I think its cool

I think its cool.

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cocosworld Earth Thanks guys! And also thanks for all the love over there! I think its cool that almost everyone on the show is for #TeamCoco😘 5'2 Super Mom to Baby Chanel & to 2 bulldogs.IceT's better half.Model for 21 years. Fitness guru. Business women. Shoe Freak that loves 2 clean! #IceLovesCoco
elmineering @havehopehut Hi @havehopehut I am seeking to learn Nigerian pidgin... I think its cool, any books that I can refer to? Thanks
loveydoveypup playing with trains @Kaelyrhn I think its cool! But if you don't want me to I won't rt [Isabelle]ABDL Babyfur🍼SFW✨20✨🎀she/her🎀🏳️‍🌈trans🏳️‍🌈loves trains+Thomas fan! DM friendly!💝AMAZING PFP BY: @WelkinMouse AMAZING HEADER: @lowpassgate
oksaucedesu North West, England What do people think about this? I think its cool if it allows people with sub par PCs to play high end games. YouTube only streaming sucks a bit but is expected. Plus what games will be available? Retro/indie PC and PS4 streamer. Designer. DJ. Pro weeb. @lady_bexx ♥️
avocadosduh Weed, CA @feelingofIoves i think its cool but not super interesting hsksjs i could NOT watch a whole tv show abt it ive got some bad intentions
lever08179169 @tvrax1 i am talking about the people who are making a big deal about it, which i am not one of. i dont care, i think its cool to see representation like this for a character that isn’t canonically trans. i really do, but i understand why people are concerned and i’m trying to explain it
hijosdeinternet Woodburn,OREGON I didnt do this one but i think its cool trance #cropcircles reciba (en e.u. solamente 4g)servicio de celular gratis cuando haga like or me gusta en facebook
internet4senior Woodburn, OR I didnt do this one but i think its cool trance #cropcircles New Discovery actually it was hidden from us
alwaysbeomgyu Somewhere far from the earth😂 @jnjggeuk Hey i think its cool,nice and pretty😘 In my opinion❤😂 My world start with you🌏and ends with you💓-ChoiBeomgyu🌰
manuelkhing @Wazobia_FM @uzomaticuzo Threesome is something great, I will like to experience it, I think its cool.... Especially when it is my woman who suggested it. Professional writer for steam magazine... Highly interested in hyper realism art.
canontyrus melbourne i think its cool as heck ❛ — left-a-roo! (+ @havishxm) ❜ they/them.
FPL_TQ codcommissioner@isolation.gg @Swiphey @FlakyMelts @iSmixie i wonder just because earlier i was thinking how i think its cool he was going to finish regardless of recent success I work @PlayIsolation @FemaleProLeague | Partnered with @kontrolFreek use code *TQ* | #VamosGreenWall 🇲🇽👭|
DMZilla Los Angeles, CA @realnanners They also put out more products than most companies. Frustrating but I think its cool of them to publicly try new things. At least they learn from it. Cloud is a big bet that benefits other parts of the company. Head of Product / Game Producer. Professional Google Doc Manager. Ex-Xbox. He / him.
Robert54332996 @OMGitsAliA I just the battle pass yesterday and I think its cool
ovaettr Ilex Forest, Johto Region Even tho it's considered edgy it isnt to me its a good way ive always vented my feelings from both bipolar type 1 and BPD. I also have always been fond of the eye colour changes with mood things in OC's! Which some people consider cringy. But I think its cool ! orion ♿☭(xe/he) biracial 🌵lvl27 chimaera 🐾enby♂🐊animation @ AID senior 🌱autistic, disabled, queer, Vanatruar 🍃monster & ttrpg enthusiast🌵 views are my own
elallainee cowboy town my dad thinks it cool that he listens to led zeppelin and i think its cool that he lives 1,056 miles away from me i am vaccinated
Barsalouvs268 Grandma and Grandpa at their wedding, January 20th, 1973. Maybe people will like this, maybe not. I think its cool what r u guys doin
okayyyam nowherebitch goodmorning no this aint real but i think its cool hoes 🕷 🕷 ‘don’t be that way fall apart twice a day’-idwbya🖤if ur readin this, ily 🤟92 days @billieeilish love my BDEHoes bitches 🍩
BigKuma5 Pennsylvania, USA @RaphaelZenarosa Well i think its cool that you view nsfw art in that manner. I do the same thing while Observing the details to. Sometimes you just have to appreciate the picture for the level of skill behind rather then the content its trying to portray. 🐻HOBBIES🐻 Draw✏ Dance🕺 Sing🎤 WriteMusic🎼 PlayBongo 🥁 Animate🎞 VideoEdit 🎥 PictureEdit🎬 Cook🍲 Poetry📖 Photography 📸 Bulking🏋 MartialArts🥋
