I think its cool

I think its cool.

What are people tweeting about I think its cool.

denebella City of Angels when my dad said my hair looked and felt like spiders i cried and felt insecure but now i think its cool..>!! ज्योतिषी | salvi | 18 | she/they | ➹ൡ☽
varen_barovar @GeorgeTakei Instruments are meant to be played. If they couldn't handle being used, then the keepers of such artifacts would keep them under glass. A real musician would respect the instrument and treat it with care. I think its cool. 12th cousin 1 time removed of King Charles III of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. No need to bow.
aIphazulu fronting: 💿, ⚡️ @_starduuuust NO CAUSE MY FRIEND AT SCHOOL SAID "do you know what character that is on your shirt i think its cool" I WAS JUST STANDING THERE LIKE "IDK WHAT CHARACTER IT IS I JUST FOUND THIS AND THANK YOU 😭😢😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😥😥😥😥😭😢😭😭" ''It would just not respond and I knew Entry was gone and Thomas Bangalter had taken his place.''
JesterECW @cricketkisses If I wear a full blown Astronaut outfit to work and I think its cool there's nothing wrong with that right? But if I try and tell you I've been to the Moon and the Space station. Are you gonna go along with me? 2/2
GoldenBoyMari 19 i think its cool how in mobas u can see enemy n team picks and jus see u automatically gon lose Ksuave Fan Page
Drillist I think its cool that you can draw the va11halla characters with their tongues down each other's throats and the dev team is like "hell yeah we'll put that on our twitter" 🎵 I know we'll never grow old together / 'Cause you'll never grow old to me 🎵 | 29, he/him | 💘@KlTAKI | FFXIV Twitter: @StoriesSown | Icon by @Margikrap
Ironiclast490 PNW @Lefty_Jew I think its cool in the way that shes super talented and its a great way for younger people to see about some of the historical artifacts the LoC posseses. Shes a classically trained musician and shes been nothing but a positive force. I aim to misbehave he/him Die hard SW fan. Vidyagaymes, geek crap, and begrudgingly politics from time to time. ⚜ Cry more if youre here to lurk.
VladDavidzon Between NYC/Odessa/Paris. Can I just say that I think its cool and sort of amusing that a young black player is playing for the Transnistrian Tiraspol team- The snow globe pseudo statelet of the Soviet Republic of Moldova has a player from Ghana playing for it. Anarchic Aesthete Columnist @tabletmag @ForeignPolicy Fellow @AtlanticCouncil Founding Editor @theodessareview Author of “From Odessa with Love”
InkdropLeopard @FoxxyLatte Part of the fun of commissioning is seeing my OCs in someone's style, I think. Its cool to see how different people interpret the refsheet and my prompts. A furry from Kansas who likes machines and weird science fiction. Hello! PFP by Kanou on FurAffinity
tyfire85 main: @typhzilla | he/him as much as i think its cool to try and introduce fnf fans to notitg this is such a horrible way to introduce them to the game notitg modcharter sometimes | aspiring gamedev
stonedenby ACAB BLM I think its cool no one knows wtf a flat white is so you can basically make anything and the customer will still say yeah this is it im kinda mean 🏳️‍⚧️ gnc they/fae/it. my name is envy. 🔞NO MINORS.
FactsRazor Cove Area, Second Pokepark @PokemonGems i honestly dont really care about ed sheeran being part of it i think its cool of pokemon to try to leave their bubble and have big name musicians make music for them I say words, and sometimes they even mean something! Straight | Male | Minor Priv is @Ladisbad28 mostly rants and dreams that will never come true
Blackmagecat Lumina (Ontario Canada) @goldenlever That looks gorgeous! Ive seen people play fighting games on keyboard and i think its cool so seeing a stick like this is a real treat. =names JD= Freak/32,he/they,ont. Canada I'm magical, magnificent, and mellow. Biromantic Gay ♥️ -Artist- BLM/ Anti-NFT/
catsinfolkvangr Folkvangr @JessBengel I think its cool how much variety kids have to go for education and entertainment nowadays. I grew up with Lego which was cool, but yeah. mythology poet . norse pagan .
