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I think its cool.

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hansbrets @OzilThings i think its cool that people have fan accounts on players and that, but this is just outright pathetic
ZephyrStrife16 @Laura_K_A everytime JJ explains his thought process further proves to me how he makes up stuff as he goes along and has no idea what the hell he's trying to convey besides "well i think its cool so let me please myself!"
irlbedman @PodPlz ppl are such asses :/ i think its cool you made sth on your own, its super hard to do that. im working on sth on and off by myself and its just a study of an existing game but its rly hard to keep focused on it. if you ever want help on a project lemme know! im mir, guilty gear lore expert! he/him lesbian twink! im slavgoth on tumblr, i also have a gg blog at birthdaytrain.
chinantecindias Tongva & Kizh Land omg u have the most gentle and calm capricorn energy i have come across <3 I appreciate you so much bc ur so kind, open-minded, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. i look up to your involvement in food justice and Zapotec veganism. i think its cool that ur Zapotec and vegan bc it u No tengo patria. Tengo un pueblo y una comunidad transnacional. Chinantec-Zapotec | They/Them
eightiesrichie 22❣️she/her❣️lesbean i think its cool to have no followers cuz i can just yell into the void and no one sees it you're braver than you think you are
TFerrandino United States @gallangdon Nah I think its cool cause now you look a bit more like Michael :) he's blonde and he's not stupid. :)
MBH3757 Earth I forgot i had this laying around. Have you ever wondered what Shantae,Sky and Bolo looked like as kids well here is an idea someone thought of. I think its cool Sky has Wrench as a egg because you can say she has wrench on Preorder. SFM Artist and Novice Animator I do Gameplay,Commentaries and SFM animations on my youtube Channel.
auxculus I think its cool that the enviorment is getting better and all it took was us forking off for a couple weeks lmao ⏪ REWIND ////Visual Artist\\\\Videographer\\\\ AUX Visuals //// for business inquries auxvisualsofficial@gmail.com DM for commissions [YouTube below]
uniquelife101 Somewhere Drinking Water I respect these companies though who do small things like that to show they aren't just robots and react to the world... I think its cool Positivity Dork • Music Junkie • SAGITTARIUS AFreak • Introverted Extrovert • Southern Gent
E_Gahhd Owosso, MI @juunibug Well even average people can be cool, and probably all are in at least some way. Like i think it's super cool that you are good at MOBAs because i suck at them, i think its cool that you are good at art, yknow? Software Engineer and (just like everyone) a wanna be youtuber/streamer
sunfIirts i think its cool for dun dun and adios to reach 100M on different days :( so they break their own records rate your best friend : SUNMI ★★★★★
lTCHAPTERTWO 20 / they / 🇲🇽 / 15+ pls i think its cool you're trying to figure yourself out by going by she/her again and testing the waters! i support… — it’s probably me having a crisis bc this is my sole social interaction lately i don’t feel real good
60percent_OJ Vancouver, British Columbia @hiphoptakescase @StayTunedMedia_ Agreed. I think its cool that he hinted at it so much with reversed samples and drums and stuff. Vancouver Hip Hop Magazine. Articles Interviews Reviews Graphics
catgodsan atz pkm kunten acnh | 18+ lrt boring purpose poster aside theyre literally following the newest design trends.... who tf wants them to keep doing the same crap i think its cool that thehre always doing new stuff and i love that theyve started doing poster designs for sm artists for the hell of it 23, she/her –– i dont follow back if i cant find ur age on ur page | white people fork off
Bella43055017 @MeganPlays Can you add me on Roblox my user is mrsroblox12334 if you add me and I think Its cool when you trade pets to people stay safe
CANDY_KAIJUU Massachusetts, USA I think the reason im starting to dislike twitter more and more is the absolute violent horny/perverted energy associated with literally almost anything. Call me a tumblr feminazi femoid or whatever the fork but idk i think its cool to not objectify every woman figure possible. NESU Bowser main✨ friendly neighborhood lizard 💜@supercuts_ssb 💜 🍬illustrator 🍭she/they🍰🍑NSFW acc: @thick_lizard_🍑
autisticmicah he xe | sofi i think its cool and great and sexy when allistic writers throw in a bunch of autistic traits in their work i dont think theres anything wrong with that at all but when they write stuff that is like centered around a characters autism its kinda uncomfortablenotcute to me lesbianism is not a choice, it's a blessing!
