Iphone is cool

Iphone is cool.

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HazeyTey Baltimore @badashhxo I feel you I made the transition from Samsung to iPhone a few years back. The only advantage I’ll give iPhone is the apps work better but as far features Samsung definitely better. I don’t care to customize and all that so iPhone is cool for me Hazey Tey Let The Beat Bang!!! SUBSCRIBE to For Monthly Access To Beats!!! For Beats/Inquiries: hazeyteybeatz@gmail.com
brandosando7 Illinois I love and hate 2FA New iPhone is cool though. 29 | CFO @grindincoffeeco | Gamer | Wifey: @crapidklmao ❤ | Hi Lucid
usman__haruna Ilorin/Lafiagi Trenches @Sir_muba @Bethel1997 @Kynsofficial I love you guys conversation 🙂. Very engaging.... In the end, to enjoy those features, you go extra miles and that's definition of stress 😬 😂 iPhone is cool sha.. no doubt, overrated? Yes!! Threads *. Influencing *. Tech *. . . . . . . . . . Funemployed😔|Nupe♥️| BUK🎓 |✍️@naijanews
TierraDeDulce The new iPhone is cool and all but the camera lens give me the heebie jeebies😵‍💫😵‍💫 hi (:
Zacachu Ohio, USA This new iPhone is cool and all but the amount of times I have accidentally mistaken the dynamic island as the search bar is embarrassing Full time Gaga Stan and scientist on the side
AdamQuesnell Van Nuys, CA I’m supposed to be too cool to give a crap about like phones, but iPhone 14 is just a big fast iPhone4 and FFIV Pixel remaster is a revelation so I guess I give a crap about a phone now. I don’t feel good about it. I tell jokes and write scripts. If you pay me to do either of those things (or to be on camera) you won’t be disappointed.
ShaverKarea @Light_Yagami987 @HarrisonAdAstra @awoobydogepound 🧹😂🤭😊🐢🐢🤔 at this whole exciting new iPhone era of automobiles be someone else's problem LOL this is really cool though thank you very much I appreciate it and that I mean sincerely most of the time I'm sarcastic :-) Find some peace, random acts of kindness are contagious, nature finds a way..love the world 🌍
steven_aquino San Francisco, CA I’ve been testing the iPhone 14 since Wednesday of launch week, and it’s been with me to two states in that time. (I hope @JoannaStern is proud of me for this.) Anyway, my review is up now. The Dynamic Island is cool as hell. Please read and share! Disabled person and AX expert. Freelance tech reporter covering accessibility and assistive tech. Bylines at @ForbesTech @TechCrunch @iMore and elsewhere.
OfficialKingEth Costa Mesa, CA @barkmeta 🍎 is trash. I bought my first iPhone (13 mini 512mb) and had it almost a year. First and foremost, I work from my phone and have to constantly have access to certain file types that iPhone just doesn't work with. It was such a headache. But iMessage was cool, that's about it. Web3 Professional OfficialQueen.Eth May1980 - May1989.Eth MyRefi.Eth MortgageFinance.Eth MyAuthor.Eth FindMyAuthor.Eth
Jack_Risley London, England It’s very cloudy in London but it’s still pretty cool looking up and knowing this is Jupiter, even if this is all my iPhone could manage ✨ Branded Footwear Buying @asos 👟 / Freelance Artist Liaison Music & Events
Ellie_S_04 I managed to get a few photos of Jupiter and it’s moons this is on an amateur telescope and an iphone camera but it’s still pretty cool 18 • NUFC • Sc: ellie-s04 💫 • 🔭🌙
alimofun West Coast About this piece: The crosswalk culture in New York City is amazing. Everyone is always looking so cool. To draw this, I kept posting up in the middle of the street, taking crappy iPhone photos to try and capture the moment of this chaos. Artist + NFTs + Murals + Apparel | Surfer & Snowboarder | Artist member @The_GhostClub | @FWBtweets member / US rep: Fillin Global | Shop + Contact👇
Pxlare_ Your walls @EDMIRE2k So close .... But I'm like 1000000% gonna get an Iphone for my next phone. Android is cool and all but I prefer the Iphone, just because everything is so much more refined and worked on. |Bababooey| I like designing things 🫠
gosuperscript London, England #Tech and #sport is a pretty cool combo. Just look at how #cricket umpires use the DRS to make tricky calls. And you can build a backyard DRS with ordinary items like an iPhone. Watch the video below to see @wecricket_ @danjadz_ and @_kezx give it a try. Business insurance, not like the rest. Daylight: Blog:
leehchanahch Mindoro minsan Batangas this is what my phone look like with iphone launcher enabled as default launcher. as u can see, its android on the lock screen but when u swipe up, iphone lockscreen will be seen, cool right? hahaha. and when i opened the twt app, notification bar came back to android 😂 jfyi I am not a multi. Please click & read the link on the website part (beside/below my location🔗) for more informations abt my prev account. Thank you! 🫰
