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I think its cool.

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i_ma_yak @IgnitedPyro i think its cool for him to be exploring. this definitely makes him an intrepid person and is the reason i cherish him 🌞 hello c:
BabyyMarBear I think its cool that at the end of season two Ludo mentioned that Brando left her right after they made the video and then in season 3 they show Brando and Fabio cuddling and loving each other after they "did it". I think it really shows Brando's feelings for Fabio. "What the hell are you looking at?" -Brando De Sanctis
hemo_goblins lurkin' thinking about how dr is really good at subverting expectations and throwing u for a loop with EVERY first trial. like they manage to catch you off guard in a different way with each of the games and leave a lasting impression that rly sets the tone for the games i think its cool 21|they/he| patron saint of monster loving, knife fights, and problems disorder. 18+ art @goblin_basement. RWBY8 spoilers abound~ 2/3 commission slots open :-)
PressStartLock Massachusetts @WorldOfTigra @TheBat_Family I think its cool. I mean he doesn't know he's a meta which makes him push himself more, which let's his meta powers expand. It's a weird little loop, and that's what gives him his plot armor. Host of Press Start to Continue (VGM Remixes/Nerdcore Hip-Hop) Co-Host of @SayThisCast, and engineer/panelist on @CivilPoliticsFM, #BlackLivesMatter
steponmejooon I think its cool that they have that many categories (ik it takes longer and is a bit annoying) but the variety of genres... just wow, like there are really that many??? That´s so cool! You can literally find anything if you´re searching for it! she/her 17 🇩🇪 🗣️eng/ger/(french) At least I'm not a local🧍🏻‍♀️ Listen to 134340 and THANXX 🤝💆🏻‍♀️ ARMY since 2018 don't come for my a$$
BadBitchBarty @domscreepers Ehh i think its cool too but im lazy and you would get hella comments and i dont think its THAT cool so yeah but its fun he/him
jivetaIkin 15 · he / him · adhd · infp-t i think its cool how everyone has really nice and unique names on here bee gees + disco / classic rock
orotundities (nozomi 20↑ she/they) what i really like about nct photoshoots is that most of the members dont have their ears pierced at all but theyre all “forced” to wear lots of ear accessories for whatever reason and i think its cool ポケットいっぱいの絶望
jxnzhai i think its cool they had a woman teach kagami and himuro basketball but also,,, well— same answer as the momoi one tbh she/her 20 // mostly anime & manga // priv: @jxnzhxi
rxaqt @kotafn @promise3x i mean yall can work out aswell LOL and i think its cool that u think that tall girls are attractive cuz i dont someone say that often 15 !
harasho_R Republika ng Pilipinas (フィリピン) @CosplayMiyouka I think its cool that anime reached Russia.. I think on Japan, Russia is a popular place and making some references about it. Jr. Mixing Sound Engineer I do make Love Live arrangement covers.
dawnbrigayde epicenter // EN/한/DE OK! [nodding] i think its cool that childe and zhongli kiss zephirin fansite / leo (he/him) / 21 / ffxiv, soulsborne, apex, orv / aelin nelha (zodiark), valerien noreciel (lamia) // oh wyrm?🐸🐉@CoalguyPinaCola
maltedsea read carrd, info in pinned twitter and insta both suck for art so if ur Suffering like i am u should consider joining arfol (no sweat if u dont but i think its cool so far!) again im 60fps on there #ANNUS; one, two, three. DRILDO matchies /w @dishwashersafea ᵇˡᵐ ⚘ꕥ↝✿★✾
mlp_127 same with calling myself a boy and man like i think its cool its neat but the boyfriend label doesn't feel nice..... he/they read carrd byf thank u
actingdiferent I think its cool that china and australia are so interdependent economically while having a very fraught and tense relationship and the rest of the world does not care or pay attention to it Marxist-Lindyist
HoeSlogan @yslincognito yeah I feel you I think its cool and different but not too weird and loud ygm to the point that people are staring
RiiasShorts 18, she/her, bi and demi middle left: 8123 is a record label and festival set up by a band called the maine middle left: just witchy hand art idk i think its cool middle right: you is dodie's second ep middle right: another gift from that friend, just fun hippie-y art 18+ | reylo | 🤍wifey web🤍 | a deeply weird, small, small thing | ao3 writer | custom funko pop maker | ao3/kofi/cc links in my carrd
PowerToyZ @Ryuven_lol ure envy’s mod and i like how u bully him u main riven and i think its cool s11 waiting room with @Anwaltero - peak 480LP EUW
DaSmoothBrain metro detroit I think its cool that all progress toward not being a hermit has been wiped out by covid and yet normals are still keeping on as if nothing is happening lol buh? he/they
whoeverhoney minor! 16 they / them @cinnawh0re ohh thats so cool of uu molly!!! yeah sure its not haram or anything!! and as a person who wears hijab sometimes i think its cool that u wanna try it! just give it a shot! and if u have any questions im here alright!! @rgnjpg’s ♡ as a cheese bag, I try to stay fresh(: + nuria told me to put her name in my bio :3c
EssenceMurjani New York, NY Clubhouse...I see the vision. I think its cool to be able to just talk to people. Takes away that layer of discomfort and awkwardness meeting people for the first time. Steer clear of the mixxy rooms, Unless thats your thing. The business centered rooms are where its at. I do what I do over at @coloringpins
Dave_Cards @soccersilverbck I like them. Clearly they are facsimile so no worry about them being used to scam people down the road and I think its cool for younger collectors to get to see what the autos look like for their favourite players. Always talking about pieces of cardboard. PC Thomas Chabot and Alphonso Davies.