TsukiyoYuuTDP @ShadowSwarm999 @Darryl_lazakar1 I think its cool, as little as I cared for Vassago this makes me more invested in his character and wanting to learn more はじめまして。わたしはゆうです。わたしはおたくです。よろしく。|| アニメ || アリス 💛キリト🖤 || ストライド@Blank_Stride❤ || #ソードアートオンライン
FamicomMaster2 The Second Dimension @Alpharad Not really a question, but i think its cool that youre from oklahoma since thats where im from and it inspires me to try harder since i know someone who doesnt even live 20 minutes away from me is out here with 2 mil subs My old twitter got shafted. It's time for rebuilding. Anyway, this is the official twitter page of World of Meli, and myself, well, Meli!
Desert_Doggo I'm not mad about an arms rep I think its cool and hopefully they are unique I just think it's weird cause I didnt know if that game actually did well or not Ganondorf main across all smashes. I play a lot of pokemon too. Wizard of Legend speedrunner. Occasionally see the sun. Rest In Paradise Miiverse
breadedonion @sinexander Hmmm, i would have to say for part 3 its easily star platinum cause he epic. For part 4 it would have to be the hand cause i think its cool how he can just open a small black hole. And for part 5..... S T I C K Y F I N G E R S discord:bready boi#7931/ 2nd/vent acc:@breadedonion2/ pretty bad at art but still trying/ my bristhor @krookaburras /pfp by @coksidraws
DittyLillie @jaydenbartels I think its cool! I love the time lapse and it would give me something fun to do and get some fresh air!🤩😁
T_Smoothhhh DE hey guys☺️i made my first solo mix of 2020 & i havent released one in like a year , and i think its cool. im a lonely , hopeless romantic w/ a dash of nihilism so idc if u read this & dnt give af but...here ya go anyway😄 🌐FREERADIO. founder. host. dj. Inquiries || asantesaunders@gmail.com
Dy_Ja_Sh @Noe31158907 I quite like it. I think its cool how it’d illuminate red when it feels threatened and blue when its calm. I like me some Godziller
BrainsickBlaze ARMS isnt that great but I think its cool af and love the music Yea, Im thinking I'm based. God-Fearing Ex-Gamer The Penultimate Free Thinker American Patriot Wild Card of the Movement Maniac, Genius @BrainsickeBlaze
oxaliix OK YEAH but BNA has like. both green and purple furries and i think its cool :) blob time | my names fir! | 16 | they/them | multifandom hell | rt-heavy | i draw sometimes
5hirona New Jersey, USA i should say this for posterity, i was 100% wrong about the kingdom hearts franchise, i think its cool as hell and all the chuuni crap in it is right up my alley to between stream GHOST by DECO*27
joshcoolguy I think its cool I could press boulders above my head but goddam I miss doing the big 3 I honestly feel purposeless I've devoted all of my mind and body to powerlifting for nearly 4 years (kinda corny but yeah..) die in flames
softitty she/her | 18 | tw ed @orbitlbs yea i guess i just have a cultural or historical view of it!! i know its a religion its just that christianity took over @ the time when norse gods were worshipped and im atheist so i just NSJDJSJSJ but i think its cool that norse gods are being interpreted by modern religions:) this is an eating disorder vent account don’t expect me to make sense
ryoushimazaki 20. they/he ✧ hdr: @osheeets i think its cool that i experience lucid dreaming so easily ive been aware im dreaming in my own dreams several times now and i could do what i want in it as well. though it doesnt apply to my nightmares for some reason l art: @chizucube | shimazaki struggle tweets official
NerdPokerQuotes Glinishmore .@MsSarahGuzzardo: Who you are is like "Do I actually like heavy metal or am I just pretending because I think its cool and really I want to go to Back Street Boy concerts" Thats figuring out who you are, not "Oh I might have been sent to kill your father-" @NerdPokerPod s3 ep 61 Unofficial Fan Account for @NerdPokerPod. Support the best podcast this side if Glinishmore on Patreon 👇 (EW=Earwolf)
kadinsswitch Portland, OR @TheQuartering idk i think its cool @TheQuartering is branching out more and finding more topics to talk about. Rest of youtube is dead so im happy with his content. Kadin Shinos Switch Posts
yoonkimqi ur ass 4378. hello >:) thank u for being a good friend and sticking with me for so long 🥺 ur so nice to me :(((( i think its cool that u write. i could never 🥴 lov u <3 uh who are u?
