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Sizable_Danger Yeah having 20 Bethesda games on your Iphone is cool and all , but have you sat down and thought of ... Him ✨ 18+ Artist Tips - /// Comm Queue: ///
__xotiffany__ Switched carriers and switched right back to being #TeamGalaxy. The iPhone is cool(hello camera!) but, it's just...a bit basic & overhyped Welcome to the randomness | 'Over capacity' twitter alum
yangoism she/her 19 @astrojungwoo IM CRHING JULI WHY IS UR IGLOO SO COOL FOMFFNSNSSMSMSN I LIVE WITH A CRACKED IPHONE SCREEN AND U ARE BALLING OUT THIS ISSSS SOOOOO INTENSE #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #刘扬扬 #WayV #WeiShenV #威神V #Pride
BKS_says 🇵🇰... 🇦🇪 Vivo is so cool. Specially V15. But we are brand conscious and select Samsung, IPhone over it. Vivo offers sexy features in reasonable price. Zain-Ul-Abdin || MCFC_BLUEMOON 💙|| Electrical Engineer⚡ || 🇦🇪 & 🇵🇰 ||⚓|| ان کان رفضاحب آل محمد... فلیشھدالثقلان انیی رافضیی.
jespervega Copenhagen, Denmark My pet project @whereitsatcph is now also an app! Based on the cool platform @glideapps and a spreadsheet here's a web based app for you to install on Android or iPhone mapping out all the awesome music venues, bars and records stores in Copenhagen. Curious explorer of digital design, media and content, and, in general, enjoying the digital expansion of the world.
ProfessorOlsen Washington, DC After 6 months, I can say that I love my iPhone Xs BUT I really miss my 3.5mm jack. Bluetooth is cool and all, but I really like plugging in headphones. #FirstWorldProblems Conf. #Interpreter, member of @AIIConline in @AIICUSA region, Prof. of Interpreting @MIIS, Co-Pres. @InterpAmerica and GM of Multilingual @ZipDX
LuapElite9 Brooklyn, NY iPhone XS Max is pretty cool for pictures and videos. Idk what else this phone can do tbh only have it because I get free upgrades . 🇭🇹 Brooklyn ,Stamford 9️⃣, St. Pete
nbnesen @madebygoogle Cool iPhone Google! You guys did a great job. Should be proud of yourselves. And I don't care how much tech is packed into the bezel. Do a whole punch for a camera.
jeanniesdishes United States By the way this is the iPhone XR and I was in Boston when I got that coverage. Haven’t seen it since but pretty cool! 😁 Love cooking for my family and discovering new recipes! Also love checking out new restaurants. Snapchat: Jeanniesdishes
KyleRoycePlays bz: KyleRoycePlays@Gmail.com YALL! I am using an iPhone that is not even on my number (I use a Galaxy Note 9) to download purchase and play this game! Supporting this indie creator any way I can, and the game looks so cool :) Adventures of Kidd JUST released on App Store! Signal Boooooooooooost this!! The name is Kyle Royce, and welcome to my world 🌍 #PLP - Peace Love and Progression 🏳️‍🌈
HTMatBlog Australia Hearing @badreligion on Foxtel music is pretty damn cool and also the iPhone ad featuring @Megadeth isn't bad considering at least there is kick bottom tunes on TV. I love all things Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts also there's music, AFL, friends, family and my pets. Live and go for ALL!!!
sadmeleeplayer Midgar @Billyr777 @jenojen16 @mhtweeter @MKBHD Software? Stock Android, social media Apps work best on Pixel rather than Samsung's or Huawei's. It has a Samsung OLED display best haptics I've used in a phone that's not an iPhone, best form of Google Assistant, and Screen calling is a game changer. But yea the camera cool too. I do marketing, and soon streaming, also the best Dragon Ball Fighterz player in my city :) 20.
