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SentinelMusic_ Okinawa, Japan I think its cool alot of companies are speaking out and using their platform to spread awareness but how come now they are all talking but when Hong Kong protests were happening why so many were silent? Living Vibrantly and to the fullest in Okinawa. Ai/Hanamaru/Maki Oshi #SanHolo4Life #JVNATION #HanamaruMiraiZura #OkinawaVibes #Nijigasaki
blushijima 18+! • read carrd byf! anyways do yall have any special talents? mine is i can cry on demand and i think its cool ☺️☺️ darlin' 夢が叶ったの ♡ #bIackIivesmatter
IAMMADEOFPASTA1 costco im sorry if you disagree but i don't care for Xenoblade chronicles definitive, like i think its cool and i don't dislike the game but I'm not gonna buy it terrria, yokai watch and BFDI fan| minor | Nintendo fanboy | doesn't take any part of twitter serious| self-proclaimed egg| flan in banner made by @Geo_Artz
genewehhew New Orleans, LA I think its cool that there is going to be a social media site for artists and stuff but I hate the name of it pillowfort stinks as a name Video games | Anime | Mecha |gay | learning to draw mostly video games please don't follow if you are under 18
sukhminderx @austinbarnes96 I think its cool to learn javascript.. but u have to be patient.. dont jump directly to react.. get familiar with what javascript is..and then u can develop websites(react/angular, node), apps(react natice or progressive web app), desktop app by using openfin 💻 Full Stack JavaScript Technologist - 📖 Author of 'A Sonnet to Dynasty' - 📱 - 🌐 - 📍 Batala, Punjab 143505
hellakage your mom @tangehina LOLOLL WELL I THINK ITS COOL but ppl say it determines ur personality and thats a little weiRD ☀︎ she/her ☀︎ naruto ☀︎ haikyuu ☀︎ hxh ☀︎ etc ☀︎
MissDorii I turned around and asked them why they said the n-word......it got silent the girl right next to me said because "oh I don't know its fun....I think its cool". so he asked me if it bother I said yes. his buddies were all quite and he said " alright ill stop saying it then". Braddock ColorGuard 🐾🏴 She/Her/Ella 💕
drifterlovemail jacob + he/it i know this doc is rly annoyingly written but im lazy abt rewriting it. i think its cool to arrive to deaths gate and have it catered to u so its a rowboat on a river or a hearse on a street or other crap. im happy abt this aspect @marepolaris: maybe you should go sit in your pocket dimension for a maximum of 10 minutes once a day and then you'll calm down • rp twitter • @greatgrimaldi
discount_mid Kansas @penisdefiler looool jordan has a set of those salad cutters, those are cool. he has a Mk5 GTI and i think its cool. and youre right lol i forgot the 7.5, there are definitely cool features, they just arent topping the 4. classic golf look no it isnt
casheebaby the best coast i think its cool companies are doing what they can to berespectful. maybe its a delay in a release or just an announcement of their support - thats huge right now and we need that support so shut the fork up about your stupid goddamn video games bro. kinda hot in these rhinos .
poop71601969 @realchlmt i think its cool for creator to use their platforms to bring support and awareness to important events and movements.
FuchsiaLOL Nederland @luxmeris @Smol_Riri @PocketLux @riotgames I love playing with girls i think its cool they play games and that its cute Sami best friend ❤
Big_Head_Dame @PaigeKeselowski I think its cool...these races are a novelty and a historic time in our sport and the world.
