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FarhanMuzaki13 Bogor, Jawa Barat @PaleLeprechaun Well its np at all bro, i mean we have our own taste in games right and i think its cool to express what you feel 😊 Udah Ga Pengacara = Pengangguran Gaada Acara. Casual Gamer. #ForzaMilan
orangesforlevi okay but not to be that person but i think its cool that a character has little to no development? a lot of people like to hail round characters like their the crap 👁. many define flat characters as lacking. complex doesnt equal to good and simple doesnt equal to boring, folks. levi can call me DIRT anytime. || often a manga reader || click the link or perish.
WhyIsGioTaken Come Here Often some kid came up to me in a mcdonalds and asked if i had a tik tok and when i said yes she told me “i think its cool that youre dressed up like danielle cohn.” This is the last time i wear adidas sweats and a harvard crewneck ever again I’m funnier in real life I promise
Ionjins honestly,, dont shame people for not streaming or tirelessly voting. i think its cool to hype each other up and really try to get these things for nct/wayv but dont make others not feel bad for not doing it renjun once said, "too lit too litty we rolling" and i think thats beautiful
onlynormanii well i think its cool how girls are singing normanis song on a show started out on lol also isnt this simons new girl group, he just formed lmao idk why its just funny and weird to me. Motivation Out NOW, Bad to you coming SOON
simeonbsk hell (bulgaria) i like to own the games on my switch physically because i think its cool to have the boxes and other stuff but i hate that i have to put the cartridge 1 million times in my switch so i can finally play the game @bskvents
trappedinazorb eug or @bmrow @shinbowi3 @nicksgoodtweets this is psycho crap. for the record i think its cool that nick posts this and i hope he keeps posting it unless it turns out hes been murdering people, in which case this is irony disneyland get out of punx
SAKAMAKlS ic: peachcott i think its cool when ur best friend screws u over like i think thats so cool and admirable actually its so sweet and i love when it happens marginalized clown ✧ — matching @soofireanon
TruthWarrior115 Manhattan, NY @TheOnlyGigantor @ONEChampionship i dont get it afew fighters from thailand enjoy walking out while dancing i dont see the problem, it gets them pumped and they have fun :/ i think its cool, its nothing wrong with dancing. everybody haters israels choreographed dance also but i thought it was good.
sailor_steam fork @DalaamClouds @kur0p0p I just like her arc, i think its cool. Probably one of my favourite social links overall and the best in 4. Shes a trans gamer girl who likes persona, SMT, Good Fighting Games and The Worst Fighting games, and tweets out dumb crap.
hyyhptg 22 she/her all tiddie jokes aside i think its cool how yuto hongseok and changgu respectively set goals for themselves and always put them into action, from working out to acting to learning how to play instruments and so on. these are our literal bestfriends go bestfriends but underneath hongseoks great titties lies an even greater heart so we love hongseok _ kor-eng
indiucky On the banks of the Ohio... @JesseKellyDC @DonaldJTrumpJr I think its' cool he modeled his fashion sense and look from you....You're a frigging king maker Jesse..... God, family, country, bluegrass, bird hunting, history, fly fishing...Libertarian leaning hillbilly....No DM's please...
eraxtrez Danmark tbh i think its cool that its harder to reach champs, and to be able to play the FNCS cups and so on. but if so, it should be more rewarding to play for the win. If they added top 8 placement and top 50 placement in squads and solos, i think it would actually be really healthy @fncompetitive / 17 🇩🇰 | F/A - dm’s open
TipsyKitty_ Perth, WA I think its cool right after I do it then I look at the clip and its not as cool as I thought it was :( 18 | Fortnite Gamer 😎 Epic: TipsyKitty_ |
jonsgho 쫑야♡em.elonaly i should study for my test but im out there still tweeting about j word and i think its cool but i also want good grades so 190407 최종호, 지금처럼만 그대라면 바랄게 없어요
KingdomArus I dont understand why! Personally its one of your best albums. Its still you but taken into a whole different direction sonically wise. I think its cool for artist to play around and change it here and there. This album hits me in many different levels man. SB2H forever man! Arùs: The Wandering Soul
soundofshxde I think its cool that more people are becoming interested in learning design. But please understand the difference between learning/practicing and when it’s time to start trying to get paid/commission work. There’s so much bad stuff I’ve been seeing lately and it bums me out
Funny2Silly Minnesota, USA the 🤹‍♂️ emojey in my bio doesnt represent anything. just a reminder that this emoji exists and i think its cool rudy 💉 oct 6, 2019 💉🤹‍♂️he/him 🤹‍♂️☂️director of bad times at the el royale
west666420 call me ace, she/her, 23 @regretorb okay unrelated but can you imagine nolanel getting sorted into slytherin amd literally everyone is like "HOW" and it turns out the sorting hat asked what nolanel wants and values and he was like "i think its cool when people can think and do things... at the same time" ff14 hell 🐎 main @westerngenre 🐎 west einjanrah @ midgardsomr 🐎 FISHING IS LOVE. FISHING IS LIFE 🐎 18+ please ⚠️ Not Heavensward Spoiler Free ⚠️
1unar1anding they/them @WeadockMichelle CONGRATS SKDNDJFHDB AND WE ARE FROM THE SAME STATE THATS NIT IMPORTANT BUT I THINK ITS COOL💛💛💛💛 “the worst part about having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you D☻NT” @Crxatively
horrorfreq Orlando Florida @80sBestTimesEva It was started by a person who appears to be a white woman and most of the tweets are also by white people. I think its cool that people can laugh at themselves and/or people they know. The #BeckyCon2019 tweets got me like 📺👀📼🎬 What Did I Just Watch?
