Iphone is cool

Iphone is cool.

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epicstone New iPhone is cool and all but the Face ID doesn’t unlock when I’m picking my nose :/ If you're reading this I'm currently napping
BrianSwails NY Starting to feel like the iPhone is cool and all..but Google assistant is Far more helpful..and I don’t see a path for Apple to ever be as good I love Tesla and I LOVE the Skin that I’m In!!
chiffonades lorenz cathedral new iphone is cool and all but i can no longer hold it in one hand and scroll with my thumb without fear of dropping it merr (rhymes with air). they/them. 25. cosplayer from DC. fire embly, tales of, bsd, tpn, etc. icon by @naotoosh_art
MaravillaLally I feel bad for my parents 🤣 all my 5 year old sister is asking Santa for is an IPhone because iPads “aren’t cool” and they already got her an iPad 💀😂😂😂
Joneal1 iPhone 11 is cool, but it’s a little too smart. Hold down a button for one second and you called the police on yourself. Smh Shooting for the moon. If I fall, I'm still among those stars....
epicstone New iPhone is cool and all but the Face ID doesn’t unlock when I’m picking my nose :/ If you're reading this I'm currently napping
cool_barry118 However I have a issue with the controller the fact I can’t switch from the Xbox to my iPhone is quite annoying because what would need to use is the steelseries nimbus with my iPhone and I have a lot of issues with that controller as well part 2
dynamics364 aussie aussie aussie. oi oi oi i would put hot wheels stickers on it man, i would spray paint flames on it. cart it around looking cool. connect some ioT stuff to it and controll it with my iphone. this is almost like a hotwheels remote control car. NICE. hello, im a baby crm developer be nice to me im just trying to write plugins that work
maut1_ Atlantic Highlands, NJ @Scobleizer @IrenaCronin @magicleap Cords were never a problem for me even when my headphones occasionally pulled my iPhone out of my hands. And the *slightly * smaller FoV on ML’s first generation compared to Microsoft’s second generation is minimal. Magic Leap is cool, HoloLens is nerdy. 😉 Product Director @ American Express; Blogger @ :: Smartglasses will change the world. #SpatialComputing
chelicerata Austin thanks, Apple, for hiding the album name in iOS Music and then losing track of album art in the Catalina update, really cool needing a third party app to know what album a song is from when listening on my iPhone Ocotillo Enthusiast
TechTweet24h Vijayawada, India @CobraGives You concept is just cool and I what to win iphone 11 I love technology 💻and l like to explore🌏 New innovations in technology every day and tweet them follow me on Twitter for more updates i will follow you💯💯
colonel_montoya @MC_of_A Since they aren't going after emoluments, when a CEO of Apple is elected president in the future, it's cool when he or she keeps their day job and then mandates every federal worker and soldier is outfitted with an iPhone, iPad, airpods, etc. at taxpayer expense. Awesome. the going rate on my head is a shiny new donkey
brill_inst Lavrov is going to give Trump a cool case for his Iphone that keeps it charged and always open. A prophet works by answering questions, and few are appreciated in their time. I Am Adept2u Ascendant prophet for my people. $Adept2u if the answer is valuable
AARHDREAL @itsgauravmishra @Jon4Lakers And I'm not saying one is "better" than the other. I can have an iPhone anytime I want from now on. It's just cool to have options depending on our needs, you know. Both are terrific at this point. All things Tech + Androider + iOSer! 😜 Instagram: aarhdcwb
UncleMohamz Nigeria Android vs Iphone is similar to Nigeria vs The abroad. On both phases lies success but people will not rate you well if you are not using an Iphone or in the abroad. But then all the above are actually cool depends on you. But if you can afford it, use any and travel oo Your Regular Guy || Volunteer @thefamefdn || 📧: meetmrahmed@gmail.com
mboylan Santa Clara, CA Was just walking around The Domain tonight and snagged this cool night mode shot of Restoration Hardware. Night mode on iPhone 11 Pro is really impressive! Device management consulting engineer @Apple for education/enterprise markets. Views are completely my own. I have a male cat named Precious.
NYRfan4ever @Apple @tim_cook @pschiller Loving my iPhone 11 Pro can't wait to take lots of pics and vids of our Hanukkah celebrations! Love my Apple Watch Series 5 Titanium as well (bought at Apple Park which is super cool. that place is rad) #LoveApple #AppleFanForLife
shahroozme Iran @kiarash_zar sharing clipboard between the iPhone and your Mac is so cOol. it is called handoff. Maker • Developer • React • Interested in startups, tech, and learning • Social 🤘🏻
sirkaiwade Bonn, Germany @UnboxTherapy @latercase This is just plagiarism. I'm a fan of the channel but this isn't cool :/ Imagine a Chinese iphone rip-off company claiming they asked apple to collaborate on a product and apple didn't reply so they went ahead and made the same thing. Not plagiarism? Moderator & Bot Dev for @SteelSeries | I do some cool stuff for @ReadTLDR | SirKaiwade#1714 on Discord | @SirKaiwade on Instagram |
Res3387 Australia @MehNameIsFrog @benthejoe @Gwilosteez @KGoodliff @officialimicca @SuperSaf iPhones support wireless and wired (just like others), and boosting the speed is cool, but not innovative and breaking news. You can buy a good charger for your iPhone just like any phone. 15 years old; interested in UI/UX designs, codes in JavaScript and Python. Also likes to build Android ROMs as well as hackintosh PCs and laptops. That's me!
