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I think its cool.

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mrjuanup Illinois, USA Is anyone else besides me also like so lost when it comes to Vtubers and Hololive stuff? Like I think its cool but I think I would just get so lost in all the different type of creators in that space lol @Twitch Affiliate| Friend code SW 3455-8128-9601| Member of #The5thDimension!| Fan of video games and even bigger fan of Nintendo!
radlcIes @itthetrashman i think its cool of toby treated it like an anomaly of undertale like u would ask him and he has no idea what ur talking abt seafoam blue
BLCeee Donkey Kong Island i think its cool and nice and good that my birdie loves me needs a lil more oomph | this is a personal account im sorry if u followed it | she/her | 9/26/19
HeroPlayzRoblox @overlook_player @WonderWorksRB I think its cool that your trying to take a pet from a different event (the teddy) and change it so it fits another event! I hope wonder works sees this because that would be a great pet for halloween! Youtube: HeroPlayzRoblox :D
gogoanpan i think its cool that bts could speak in korean and get translated, noice 🚲💜 hashtag gayrites for bart allen kid flash from young justice legend
elegxntae header by @vanteol @sputniksglow I think its cool if you wanna recommend it and that but ppl think itll solve everything without realising its not for everyone, my friends anemia got so bad her doctor said not to do it even though she was making sure to get her iron levels up Jeon Jungkook once said: ting ting ball she/her
johnnigs I own a Hundai with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
YoungCorey Los Angeles, I think its cool to a certain extent. In game it works cuz obviously vbucks are prob affordable, but IRL theres a disconnect because kids playing fortnite cant afford and adults who wear Balenciaga prob dont want a fortnite sweater. But I could be wrong 🤷🏽‍♂️ Instagram;YoungCorey | @Circulate Creative Director + Founder Corey@circulateworldwide.com
punishedpoetato i get a boner whenever the hot dental assistant starts scraping down my teeth and then we fork. so i think its cool i have a kayak and im not afraid to use it
the_lightspeedh Dont think this is much of a spoiler. but i did notice this and i think its cool as fork 14 Likes lotta things bi and poly ❤️@V4MPCAK3❤️ Bestbuds: @friendpeep @Bettylefunikat @Egi_back pfp: @iScreamAtNinten I love lots of people
6Teeaa1 @OrangeGuy_YT It was overhyped a lot, like it looked so good from the teasers but then bugs ruined it, some people even said the bugs were the good part of the game lol personally I think its cool and its normal for a new game to have bugs Tea
1BillionSubs Earth I make art for free and sell a piece of paper as my merch. That piece of paper turns into a: -Paper boat -Deed -Bookmark -Dream paper -Water stand -Ad for the movie Rocket Luna All water proof cuz I think its cool #WaterProofMerch I'm a #Dogecoin Pirate ☀️My dream is free art 🏴‍☠️ My Dogecoin Address for tips: DPkST26WMbYCjatXrrxYMLFhCF4Q8nQfV6 #Ð
SSJ4Stan @baalbuddy Well BB the cool thing about this is that in the fantasy world we had more origins and areas where different lifeforms would grow. Then among those, cross breeding and migration created subtypes giving us MORE races. I think its cool honestly. Just for following games and stuff
thatretrocode North Chicago, IL @Zwanguy It's like surprise test and you just go for it. I think its cool but I would be confused cause I wouldn't know what the reason or their stands on issues. So yeah, it the american in me LOL Host of Optional Opinion, Nintendo Pow Block, and more XBL:DaLyrical1/PSN:okamical/Switch: 3575-5476-3891 Twitch:
viochanchan82 The Backrooms 》NO REPOSTS ‼️ Btw it will have a VHS and like, old recording filter to it so I think its cool ⚠️🏳️‍🌈 🇧🇷 || They/She/He 》Just some guy trying their best 》 I like minecraft 》 bootwt; beetwt 》 credit me please!
