Iphone is cool

Iphone is cool.

What is the story with Iphone is cool.

dumdumdik having an iphone is cool n all but i miss my little clipboard on android what do you want
Hugo4Dunsparce Washington, USA having a big iphone is cool and all till you try using it with one hand 😂 U.S. Army
Cruz_Games99 USA @enderlink675 I would like a. Android phone. iPhone is cool but there is more freedom with android Small youtuber! I like computer things. Discord: Cruz#6750 Youtube:
KAYLYYYNCOX Kent, OH Find my iPhone is cool and all but find my bank card would be a lot cooler ksu
domlast425 @cynostial yay!! thank you 😊 yeah i know no tweaks 😂😂 because no public jb aka cydia but still signing ipa straight from iPhone is cool IMO but do you have an estimate when that'll be released? 🤔🤔 December 11 @BhadBhabie followed me! i would never think this would happen!! 😱 😱 😊😊👍🏻
sdiori Chicago / LA / Everywhere Else This Apple Smart Case for my iPhone is cool…but gah damn my phone is heavy as crap now In the moment.
RaymondChan2006 Hong Kong @coinms701 @sha106b_R @KirbApple @CorruptByte Having multi-window multitasking on my iPhone is cool, ya know, with a tweak. a lazy 12 year old Apple collector, enjoys jailbreaking,collecting modern Apple products, repairing Apple devices! Go sub to my YouTube channel👇🏻👇🏻🇭🇰🇨🇦
MisinformedBear kill me tx @JSantana319 @CollinCornwell @MKBHD The iPhone's notch is too big so I had to remove the Verizon bit but it still looks pretty cool with the slimmer chin. don't follow this account all i do is look at stuff I like and make comments no one ever notices
strawberrysaros philadelphia being the cool older sibling is all fun and games until your brother says he needs help and then you end up getting pissed on by a drunk 17 year old girl that you dont know, begging her to tell you her iphone password so you can call her mother to pick her up just a simple strawberry | @trashketballcan | #BlackLivesMatter
Shoolis_is_Cool Haha no Jiminy Cricket works at an iPhone store #KH3 Teacher who's professionally video games
fcknfmayne This phone is pretty cool. Buuuut naw I'll stick to my iPhone, once I get another. Lol plur✨
rvxami01 Boston, MA Where to find a BT21 case for samsung phones? All I see is compatible to iphones... 🙄🙄🙄 this is not cool. It's always iPhone, but you guys always have the craptiest problems ever. Food♡| INFP💭♡(=^エ^=)A place where I speak my thoughts loudly♡💁🏻‍♀️Red Velvet has the talent and visuals. Stan them, OT5! ♡ ~multikpopfandom~
downsCAM Everywhere, usa @Drake We got the same phone you and me. Instead of buying that diamond encrusted 1% r iPhone case in @LoveBevHills you could give me 399,980 to give to my hungry brothers and sisters all up and down the LA river, and I could get you this cool clear case on @amazon that is rad. Here words, total liberal. Old-Globe-Rotten-Fruit-Thrower.
AlexN1952 Alexandria, VA @TheMarkPantano Yes we’re brain dead with our iPhone everyday we’re losing our civil rights somewhere in America and its cool to the libs.There thinking of changing voting age to 16 in DC this is the testing ground.😼 NYRican🇵🇷🕊 Disable Marine Vet do or die who fears God.If you can't lead then get out of the way.Trump Train 🚆We only got one shot in life.NY Sports.👍🏽
inassen2 iPhone Adapter - cool styling, the overall look is very stylish and generous, this adapter has the function of charging and listening to songs at the same time, while enjoying fast and safe charging, you can enjoy high fidelity sound quality, compatible with all iPhone models
jar77jar La Palma del Condado Calidad bestial en sus fundas, la tengo en mi iPhone Xs y es 😍 The PITAKA wireless charging kit is amazingly cool. Use my referral link to get a discount now! vía @pitakagallery Arquitecto | Tech addict
dodieunfolding ☁︎ fluff ☁︎ my 2019 goal is to get an iphone and one of those super cool cases ☁︎ where two worlds come to meet I'll never be out of reach ☁︎
markup Check out what companies I've hacked 👇 @SchroedsBiz Lol would never guess that's a speaker but the retro design is kinda cool Nice minimal photos, looking prime for IG 👌🏼 Taken on DSLR/Mirrorless or iPhone? 22 y/o. Markup game. Self-employed employee. I'll help you grow your IG. eCom for 4+ years. @Shopify Partner. Web dev. Mess w/ #infosec. Need a website? DM me.
guillaumemeyer Paris This is sooooooooo cool! Enable #MicrosoftTeams dark theme for #iOS ! #iphone #ipad #office365 #microsoft365 Founder of @SalesTimCRM Entrepreneur, Learner, Speaker, Geek & #MicrosoftTeams and #Office365 MVP. Passionate about #AI #Chatbots #MachineLearning #NLP #Azure
_jacobcavin Today, I'm gonna show you how to turn your iPhone PORTRAIT MODE pictures into 3D prints! This is SUPER cool! I'm a YouTuber with 12k+ subs that showcases stuff, unboxes stuff, and so much more. I hope that you enjoy my videos, and even have a couple laughs!
dumdumdik having an iphone is cool n all but i miss my little clipboard on android what do you want