jennaisntfunny justice ok, call me homophobic. i still came out of the closet 2 forking years before you did. and im not "gay" just because i think its cool. "you can be bi and still homophobic" yeah my forking ass #justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter
Fate26629584 Idaho, USA am i the only one amazed by Anonymous and their work? yes? okay...i think its cool. reminds me of a movie i watches. theyre Hacker Vigilantes 😂😂😱 Taken💓Add my snap-fatefelt0204 chat me up and les vibe!❤️🌸👉👈
BlazingEnton @ProtectorKazuya @ThermalGears @SenpaiHoly I think its cool that they put that what if scenario, I wouldn't say its impossible that they could possibly have a zamasu and gogeta one in the future ye
beelzbby between beel's huge tiddies 🤸 GUYS!!! i saw @bakacherr doing this and i think ITS COOL 🧐 SO LETS INTERACT drop a gif of ur fav anime and I’ll hand write a message for ya!! 👹 (with a question to get to know u as well 😘👋) if THIS FLOP i WILL CRY (+ bokutos bottom for clear skin 🤸) #MAMMON: road work ahead? uh, yeah. i sure hope it does. | genderfluid and pansexual — any pronouns | eng | brazilian ✨
idontcare7494 @DearDemira And I think its cool some ppl are taking it well but I just dont see it as something that will help change the world for the better We live, we die, and death not ends it
Silverpathic Soviet State Of New York @SoulReb01429788 Do i fight racism. 🤔 im attempting to prevent you from falling for it all. You can preach to people, they have to be smart enough to understand it. I you can only do that if they are willing to listen. Most wont. Do i think its cool? I think and you can go through my Two wheels, open road, and the smell of gun powder.... The life! #KAG2020 #WalkAway #ThinkForYourSelf
ashii_txt i think its cool that i slept an entire day of my weekend away and goals tbh bot. ai curated tweets for your viewing pleasure. i also post better than ashii icon by @fauvfox
gem_junhee i think its cool that anon is back and everything, but i do question how legit that all is. dont lose sight of the real ppl everyday that fight against systemic racism in order to incite revolution. revolution is an action, not a noun
King_Seda @LikChan 5 is perhaps more interesting than good. It is really weird both mechanically and in its dystopian tone. I think its cool if only because it is so strange, but I certainly see why several people bounce right off it. I'm Seda in most places on the web. I am the Reviews Editor @RPGSite . Scientist by day. He/him. Contact: adam@rpgsite.net
momgrab i think its cool that people are going to the protests, having a nice time, and then going home for dinner on a Healing Journey ⇝ 🦷 ⇢ ⇢
bermyshot22 @hazyhoranxx I think its cool and I hope they fork it up👀 I Talk crap
NoorSetFree @J_Carlos_Rubio8 @dcchiller @_ReaalAmerican_ @realDonaldTrump @lgutwein99_31 i worked w/an italian woman who knew no english.We traded words, learning of each other's languages. she was so self-conscious no 1 understood her thick accent. In Jamaica, there is a Reggae-inspired dialect. And Yiddish. I think its cool when folks evolve a language. In 2019, my soul entered a Monastery of the Heart When they go low, we go high. Lady Obama #Contemplation #Interfaith #Music #Activism #Politics They/Us
AdentaZhet @_owula i think its cool tho, buh classifying it under poor not intelligence is my problem , how can a poor future professor go and learn how to sow because of being poor All Trending News 😋 Liverpool Fann Muxiq 🎶 We dey inside 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Muxiq lover We dey inside 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
SALEMWHANG they/he/it one time i saw s6xn9ne or however you spell it at lenox before he got big and i couldnt remember who he was but he radiated bad energy so i think its cool if lenox burns for letting him inside contrary to popular belief i am an angel $gothkidkin
Healstation @YandeRoseBtw @XingKazma I think its cool and funny personally. Nothing like a big male cast trying to dance XD
40pcmcnuggets he/him🌈 i gotta train my ADHD brain to not ignore text on tweets when looking at images cus ill retweet a picture i think is neat not paying attention to the comment whatsoever and it says some weird suspicious and wild crap like "i think its cool to stab the elderly" black lives matter fork blue lives • 27/FTM/BI+/POLYAM • @valenwinds☁️ • icon @Rodenka_
mwohnstax 꺼저 i think its cool that some of u are interested in learning korean and use kpop as a means to practice it, but i gotta say its becoming increasingly annoying seeing some of the replies under the official account please learn boundaries when it comes to culture and language ... 나 한국 사람 맞아요 대한민국 민증 소유자 맞다고 | 🇰🇷🇺🇸 | ⑦ | ᴀʟʟ ᴛʀᴀɴsʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴs ᴀɴᴅ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴘʀᴇᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴏᴡɴ
Kryton Texas, USA @Sweetcheeks_Yvi To be fair it came out September of 2013 on 360 and PS3. So yeah your issues are valid but I think its cool. I still play it on PS4 and PC. Though I am playing RD2 and COD. TGIF😄 Husband, Father, wrestling fanatic, Sithlord. Geek of anything geeky
JaeFredericks Johannesburg, South Africa @vaccines34 My two are tattoed up and I think its cool Im on sm to learn and understand from likeminded people about the times we live in and our world! Im not here to get personal with anyone!!!
