exclusively portraits and there is a larger use case for that focal length Non essential film major | @ManCity 🏆
adamhpking London, England “So, er, this is what we call an iPhone...I don’t really know how it works, and it’ll run out of battery soon, but check out these pictures! You can just swipe with your thumb. Pretty cool huh?” Neolithic Judean: Criminal Barrister | Occasional writing
JacobWoolcock Cornwall, United Kingdom 👉Updated your iPhone overnight? Here's a cool new thing it can do... ☝️DRAG and DROP between apps! Yes, on your iPhone! No longer is this just an iPad-only feature. ➡️Check out how it works here: Head of Computing & Digital Learning at @PenpolSchool | Apple Distinguished Educator | Creator of iPad #QuickLessons and iOS #QuickTips videos on YouTube
lynn_etc valley of Parks I want the iPhone 13 sooooo bad. My 12 pro max is soo boring and doesn’t do anything cool?!? in my park girlie era. ( OOMFOC - oomf of colour) - 0 tolerance for white people
mePetri Helsinki #ios15 now on my iPhone 11 Pro. Some visual tweaks here and there. Also, feels a bit snappier. Is there something cool with the new OS? CTO @softavenueoy - Business, Strategy, Wireless, Cloud, Not in any particular order.
acstephas Burning Up Asphalt, USA Dear @Apple— I am an unsteady almost-30 year old single mom of one Dalmatian that I am trying to provide a great life for and also Christmas is coming up so I don’t have the money to afford the new iPhone. Can we please cool it with the unnecessary glitches please. I’m nicer IRL. 👻 : astephas #whodat 🖤⚜️ #geauxtigers 💜💛
FatFreds_Cat @Belle_Cherie15 @Persian70509610 What is he, 18? Thinks he know all yet knows squat He thinks he’s being cool yet is being a racist jerk and a hypocrite “Warlord” also needs to ditch the iPhone 👇 @screenstarr #FibromyalgiaWarrior 👊 #Cannabis 🌱#Animals 🐾 #Music 🎶 #AmYisraelChai 🇮🇱 #ProudSlytherin 🐍 #WomensLivesMatter ♀
MTSIN Madras OR @AppleSupport super cool when I call to get help with an iPhone issue and get put on hold and then hung up on because your tech can't figure out the issue. Phone is 2 mths old and 14.8 update screwed it up. Trying to send it in for replacement, what gives? Husband/father. Educate, inspire, and foster positive tangible change. BA/BS - ELA/PEH 21st CCLC/Y4Y GLOBE Certified Educator/NASP Coach
h0yme SVCKMADVCK ! @Apple Apple y’all really failed us … I’m keeping my iPhone 11 and I guess a big watch 7 is cool 🙃 (CEO)Founder of Nikita's Workshop
kdarty United States @lanawithanxiety If a good camera is the most important then you will want to get a Google Pixel 6 Pro. Apple's iPhone 13 has some really cool Photo and Video features while still giving users the same 12 megapixels they've done for years. Never print above 5x7 unless you want to get angry. Full Stack Developer focusing on Angular, RxJS, C#, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. I'm a Guitar Player and fan of Android, Linux, Windows 10 and Mac #TeamPixel
kapuchinoe マレーシア iphone 13 is cool and all, but im all in for the new ipad mini. cant wait to get my hands on it whenever apple decides to start shipping here 消えるはない /// never fade away /// may tweet 🔞, you have been warned ///
onlyangiexx Looking into all of the new iOS features for iPhone, iPad and Mac is insane.🤯 So many cool features that I'm actually kind of amused with. - Multimedia Artist 🎨🏳️‍🌈 - Content Creator 🎬📸🎥 Onward & Upward🖤✨ // They/Them //
Jodythewittycat Florida, USA @JamesDimasWKYZ My doctor told me that I would be more susceptible to COVID if I got it and that the vaccine is safe. So far, my testicle are the same size, no erection problems, no magnets sticking to me, but I can text from my iPhone without touching it and that’s cool! 6th gen. Floridian-fighting extinction. Libertarian who's read the Constitution several times & supports it! Father, Brother, Husband & proud 13th Gen. American
YasmineDZD Algiers @lora_krystal Just upgraded my xr and IO15 is really cool even on an old iPhone (not so old )
Win_TerHavenWIN IPhone Launch is right around the corner , Our Team is excited about 2.5 more battery life ,A15 chip and these cool new colors 🙌🏽🙌🏽💙#OneFLA #LifeatAtt #IGotSpirit