arrghteez ablebodied mestizo minor @hypersexualotd i think its cool if you use it as an umbrella term but at the same time you could use mlm/wlw or other similar terms so the mspec gay thing doesn't happen. or just go unlabeled, or make up ur own! its just silly words and you're not forced to fit in any of them /g clowntown love acc (system of 52)
serophinaaa @SUGACALS aaaah i see bc im sabahan bumi and ive never heard of any other nagas except for the one in tasik chini so i think its cool and im gonna read up more about it! 23 // ed (and mh) ((and everything else)) vent // safe space // halfway between relapse & recovery
HixtapeDisciple From the streets I think its cool how BTS really advocated thorough their music about the health if their society and having a critical pov for the youth and are now respected for it by the U.N and their government its me ya girl uwuseokie 🥺🥲 my account was suspended because im a bad bitch - xoxo Rad. @BTS_twt - 22yro 🤠
weallendupdust Illinois, USA @ac13alex @fatse_baseball i saw bobs 2k planted feet. i think its cool, but i also think its a offseason thing to work on. there are a lot of forms to manage and we still have guys (especially bob) still learning to master their main form. advisor, strategist, friend. amazon warehouse worker.
Troll707 @JayzTwoCents I don't mind to be honest I think its cool that you let them build a pc its good to know how to and its just an important thing at this point since everything is online now but I'm not going to say I'm not jealous so :) THE GAMER
MikeMayoral Toronto, Ontario @WoodrowForCO @TitusNation Honestly, I think its cool. You don't want to get vaccinated. Fine. It's your precious life you're throwing away. Not mine. Less votes for Republican candidates. Makes it harder for Republicans to rig the system and cheat to win. Father to the greastest Son, Husband to the greatest wife and long time gamer to the greatest games. MS/PC/Nintendo/Sony Enjoy political discussions. #BLM
ghouku @S4CCH4R1NE i will because i think its cool and im forking depressed 16 he him
cynthiaruth95 here's the thing: i want to support the 'avoid using black paint' movement JUST BECAUSE I THINK ITS COOL TO CREATE BLACK FROM PRIMARY COLORS but i am aware those people are annoying and stop telling people what to do but also i think mixing is just cool i'm the monster energy conspiracy lady of halsey stan twitter. 25. she/her (i post a lot of theories)
cloveryanan she/they, i put the L in lgbt its not my favourite album but i think its cool also lemonade, the rainy night and focus supremacy #旭熙 ☼ 10초 전 song of the century
jortsrry she/her | 23 @pooprry i love it so much i think its cool and a great way to end the fine line era its so weird to me people hate it so bad when a couple months ago there was a hit tweet about him having the fine line outfit in multiple versions like every week veteran take me home lover & 2012 louis’ gf
Goblin0verlord Oregon, USA I hope you don’t mind if I use Krystal as my laptop wallpaper. She’s looks great and really does make for some go… — I dont mind, I think its cool if people want to use my art as a background wallpaper for their pc or laptop, its … Furry artist and aspiring indie game developer, trying to create loveable characters. Sometimes NSFW, No RP, No Minors. Might be 🖤🤍💜
Timmethy6 @FaZeRug hey rug, congrats, i'd like to get a ps5 please😌, i want it just cause like i think its cool and i want it yes
johnnigs I own a Ford Capri (Australia) with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
Great_is_Bender Your Moms house I think its cool Because now that kratos knows that hiding his godhood is only hindering what he could be, will create an internal conflict between the man and the god in kratos. Hold on to your hats This ride is about to get a lot more Intriguing. You Know Who I Am
KUMlHOCOOKIE 14 | he/it/she/🧋 + more @desidemonbitch WAIT IMO LATTE N MANGO WORK GREAT, u use mango to push the enemies back and then latte traps them n crap for more dmg i think its cool You 12 year olds are pissing me the fork OFF so im disabling the comments | @ENBYHANTA m/w @_feelin_peachy