JackieGourrier ReaprsThighs on OW I think its cool that you can tell there were at least 2 different portrait artist for Overwatch 2 - maybe even 3 Some of the portraits look like painted renders - and then some of them look more like 2D/3D models Like, look at these two next to one another 24❤Trans-Nonbinary🧡He/They💛ADHDtism/DID💚Art💙 🤡Clown👽Weird💉Gore🔪Horror🎮Games🚫Minors DNI Priv: @WXSTELXNDBBY PFP:@Cl0wnC0rpz3png
furryobluda Czech republic I saw this on the train a week ago and idk what this is but i think its cool Just an artist trying to find her way | 25 | she/her | 🇨🇿 🇬🇧 | occasionally contains NSFW, no minors 🔞
_samamii my relationship w the academia aesthetic is very fascinating on one hand, i think its cool but on the other hand, i think its super elitist and pretentious,,,,,,,,, hmm ,, (she/they) 17, professional bean brain
HenryLohr1 END THIS DROUGHT @FanOfTheGame49 i like them 🤷 it depends which they are, but i think baseball uniforms are pretty boring and i think its cool seeing teams branch out like that, just my opinion tho krakhead, go blackhawks, goms, go hoos, virginia tech hater, geno smith and sam haggerty stan, player of baseball
SealessMoors pfp by thesenesx okay i googled it and actually i think its cool that theyre using food that would probably get thrown out and wasted otherwise Cornelius | He/Hymn/They (go feral) | 29 | JSMN + Grom + Russian Media | I dont need to be nice to bigots | So Many Typos | really bad at Russian |
violencedennis I think its cool that so many rappers are getting into country and cowboy culture. Like classic country and hip-hop are different sound wise sure but its got a lot of the same spirit. Blessed things there
KS142527 Fortnite batman I never really cared for skyverse i think its cool and i even have my own sky oc but man just why Im not actually named john / they/them /detector of: Funkin Hatena. Shadow Showdown / toby fox thing is for a joke also (Over Now)
poIiwags What tue fork js this beastly creature. I think its cool the paldea regoon is so marine and water based tho and also big fan of not kust regional types but a new species of pokemon based on old ones instagram: psirockin ☀️⛈! she/her 19💫
Wachirah247 Nairobi @DonaldBKipkorir The name CS is in the constitution and I think its cool. Whats the rational and value of using what others are using when we can have our own. Semantics Development Economist. Business/Leadership mentor. Technology enthusiast. Nature lover. Passionate for social and economic justice. Committed to God and country
jerseymikestuna they/them weird that no one else will admit to liking when they can smell other people's smell ghosts... i think its cool and it makes me feel connected to them hopefully im studying rn. i never intend to professionalize this account. if you know me, no you dont.
chalopus julia | 25 | they im gonna be honest i think the noto guys transformed look cool as crap. i like their aesthetic i think its cool and fresh and something i havent seen before in my Limited Months in the tokusatsu zone. however that doesnt make up for the crimes of their normal outfits and the most stupid thing of all is that lately, ive been feeling kind of satisfied ☆ art @bugtransport
sanawustin TX • NY i think its cool that its fr something thats like really transformable by the ppl an what we contribute to it. like we push each other forward with this crap, influencing each other, sparking creativity and even encouraging each other
BobLImages Glen Allen, Va I did manage to catch a shot of Jupiter and 3 of its moons last night. Not the greatest shot but I think its cool as heck.
