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Team_Malone Dallas, TX I think I had the black one and was much thinner so it was the next generation iPod. It frozen up awhile ago but lasted years!!! I Miss have a devices for only music. Having music on my iphone is cool but I get interrupted alot so its not as enjoyable not as easy to zone out. music makes the world go round
onednotfound she/they - minor - 1D - mcyt holy crap the new iphone is cool maybe my parents will upgrade cause my dad wants 5g and ill get one of theirs #RANBOO: why fight over the discs when you can just open up spotify? « looking at the stars »
PO5IT1VE 7.2906° N, 80.6337° E @judle_ @sebaeksthetic @illicitglory Imagine thinking having an iPhone is cool and Android is not. How stupid. - intentionally left blank
YySpyro @TaemiOW Hmm Honestly, Samsung are very good. I have already for 2 years a Samsung s10 plus and im super happy with it. Before I had a iPhone. IPhone is cool but I prefer Samsung. If you dont want this brands, onePlus is a good choice. You can also take a look at Xiaomi. Maybe you like I love food
itsgauravmishra while working on the first iPhone, ken kocienda invented the software keyboard we use on our phones. he used primitive AI to help users avoid typos (which is now known as autocorrect and is a pain in the bottom specially on iOS. he later apologised too) it’s cool how it works-
pallavimishra05 Austin, TX Tesla's regenerative braking has already made it difficult for me to drive traditional cars (not that I am complaining, it is a freaking powerful and cool machine) With feature like yoke steering it will be similar to iphone users not being able to use android. Marketer | Investor | Artist | Environmentalist | Traveller | Bibliophile | Polyglot | INTP | Dark Comedy | Moved to Austin before it was trendy in COVID
rukahot @Tiredcba @energydrinkbong literally no more cool people besides like 6 fnm players everyone else is deadass weird af I see why everyone doesnt associate with this community and the forking new iphone players make me wanna end it ok
drfrank009 Maebashi-shi, Gunma Hehehe cool Mr @BillGates 😁👍 @melindagates The Android system has far more choices of applications to download, it's just that the iPhone wins better in terms of hardware quality,sound, RAM, and the processor is more stable and good,in my opinion 😁🙏 @POTUS @VP @kompascom klo rekan pers dan teman2 gak gw tag,kepanjangan,liat sendiri aja yak,( I NEED TIME TO HEAL🛌) Apapun yg sy retweet,komen,like berarti sy tertarik,vice versa
joywithjas @cool_idea Mate have you tried black and white mode on the phone? SUPER helpful in reducing screen time, it is 1000 times less engaging... if you have an iphone you can triple tap the side button and it will turn BNW... Commercial actor (150+ jobs on camera, 17 international tv & cinema campaigns) 🚨THIS WEEK: TIPS ON SETTING UP A HOME STUDIO 🎥 🏠👇 AMA 👇
Lumaxis Stuttgart @endocrimes Ooh, that’s very cool. I’m looking for a way to mount an old iPhone with a Glif to the back of my monitor and everything I’ve seen so far is terrible 😅 Engineer working on the @npmjs registry at @GitHub. Previously @Microsoft’s @VSAppCenter and @HockeyApp. German and non-technical tweets: @Blubser
chidoziePrince6 Lagos, Nigeria @FoneWire Wow!!! This is very nice. Just hope the system will perform optimally. Meanwhile let me promote my business under you. Get quality assured iPhone and Samsung phones at cool price. 08115782078. Brand developer, Trusted phone Dealer, Web developer, Data analyst (finance and logistics) ,Graphics (Digital marketing coach)
bockisclifford Mantua, OH The absolute worst part of getting a new phone is having to remember logins to everything.... but on the bright side I’m finally cool tech wise again! iPhone 12 and I feel stupid with it 😂😂😂 chances are you hate me because I get paid to make you late to work
countercultureo København Take care and give attention from next week Apple will send to every iPhone two question with one answer;take care about your personsl attack to how will be watch cool nickname,my friends other people should know about me,i dont know what to do anymore,is tough!! Driver med kommunele,och som du vet for at folk skal kunne få hørt om dt må mye promotering til!Skjønner godt bjl-kbh@e-postboks.dk countercultureo@europe.com
amnotyourdaniel e get as i walker @fulham_90 @vibes__N Is over priced the futures are cool on iPhone but the hype and price is just too much 😪 guess someone added alcohol to the air cause wtf am I tweeting 🤨
littletwicey in love with nine girls @jungkooksbeef if you’ve had an iPhone/already owned one, try Samsung (or vice versa).. iPhone is really cool but it lacks in many ways. (I own an iPhone 11 now and kinda regret buying it😬) but still, up to you🤗 looking for moots👀 i followback! | Once since 2017🍭🇵🇭 | radiating positivity🌱 | HerShe🍫
bIonderry she her ?! | cbyf !! earlier i asked my uncle why he got a samsung when he had an apple iphone earlier this year and he said “theyre cool and people hate on them for no reason. plus bts has them so!” he is so.... mustache harry’s #1 supporter!!