cuIture93 🗣 i think western celebs are trying to get more creative with their albums, merch & stuff. normal cds are boring and limit individuality so i think its cool to see the influence of kpop heHim 💽 Ohmmmmmmyyyyyyyyggghghhhhhhhgggggggggdhdhsjsixudbslsogbdsisgshdbxidjdbdidhdifjfiri
jigokugami @LunalyHoshi i think its cool that you utilize all kinds of platforms to advertise yourself and not just restrict it to the few more mainstream ones 🐲my dragongirl god of hell cant be this cute 🍡babiniku ENVtuber 🤘🏼pronouns: any 🖤ママ: @chosuica 💜pfp: @mewshi_hime art: #JigokuArt
SP1D3R_GUTZ @M00NSETTERS Jax, they/them he/him, I think its cool when ppl call me handsome, and my comfort characters are karkat and murrit! Jaxen(Jax) leftist neurodivergent teenager who likes dumb unimportant stuff -16 - Prince of Heart - Scorpio- Derse 🌙 they/them, he/him mad queer BLM
TheLostWalker1 World Of Walkers (W.O.W) @19kNico i like it bc its cool but if u want a better explanation : The- Unique Lost- I'm kinda clueless and get LOST in the world of music Walker- I'm a fan of Alan walker and the group of his fans r called WALKERS 1- Twitter added it but i think its cool 🖤She/Her🖤 ⚡A_TOTAL_ELEKTRO_X_MUSIC_HYPE🎶 🎮Roblox_Gamer🎮 Banner by @ClavdiiJen 🎶🎵🎶 Discord: TheLostWalker#3247 ❤ Bestie: @Theunicornlov10 ❤
sunoothingz +63 📝#kriskies hello oomf!! i recognize u because of ur @ nd i think its cool 😚 we dont interact that much but i hope we do soon!! i think ure a lovely and caring person 😻 hoping we could be friends, and dont forget that ure always loved. ilyyy ❤ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀#SUNOO; chameber 5 superior ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ he | him
Iawoftalos 5TEEN + HE/IT/GHOST —BLM ACAB i think its cool that kain and i hc wig from moss as transmasc.... im wig i would know hes trans!! "and i don't want anybody to hold me while I'm suffering!" ✧ myth/karl/socks 🔪 taken⁵ ★ 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 ✧ NSFW DNI
massoholic CWCVille @YoshiOnGamecube its subtle and almost entirely in side stuff, but zavok gets shown off as this guy who respects the crap out of anybody who beats him, and does pretty much anything to help better people working with him. its something sonic didnt really have yet and i think its cool. (1/2) critically acclaimed cyberbully | likes vidya | kaiju stuff's pretty cool | punished tailskek | seethes a lot over childrens entertainment (a LOT)
soupoggers CEO of soup @Iukaslover1 i think its cool, i just hope there r no more incidents with like pre-t fanart of him and stuff #TECHNOBLADE: you want to be a hero? then die like one. {layout creds to SAD-ist}
bigsufjanfan Melbourne, Victoria i think its cool to be an adult human who only cares about pop culture and toys oliver // 23 // they/them
frankoceanok she/her - lebanon @TheSubway_ i think its cool that u like trains and u made me not want to buy a car in the future😩 so thats a good thing ★ . * ✨ 🌕 * . 🌍 * * . • * • . . 🪐 • . ☄️ .