HazeyTey Baltimore @badashhxo I feel you I made the transition from Samsung to iPhone a few years back. The only advantage I’ll give iPhone is the apps work better but as far features Samsung definitely better. I don’t care to customize and all that so iPhone is cool for me Hazey Tey Let The Beat Bang!!! SUBSCRIBE to For Monthly Access To Beats!!! For Beats/Inquiries: hazeyteybeatz@gmail.com
badashhxo Rihanna's @HazeyTey When you see the “android” people say they been had features they aren’t lying. But also Samsung doesn’t compare to basic android devices. it’s head to head with iPhone IMO. Both good phones, one is overhyped and behind and the other gets flack until the internet says it’s cool. Probably at the gym. 📍Detroit
daintyuniverse Atlanta, GA @dietmila There’s tiers to Androids. People never understand that. I have an iPhone but my boyfriend has the newest galaxy and his camera is literally better than mine😭 I’m heavily considering switching because the galaxy fold looks so cool •23 •Stoner •Black (Multiethnic) •Edtwt •Depression, Anxiety, BPD •I accept any pronouns •Pro-Recovery
ilyamiskov Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪 I hope you understand that while 48MP on a new iPhone 14 Pro is cool and all, it also means that camera’s light sensitivity got worse due to the decrease of the size of each pixel on the sensor. Technically 13 Pro should be better for low-light photography. Designer @Sketch • Tech enthusiast • Partnered streamer on @Twitch • All views are my own
olcan Palo Alto, CA @HenkPoley @julien_c very cool... somewhere in the thread he mentions that sequence takes 1h to generate on iPhone 12, and people were estimating 1/3 that on the iPhone 14. sounds pretty slow but i'm guessing there is room to optimize Tweets about people + machines. Building @EnjoyMindPage. Was Founder/CEO @ Scaled Inference. Was Engineer @ Google Search, Research, X, Brain.
a_fresh_shinobi Kolkata, India @tech_that_out The blacks and shadows have been lifted in the first pic to make it overall brighter. (iPhone or Oneplus) While the shadows and blacks have been maintained in the second pic, the colour temperature is very cool but the colours have been maintained. (Pixel) I Talk Tech, Make Music & Watch Anime! 🎧🌟 Intern @techpp | 📧For Business/Promotional enquiries: suman.rahul46@gmail.com
GOKU4HIRE BHARAT @Nimueh6 @xdadevelopers He asked cool android app Nova is cool. And if you think iPhone android or anyone not tracking u thn u are wrong they are tracking you ur data under the table but never admit cos if they do.. They ll loose users and ll collapse Hello, little initiative #HIRE4HAPPINESS Follow se achcha baat kariye. #stockmarket #mcoc (pro Merc globally) *Love to talk vid ppls (older ppl) and help them*
dalevon_digital Virginia, USA My iPhone just caught some seriously lag when trying to play some music. I should go on Twitter and call it a laggy piece of crap. Isn’t that what we’re suppose to do when a phone lags. Oh and my whole experience is crapty now. I just trying to keep up with the cool kids. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Published Photographer: I Also love ALL Tech, Music, Movies, Art(Drawing), Gaming (Xbox PS, & PC, Food, and cold weather. 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤪) Check out my channel.
ARTCvan he/him @iPhone13ProMax_ @hawk2k25 @itmeeshan hi twitter user that thinks making themselves an iPhone model is cool; Stage Manager is literally the most buggiest thing i’ve seen. oh and the iPhone 11 outperforming an Android tablet? can you guys run Linux or basic Windows emulation on your iPads? didn’t think so. small content 'creator' in the land down under | carrd linked down below
scibidoo Dharawal Country @mig_loren @bencmorrison I have my iPhone and iPad on Telstra SIM with shared data.255gb shared. It's come down over the years but the convenience of an esim when travelling is pretty cool. Still expensive if you just use the Apple provider interface. 🖤💛❤️ Grew up on Yirrganydji Country 👣 🏡Dharawal country - #BlackLivesMatter #indigenouslivesmatter #aboriginallivesmatter
Cool_Knights 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Heard from about 15 different founders and the best alpha I heard was that @ShiLLin_ViLLian is getting an iPhone Pixel Artist, crapposter, Web3 OG. Your favourite influencer follows me. 📭 DM’s open.