JohnnyCanuck69 Canada @MaximeBernier This generation thinks communism is cool and capitalism is evil . They’ll bitch about it on their iPhone 13 wearing a 500 dollar outfit . Proud Canadian Patriot living the dream like it’s 1984 👊😎🇨🇦 #TrudeauMustGo
Team_Malone Dallas, TX I think I had the black one and was much thinner so it was the next generation iPod. It frozen up awhile ago but lasted years!!! I Miss have a devices for only music. Having music on my iphone is cool but I get interrupted alot so its not as enjoyable not as easy to zone out. music makes the world go round
dougmorton London, Europe 🇪🇺 THIS IS SO COOL OMG How to detect people with iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPad Pro... via @YouTube Back on this account after 260 days away on @dougmortonagain
rm1n_ ur mom @hecrtshapedbox @KanniuVI @JustJinkz @ShiinaBR im not doing comebacks u just cant deal with the fact that comp is better and u literally think u are more than me just because u have an Iphone holy fork I hope u think ur being cool because u have a problem in everything competitive player jk
SellingOut_ My House @Conner_is_cool My iPhone 7plus has already wrote its will, and I can’t replace this fork until my birthday (August). @whitesox @chicagobears @chicagobulls || Juan Soto Fanboy || Adley Rutschman Enthusiast ||
kxthleen header image: @tonkurant @tyIen_ my pal has a really cool UV printer and the detail it can capture is bonkers - far better than my iphone camera can handle lol just a swarm of bees in a cable knit jumper • she/they • no terfs, no tories 🐸
Naa_Cheese Other obvious cool features @TwitterSpaces has over @joinClubhouse is the DM feature, emojis, transcriptions, and how the space actually plays in the media player on iPhone chulha chef, twitter socialite, here to find my long lost kindergarten crush. same handle on CH
ababio_mensah Greater Accra, Ghana Just imagining holding iPhone 12 riding Benz C 300 and you are wearing Air Jordan 1 BANKU... You ñaaa see for yourself is it cool... @FIRE_STICK plz Stand on them simple guy contact me for your delivery 0243139757 / 0266824149
OfficialKUR3 North Las Vegas, NV iPhone devices are cool and long lasting but the software is trash. Still can’t have multi-task windows only on Safari. Lame |TH3 D4RK KN1GHT| let’s laugh at death and rude the living! Contact: OfficialKUR3@yahoo.com
danyork Shelburne, VT Very cool to see @TwitterSpaces now out in a test version on Android! Will be a great way to bring that many more voices into the mix. (Next I'd love to see the iPad app (IOS version is only for *iPhone*) and ultimately, of course, the web and desktop versions of Twitter.) Working for an open, secure Internet for everyone. Tweets on Internet tech, #DNS, #WordPress, #Vermont. Dir of Online Content, @InternetSociety. Enjoys #curling
melvynhills Brussels @vinchbat Cool. I have Bose, and stock wired iPhone hp. Should I switch my wired ones to AirPods? Worried the charging & little white box thing is a hassle. Developer + UX designer
domlast425 @Pwn20wnd Nice cool to see Cydia is still well alive and working on iOS 14 on a iPhone 12 Pro Max 😍😍 December 11 @BhadBhabie followed me! i would never think this would happen!! 😱 😱 😊😊👍🏻
erinnapricot Surgery recovery is never fun but that “dramatic cool” iphone filter is, because it makes my eyes look kinda purple. Or the oxycodone just makes me think they do. (And update: i’m doing okay. Thank you!)
FlannelToLace So I had this idea, and I googled it. Luckily someone has else has already done it. How cool is this?! Anyone have one? 👩🏼‍💻🏋️‍♀️🐶 graphic designer, sticker snob, full time dog mom . Half of @ZAGGStudios
0time listening to daft punk forever I always loved software hacking since the first xbox and the jailbreakme site for iphone. The switch joycon thing, running s hacked version of the Os in an sd without touching the stock one, that is so cool. I help people and learn new things. SRE/DevOps Engineer. My personal account, opinions my own
Sgshbbssggzvxv1 @BitLifeApp I just got bitizin and god mode on my moms iPhone is it so cool rola
BZebrahorse @mooneshe Iphone 12 pro camera capabilities, which also is the only smartphone that offers clubhouse where all the cool people hang out and is not available to poor android using peasants? fork you! 🖕
ArnoldsHood2009 @edufuentesro @alexcutler247 @LucidMotors Elon Musks huge popsicle. SpaceX. Their Ai/autonomous tech being years ahead of competition. Tesla’s cool factor (like Apple and the iPhone). Their energy business which is the future. Prob over valued tho rn but Lucid will never ever be valued the same way as Tesla. Ever. realest N🅱️🅱️a on da block😎. beckys my girlfriend only cuz she’s hot.😘gang member here so watch out.🔪thugger on duty🧐 (pls don’t follow me)
IkAmAwesome yo @solartea_ @bishvendrasingh @its_menieb @MKBHD Actually iphone is for people that only buy it to flex and act cool because they have one Android is for people who actually buy phones depending on the specs What am I doing with my life
