Iphone is cool

Iphone is cool.

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Zevyosho_0 Southeast Dallas, Dallas Form your own opinions. Don't let the news and such keep you from being able to think k for yourself. Yes, that new iPhone is cool and that celeb totally did something awesome But it'd be even more awesome if we don't end up like China. Always pissed off guy. Lover of anime, gaming, music and memes. Co-Leader of Obliteration Clan (Splatoon 2) cash app $unclezevy
alicekeeler Fresno, CA Omg the @AdobeEdu Scan app for iPhone is cool. We did math on paper and the app auto detects the paper and when you move the page auto takes the next picture. Next: upload to #GoogleClassroom Mom of 5, Math Teacher Chawankee Unified, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Google Certified Teacher, NMCk12 Ambassador, MIE, gamification, #coffeeEDU, coder
samcastanos iphone is cool and all but ughhh i miss how liberated i feel using android :< the downloading :< the gaming :< bullcrap :< swswswswswswswsw
GonziShannon California, USA So I got the iPhone X and the Face ID is cool. Only glitch ... my phone thinks my twin sister is me 😂😂🤣🤣 pizza is cool 🍕but aliens are even cooler 👽
matt_periolat Richmond, KY @Crystlestar Cool! Same as me, just without the +. Just cringing a bit at the cost right now and that I have to wait until June to afford AppleCare. But hey, phone for selfies and tickets and I FINALLY have ApplePay. 5c was the last model iPhone without. Rip van Winkle finally is up.
Zevyosho_0 Southeast Dallas, Dallas Form your own opinions. Don't let the news and such keep you from being able to think k for yourself. Yes, that new iPhone is cool and that celeb totally did something awesome But it'd be even more awesome if we don't end up like China. Always pissed off guy. Lover of anime, gaming, music and memes. Co-Leader of Obliteration Clan (Splatoon 2) cash app $unclezevy
woojihuniie Got the iPhone XR and the face recognizing ID thing is super cool and makes it a lot quicker and convenient to unlock my phone; except the me wearing a tinfoil hat can’t help but think they now have my facial identity in a database and will make clones or something of me BTS is Kpop. follow me on insta @/oowoozi
CeciliaClark923 Houston, TX Samsung's $2,000 folding phone is breaking for some users after two days @CNBC Well it seems that the new phone is not as cool as people imagined. I am sorry but I am sticking with my iPhone! ⁦@Apple⁩ #HRTribe what do you think? Sr #HR Generalist passionate about all things HR. #HR2Serve #HRJedi #SHRM18Blogger #HelpMe #HelpYou #MakeLifeALittleBetter #HRTribe
HeadlinePhone iPhone 11 NEW Design ( 2019 ) | 4K This is the iPhone XI ( 2019 ) and it's so cool!! iPhone 11 First look concept trailer. Triple camera ( Lenses ) with Laser AF,... Latest #cellphone News & Headlines
oouchiedaboss Nawfside ATL Yeah so now I've had the iPhone xs for the last month and the Samsung galaxy note 9. So now I have both and i would have to say, Samsung is killing this iPhone. I mean ita cool and all. I can see why people like... CEO of DaBoss Records. My name is who I am. If I say I can do it, it's done. IT Technician, A Club promoter, A Professional Thinker. I put together success.
MyTechMusings California, USA @PatrickMoorhead @mcwm Another imp. facor is #5G mktg & public recognition. People may not know what #5G is, but for sure know it is latest & cool, not the case with #4G. Come 2020, evey dinky $500 smartphone will have 5G and not #iPhone would hurt their brand. Something they can't afford now #aaplqcom Tech Industry Analyst, Forbes Contributor, EETimes & RCR Wireless writer, covering 5G, AI, IoT, IP, Wi-Fi and everything wireless. Ex @Qualcomm @ericsson @ATT.