fandoms_scream trench hey so my dad came home early and i took my phone when i wasn't supposed to and i just put it back but the find my iphone is still saying it was on so like if i die tell josh dun and tyler joesph i love them k cool thanks hopefully see y'all on the flip side + this clique means so much to this dude, it could make him afraid of his music, and be scared to death he could lose it 🐆 #wearetyler howie followed 2/13
MagdalenaDK Azeroth, once. That is: Unless its price is *so* low that you’d be willing to give it as a gift to young kids. But again: If you’re willing to get them something cool but that’s not *as* expensive as an iPhone, why not just get them a cheaper smartphone and be done with it? I used to play World of Warcraft and lead the #Acherus Death Knight community. Now I look back at all the memories and smile :) On hiatus indefinitely.
jhallito San Diego, CA @AndrewTLarsen Yea text and FaceTime can cost zero if you have an iPhone. Plus there are so many more online connections. Phones work everyone & WiFi is everywhere. Very cool. Utah & CA mortgage lender for 20+ yrs, tacos, BBQ, Utes/Cubs/Bears fan, Spanish speaker. Happiest outside, skiing, fly fishing & traveling #GoCubsGo #GoUtes
itsokimblonde Oregon, USA This iPhone filter is cool 😎 Whatever sprinkles your donuts • 3 Dogs • Libra • Oregon girl
aroLleunaM Quisqueya So people is supposed to feel bad or not cool if they don't have an iPhone? I care about people, so I put all of myself in making them feel good. Give love in every action, break the chain of hate.
hanchicago Ok, the iPhone XR (my new work phone) is very cool. I miss the home button, but that's about it. I'm getting used to swiping up. (Bad joke in there that somewhere.) Avid indoorsman: Reader, viewer, editor.
FEELINGMYLOOK Manhattan, NY 2019 is amazing so far because i flew across the world in order to look really cool on an iphone app have a damn drink
fishin_me In the South @HoldBofaDeez @rogueranger23 They are young, and don't understand all the cool things that they have ie iPhone, Xbox, Uber ride home is a result of Capitalism. Black Conservative who likes Puttin Fish in the boat and sending lead down range.#2A supporter. Stop Vet suicide. @code0fvets
smartcoolhikone 彦根市馬場2-1-1 カインズ彦根 SMART COOL HIKONE iPhone repair shop at Hikone city, Shiga in Japan We can fix iPhone issues: screen cracked/battery/water damage/camera Our shop is located in Cainz Home Hikone. TEL 0749-47-5586 #iPhone #iPhone_repair #Hikone #Nagahama #Maibara #Shiga iPhone修理専門店です。最短20分! 学割・フォロー割あり◎ バッテリー交換や画面割れ修理、水没復旧など、なんでもご相談下さい! 10時から20時までの営業です(*'▽') ☎0749-47-5586
LeviLucas5221 Just got an iPhone 6s i know I’m quite late lol but omg 3D Touch is so cool Always be postive|My quote Every mistake inspires success. Carson follows 😁😁😁
zareendaniah KUL,MY Some people be flexing like "LOOK AT MY PICTURES I TOOK USING MY IPHONE XS MAX 512GB" Like, cool your phone is the most expensive one, I geddit, although it's REALLY NOT that necessary. i tweet whatever the fork i want, mkay? muhd firdaus imam ❤️
BlahBlahBlings United Kingdom 18.00$ Leather & Rivet Phone Case This Philipp Plein inspired phone case is seriously cool. Covered in real leather and rivets and available in 5 gorgeous colors this is definitely one for the fashion conscious! #MobileCase #phonecovers #iphone ↗️Buy Customized Designer & Protective phone cases. Personalised it with your favorite picture & design. iPhone, Samsung, iWatch & accessories. Visit us today!
CallenBlackburn Denver, CO Our parents were cool living with a partner who held opposite political views and our generation’s mixed household is when one person has an iPhone and the other is a caveman #thatsablackburn #Millenials Community Activist. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Student. Photographer. Lover of life.
Sethgreth @winemom300 That iPhone case is pretty cool ngl Florida • Nomad Films
MattDeCanio1 So #amped about going to Daytona 500 left my iPhone on my Jeep fender 🤬had to pick up a new IPhone XR it is cool. But lost a 20minute 4K porn I made with my gf. I guess someone is going to be touching themselves and ejaculating all over my old iPhone 👍. Feel good self hater? Ex World Class Pro Cyclist USA Cycling Team UCI and NRC Yellow Jerseys 3-Time Worlds Team Nat Champ #activist #trueloveisourselves #winningdoesntmatter #13N3M3
iamrahatp Kathmandu,Nepal @darshiii Cannot afford both but iPhone X is cool as per reviews. Movies and music.
SulliChristine California, USA Desperately need a new phone. This iPhone 6s is just not cool anymore sup
everybinnie East Bay, CA @laegrinna prequel for iphone, kiradroid for android and picsart is cool for both ♡170820 + 180202 × astro♡ #TWIT 4 Moonbin 😇 Priestess of Chanism ✌︎ ❝where is the sanha❞ 2019 is gonna be #AllLight #AllNight #전화해 #NARCISSUS
Vens_Trash how about no having that latest iphone and/or samsung is cool and all but have you ever gotten or builded a really powerful PC? I'm just an edgy weeb that enjoys games & memes favorite anime: Kill La kill, JJBA, Hunter x Hunter
_rizzoh KC Bf ordered me an iPhone 7 which is cool (eventho I asked for the 7plus) JUST TO FIND OUT HIS bottom DIDNT EVEN ORDER ME A PHONE. Paris ✈️ KC ✈️ Italy ✈️ | 🇵🇫/🇺🇸

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