AZ_Artisan @Ranzatzu @bob_kitt It's a form of art, I think its cool. Die-Curious Male seeks friends for Adventuring and Hellraising. Digital Artist, Medieval Geek (fights in actual armor) #Critter #AZCritter #DnD
GHerboFresh xXcLusiiv™ Everytime i think its cool. crap goes left 🤦🏾‍♂️ Control what you can. Be yourself. Emotions are good. Growth is Inevitable ♠️🤞🏾
_strct Arizona @kruzt_ i think its cool what theyre doing by transitioning to an org and adding other game content and having a bigger audience but at the same time the viewership is split endure
oldschoolcool_ Grandma and Grandpa at their wedding, January 20th, 1973. Maybe people will like this, maybe not. I think its cool via /r/OldSchoolCool dope pictures from a dope generation 🕶️
RobertKozlows15 @OneyNG i think its cool maybe if u were cool ud like it too
1001cranes Gone to Boston @pearwaldorf yeah, i love to watch the process, i think its cool! I was kind of sad last time because I was fully laying down, not sitting up, and I couldn't see anything lol. amanda, she/her. lab witch. chaotic bisexual + brunch enthusiast. Nemo in the #phoenixfields campaign. icon by @Glueck_69, header by @knifetwisters
poppciccle United Kingdom @JackMasseyWelsh @KaiRossBest @Jack_Septic_Eye this could be a good video idea, @thiojoe made a video on it. Its made by @Google i think its cool! check out my yt check out my game studio
46milliGuinea Burnley to Portsmouth @myracingtips @ITVChase @jenlion @ITV haha, i think its cool the influence that once small time home websites have sprung up but using the same question but just changing the site name is lazy for the producers lol I study Mechanical Engineering. One of my classes is Drawing.... D of E Bronze | Transferred from ClyneFC to TAAFC.
ncitiys india 03 @stellarlix ok i think its cool.. im still gonna inform my teachers just in case. also i have a pretty good notion i left it in my centre underneath the table so idk man 😗
manmustwack London, England @afalli It is a full time job. I think its cool too. Nigerian Expatriate living in London. Full time Instagram husband. Professional Footballer for F.C Abimbola.
Easy_A402 Bandits God. The drama that @BrawlStars caused with 1 photo that said "we need to talk." And just to add to the fire they posted these 😂 im happy how they did everything and I think its cool that as devs you have the confidence to mess with the community a bit and have fun. #BrawlStars 13000🏆Bandits OG| PSN - Easy_A402 | Brawl Stars OB | Pro Big Game Jessie Player | PBL Admin | Brawl Stars FNF Host | ツEasy_A402ツ#8113 | Bandit Discord Below
skull_place NYC the living world system in the division 2 is really cool, i think its cool that once you capture control points, they'll go out and gather resources to keep themselves stocked, and the same thing happens for enemies DEATH (FROM STUPEFACTION)
GinoooDTX Dallas, TX @EndiaxRain @Cronkite_ASU Love the name Endia! I think its cool that you lived in Arizona your whole life & you decided to go to ASU. Did you apply anywhere else or did you know ASU was where you wanted to be from the get go? If you get an opportunity come to Texas, Great State & Awesome People. #MCO435 Adventurer 🌎| Movie Geek 📼| Sports Fanatic 🏈| I currently am a Student at ASU & Love spending time with Friends and Family.
thatonelizard @HypoTheDragon I dont smoke but I carry a zippo because I think its cool so I cant judge, but I also cant breathe fire so New year same trash
ViciaLilicina Twin Cities @MyEldarose understandable, I do that too. just with different words. I think its cool how we approach words differently Guitarist and composer for the band Poludnista. Throw your arms around me. They/Them. 23. right now: FFXIV
RRippr South Carolina, USA @Livid_Lycan @aG_Nox @Professor_Tilt @Im_Valo @Logical_Spawn @The_Dies3l @FreaksterXave lol. I never once said the league was bad. I think its cool that youre doing it. but you obviously made a mistake and refuse to own up to it 18 years old. Born by the Blue Buff. Live by the Blue Buff. Die by the Blue Buff. Rem best girl.
AddictionFN Tilted Towers @im_GrandesGold @Jacksquatch0420 Probably, but red and black are my fav colors so I think its cool, but if it was a girl then HOLY crap BEST SKIN IN THE GAME Grinding For @ChronicGG // Fortnite Player / Entertainer // SAC: Addiction // YT:
Verzatility_ Wolverhampton, England @xAdzm_ @Connz_ Oh yh 100% im just saying i like it i think its cool☻ insta-Deesinger🔊 just a African-American with a lot on his mind.

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