isthatxavier El Salvador @macmixing @madebygoogle Pretty cool if you compare them both pixel and iPhone. Even the gestures match. Google is playing smart to get more iPhone users switching to pixel. I own a Google Pixel 3xl🤳I work to buy stuff online 💸 and I spend my time watching reviews on YouTube 🎥
lrfowler00 It’s storming really bad outside, and I was driving home from work, but naturally I wanted to get a cool shot of lightning. You do not understand how hard it is to get a slo-mo of lightning with an iPhone X. 🙃 Logan Reid Fowler | IBC | Michigan
midblue17 MA Damn, now I want to play Dreamphone. I imagine if they made it today it would be a fake IPhone and would say things like “He looks cool in whatever he wears..he is not wearing skinny jeans” I am a nerd for wrestling & Wonder Woman...Instagram: midblue17
dreaminers London, England How cool is that? Imagine u pop in to your local Apple store to collect apple tokens, there would be ppl queuing outside day and night not only around new iPhone sale days! ANNOUNCES GEO-LOCATION BASED FEATURE TOKEN HUNT by @chiliZ #mining #cryptoanarchistmanifesto #austrianeconomics Buy Bitcoin & Ether with £ 🇬🇧 € 🇪🇺 here 👉
Benshooter Las Vegas, NV @DisruptorDog Threat? Lol. You are so far out of your depth it's sad. If I buy and use an iphone, am I stealing Apple's IP? Landing rockets is a cool stunt, but it's why they lose money on launches, and why they can't qualify for nearly as many different kinds of missions as their peers. Small business owner. Top tier vehicle technician/diagnostician. Trading and markets. Amateur investigator. Critical thinker and skeptic. Firearm aficionado.
bartcfitzgerald Portland, OR my friends are cool, but my favorite group chat is what i send myself from my iphone to my macbook and vice versa. lookin’ like I still do fraud. scholar and practitioner of black sociality. xian. a queer. IG: @bartcfitzgerald | principal, The Legendary Agency | $bart91 🌹
alt_PastaTits NY @emilylinka @SueReviews Theres a free iPhone app called 'Trainyard', and it's a really cool puzzle game I highly recommend. You have to build tracks for trains to get to diff places. The track building is easy, but the strategic placement is the puzzle, & gets progressively more complicated/difficult 👍 NY Isles 🏒🔶🔷. howard stern. cats. boobs™ 🤘metal🤘 Judger of all & Qualified for none. #Alt_gov's PastaTits💖forkTHATORANGEfork 🖕🤡 🖕🍊🤡🇷🇺🖕
ATL_Liz 📍Atlanta Big fan of empowering athletes, and letting them share very cool art. This is much nicer than an iPhone notes note 👍 @GoBearcatsFB @NormanLove_ #smsports Digital marketer passionate about the art and science of social media. Here to learn. ATLien. Dawg. 🐾
huntyleo is it real? @nofksense @uriesbachelor if you have an iphone download @costarastrology and @thepattern is a rly cool app on apple and android peep header for 30,000 bells
maja_kar Deutschland @Apple @AppleSupport Hi! So my iPhone got stolen this weekend and I thought about something.. The Find my iPhone tool is pretty cool as it is but basically useless once the phone has been shut down. 20 | german | ocean lover 🌊
KarmachYasmina @BTSonthecharts @BTS_twt I got my first iphone and i was 🏄 in youtube then i got Run i saw orange hair and was like waw what is that then i clicked in it was cool then i heard Tomorrow with lyrics and i began to cry cause i was in hard time that year and after that day i m in love and still at this day
yuuri042325 だに。 Foreign-made phones that have a good image are the iPhone and the BlackBerry. The iPhone is a status symbol for cool people and the BlackBerry for rich people. 埼玉→東京 これでも19歳 /🎼編曲や様々な所で賛助や収録や撮影、ボランティア等で演奏してます/マーチングチューバとバッテリー🥁/piano🎹/PCゲー/医療/写真/機械/音楽/電子/PC/🇬🇧語🇨🇳語/車/バイク/かなりの多趣味です/国際信州学院大学吹奏楽/合唱/オケ部部長です()
mario2k4 San Antonio Texas I downloaded @PlutoTV only iPhone 8 Plus - cool! Then I downloaded it onto my 4K @Android_tv_box connected to my @sharp 70” 4K #omg 🤯 I just left it on Around the world 4K channel! This is streaming at its best!! #cordcutters a must app ! and the price #free 👍 Peace,Love,Equality, and the pursuit of happiness. - #proudPapa #RideShareDriver #Vet
DiegoALC92 Lima - Perú @manu_ar02 @LinusTech I don't think so. When I play fortnite on an iPhone XS Max I can play @ stable 60 FPS and my phone is still cool as it should. Me gustan muchos los deportes y leer sobre tecnología. Administrador de Profesión - Universidad Ricardo Palma
94jooniemoonie United States the fact that i’ve has an ipod/iphone since i was 13 because it was “what the cool kids had” and now that i’m 20, i realized this crap is so forking expensive for no reason. time to switch to android you better love and support all seven or we can’t talk
gottoloveren Neverland The way I can clearly hear the music from the guy in front of me convinces me to never get an IPhone and to never get airpods This is not cool. He's listening to Cardi B sh*t ugh I pledge to #SNAPP @HOLLAND_vvv is an amazing young man. #ThisIsSHINee5AndWeAreRightByYourSide #UrbanElectroBand #BestAbsolutePerfect #GREATGUYS
KingCartaaaaa Gifford, FL Having this iPhone XR is cool and all but I can’t lie, I do miss my iPhone 7 😩 If you can dream it, you can achieve it.
