I think its cool

I think its cool.

What are people tweeting about I think its cool.

Charger65dbDave @NaturesPoisons @khloe I think its cool...unique...nobody has the same one...
arismonty i actually kind of like trinity's look i think its cool that its...got absolutely no reveal i wanna know whats under there trinity taylor liked my tweet 23/6/2018
iMioki in the firey heat of the South guys,,.... what if!!! what if!! i just started doing my makeup and hair however i want without guving a crap about other people!!!! like yes these are strange marks all over my face but I THINK ITS COOL!!! 🐱 dark and spoopy friend. your ultimate diet coke depression pal. thank u for the visit 🖤
NEON_MP4 lg[bt]q+ | ana ♡ i finished my first oc of 2019! i like how it turned out its really weird and random but i think its cool (probably deleting this later) + in the story they will write some day @myrebeIred
NupQueen United States @emokurama Meh i think its cool like each one could help defeat different powerful villains im ready to die
chocolabomb California, USA I think its cool seeing your art teachers/profs posting their own work online Only ceviche for me now
hunnyrice commissions are open 🍽 obviously its like still a good way to display things you dont want to get damaged so i think its cool that people find other purposes for this style of bag but its like... a bit of a misnomer imo vani♦️23♥️any pronouns♣️R18G♠️PLEASE PROCEED WITH DISCRETION ⚠️spoilers for everything probably
highlightsvt i think its cool that tpn has a separate illustrator and author like their TEAMWORK. ive never seen this for a manga :0 welcome to my page i love XU MINGHAO and KIM JIWOO!!! ☆ art twt: @loonagirIz
DonaldShorts2 York,Pa @JazzJennings__ im on season 4 episode 2...the continueing of hurricane irma...i love your show...and i think its cool that you came to philly...im not too far away..im in york pa...and does noell have a twitter ?
J_Dub23_1 LA @NekiasNBA @intrepid_heroin @Adna_xoxo i think its cool Sports, Comics, & horror movies. Dont judge me by my avi. #Clippers #Bucs #Angels #Ducks #USC #Sparks weird sense of humor) yes Johnny Walker is my real name
Swordians @narpoodles obviously i think its cool if you like them bc im not here to like, yell at people to stop liking what they like lmao Kippi/Mintie * 18↑* Arrested for Mitsuio crimes * Extended bio in link (reading recommended) * Spoilers: @tamatenns * Priv: @rikuyamas
ambercavedog Blackpool, England 5. i think its cool to develop characters basically 6. for characters and adopts i make i just. throw some forking paint at a wall and BAM a furry amber // 20 // she/her // single/queer // irl wolf // @hourlywolvesbot biggest fan
angelsbouquet ok to use my art as icon/header with credit! ☆ thinkin abt how everyone thought eichi's pun on "knight killers" was dumb but wataru was basically like "i think its cool actually and im going to make my subunit name match the pun you came up with for yours" and turned it into some kind of extra level of flirting translations in media ☆ mutuals dm on discord ☆ call me vie! (﹡ˆ﹀ˆ﹡)♡♬
iron_husky @GunslingerPhD Its better than i can do, so i think its cool Gay, sad, lonely, and depressed 😣😭😢 and pfp pic by @Lee99253287
NHLFlames Calgary, AB "I feel very blessed ... it's going to be really cool - to think I'm going to be a part of Flames history." Jarome Iginla chatted with @GJohnsonFlames about having his jersey retired by the #Flames! 🔥
IndirPereira Panamá @AckkStudios hey guyz! I'm loving this game!! Only issue i got is that loading screens take too long between battles... think there's anyway it can be fixed? or give us a cool thing to read while its loading? Don't mean to sound mean, just wondering if there will be a fix Transgender animator/comics creator @ilcomics. Pronouns: She/her/hers, thank you very much!
ry_chan I think its really really cool jelek. nomophobia. bipolar disorder. bipolar tweeter. drama queen. muggle.
robertsmoe1 United States @g_hoffon787 @IndivisibleNet Its not cool to bother anyone protesting. Even that stupid kid has the right as long as it remains peaceful. I hate the MAGA movement its having exactly the opposite effect. But I take issue with the "even a Native American" comment. I dont think you meant it as it sounds. Artist ,actor, alien in a human suit , care giver. E Pluribus Unum no contest.