F4lRYCHAN carrd byf we’ve been mutuals for a bit but i jusy checked ur carrd AND WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY?? HELLO 2ND BIRTHDAY TWIN idk you really so idk what to say but i think its cool i found another oomf with my birthday today n ur header is cute his eyes are so pretty 🥺 #chan what if i smooched ur cheeks.. haha just kidding.. unless ??
braininthevat Kabul, Afghanistan why are people against this idea? i think its cool, and good for film-making purposes. people are afraid of new ideas🤷‍♂️ 51st President Of The United States
syzaishah Malaysia @MizahSh Hahaha I had my first experience masa pergi wedding Chinese ahad harituu. Ada mingle sesh and ada server offered us wine lmao. Tapi masa dinner pun everyone including our tablemates minum je wine and beer and I think its cool too, seeing them getting drunk 😂 now that I unlocked my profile wud yu come and relax with my bubblebutt man
reeseynomoney94 Im one of the few Leaf fans pretty content wit last night's win. I think its cool to show a lil versatility that we can play a low event game (albeit against a trash team) and then have our game breakers bring it home when we need em. That's what yall been begging for in playoffs RIP Angela Valdez and James St. Patrick. RIP Joseph Proctor. RIP Screw
slimvp954 #954 @leprincessash Oh noooooo 🤣😂😂 but I think its cool in her situation cuz it looks like the bride knew about it and was ok with it Husband, Father, son, Brother, Uncle. Philippians 4:13 Instagram: VP_Bobby954 Ima zoe
coffeygrinds Gothom City Chicago @DrChrisNicholas I think its cool you have the technical skills, patience and nerve to fly a helicopter. I took🚁 controls for 30 seconds and had enough.. I get it. Slick Continental Dude He/Him/El' 🤵🏻 Strategic Effects Planner👨🏻‍💻, Evolved bike 🚲hipster, Flat Earther 🌏. Video Guy 🎥, Crypto Cheese 🧀 Najarian Bros
wrathychump lOoK i Do PeAcE sIgNs AnD fIsH lIpS wHiLe ReCoRdIng MySeLf CrYiNg cUs I tHiNk iTs CoOl AnD iT gIvEs Me A fUnNy PeRsOnNaLiTy 🤓🤓 I am willing to pay you 500$ weekly if you promise to be my loyal sugar baby.
fatdadstrong @Mother_of_Tanks the stidsvagn 103 was a genuinely innovative hunk of swedish steel and i think its cool as hell just some dumb left/lifter from the south. he/him
KevinVelez1123 @RUNaomiHarahap Hey Naomi, I think its cool that you are going to continue to pursue a second degree for nursing. It's obvious that you have a lot of passion for the goals you want to achieve in life. I wish you the best in achieving your goal of becoming a nurse and good luck! Rutgers
callme_turah Zurich, Switzerland Afro-diasiac and vintage dress exhibition is a real 80s vibe. I love vintage, I think its cool, and unique and durable. What are your thoughts on vintage. . #afrocentric #afropunk #afro #afrodisiac #colourfullife… A diamond in the rough
AshleyGatimu @Cambria62701891 I think its cool how he can be a celebrity and also a normal person at the same time
FluffCynical E @AliUnderwater @ironking_24 @WholesomeMeme Alice I think its cool you're supporting trans right and so do I fully, but please when people make transphobic comments like this try to actually be promoting good behavior to make the rest of them look good and say something actually meaningful not "ok boomer" Here for dog pics. I am NOT a furry I just draw art for money and I like money.