jb_morin Nice ↔️ Besançon, France Trying to explain the kids 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 how cool studying sports biomechanics is: you set field markers with a laser and use an iPhone 240fps camera to assess force output 🏃‍♀️ And if really necessary for some studies people get naked 😅🙈 PhD, Full Professor & Consultant Sports Performance, Biomechanics, Fresh Beer, Bad puns 🚵🏃💻✒️🌐 Tweets & RTs etc...
DJones205 Birmingham, AL THIS is beyond Epic LOL 😆 @stephenasmith 📱 What would be cool is IF @Apple will let you speak in a keynote, briefly with enhancements to the @espn App and  TV You’ve already mentioned how great the App was already on iPhone @tim_cook #SiriASmith #Apple I ♡ GOD! Enjoy Gadgets,Cars,XBOX, Arts/Culture,having a good laugh. Music Junkie #MusicSnob #1Soulbrotha #Technics #Denon #iOS #BallNParlay #TUSKEGEE
etherealiaa universe As an iPhone user i think android is more cool actually (i used before) i can just dw videos and audios for free , most of apps in iPhone need to pay bruh and the coolest thing about android is the battery can last up until 2 days 😂 plus android can transfer files easily to pc- eighteen and love random things :,
SavantSociety Los Angeles, CA The #BlackMirror episode, “Smithereens” was very profound, highlighting the addiction to social media and smartphones. The irony here is I’m expressing this from my iPhone on social media, but I’m not addicted to my phone. It’s cool to use technology, just don’t let it USE YOU. Puerto Rican Polymath • Artist • Writer • Psychology Advocate • Biohacker • Comics • Literati • Cinephile • Fashion|Beauty Aesthete • Celeb Publicist • #INFJ
riddhthoughts Canada So cool! #AR s true potential is in blending interactions with physical and virtual things. Here is an #ARKit experiment to control #PhilipsHue made with #Swift on #iOS. #productdesign #iphone #apple #MR #VR #interaction #ux #uxdesign #code #appdesign #prototype @doomdave #UI/#UX #Designer | #Web Designer | #Graphic Designer | #Blogger | Marketer
welllllllllIII or maybe yes idk @BenObi2000 windows never crashed for me and apple devices, I dont think they are worth thousands of dollars - you can buy iphone Xs max with cool looking iOS for like $1K or you can buy xiaomi mi 9 which is better and cheaper but UI is not as good as in ios anyways its just my opinion actually no
4Barel Israel So cool! #AR s true potential is in blending interactions with physical and virtual things. Here is an #ARKit experiment to control #PhilipsHue made with #Swift on #iOS. #productdesign #iphone #apple #MR #VR #interaction #ux #uxdesign #code #appdesign #prototype CEO at #HoverSense & | Ex UX Lead at @Microsoft, @Cisco, NDS | Passionate about: #Tech #Innovation #Startups #AR #XR #AI #UX #UI #Fed
jaZiFRESH Making Groceries @LL_Cool_Rai But there are a few folks that like the cleanliness of design/function of the iPhone (other phones do look cluttered and clunky to me in the way that home screens and the organic apps look). Apple IS tripping with the accessories tho ya get ya issue when you playing with me • @offcultured‘s chief of outreach and ratchetry • NotMarriageMaterial™
uxlinks So cool! #AR s true potential is in blending interactions with physical and virtual things. Here is an #ARKit experiment to control #PhilipsHue made with #Swift on #iOS. #productdesign #iphone #apple #MR #VR #interaction #ux #uxdesign #code #appdesign #prototype @doomdave The best UX, UX design, code & AR links from around the globe, shared daily.