HeartCatalog This is supposed to be a poem about how I fell out of love with you under a Rocky Mountain moon. About how I swam in dark water in the cool of the night and didn’t wish you were there. Writing that moves your heart, moves your mind, moves your body.
7gnat All over @stevekovach Wow such cool fea...Samsung sucks ass. If you got a phone to type and message Samsung isn't the phone to get. Nexus or an Iphone is the phone to use if you don't feel like slamming it into a wall. I love bikes and know what Trump is. If anyone needs a hard to find bike I may have it. #TrumpResign #JusticeDemocrat
cathiana11 Kampala, Uganda Bidding this week is super interesting fam😊. Easter is around,so why don't you bid on any of this to have a super cool Easter Eve!! 500L fuel of shell petrol station, shoprite shopping voucher worth 1million and an iPhone Xs. Which one are you bidding on? #QballAuctionUG Entrepreneur|Brand Strategist|A makeup artist (who rarely wears makeup😁) Foodie| IG Catherine Utamuliza Scopio
midwestbmc St. Louis @pjhoody I just copped the s10 and I was thinking about going to the iphone X. it's cool but I had an s8 so it's basically the same thing. I think android/apple users both think the other phone is better just cuz they not used to the different specs and interface
stickwithmendes germanY 4) I had a weird idea so I cut my pillow ... pulled out the “cotton” and this is what happened ... spontaneous and messy but the pics still turned out super cool and unique I used my IPhone X camera (portrait mode) we didn’t raise you up like this
thermogl London, UK @stroughtonsmith Would be cool just don’t see how useful it is when iPhone is only really used for browsing and posting memes Mac / iOS engineer. Touch ID doesn't recognise my fingerprint. Mobile R&D, Bloomberg LP. Opinions are my own.
motoridersd San Diego, CA @leggomuhfaygo It is cute and doesn't look too intrusive. If you can find one cheap, get it, I would not pay $99 for one. Does the iPhone show stuff while on a wireless charger? The Pixel does, which is cool, but not really a dealbreaker since I usually use it at night Geek, Sport Bike Rider, Cyclist, Gearhead, Gadget Freak, Mexican, Fitness Enthusiast, Music Lover, Android Fan, Pug Parent, @brandiego's boyfriend
JaylanBtg NBA Live is the equivalent of android vs iphone. they have cool features and might be a better product but 2k is the standard. God sent Harley for Kendyll 💜 Designing the world around you 🌎 ksu 🦉
kashmirVIII conericut African-Americans finally had an idea that was like “oh okay! That’s kinda cool. Man ima still get an iPhone but still, this is kinda cool!” And then boom visual artist & esthetician. seen in/on: Essence, Ebony, Cosmopolitan, HBO’s Insecure & more. owner of: KASHMIRVIII &
launders 📩 mohan@boxr.gg I’m so used to iPhone I I think I like my 7 plus screen better but I’m so tired of menuing and icloud on ios this OS is cool I've watched every good season of Big Brother. 5'14" owner @teamboxr, @esportslifepod. 🇨🇦
KellyLux somewhere sunny & warm @breese_kayla @verge The Pixel actually has a ton of really cool features that iPhone cameras don't. One of them is night sight, and since I always want to take pics of the moon & they look like crap, I was really excited about this. Took the pic below in full darkness. Assoc Dir @SyracuseComm @NewhouseSU * #SocialMedia 👩‍🏫 * 🐎 rider * #RescueDog 🐩 MOM * Future Westerner 🏜️ ☀️🙏🏼♥️
andrewtlloyd Walnut Creek, CA @cpearl42 I think Owen was just about 8 when I got an iPhone that had Siri. Reasonably, Owen wanted to play with it -- one of my happiest moments as a Dad that he was unfailingly polite. (FWTW, his use of Echo, beyond music and weather, is mostly as a dictionary, which is cool) I have never been hurt by what I have not said. - Calvin Coolidge
QueeenEspy Dallas TX ✈️ Bavaria Germany @NiyaaaBaybee Spotify is exceptionally better than apple music IMO. Spotify recommends music based off what u listen to, and it's pretty good at it. Also I left apple, and got a Samsung so the fact that its interchangeable between devices is cool. Mike still has a iPhone. 24 |Mom |Wife |She/Her |Queer | BAMF
bees_inc indian ocean @Cabbibo The only ways you can limit release are through iOS version (which is moot), iphone, ipad, (universal) and country. Its causing confusion for cool apps that use the new depth camera. You could stuff in a demo video or walkthrough of what it would be like bees.