aaronmfisher Los Angeles, CA So now I’ll have TWENTY FOUR charging apps on my iPhone…. Cool. This is why we build @evpassport to not require an app or an account. Scan and Pay. CEO @EVPASSPORT to revolutionize EV charging. Formerly @SYPARTNERS, Obama @WHITEHOUSE, and @TWITTER.
thatheaterboy toronto I got the new iPhone 14 pro max, pretty cool phone. Only thing I care about is the battery life and it’s amazing even with the always on display harder you work, luckier you get.
A_olawale1 Blockchain I’ve noticed, My iPhone gets really hot when I’m outside to the point I’ll have to drop it for some minutes to cool off and the battery drops pretty fast too. Opposite is the case whenever I’m at home. Is this a thing for iPhones ? Or it’s my phone? Entrepreneur - Defi fanatic - Nft collector - FA. 1/321 @yogurtverse
ice8ball East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY More from #Techtember #Anker has this 100w portable charge / Surge protector. It is the size of an Ill-phone... I mean iPhone... and has two regular outlets on it. Really cool. I'll put that in my save for later. #Mini3pro #GoproHeroBlack9 #Insta360Go2. I shoot things up with #Nikon #Z6ii. #YouTuber - Brooklyn Jimmie. Working for that best dad ever cup for father's day.
foxfortmobile Antarctica The iphone 14 128GB is same price as the samsung galaxy zflip 4 (256GB) here. What would you recommend if someone is spending the $1175? The zflip does look pretty cool and futuristic and won't have the stupid limitations of ios. What are your opinions on it? iOS Tweak Developer (PortraitXI, Translomatic, Deluminator, Lumi,Netfence, Checkl0ck) Creator of @Blacksightapp, Nitefall
Dinkerbottle Crayola store @JustinCantName wow! i am liking this video and subscriibjign wow this is cool (give me my free iphone) I swim in circles (17) NSFW AND PROSHIP fork OFF!!
5dogs2catsBrown Tucson, AZ @biggrizzly2521 @kolachkes Cool! So much better than looking at a phone (even though mine is a lovely iPhone 12). My computer is awesome but it’s in the other room - and I also like to move around. HSU (CA), history 🌻 UA (AZ), Masters of Library Science 🌵 Ally🌈, love Mother Earth, support nonprofits, UU #AdoptDontShop #vegan #ProudDemocrat #MaskUp
coachbce iPhone 14 Pro without and with night mode is pretty cool ✨ #iphone14pro Investor💰 Father 👶🏼 Certified Life Coach🧠 Author of ‘Retired At 25: The Law of Attraction’📚 (tweets aren’t financial advice)
jim_delois New York, NY @RagingBrewer @Vadzilla3 @michaeljournals @CitizenFreePres There is a cool feature on your iPhone that you might be interested in. If you highlight a word and release your fingers, you can select an option named “Look Up…” Here is a screenshot of what it looks like on a random word I selected from your Tweet: I turn code into money and money into sandwiches. I'm just happy that everyone understands sarcasm.
ElijahCreative Budapest, Hungary Pure colors, clean text, sharp graphics. This is monoKrome. A cool 4-segment day progress bar plus a middle and bottom section jam-packed with info. Download @screenshot_pro @VideoleapApp #widgy #widget #apple #iOS #iPhone #weather #minimal #monochrome I create beautiful, quality iOS widgets for your phone. I am also a PowerPoint professional with 20+ years of experience.
RichieOgee CentralVille, Beninham City @Naija_PR ios where if the app is not in appstore, you can’t have it. Again, Samsung’s OLED display is better than iPhone’s. The pros of iPhone is the camera, the speaker, and the cool look of the software and hardware Rhythm applied poetry | Education | Graphic design | Interior design| Introverted extrovert | Free thinker | Sarcastic | CR7| 30BG| Manchester Utd 😈 OBIdient✊
TEASIZED @DUAPRESSlON hey lol *leans on expensive car that is a um very cool brand and looks at the time on my 400 karat gold rolex. pulls out my iphone 12 and looks at you through my louis vuttion sunglasses* 等価交換なんて?