RocketFuelledQA @hugs @Richardbishop @EwanToo That's pretty neat. Is it native or do you need a little app on the iPhone? I was looking at the mouse support in the next iOS release and wondering about potential uses for automation but this is cool.
RunPatoRun Riverside, CA Let me enjoy how slick/cool looking my iphone is without a case, if it breaks, it breaks; just know it’ll break in a slick/cool looking manner.... and that I’ll hate myself for not using a case. Milanisti 🔴⚫️. Kinesiology major & Spanish for Health Care Professionals minor. CBU
Sizable_Danger Yeah having 20 Bethesda games on your Iphone is cool and all , but have you sat down and thought of ... Him ✨ 18+ Artist Tips - /// Comm Queue: ///
charlottesdj @shoogoo715 oh that’s cool! i’ve had the same phone (iphone 7) for the last 2 years and i can’t believe the screen has never cracked after i’ve dropped it several times 😂 other than that it’s just the mic, is not that good is techno a carb? #pryda #muse | dj |Africa by Toto ❤️
AkmalMomo Selangor, Malaysia A lot of cool ios13 feature about security have been talked about in andriod subreddit. A stolen iphone with ios13 is now basically a brick. The offline find my iphone which they use nearby iphone as beacon also looking neat and cool. I condemn my people because I believe we are better than this.
mnelson1905 Dear @MrBeastYT, My birthday is on June 19th and I have wanted a iphone xr for the longest. I watch your videos on YouTube and there really cool. I was hoping you could get one for a b-day present. Sincerely Mel. Tag @MrBeastYT for me please!!!!!!!!! Read my glossed lips Justin Gingerlake. Not...Gonna....Happen.
rayjaysworld St. George, UT @alexhammerstone @RichBocchini @The_MJF @salinadelarenta Yo @alexhammerstone thanks to this thing your Talking on being a Nerd is the cool in thing and being a Jock has become what nerds use to be. You sound like a Jock. @RichBocchini is cool now cause he’s a nerd, heck if you Iphone were to die Rich could fix it. #nerdsrulejocksdrool like some wrestling and other sports. Charlotte Flair Blocked me on Twitter for no Reason at all!!!!!
__xotiffany__ Switched carriers and switched right back to being #TeamGalaxy. The iPhone is cool(hello camera!) but, it's just...a bit basic & overhyped Welcome to the randomness | 'Over capacity' twitter alum
theadammcknight Dayton, OH @GEICO It would be awesome if I could get access to my cards using the wallet app on iPhone. Not sure if this is possible, and I’m missing it, but that would be pretty cool! Thanks! Keep up the great work! 👍🏻 Sr. Web Engineer — Advisor at Various Companies — Passionate about Tech 💻 and Medicine 💉
UrbanAstroNYC Long Island, NY None of these images are cropped. iPhone 8Plus and @moment macro lens. A lady beetle larva, a lady beetle larva spelt becoming an adult (I think?) and a jumper. This little lens is pretty cool! Astronomy, photography, Labradoodle Dad, music teacher, 🎸 in 90s cover band @unclejessenyc; Instagram: justinstarrphotography, He/Him
NorthwestNina Oly, WA Cool cool cool. iPhone 7 is caught in an infinite reboot loop and I hadn't yet backed up my photos from my trip to see my nephew. gnarly. nerdy. knitter.
leketeekay Beautiful world So I just stumbled upon this Amazing deal and it will be bad of me if I don’t share it with my people. This iPhone 7 is going for a cool 80k . Complete with all accessories. Grab yours now #MatrixCrazyDeal Brand Influencer||DM for Business 📩||E-Mail-tolulekeakinbode@gmail.com||Follow Me To Grow Your Account||Turn On My Notification 🚨

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