TomHsiung Chengdu, Sichuan, China Facebook's 3D photo is interesting and cool. But it is limited to iPhone 7 and later. M.S. Clinical Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University, Class of 2018. Health System Pharmacist. Hematology, Infectious Disease, & Critical Care. China.
daniels_skylar Crawfordsville, IN How bad is my iphone battery you ask? Well I took a 10 minute phone call this morning and it’s at 63% so that’s pretty cool. Uindy '19
Tay_K_S Hollywood i just got the new iphone and man this thing is cool i already feel bad about breaking it someday this doesn't mean we're friends.
dailygreenbar Australia Gold Coast @tracey_thorn My son has #WalkingWounded #Temperamental and mixes on his #iphone and #Mac since his early 20s.Driving with him and friend he is blasting #ebtg His friend says he plays this all the time. When your Mum is cool!! Indoctrinated with ebtg? Brainwashed?Thank you for the Cool Factor. Photography! Art, urban design, listening/ playing music,books books writing ebtg, brain tumour survivor, leafy greens, disease reversing nutrients.
jcallahaniv ...but like this is probably how generations before us felt about the first iPhone, or the original N64, or the modernization of the internet. We might be on the cusp of something that could once again, change life as we know it. And thats just really forking cool to me. END RANT When you smile, the world loves him; when you laugh, the world fears him | KSC ‘20 | Snapchat & Instagram: jcallahaniv
man1role1 Lekki, Nigeria They go down from the wind lounge ( this weather is cool) go to the car and back. No phone. A friend remarks, this phone got lost when u started drinking, do you know your email? So we can use find my iPhone. Phone is off. She is sweating like a pig wearing a pink dress son, father, mafia manager, Realist, lover and friend. Brothers across Nigeria, Brothers without banners, Brothers across borders; ifollow so followback
sweetcodelab New Jersey, USA What's up guys! Is your week cool? Don't miss an opportunity to get your own app! Our team can make absolutely everything! Code, design, and testing. Just send us a message to hello@sweetcode.pro #design #brand #logo #developersteam #creative #designer #app #application #iphone Code & Design solutions company
j_winn11 iPhone is so intuitive it just tried to connect my music to the earpods of the woman next to me and while that’s cool she probably wouldn’t have appreciated @VEINBAND blasting in her ears out of nowhere Sensitive Artist™️ • Agnostic • Non-monogamous • 4w5 • he/him • One part crapposts, Two parts unimportant cis-het white boy takes 🌲🎧🔪
angus464_ Australia @Pujiyanto_PD @poliberla @Sidath35128760 @UniverseIce @Apple Yes, that’s cool and all. But the S10 is going to loose its value so quickly whereas the iPhone will retain its value for longer. I’m a simple person, I like technology and airplanes!
SkriptaY @Serpentious_yt @TSM_Wintrrz @cal086 Oh thats your cool comeback right? My phone (OnePlus 6) is one of the best mobiles out there. We did benchmarks with my friend on my class, and my ANDROID beat his iPhone X. It's funny how you say stuff like that when you really just compare your crapty iPhone to some 2013 mobile pro player for this Fortnite org called Revert
CGS_Tech Parkville, MD The #IPhone 8 and the #IPhone X are capable of wireless charging. That's pretty cool – except despite their promises, #Apple... #TechnologyLife #AirPods #AirPower #MobileTech #Samsung We do stuff. Technology, computers, smallbiz, marketing.
ylimemiller11 @BeadlesKiera I dont really have anything bad to say towards apple like when I had the iphone 4 I liked it but there is so much more cool stuff you can do on the newer galaxies and you dont have to buy all apple products if you need to get a charger or headphones. yo-yo-you-yo
PresidentDerin Nambia Just at a store checking out a few phones The Huawei P30 Pro is good looking and the mega zoom camera is really good looking, it’s cool. But... the iPhone XR is much better looking irl than I imagined tbh President of The Democratic Republic of Nambia.