trevontrent World of Summer Camp Island @Strudentss Oh that’s cool, I have at least 855 Susie photos and 1,000 photos in general and that 1,000 is combined with my Susie photos lol and my iPhone just finished updating. I plan on either getting the standard iPhone 12 or 13 as their base storage options are higher than mine *Very deeply in love* with Susie from SCI! Here you’ll see Susie posts, SCI news & sometimes Susie drawings from others. Please stop by, like, and follow!🐱🥰💖
DwayneFuhlhage Halloween Love it that I logged on to Exchange on my company. iPhone phone three times and @Microsoft Authenticator threw out a warning and shut it down. @MicrosoftHelps Cool that the iPad is a brick after an update and the email code won't get Exchange back online. Geek/Parent Fandoms: Trek/Who/Wars, Kaiju, tech, XC/Distance, charismatic animals, robots, cars, memes & Mercury billionaires' colony 👉🏻VIEWS/TWEETS = MY OWN
JamzCoderman C++ Committee Trauma Unit @BenRatkey - iPhone 12 (iPhones are poggers, next) - Apple Watch Series 7 (incoming at a later date but fitness is cool) - 2013 MacBook Air (personal coding laptop and low-power workhorse. Texting from a laptop is life-changing) - 2016? MacBook Pro (work laptop and can access my iCloud) Call me Jamz, home slice. All I do is code and tweet. I get bored real quick. I learn instead of drink. Studying OpenGL. Help me chronicle. Alt for @Jamzborne.
lynnisamystery_ California, USA I had a dream I traded my phone in for a Z Flip3 instead of the iPhone 13 and was cool with that choice until I realized my phone didn’t work with my watch anymore and then I got really sad. The flip is cool but I could never go android. Give me memes or give me death. 26F 🇺🇸 | Tall Lesbo | Came for the Reylo and Darklina but stayed for the friends.
davemark Level 9 Great video showing how to use Cinematic Mode (available on all iPhone 13 models) and how to change the focus points after the video is already shot. Pretty cool. 😎 ExecEditor of @theloop, other half of The Dalrymple Report podcast. Love music, guitar, programming, and 🏒.
applemacscot Scotland So it is #iOS15 day and I’ve been on the beta for the last month and it’s been relatively stable with some cool new features - thankfully they have tweaked safari back and forth so it now has options to keep similar feel as with ios24 #apple #iphone #ipad Apple user since 2002. Started with iMac G4. Currently use: M1 MacBook Pro 13", M1 MacMini, M1 iPadPro 11", iPhone 12 Pro, Watch 6, iMac 21.5" 2011, AirPods Pro
JohnOtJames @aiomemes @alexanderTernst That's the thing, people on a budget will still want the most expensive iPhone because "it's cool" and everybody's buying it and it's American to own an iPhone. There are so many more reasons, but point is, Apple knows what they're doing.
DustinTigner Utah, USA @triptych I think companies are trying, but anything “innovative” at this point will likely appear gimmicky. I welcome the doubling of my battery, a larger and better screen, and some awesome cameras (macro photography on an iPhone is cool). 🤓 Author of GameLit/LitRPG. I also design & develop sites. Love board games, video games, books, and anime. My books 👉
equinusocio Monza, Lombardia @Accudio @oliverturner To me, one the most cool thing on the iPhone is Safari. Never had issues with standard navigation and never needed to install other browsers. A part for developing, Safari is really good for navigation. #UXEngineer. 🌈 #DesignSystem maker. 💥Things destroyer. Author of , XITY, @materialtheme. 📷 Spare time #photographer and #opensource dev.
thehocuspocus Miri, Sarawak iPhone 13 is cool with the high refresh and all, but i think 14 or 15 is the one to go. Stoicism. Elsewhere besides twitter, @thehocuspocus is probably me.
TheCarlosFontes Augusta, GA This iPhone 13 launch is taking up a lot of my time but I can't wait to really sit down to write and get into Deathloop soon ✍🏼🎮 I'm editing dialogue though! And I came up with a cool character who's archived with brief story ideas for later. New concept 😌 New medium? 🤔 Hello! My name is Carlos 😃 I'm a reader, writer, budding filmmaker, and lover of film, gaming & pop-culture 🎬 I'm very friendly! Say hi! 👋🏼 (He/Him)
lathiat Perth, WA, Australia Krypton (had looked promising to let me store my U2F on my iPhone but interact to my machine wirelessly. Sadly seems he got acquired by Akamai to build something cool but the original app and use case is dead with no updates for 2 years :( Ubuntu, Ceph & OpenStack @ Canonical, Avahi mDNS Maintainer, RFLAN 840-person eSports Events, Previously: MySQL Support Team