Iimbnursery uk , 19 , he/him that thing nu metal singers do where they just stand there and VIOLENTLY SHAKE THEIR BODIES well i think its cool negative creep . acab . blm .
prfivce @yutknmyds i love having a digital diary and i think its cool that u guys read my thoughts (idk why thats cool but eh) but im so sorry all of it is abt me not having friends brain dump, grammar not present
tyson_draven Hell @lewis_jaffa @redmercy 🤡🤡🤡 if i respond the way i want to you’ll just call me a “tough guy” so all imma say is imma keep inting and all the clown emoji’s u send aren’t gonna faze me, guy. Nor do i think its cool i just do whatever i want LOL. i'm a 1-trick draven player who streams league, boxes, and watches anime. my life is nothing more. come watch me crap on every adc and supp
DeathlyPrice crap Creek, USA @cryptichippie @rei_burger no, i dont get off to the things i post, i just think they look cool, and i repost it because i think its cool, it has nothing to do with me "Sexualizing Underage Kids" they are drawings. Edgyboi, Serial Rei Poster, Semi Professional crapposter.. Don't take anything I say seriously, unless said otherwise. Nerv HQ Discord:
_vetex Pennsylvania @Karma99311751 I heard about it and I think its cool 20 / Indie developer / Creator of Arcane Adventures, @AdvStoryGame and more / Currently working on World of Magic
scanduscolin Cleveland, OH @Official_Mole crap, I think its cool, he's definitely not taking LTs spot haha. But my team is like maxed right now and I want him on special teams over Hendricks for that hit power, speed and block shed. Feeling dangerous.
nikolhye i think its cool how people in germany and other non-americans still stand with us #BlackLivesMatter candy... you’re sweet like candy 🍭
WeeabooDude4200 @Frances92231984 @Theshells1111 @CTVNews I have autism and I think its cool I will be the hokage of the hidden leaf villiage... BELIVE IT
wryburning dane | he / they jus so people on here know im changing my name 2 be dane on most of my accs just because i think@its cool and its my middle name once in a blue moon, i make a funny tweet, otherwise im retweeting vld, dr and other stuff
YodaLord3001 South Africa @bethechange96 @Lucas_A_Olson @TheLaurenChen Did i say i think its cool? I said its worlds apart. Buildings were burnt. Bussinesses destroyed and looted. During this virus imagine waking up to ur little store being completely burnt to a crisp or looted. People may starve due to the actions of the rioters Big Head | Videographer, Video Editor, I like to make youtube videos: youtube
notagamcqhen 🦈 she/they/he▪15▪acab▪blm 🦈 @XESBlAN as long as you have it on your account somewhere and u show support i think its cool!! im just talking about those who fake support ✿ @tenkcchabashira that's the plan, sparkles ✿
ankleknuckle RockKalb/Youngstown i dont expect it to be interesting to anyone outside of youngstown, and tbh i dont even know how many people inside of youngstown would care but i think its cool and its the kind of thing i wouldve loved when i joined the scene, and i wanna make it (he/him) friend of everyone in youngstown till i tell them they statistically suck at the game
opticalzoomer @IsekaidSky i think its cool but tbf blacks arent saying ”hmm this is how to dismantle neoliberal capitalism” they just have an excuse to steal and burn stuff. and the companies prob dont lose any money its covered by insurance anyway
dilfbh 21 she her / exo • snsd • rv i think its cool to see SNSD related tweets go viral and blow up everyday baekhyun .
tauttie Michigan, USA i think its cool how so many people are now watching avatar again, this is an extremely common opinion, but i love the show. last summer i watched it all in one shot over 3 days, and since then i *think* its been my favorite piece of animated media, probably jomny test (he)
salad_fingers93 @SoaRJonnyy Nah bro i think its cool that people are this insanely good at the game. I am not and i still get into the same lobbys as them 99% of the time
Penguin_Pixels hah @elonmusk Great Job Im not american but I think its cool that humans will never stop advancing and Elon Musk is proof of that gameing (if your interested in my art peep it on my insta: )
DiamondOnacor The Agency Thoughts on Pathfinder edition? I think its cool and will pick it up eventually. I play video games, Also I am a huge fan of Fortnite, Apex Legends, Roblox and Nintendo! (Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, etc.)

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