Xandyyyyyyyyy1 Suleja,Niger State,Nigeria @tellmesomthing6 I'm not mad at him..I actually love all his skit and I think its cool that he promotes the female body and people are OK with it But tap that bottom is a bad thing The fans are wrong for criticising him, I just criticise the message bcoz young guys look up to him,and they learn Writer Aspiring author. Local woman can can oo I STAN Nobody can hurt me without my permission..😍😍.. Be humble, Be happy💗💗
woo307 Oh my god someone stop me of course theres a lot of downsides but also there are people that live in the KSA that don’t get to experience all of the shows and opportunities that we get to go to and i think its cool that they get opportunities to enjoy shows too :/ dont care didnt ask plus im gay (and i love charlotte) — fan account | @flairpIay
KreativeKiara Sunset Island😊🌴 🍂Hey Guys!🍂 I Made Cyber Pupp!🐶 I Love It! And I Think Its Cool!❤💫 @cybernova @LeahAshe @nightbarbie @Lizzy_Winkle @Kittzillaa @melody_glitter @RoyaleKiki_ @CupCakeBitez @MeganPlays @OracleMoonlight @Stellar_Roses Food, Food and..... More Food!❤💐💫
DAYZ_xp hairline Man I got to give it to dice battlefield 5 is pretty good now with the pacific I think its cool and me and atomic keep grinding the game your mom/hairline, is an idiot whose maturity is lower than his IQ and has more hours on gaming then he does on the outside world
Sawyer_Kun Serena ♡ Im just gonna try and enjoy the game and create my team through a whole new dynamic. I think its cool to be honest that the game in a way is trying to get us to use Pokémon we don’t normally use. I’m so down for that 19 | My Hero Academia | AOT | Fire Force | Naruto | Boruto | Shield Hero | Pokémon | Digimon | TWD | Marvel | ER Member
Two_Time1 @Neo_Rush :0 YOU LOOK AMAZING also your teeth are really sharp and I think its cool trans, they/them he/him, I like squid game and art. VIANBRATS💚💜💕💗💙💛💖💓💚💜/My rp Account: @SadSquiid
nknightm @GildardoAgunde1 @IndieWire im fine with having deaper meanings to films, in fact i think its cool when a film means more than you first think. but the political message in us just created to many plot holes and just killed what was really going on I generally consider myself to be a film buff. Only thing that refutes that is that I like Terminator Genisys (not more than T1 or 2 though, I aint crazy)
Ectobabble Streaming in about an hour. There have been some MAJOR CHANGES but please drop by, this was a crazy task for me and I am WICKED proud and I just want to see things work and show off. I dedicated my weekend to this LOL I THINK ITS COOL AND YOU SHOULD TOO. #HoboHaus A ragdoll, traveling through space, stumbled upon this earthly place. Hear to tell tall tales and make lots of pals. #GameArtist #TeamStreamQueens
BangtanGalxy asleep @namgiXD Im catholic and i think its cool that their using it. And it has mkre meaning than the meanings in the bible lmao stayarmyomcemoa|fan account| #Thankyouwoojin
JussAddi Watching Anime @sonic_fan64 yea I feel you, its hard to get into and its a weird concept of an anime but personally I think its cool. 17 • // Male // Weeb // Gamer // Hifumi is Best Girl // Owner of @TeamShonen (Private Account: @AddiPrivate)
Trinity81229315 @hsieh_zachary I think its cool that u are doing that but if u have taxes and bills to pay then u shouldn't waste your money on us you already did some awesome things for ua envolving money so u should pass of or at least lower the price because u have things to do for you and tour family💗💕💗 I BELIVE IN DRAGONS
TheedgyteenE @OddOutsider “I think its cool , my little brother is called Elijah but we call him Eli but names like those are cute , “ -the night seemed to get colder and Keir starts fudgeting around - “Ive not seen you round before do you live neAr by or do you wanna come to my house for a while “ Im a mother friggin King , Sex is a natural human thing , death and serial killers are thrilling , “Somebody stole my care radio “ AU/ RP / Fake
ReyesZenpai behind you @KeithMontalbo He looks like furry gogeta and I think its cool expelled from paradise louis amamiya best boy
USSnipeR1981 @netflix I wanted to say you guys should buy the rights to the TV Show on SyFy called Hunters and make it into a movie then a TV show with a bigger budget and better story because the idea of the show i think its cool just needs to be done right
SoHara_iz 🌑QUESTION🌑AROMANTIC 🌑 8) NCT ngl i thought it was weird having 21 members and having 4..? Sub-units but i think its cool like different units have different types of music i think i got at least half the members
marsdevilish Texas, USA @jxanDvL @DeadByBHVR well i think its cool because like its showing the trappers progression into harming animals starting off small and getting bigger until he becomes a murderer
xnotbleached htx i think its cool a fork that i found my soulmate this early in life and that we get to deal with this crapty world together instead of alone lmao I honestly don’t know what I’d do with him 💓 🌸e l a y n a🌸• ‘99 • htx ❥ •@jus_jayjay💛 social media trash 🤡🤮