yimmybastard RIP Willem van Spronsen I think its cool h3h3 just wanted to be howard stern but for internet using milennials. Down to ripping off his studio design and the big plated impact font lettering. He just forgot not to be weirder and more annoying than all of his guests i hope this is a vessel and not what i am
Kamuuei @LeonMandala I think its cool and endearing to the series imo hi I like to draw things sometimes pfp by @graysheartart
forklNGBATS he/star/bat ✩ 17 ✩ bi ✩ nd /pos i think its cool and neat leave your name, number, and nightmare at the tone
bluemoth5 she/her Bad take im gonna live forever and I think its cool + ratio i'm chloe @newwwclique
yang_woniwon @cleigives @WannaPandaNFT Panda artwork project🐼 I think its cool and refreshing hehe and it's nicely done too ᴇɴ⁃ • ⟭⟬ • EXO • 🇵🇭 • charisma leader sheep garden~ | #CessBomb #CleiCake #mwvouch #noizzy | @YangJWon2
Lilix17437946 @SFSubtleForce HELL YEAH I THINK ITS COOL LIKE ITS SO CREATIVE AND IT SOUNDS SO DAMN NICE LIKE THE NAME IS JUST SO PERFECT ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ╭ ┄ ❝ Banner by: @doopy_zyn // Age: 16 ꒰ DMs are always open✧ ꒱ I don’t wanna fall in love nope
S4D13K1LL3R he/him i like looking at this and seeing the differences i think its cool 18 | check pinned | su brainrot | 'When I think about all the wasted time I've spent I wanna be disobedient!!' $humannomore
Dynaia1 I think its cool Devon wants Amanda to move in but I think they need to dial it back on all the sex they have i mean he has a full blown teenage brother living with him he doesn't need to see his older grown brother and his girlfriend banging all around the house all Day long. Love to Write, Dance, Cook. Big fan of Xarah on #Days) I like Jabriela on #Days, Phloe on #Days, Cin on #Days, Chabby on #Days, Elani& Shelle too on #Days.
loverofmiines orlaith my luke mwah @ORLAITHLOVESASH im sure some people who met on the internet live happily today, and i know people do it and i think its cool??? ˚ ༘✶ ⋆。˚ ⁀➷ stream wfttwtaf & superbloom
gnfships they/them- nblw @finisswag i think its cool if it was like a hypixel game, but in mcc is soo nerve racking and frustrating 🌈| dtwt/ smiletwt/ 404twt/ pandastwt
Fadz_a_i Liquorose Dance Studio People saying that they dont like Liquorose outfit, but i think its cool, unique and beautiful. She looks good in it #BBNaija We aint stopping🌟 ⭐️💫🌹🦁. Dont bother following me if you dont like @EricaNlewedim and @liquorose_
smiledrm he she they dreamtwt main i kinda wish dream would change his skin to match his team during mccs because he always looks so cute in little outfits but on the other hand i think its cool how he always stands out and sticks to his brand :) good morning sunshine
corpsebrigadier Jerktown And honestly, I think its cool to consider how Teta and Golagros are united in some way: how they are both expected to die for their leadership's respective causes. they/them, 20+ | Ivalice, Academia | sad, religious zombie aficionado
drowsydnf they/she❕🇵🇭 OH EM GEE y’all can call me Snarft now if u want :] i like that name and i think its cool, pls i wanna start ppl calling me Snarft :)) NO SLEEP NOVEMBER !
mymemoldy they/them | 22 | canadian | bi @cyberjock_ i like it i think its cool and fun n i like the pixel graphics boo we hate your pussy | no minors 🔞 | j 💌
virovirokun_ grape, lake BOO!, hey. I made a quick little Halloween grape lake thing, its not much (because of deltarune and college) but I think its cool. if you think its cool too I may add to it! (i lost the original draft just a sec ago so yeah lolo) link:hello, i am vir consider a follow, maybe
Ruku_107 room #Anitwt I watch anime and I think I think its cool i have no idea on what im doing i draw ig, dunno if i should post it
keehotown neverland @yestodaylog I THINK ITS COOL HOW YOU DONT SWEAR )): you’re so unique and you’re absolutely perfect the way you are !! there’s nothing about you that i’d ever want to change you’re so amazing hannah </3 - @koifishcafe priv
johnnigs I own a Audi F9 with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
90seddierights reggie | 21 | she/her | dyke .@aIIentown (a/n: it/its doesnt exist in pt) i told my gf "i have a friend that uses it/its pronouns i think its cool" and she replied "you know who else uses it/its? pennywise.." unprovoked in a parasocial drinking buddy relationship with andrew rannells | im the green stripe of the pride flag: i eat grass