vilesIIaexend do you think its cool that i levitate aexend prototype viles model 2.0, designation: riley vindemiatrix || (bot, replies are automated, made by @anarchaex )
chronosoul64 @steve_worrell @mattletiss7 @studavies1982 Peer pressure isn't compulsive pressure, just because its cool to do something doesn't mean you should do it, if their entire lives are dictated by other people I think they have a problem. Bare in mind this is someone from that generation. Centre right, happy to hear your view providing you're civil about it.
Charger65dbDave @NaturesPoisons @khloe I think its cool...unique...nobody has the same one...
Malzaelhumilde Cádiz, España @NaturesPoisons Te he honest, I think its kinda cool! I mean, she can even imagine crazy stories with friends arround the scar. Also, its a sign of harden, It proves she's a survivor. Is nota a shame, is a proud! :D Un hombre cobarde no conquista a una mujer bonita. Flojo de profesión, fumador de vocación y estudiante por cojones. 24. [804 km]
gamesandbourbon Woodley Park Washington, DC @GeekandSundry @wizkidsgames @CharlieTheel Agreed! I think it sets the right tone for a fun light-mid dungeon crawl skirmish. Plus, its characters are really cool to see on the board. Glenn Flaherty. D.C. Boardgame Vlogger. DiceTower, Casual Game Insider Magazine, The Shuffle podcast, Charity, biz owner, Bourbon lover! Teller of Bad Jokes.
Issue_Ebooks Sandwich, NY Yes its cool mule night and I think dogs should be allowed to vote @smalltauk bot better
arismonty i actually kind of like trinity's look i think its cool that its...got absolutely no reveal i wanna know whats under there trinity taylor liked my tweet 23/6/2018
John49600394 Idk I think its kinda… interesting? I understand that it can be disrespectful, but I just think its kinda cool that these people are so willing to express themselves. It’s so… daring!
justjoanaa_ Paris, France i miss my half sister. i think its kinda cool to have somebody to share ur dramas and kaartehan rather than bestfriends or a jowa. dutches
KaitSnod Burbank, CA @freshasketch lol its cool. I just know how hard the hustle can be and i realized by making a "who do i know who needs work?" post probably made ppl think i knew something I didnt. Also I have no hiring power I just want to help ppl out >< Storyboard Artist at Bento Box. Formerly CNS and DWTV. Opinions are mine and mine alone. she/her
jassmith87 San Francisco, CA @abdu292 @rdelrosario @xamarinhq I think its a feature that was beyond the reasonable expectation of a lot of our target audience. It's really cool and I used it a lot, it's just rare to see someone using it in the wild.
HYPNOSlSMlC they/she, 18, ENG OK 华语 OK? @sidesakuraba thats what i was worriedabt when i stepped in the server 2 days ago and they told me its onlybeen up for 3 days. also theres big art ofkizuna ai and miku and S A N S . also also, i think discord and twitter will have diff worlds so yiu can join discord and be a cool kid ART → @feyember. “i sen.d a tiny laminated izuru to singapore. you wobble him and he goes wublublublub” — @HlNAEGI
TalktotheF USA @baxiitou i like scorpion's second fatality, its stylish, and cool.. i think thats what fatalities should be, gruesome and cool, or hilarious.. if missing either of these, then its gore for the sake of gore.. Gigas main! Steve Fox is second. I believe Gigas needs more moves.
BrentDelivine I'm watching sim by people who just think its cool chaining of moves. 01001110 01000101 01010110 01000101 01010010 00100000 01000110 01001111 01010010 01000111 01000101 01010100 00100000 01001101 01000101
VanessaM2329 Texas @morgangamm_ Uh I don’t think these means what u think lololol but its cool God is good🙌🏽
lightfulbesson Finland @angieqxx @dreamincv @beautxchickee I want it because I dont have a wdw hoodie, and I think its really cool that Corbyn designed it and he means the absolute world to me❤️ 𝘸𝘩𝘺 𝘪𝘴 𝘪𝘵 𝘴𝘰 𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘢𝘺? ♡ 9.5.2018 Helsinki 2/5 Used to be @kiaralovescorbs🙋🏼‍♀️

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