VinnyMcAv London, UK Ok this is kind of cool, went into Photos on iPhone to find a snap from a house I lived in years ago in Archway. Searched “Archway” and instead of finding pics from that location it searches the images themselves to find all the ones with arches! 🤯 📺 @Euronews UK Correspondent & sometimes @NBCNews Foreign Correspondent 📸 Instagram: ⚖️ Standard views disclaimer
ajoeltaylor San Diego ~ Silver Lake, L.A. @SmokingDragon69 I submitted that one... I’m not a nerd (cool) so I’m an idiot at computers. I don’t know what’s going on tbh. I’m using my iPhone and don’t usually have that issue — is there an app people use to help with that? “...with a detachment so profound that it caused him to drop his monocle.”
jacy_todd Cookeville, TN @nadyapost @PhoenixGyaan This is cool! How did you get the iPhone and how did you get it to show the live preview? Married June 2017 | Aspiring Web Dev | Learning JS atm | Christ follower 2011 | Psychology B.S. 2014 | Bass fisherman with @googanbaits | #TeamGoogan
MiranDuh_a My iPhone camera has been doing this really cool thing where it is like permanently blurry and only takes clear photos close up. It’s almost like my camera has near sighted vision 🙄 #help Single. Focused. Blessed. Living Life. Instagram: miranda_dawn97
CamBunton Wales, United Kingdom @GadgetsBoy Genuinely think this is the most exciting phone to launch since the original iPhone. It's different, and interesting, and - yeah def a gen 1 device - but it's so friggin' cool. I write words, take photos and make videos for @Pocketlint . . @CumbriaUni alum
SydneeEsquerra Reedley, CA When I tweet it says Twitter for android and I'm hurt. I'm no longer team iPhone 😓 this Samsung 10 is cool tho I guess mama 🤱
juscallmeBrandy Ohio, USA Seriously considering trading in my iPhone XS Max for the new Samsung Fold 😬😬😬 it just looks so darn cool 😎 and the color selection is awesome 👏🏻 If I don't have anything nice to say, it's because I don't like you
BspectacledMofo Earth I have some interviews coming up from some cool people like, @briandrolet who made an #iphone #indiefilm called @beliketreesfilm (being released next month) and @Bang2write, which, if you’re not up on Lucy Hay, please educate yourself on the awesomeness that is her channel. Writer. Scripter. Vlogger. #indiefilm Jack of all Trades. #Screenwriter/Director of the $4K indie miracle #AroundtheWorld. #SupportIndieFilm
rickaco @SamsungMobileUS After the last update my Note 9 is randomly shutting down, plus the new icons and changes are terrible. My 5th Note in a year.Not cool!Why do I keep returning to this product as a consumer?My wife wants me to go to the dark side(iPhone),now I understand why.
ajayleh Singapore Owning iPhone X is cool and all but can’t charge and listen to songs via earphone at the same time life sucks Stay fresh, cheese bags 🥶🥶
StylebyBreAna Phoenix, AZ It's funny when I delete someone in my phone and iPhone thinks it's cool to say: "MAYBE :____". I know who it is, Apple. THANKS! Fashion & Business Consultant 🎙 #Beautelicious Podcast drops 5/6 on Spotify!
moonstantan Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Me: Woah android is so cool and innovative. It really helps in daily life Also me: *buy more iphone* When will i learn? 🐹🐰🐶🦁| INTJ | 🇲🇾

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