DannyDungarees Brighton, England @imidescence It’s so cool! the guitar you hear at 0:38 (and throughout the song) on Birds is an iPhone recording of Robert playing the guitar! 🏳️‍🌈he/him - I witnessed Rex Orange County perform crank that by Soulja Boy live // priv @dansterdungaree //@TEETHCLOTHING
KareBearScare Manhattan, NY @MikeDBigworm @theoc2ps @mviser Cool, another berner who has no idea what “corporate lawyer” (I’m not one) or a “litigator” is. And see that iPhone in your hand and basically every product you use? You’re welcome. Or stop buying them. Veritable pistol. Xennial. Phish fan. Litigator for companies you know. NY Mets make me want to stick head in oven. Yup, that’s an RBG scarf.
HEINTZMANEWS957 K'jipuktuk (Halifax), NS @macinnis_erin One of the most ridiculous things the iPhone/Apple does is put all these cool features into their devices & apps, and then doesn’t bother to ever tell anyone about them. Ever. It’s the most absurd marketing fail. Morning Reporter at @NEWS957 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Opinions are mine & retweets =/= endorsements. Story idea? dave.heintzman@rci.rogers.com (He/His)
goeo_ @hbkirb @fr0st it's not too bad. certainly better than what i had and stuff like the notchless 1440p90hz amoled display or the 30w fast charging you just can't have on an iphone. the hardware is really cool, the phone looks ok, but android... it's just, it feels like it could get so much better
GuyDebord13 So I have the iphone XR, pretty cool right? Well apparently not..according to Apple and the rest of the world, I must have the newest phone even if the one I have is completely fine. The production of things is the spectacle at work.
Mood_b4_Coffee @AdamParkhomenko "Cool phone bro, is that like an iPhone 11 or something? Pretty sweet!, is it the phone you use regularly?.... *Takes phone and runs* Give me coffee and afford me a spot from which to critique society. Analytical. Observant. Peaceful. Reserved. Pursuant of a better self. Christian. Father.
MiguinG_ @hsieh_zachary Wow! An iphone giveaway is cool but... CUSTOMIZED AND WITH THAT COOL ART?! MAN! That's a must have 😍🥰😂 TWICE JJANG!
kojo_wiase Accra Let me use this opportunity to inform u guys that Business is still on going brand new iPhone Xs Max ,11 and 11 Pro Max available for cool price for 64gb,256gb and 512gb.Swap is allowed for neat iphones .Call/WhatsApp-0243786435 #cardibinGhana #YearOfKebab #Shattawale #Sark Am a human being ✌🏾😎
brittdrehobl CHICAGO For the record: this is the first time in HISTORY I have gotten a new iPhone when it was the latest model (because my lolololol6s was dying) and also the first time I have EVER felt so cool 😂😭 YS Librarian & Writer At Large. She/Her(s). @sljournal Reviewer. @RCYRBA Evaluator. Slytherin. Virgo. Swiftie. All opinions are my own.
PorkchopSavage Me: I’m training an 80 year old at work and he’s much better with his iPhone than you are. Dad: cool. Is he woke tho? don’t come near me if you stink like crap
jaarya7 @UnboxTherapy @latercase My iPhone 8 plus case is really dinged up, would love to rock a @latercase if it had one, please Lew the later case is really cool and i really want one for my phone as well!! hi im on twitter now
ShotWilliam Superior, CO, USA Cool clouds in Colorado today..... this is looking towards Golden and the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge and was shot with an iPhone and the new DJI #osmomobile3 over 30 minutes.... #timelapsevideo #colorado… A Colorado Sports Photographer...used to be #Bartender, and PTSD/TBI survivor who enjoys capturing life in photos!!! #RAWArtist
Green_Mario2 Kaysville Utah @HarVTapL The trade off is iPhone with lots of cool and creative emojis, with a one hour battery life, or Android with 12 hour battery life and less emojis. Just a normal person doing normal things in a fun way
marvelou91 Italy @itsamberstweet1 my friends has an iPhone 8 and it’s soo cool, the quality of the camera is amazing and I think it’s so much prettier than the iPhone 7 𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐰𝐞’𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐛𝐲𝐞, 𝐰𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐬. 🌊 FAN ACCOUNT 🌊
E_mmanuelM Mo Spacing @MirthxM there is that, the “cool/prestige” factor because people are still using di iPhone 6,7 now. And they still look good! Not a lot are using Samsung 6,7. Look, my colleague, whose the IT manager always throws shots at us iOs users on our group. And we ain’t moving! That’s that😂 *under construction*
Glittertooth Providence, RI I’m pretty sure networking these days is putting on a nice outfit and standing in a cool room with iphone Mulatto in skinny jeans. Illustrator and an editor of Purity: A Post-Yaoi Anthology. antifacist|transman|good boy|likes a coffee|can be 🔞 pandabtiger@gmail.com
lethaljoe Lincoln / London @Taylorr1114 iPhone is you want to waste money. Samsung if you want an all around solid phone. Pixel 3A or 4 if the camera is the most important thing. OnePlus 7t pro - I recommend to everyone. If you take notice then cool. But do some research. Won't be disappointed and save some money. The names Joe | 22 years old | Wrestling obsessed - AEW/NXT | Linkin Park fanatic | Freelance Photographer /Video Editor | Creative direct of @mindseyemediagb
DamianObsession Canada I haven’t charged my phone in 37 hours and it’s finally on 20% now and I’ve been using quite a bit 😮 iPhone 11 is pretty cool. I’m Ashley. Welcome to the unofficial fan page dedicated to Damian Lewis (@lewis_damian) ❤️ I make fan art, memes, gifs, wallpaper, etc..