ARDMOOD I think its cool to make a fantasy art book with wild designs, and also cool to make a very legible rulebook for an rpg system
KingEzeDa3rd @angerybab I have learned so much and im hurt u don’t like spicy food or to read, but i think its cool your taking art in college ✨👍 2+ followers on Twitch , I’ll literally rob you for your Bread 🍞 #Pigeons
ArbiterSkyward Seattle, WA @peebetz I think its cool that I've known you since highschool and we share the same hobby still. Happy birthday man! I follow back cuz why not :D Pro Esports caster Twitch Streamer! HUGE Zelda/Halo/Final Fantasy fan Sponsored by @globalbreakout DMS OPEN banner by @ST6RSEEKER
yorucherry comms = open 🫶 | GER/ENG went off abt this on priv already but its so weird to me. idk i think its cool im not able to get everything easily and i dont feel pressured to put 2891271 hours into it so i can keep up w players, 23 • they/them • art, cosplay + collecting (derogatory) • born to vibe forced to work • p: @CYBERIIlA / ffxiv: @asterfotia • i like 2 many things (check carrd)
chamfrein I think its cool that the steppe has a gay ladies tribe and a gay dudes tribe I also think its cool that they have one where the guys are stuck doing all the child rearing AND I think its cool that there's another one where the women all have like 3 husbands. 26. just some guy + world's first deadbeat horsegirl. this is a ffxiv account. i/h: @sanquines / @necroma888
eerie0013529 s/h 23 =͟͟͞♡‧₊˚ i Think its cool that ur a terrible friend and only care abt Urself *jumps Out of My Brain and Into Urs* ♡ ☁ ୨୧ ygc #sakinabot #ILOVEMYBOYFRIEND 111
cece4carlos being gods strongest soldier i think its cool (it is) and now i am so considering making a flesh oc or asking you guys if anyoen wants to just. have them out of curiosity or other crap literally cut out one or two of his additional eye open for the dramaticism 18 yo. he/him. variety streamer (also a bitch). autistic. silly timer. ic nik nikeliferous the dearest
tweter_bot I think its cool 100c hack rom, go to close or to do whatever who study/ied maths but not true God Yeah and South Korea and bot by @Thestickman391
778_6___11 MN @spiralcocoon i mean i dont like believe in one but i think its cool that people do and i wish i still did she/they
HogfarmerChris Section 109 row 4 @Rio_Robinson91 Ayyye. I think its cool and so do my kiddos. I like it. This was in the worked regardless of the teams record. USMC Veteran • Bringing the fun back• @Commanders Fan• Girl Dad• President/Co-Founder of @TheHogfarmers a 501(c)(3) pediatric cancer non-profit organization
Dad_en_Grey Icicle Inn @PrincessKissDev I think they know that the people who are dedicated to Xrd are going to keep playing the game. I think its cool that +R, REV2, and ST are all seen as relevant. TMNT fan (1990 & Rise), Sushi enjoyer, 30+ years of video games, Artist/Illustrator, Heavy Metal & Sythwave, ADHD, NB (They/Them)
ChromaRushFan She/Her @kirikaenjoyer @Boop301 @inodioesse I think its cool but it shouldn't come back in deltarune I think deltarune is so much cooler when its looked at as its own thing and in the shadow of undertale the silly girl ❤ @ZephyrNights ❤
ItsTraviiii England, United Kingdom The campaign has some cool new gameplay mechanics and hopefully will get a full trailer made in Enfusion/Reforger nearer to its debut in December. I think its cool and maybe someone else here will do too Spitting out obvious facts, crappy callouts and dad jokes since 2003.
ayupayupayup @russiaphobe personally i think its cool theyre giving frankie they/them, but the way the person tried to explain it to you deffo wasnt that clear, and the aggression when you didnt understand wasnt warranted at all lmao they/them
MANIGETSJUICY Westbury / Canarsie Im not where i was and i think its cool tho im 22
azucarestrella As a kid id watch a lot of toy reviews on YouTube because we couldnt really afford them and now i kinda wish i could just review them i buy alot of things just because I think its cool broke people dni
mercuryratio she/her🏳️‍⚧️ I think its cool that she's unique but she's still super ugly I hate her forehead and her hair is nasty it looks like I can peel that crap right off NOT AN ORDINARY FELLA
gasthejuices47 @NvisibleGent @PipBowie55 @RickySucia_ And what are u doing? Coping by saying oh no this character that barely anyone knows or cares about is being repurposed to fit a story better. I think its cool because my people are finally getting some type of representation bruh
ZippyArtZ Dihatimu @literally_finn Aw man And u should cos i think its cool too I'm Zippy/Alek (he/they) • i make art n stuff • 🇮🇩 • ID/EN • #zp_oc #zp_fanoc #zp_refoc • Commission info⬇
propmarx personally i think its cool and mysterious how we’re never gonna speak again. everything in life is temporary angels whisper things in my head.
nmxjns she / her @ha1seul i think jype knows that their company gives them an audience and platform to experiment and divert from the “perfect” girl group they usually aim to debut. the group is full of aces that can try anything so i think its cool that nmixx is being used to test the waters of artistry ba ba ba ba na na na
OdinsCreation Parody @mborn57 @LastShot2020 @CFBONFOX I think its cool to have an alternate every now and then, its usually a once a year thing if its not a throwback its a color rush or a black out father of 9 #OSU #CondomsBroke
Kwadwo_AMP @wode_maya I think its cool that someone would take what precious life energy they have and allow me to have it free. I ain’t suffering through it, I’m growing through it!

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