JaidaImHi 804 @LyricTheLegend_ No issues. If your person trusts u and has no reason to think otherwise i think its cool.. some ppl truly are just friends w their exes aquarius. fly high floss.. #ncat
brellom echo in overwatch is hot and i think its cool that there's an official gijinka for an amazon product in a video game NSFW Illustrator. The Female Link Artist. [avatar] @Satellite_09 | [banner] @psuedofolio [side] @brellom02
DataErase Seattle this is gonna sound kinda full of myself but i think its cool to be followed by people who i think are cool and to have them like my tweets and im like "wow! cool!" digital multimedia artist & absolute cursed bitch. glitching things since 2012.
higgzorz Indianapolis, IN @rabbitcrime i think i tried it once cuz i think its cool but i got rly annoyed and didnt like it lmao..wish i was u 28 he/him my rat look is getting so good
duke_mode @Bulldogwgr @WGR550 i think its cool u and ur wife have a personal retreat area of the house.
tasmachine ☕ London, England @iiHugoYT first impression: Very nice guy ur nickname in my head: just Hugo i guess u are my: Good friend, trickjumping and mario expert, and all around great person to be honest: i think its cool that you made your own banner and profile picture! should u post this too: dont, its long 📺 @Twitch Affiliate • 🤸‍♂️SMO Trickjump Beginner • 🎮SMM2 Obsessor • 🌈Biromantic (They/Them) • Read @Tas_Twitch bio • @rubenthepichu is cool • 💜◝(⁰▿⁰)◜💜
nyanposting yoyle city / care a lot i think its cool how liek. water is really important in slime rancher. like ok so water is used to calm down slimes and can even put out a fire slime's fire but they only ever kill tarrs, who have like super concentrated slime energy or whatever since theyre three slimes in one aster ✦ she/her ✦ bi ✦ minor ✦ artist ✦ animator ✦ proud twophobe
YoBlockTheater Denton Texas i like catgirl designs because i think its cool to be like a human and being able to do human things but have cool cat ears and a tail in the process Grey/Grey Knight ★ 16 ★ Cis Female ★ She/Her ★ Grey-AroAce ★ Cookie Run: HHLDB2418 Grey Knight/Khonjin on miiverse clones @ShadowCate is my cat
GentaroILYSM Diasomnia @SAERANLUVBOT QUEEN (OF FURRIES) U LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL IN BOTH AND I THINK ITS COOL ACTUALLY KDKDKDKDDK YumenoGentaro ♡ Malleus is my King Ace_||_Kazu_||_Belphie_||_LingXiao ✯TwistedWonderland✯HypMic✯MLQC✯ ObeyMe✯A3✯MysMe✯ゆきえ
seazonedbeef @alexiajewel88 I went out to 3 Modells stores and people actually bought up work out equipment.. I think its cool.. Flexxfitcock aka 420BANGUS SELF BOOKING @seazonedbeef@gmail.com or DM Fitness & forking
TiaraReigns I think its cool to be cool w your ex, im cool w just about all my exes but i think its a respect thing to just leave them alone when theyre dating someone. You should be fine not contacting them and if youre not... youre probably more than just cool w them and in that case 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️ Enneagram 4 // ig: paramaicanlife //
tellmarh Your Retina @thecableng @nassnigeria @HouseNGR I think its cool. They shouldn't get tested. Make Dem Sha dey their house o. They can visit other senate members and aso rock and some governors and local government chairmen. They should also visit NNPC office. 🙂 hoping for a better Alaigbo #FixSouthEastStates #FixAlaigbo
paulswaj Georgia, USA @JAJimenez27 I think its cool what you're doing, though I already have some autos of yours, 2 TC /25 and a Bowman Purple /250 Father of 2 first, Card Collector and Detroit Sports Fan second!
TFerrandino United States @theaussiegal_1 I think its cool though :) but wonder why he's in L.A. in the first place. Hmm. Aw wish he would have met Cody Fern. That'd be cool. (Cody reminds me of him.) But I still think its awesome :) as long he's safe and Cudi is too, then its all good :)
1sealee United States I think its cool!!! You are SHOWING your spirit and from an appropriate social distance!!! #NotAlone #GOD🕊 #Fam/🐕 #America1st #KAG2020 #NRA #CoalMiners #Patriot #DAR #UDC #Oystermen #ChesapeakeBay #Constitution SicSemperTyrannis #NeverForget #NoSanctuary
bitraxius Scandinavia @saifedean I think its cool and awesome 😭 (huge fan of the book btw) 33 Gay Married Artist Programmer - Don't be cruel - Cheerleader for @mises and #Bitcoin - More libertarian than you - Big brother to ❤️@thebrownsun❤️ -18+