jautry7 Texas, USA unpopular opinion: twitters app is actually really good. it always remembers where you were on the tl even if you haven’t opened the app in a while, it’s got cool little animations and good design & it’s a good mix of twitters brand and style + looking like a regular iPhone app take a forkin sip babes
preemptivelymad Idaho, USA Having Apple Music is cool and everything cause it means you for sure have an iPhone. BUT it’s like, the android vs iPhone, except it’s for Apple Music vs Spotify. It’s all very confusing. Just, have an iPhone & use Spotify. I’m mostly upset
dexsters560 Vecumnieki, Latvia Its funny how the new generation want the most modern gadgets what are out now like ihpone 11 and samsung s10+ (my baby sis is 5 y.o.) and wants a iphone 11 yet when i was young i used a flip phone and my parents got me a smartphone i was like: i want my flip phone back ,its cool 18, Pc and Mobile gamer xboxlive: Dexsters56, mc player , always happy to meet new people. CODM: Dexsters56 Youtuber/Streamer 💖@GWMASTERKIM💖
Mr74034767 Ohio, USA @RemyJSchultz @ZubyMusic Thats a very naive thought. 25k is literally nothing in terms of wealth. New iPad, iPhone, computer,bunch of crap from Amazon to make everyone think you are cool and you have 10k left. Can't start a business with 10k anymore. Conservative. I put the B in lgbt. truth seeker. no BS type. #2A I'm loud.#TRM I dont hold back often. proudly blocked by @mitchellvii and @cernovich #posers
alricthompson St. Ann, Jamaica iOS13 is pretty cool on the iPhone but messy and buggy on the iPad. wassup with that Apple? I'm the survivor of the ship that sunk in the desert...I wear the anchor around my neck. #TEAMStrong
shengchalover @nthstate Incredibly cool! Taptic Engine is such a distinctive feature of iPhones / AW. Working with their CH API was 🥙! I am currently working on a Breathe app for iPhone, and your tool is a missing piece needed to recreate the full experience! SwiftUI, biohacking
yasucrapakehara Tokyo, Japan Actually, iPhone is not the first smartphone, but this release was the important turning point for us. It suggested new, cool and attractive lifestyle. So, tech is measure, not purpose. IT engineer engaging in Elderly Health care IoT (AgeTech). Hobbies: Badminton, Piano, Boardgame, Traveling, Hot spring, Gym, Online English, Igo.
calmwarriorJA San Diego, CA @SiriusStarSpark Is it cool. I’m sure you got a iPhone. Bro this week I typed hoeing and that damn phone posting hiring😂🤣😂 I heard em talking hella wreck less - Jeezy
OtterMars Chicago, IL @OptimalVenus i haven’t really looked into that new phone much. it seems pretty cool but i think instead of getting any of those get the iphone 11 or 11 pro. the 11 is pretty cheap (compared to other iphones) and its still a really good phone with some hella sick features ⭐️professional viber ⭐️ 15 ⭐️ follow my (joke) AD @OtterMarsAD ⭐️ he/him ⭐️ banner @OliveTheYeen
kingschmaltz Chicago I don’t like supporting huge companies that use cheap Chinese labor and pay no taxes, but my new iphone is seriously impossible to run down the battery on. I use it all day and it’s like, “cool, 68%” survivor; he/him; “Don’t tell me what to tell people what to do!”
JohtenSaiyan Murica @RikudouFox Btw there is a pretty cool app on Iphone that is like spotify.... but for free and has no ads. It puts like a computer on your phone and you can download music off of youtube with it. I will shoot you the link if youd like. Christian. A guy who talks a lot of trash in video games. If I can’t stand you, you will know. I hate RPers, (PS backstories for OCs isnt RP) JoJo is Best Anime
VerdantDreaming Fandom My son's choir won a contest, and will be featured on a local news station, which is really cool. But now he keeps mentioning how he's basically famous so he needs an iPhone to talk to people. boring weirdo also known as Rochellena in some parts