samknig been thinking a lot about how church was this morning and even though i do not believe in it... i think its cool that people can put so much of themselves and that their faith is important. i just feel like i dont believe in anything i’ve been much better but atleast im healing
Kaeede2 she/her @Gandaconda_Vent Awesome, I'm trans and pan so I think its cool to know tour bi vocaloid is awsome💗
tomaye_ @sIeepyfundy yeah i think its cool how theres like.. rep n stuff thats :D and i like the way the went about it as well but Good Lord some people are so weird about it.... why why why i draw minecraft youtubers and overanalyse block game roleplay (no qrts, credit me if you use my art for anything) she/he/xe
radicalpoly2 trans she/them oh yeah and these tweets are mostly joking guys i think its cool if you like villans and think theyre sexy cover yourself in oil | call me lily or lilac or poly or whatever you can come up with | art account is @deadlypolygons
67ShelbyGT500E Fort Saint John, BC @TennantJeff For me, its ACDC, NON STOP every rock radio, sports movie, sporting event and every wannabe metal fan, non stop listens to ACDC. I think its cool my one snakes LOVES ACDC but I can go the rest of my life without hearing another ACDC song. I do not care how triggering this is. Gods Battle Axe and Weapon Of War.
sharkiesketches to be clear -- i dont rlly ship dnf but also dont mind it or people who ship it. i think its cool that the dt is so chill with shipping and fanart/fics and it lets people genuinely explore their interests and creativity. 17 | artist | she/they | ⚢ | ISFP Commissions: CLOSED DO NOT REPOST ARTWORK retweets, comments, likes & follows are appreciated!
CorneliusJeffr4 Georgia, USA @Prince_Yusuf13 i feel you bro, i think its cool but i dont give it too much thought or credibility, people actually put belief in that stuff religiously, and they don't know it'll send them down the wrong path, i really only use that stuff as conversation starters with folks but thats about it BIG SPEAKER. 🗣#KSU22 From the 404😈 Sc: @cjefffff
stelIiumslut ♍︎ ☉ ♌︎ ☽ @amalenaf anyways i think its cool that we have the same first and last name i guess thats not important to you tho😩🤚🏽🙈 big water sign stan. gay. bicosmic tropical s1ut and vedic wh0re. contrvrsial sagittarius-virgo. fairy. the antagonist. weed smoker. did i mention im a leo moon
YutaContent she/they 18 ours is used for everyone, girl, boy non-binary, ect. and i think its cool and a big flex yuta reacted 👍🏼 to: women supremacy // 愛
imahyperlover switzerland @H3rmes_ch @Corpse_Husband no man im sure a thousand girls tag him with his music to get noticed by him so i think its cool he dedicates it to ppl with effort (covers/fanart/cosplay) and not girls like me who are simping effortless 🌿 she/her, Digital Designer 🌻 streamer & garbage tweeter & cosplayer ✨ ex Designer / Head of Media 4 @myientertain & @SPGeSports
saqlfaith black lives matter also I think its cool that Robin and I both got 1k puzzles the same time but he's already almost done and I dont have a place to work on it zed | he/him | 22 | adonis is my life | my arashi: @rui_kasa
Its_StarIing @JANETPEARLS_ When I was little and my bro start wearing glasses ,I think its cool and try to make my eye broke to wear the 'cool' glasses but I regret so much now xD Oof
DrPalutena She/Her Fae/Faer @ASleepyPan it starts off very intentionally making it so your options for a good rice yield isnt optimal etc to reflect the character getting better at it and becoming more into it and i think its cool while also for sure introducing the player slowly to the mechanics Just another extraordinary Queer Black woman. [Sydney Natalie Camellia Flowers/Pan/Enby].Plant Daemon .Banana. #girlslikeus
jrmaieo toronto i think its cool and all that you like to go to the gym but to think that your gym being open is more important than stopping the spread of the virus......its a wonder how your brain works 19 | 🇵🇭
stillcantdrive they/them i think its Cool and Good that our false country is also on track to be mirroring this on a per capita level and our governments are also pretending its over PLUS pretending like we're so superior to the usa vancity // screen printer // the one w the tiny dog // slow moving vehicle // death to imperialism // ☭
DESPAlRCAS she/her 20 @gayanqel aksjdasd im a bio major cuz i genuinely enjoy science a lot but i really do like film and i think its cool. ONE DAYYYY ill do something with it #CASTIEL : good things do happen, dean
fernnotfound1 @ellanotfoundddd i mean i think its cool that they’re super open and okay with it but im not cool with that fact that people had spread the fic to the point where it got to the dteam. the author asked specifically not for it to get to ccs but everyone disrespected their wishes and did so anyway minor // black lives matter // he/she/they // queer
RetroVibes85 music, videogames + hockey @AlexIceGem Its ok if you post your other interests, I think its cool having variety on my tl. Also, I didn't make twitter just for Fortnite. I'm in lots of different fandoms and like many games. I like your account and your art so imma stick around anyways lol. she/her - 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇹🇺🇸 - 21 yrs old - I am spooky scary skeleton.

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