iam_polymath Iju, Nigeria Omo it's not my fault that iPhone 6 still functions well and that it is upgradable to ios 14 so you can install YT music and Clubhouse,and with snapchat, the photos become cool. Don't be intimidated please. If your iPhone 6 has battery issues, use a powerbank. B.Eng, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. If you are a pseudointellectual, I won't like you. Chelsea fan. Dan brown Aficionado. Lichess: polymath64
crecollaborator Connecticut, USA Inman | Real Estate News Distribution: Zillow CEO Rich Barton said his company is trying to center transactions in its business model and that he wants to do to real estate what the iPhone did to phones and media. Connecting the Commercial Real Estate Industry to data, technology and each other through #CRE #CRETech #PropTech #Integrator | 203-307-2242
dkhang Iphone technologies is so behind. It lacks so many of the cool features Android has. OS, AI, Hardware..... everything is better. Security, malware, app can steal everything and everything on your phone is too scary. Travel Addict / Value investor / Healthcare Expert / Software Solutions Expert / Technologist
strongwithinxo Recovery Road ✨ @D3fan2020 So cool! And I think some of the proceeds I think goes to cancer too which is awesome! Yes mint green is everything. I’m so glad they have the iPhone 11 mini because the new iPhones are way to big for my hand my fingers can’t reach the top of the screens lol! I don’t have much but at least I still have me and that’s all I need.. Healing deeply & completely. @ddlovato is my strength. #cptsdsurvivor #metoo she/her 🤍
allenholub Berkeley, CA Marketing ppl who demand a "product roadmap" or feature list are just incompetent. Look at Apple. They sell lifestyle (buy Apple and vacation on the beach!). They sell how cool your friends will think you are if you have an iPhone. Laundry lists of features is so 1980. I help you build software better & build better software. Get in touch! DM is open. Mailing list for classes &c.
Squeaky58982582 Cool, Facebook threatens to block me for 30 days because my post from 2017 about Hitler owning a iPhone is “against community standards”, but then I see ads on FB for vibrating panty toys and see through glasses. Yeah, clearly my post aren’t “family friendly”. A pansexual pagan geek and cosplayer, and the prettiest bard around.
InfinityGuyYT DISCORD: InfinityGuyYT#1779 @animated_nathan @RetweeterSanta aight, you seem cool and the only reason I would have is because you use iphone but whatever YouTuber, Artist, Owner of @TAPMCOfficial | 🇲🇽🇺🇸♂️♏14, bi, he/they/any | INCREDIBLY SINGLE | pfp by @MoonyBloom | DMs Open | As Always, Stay Awesome.
milk_ism Question for iphone users Is there like an app or something to get ringtones on? I just got an iphone and last I remember from owning a 4S you cant really get cool ringtones and on my android I have all my ringtones as Kingdom Hearts songs and I'd like to have that again • Darry | Art | Amigurumi | Small Time Toy Collector | Shiba Inu Enthusiast • Commissions: OPEN
the__lost__jedi New York, USA @cloudraven Yes, actually the iPhone Lidar is pretty cool. But it's mainly highlighted for depth sensing which again is limited to geometric features and the environment. Researching Multimedia (Video, AR, VR) and Wireless Systems. PhD Candidate @StonyBrookU, NY. Generally Interested in Humans, History, Computers, and Science.
Mattinho7 @Kiograa @Smurks8 @MuscleBearCx @OldSchoolRS Mac is really cool and so is iPhone. I just think for gaming windows is better. I hope for you they release it on mac anytime soon. Sup homies
anapau_villa @fllenangeIs THANK YOU. I’ve seen so many people saying how cool the photoshoot is and I’m like... it literally looks like they shot it with an iphone that had a dirty lens quiero ser como un híbrido entre Wong Kar-Wai, Kurt Vonnegut, Agnès Varda y Martin Scorsese • 22 • cdmx.
BagofTea Manitoba, Canada @TLNewmanMTL Pixel is the closest to an iPhone experience you can get without all the bs... I was an apple user for over 8 years and I'm now on the pixel wagon. I guess we aren't part of the cool kids tho 🥺 🇨🇦 gym rat who's into photography, golf and hockey Go Habs Go Baby!!
KenzyYung Ghana Have you tried the OZÉ Business App? Managing your business is easy with OZÉ. You can track sales and expenses, send digital receipts and invoices, and more… Sign up with my link,we'll both earn coins we can redeem for cool prizes. OZÉ for iPhone - Hip Hop artist|Songwriter🎤 For booking:yungkenzyofficial@gmail.com📖 #Wild Wolf Music🐺 IG:@emperor_kenzy
DaGr8Kamu Willowick, OH So the coolest thing about Strikers I learned is the voice actor for the iPhone program Siri is the voice of Sophie in P5S. That's so forking cool and on point! Ohio Smash Ultimate Player | SSBU Joker main | Video Game (especially jrpgs) and Food Fanatic |
LaurenL76214495 (also wanted to check in and say did y’all know iPhone has a genie in a bottle emoji!? this is cool as faq🧞‍♂️) RC alumni /proud cat mom; oh and Toby is my best friend ~pleasestay~ #freebritney

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