FerrBrayan2 @Axerol_ @nothing @getpeid 2 new functions that should be cool to see on the nothing phone (1) the first is the Iceland of the Iphone 14 and the second the customization of the light jets of the Glyph...
der_chati Frankfurt am Main, Hessen Today I got my IPhone 14 Pro. Is so cool! I want to change a little from Samsung to iPhone bc is a little bit different than Samsung and my last iPhone was 4 S btw. XD. I am happy now 😄😁 21/I Love Furries and Werewolves/(DE/GER)🇩🇪/♡SFW♡ Emote Collector Steamer: Taken: @zSleepySad ❤🤍🐺Creatercode: Chatliner
JesseLiberty Acton, MA 01720 iPhone 14 pro. I thought the capsule was a gimmick, but now that I’ve been using the phone for a while, it is a terrific UI device. The camera is extraordinary and why I upgraded, but the capsule is very cool. Principal SW Engineer, Writer, Author. More at and
GertKracht Netherlands @RichardTaylorTV @iFilmmakers @mofilmmakers @MobileMovieMag @Apple @smartfilming Cool tip Richard. Thanks. My iPhone is supporting my other cameras with apps and I use it for making a photo or video with it when I want/need to. No reason to upgrade now. My Sony and Canon cameras are main. #Waddentrotter #Coaster - Landscape photographer & videographer. Friend of Stitch.
blessed_pison Kampala, Uganda Whenever it’s birthday, that’s when it hits me that I don’t have cool photos of myself. I am always taking nice photos of everyone else around me but never do I remember myself. The last time I asked a friend to take me a nice photo this is what came out. And he had iPhone 13 Pro Owaitu ni Sheema. Husband | Father | Christian | Computer Scientist | Banker| Photography| News, Music & Sports
ASSASSYN32X Absolutely an Xbot! FK SONY Some cool crap. Switched to iPhone from Samsung android. My mother bought the watch and gave me her old one. This thing is cool asf. Retired Air Force, gaming all day. Xbox & PC. Star Citizen. Professional Pilot, Avionics tech, historian Not into prolonged attachments UwillB muted eventually
saine_shafi Bengaluru, India #AmazonGreatIndianFestival is the real Pro, because apple fanboys like me can own new iPhone pro and still have both of their kidneys left intact 😌😌😌 Thank you Team @amazonIN #iPhone14ProOnAmazon Join @sameerghazi11 @dayalojha_ @cool_bindra @ujjawalkumar26 @athiraa_balan #CES2022 #hiking #trekking #hanabi @GiveAwayHost #iwonYuna @YunaPromotes_ #shopoholic #techlife #NFT #BTC #CryptoCurrency #since2017
saine_shafi Bengaluru, India @amazonIN #AmazonGreatIndianFestival is the real Pro, because apple fanboys like me can own new iPhone pro and still have both of their kidneys left intact 😌😌😌 Thank you Team @amazonIN #iPhone14ProOnAmazon Join Friends, @sameerghazi11 @dayalojha_ @cool_bindra @ujjawalkumar26 @Nittz_17 #CES2022 #hiking #trekking #hanabi @GiveAwayHost #iwonYuna @YunaPromotes_ #shopoholic #techlife #NFT #BTC #CryptoCurrency #since2017
RobertS79815265 @TejanoVaquero iPhone 14 as it won’t whore it’s self on the web for internet points. My ancestors would look down in shame on me if my woman posted her naked bottom online for internet points. They would look down at my iPhone 14 and think that thing is cool as crap. 2A absolutist. Defender of LARP. Basement dwelling dry fire-er.
ClyveRose Sydney, Australia @ememess Cool is not a thing once they’re born. You’ve provided your own upgrade and are now obsolete. Parents are all iPhone X. Christmas Secrets of the Soho Club - including The Case of the Black Diamond Part II - ORDER NOW for your secret link to Part I🌻#RomanceReaders
vilenhunt1404 The problem is ~ This generation can buy 1,00,000 rs Iphone for looking cool and for Instagram stories 🦠 But they don't want to invest these 1,00,000 rs in Stock Market 💸 Calculate what they are getting from i phone and what they can get from Stock Market 📈 #StockMarket Stock Market | Trader | Money Making💵
shadowbIood @skinnyrigid idk the iPhone 11 existed and came in *that* violet the best regular colours imo are both of the violets, 13 midnight, 13 pink (surprisingly), and actually that pastel 14 blue imo also product red is a staple and the 12 blue was quite cool, but the 13 blue is the worst blue ✢ listless vampire ✧ people dni ✧ inquiries: lucia@shadowblood.red ✢

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