I think its cool

I think its cool.

The things some people say about I think its cool.

presidentShazam Winnipeg, Manitoba i retweet old posts of mine cause i think well i think its cool still and i bet someone would like it most people missed it probably a little repetition isn't so bad and i rarely repeat myself i think is fair to say i try to grow the retweets on them so its both 4 me You are here for the experience - Abraham Hicks
HxcMetal @SickforkBigRuck my pack is grey and the only camo thing i have is an m65 which i wear in the cold, i think its cool but i dont really own a lot of it stupid dummy ☦️☦️☦️
JayPotter2014 United States @mikkahchu That's three ppl right? I think its cool if everything is talked about and agreed upon. Cruel, cunning, and fabulous. Tryin to be a blogger, tryin to be an artist.
jadewyton Australia I investigated and they were teo completely unrelated images; a crapty photo-manip I made as composition practice, and Wings of Fire fan art Genuinely tho, I think its cool that I managed to give two vastly different files the exact same name Yo! I'm Jade (or Jayden)! Check out my pinned tweet for deets about my books! || genderfluid/nonbinary/any pronouns
xstarshells Iro ● 30 ● he/they ● 📸🎣💪🍴 @DizzyMoogle I ALWAYS like had some soft spot for it but more and more I just adore it djdkdk i think its cool and good on him and I'll be here enjoying the content you provide yee!! your local photog 📸 ☆ i game and have enough energy for an armada ☆ persona, ffxv, ovw ☆ @xwarpstrikes is my noct ❤ @mafiosodazai 💖 @lunadivining 🌙💫
xstarshells Iro ● 30 ● he/they ● 📸🎣💪🍴 @OraclePrompto DHDJSKSK I MEAN ITS A GOOD GOATEE AND MOST PEOPLE HATE IT BUT I THINK ITS COOL i was gonna say I'll make a fanclub but a church sounds better a brand new religion being formed your local photog 📸 ☆ i game and have enough energy for an armada ☆ persona, ffxv, ovw ☆ @xwarpstrikes is my noct ❤ @mafiosodazai 💖 @lunadivining 🌙💫
9_10_lovemail and i think its cool theyre trying to teach kids about other countries and their cultures! but im just a little sad we're seeing less of our sodor favs.. Kira | She/They | pan | side acct for ttte stuff | certified donald and douglas appreciation page
marcelinopeye Jakarta, Indonesia i love the concept, an assassin with a suit and tie. i think its cool... won’t filter my tweet from explicit word.
homestucktweet homestuck.com TG: i mean dont get me wrong i think its cool and all Homestuck, one tweet at a time. Updates every half hour. Currently in ACT 2. Run by @transgirlroxy.
ThatRandomDan98 Baltimore, MD, USA Got a cool idea for a video, or at least I think its cool, have the script written up already and everything. Just need to find time to record it. Herpetology student. Aspiring voice actor. Dweeb. "Make Evil Go Away."
Pyreball @EpsilonMeta I dont play snake but i like to practice most characters tech cause i think its cool and i cant get this for the life of me. I find dial storage easier Currently playing Shulk/Sheik in Ult and Learning Sheik in Melee | Computer Science Major student.| He/Him.
ttjesje icon by @r0siep0sies i cannot express the degree to which i do not want nor care for any degree of shipping of the little snuff film turds i wish i had the stand green day i think its cool and i wish it was mine tjesje, he/him. 24. left handed. no swearing on my profile no hecks no fricks no double decker dicks ♧
najanile detroit ☆ they/them @OhItsShell_ theyre herbal infused w mint, lavender, and aloe; mint for cooling, lavender for calming, and aloe for soothing! those r natural properties for those 3 so its like natural remedies before u even need it ig (if u were to need it/have a history of discomfort) i think its cool 💫 stay hydrated | abolish ice
cafebleus omg my sister got to go to this aboriginal grad thing tonight i am happy for her and also..a little jealous but its my own fault for dropping out anyway i think its cool tht her school district does this!! i had no idea yunho if you see this im available on thursday to hang out
bepsivised @trendofsuicide Like I'm not at the half way mark yet but I can already see myself getting sad once I'm done with P5 But I plan on playing the game mutiple times, and I'm gonna try to get myself more into the series cause I think its cool Phrog is kinda funny
reginaMFmills @MisLanaParrilla well i think its cool and i cant wait to get a tattoo Lesbian, I have an attitude like Regina but I’m dumb and eat like Emma, all I do is read fanfics ~ insta: queensboobs
alyssavieraa i think its cool that i out grew most of my hometown friends.... lol like we had fun times but these last two years been the most difficult for me and i can clearly say, not one of you forks was there for me i’ma make em regret sleepin on me 🥰
FluttersDreams @LicorneKawaii3 SG is posing himself, his hand like a gun, pointing to his head and fake shot himself while Indo in the bg looking at him and thought "Oh no he's hot" Idk anymore XDD I just wanted to finish this piece later cuz I think its cool | Syaz | 17 | Girl | Art | Animation | Creator of VocalTale/Train TracX |
gorgeoussolby Wandelbos-Noord, Tilburg @SamandColby I got inspired by you guys and explore things and do haunted stuff bc i think its cool tbh but im not allowed bc of my parents i dont know what to do
JoCuervo_ Atlanta, Ga I think its cool. Solo vacations are healthy and peaceful GSU alumni. Dance. Live. Love. Travel. And the rest can wait... IG & snap: jocuervo_xo
radmelonen England, United Kingdom i mentioned this on my priv but tl;dr the reason for this is because i just wanna make "rad" more of a name for myself now. it's literally my initials and i think its cool and yet stupid at the same time -- so it works!! i'm rachel adu-dankwa | 2d animation & artist | 20 | 🇬🇧🇬🇭 | 2D animation student | dont repost/edit my art w/o permission | email: melonstellar@outlook.com✨
VeeNessa_1 South Africa¤ pretoria @MbaliyethuS I have males friends and i enjoy the friendship i have with my guys ... I think its cool || I do not live my life as an example how people should live their lives😊😎 || Venda😇😍
chukswealth LAGOS @realFFK I'm a member of PDP but if the APC-led FG said that, I think its cool. Let us all sit back in our country and fix it.
Magnus65262360 @FemSteph Im a man and i think its cool aswell
David25310402 @Coin3t Negative 😭 really cool give away! I think its cool you said 90 people and not 9' cus really suxks looking at a give away and their cab only be 3 winners.. Like ur style here crypto. Nothing
urbabaaaa i sang this line like: aym-the-bBAAAaad-guy. duuUH and i think its cool. i idolize anyone// uwu
wormsona he/him i think its cool how ur pets just dont react to physical transitioning at all, ppl from high school dont recognize me at all anymore but my dog does and he loves me brush your teeth before you talk to me
AdverseBottom19 I've never seen GoT. IDK if its for me; but I'm not gonna act holier-than-thou just because I don't watch it. I think its cool that so many people enjoy and are passionate about the show. I'm sure plenty of friendships have been forged over a mutual enjoyment and that's great.
SRFreeman42 *teleports behind you* i like getting creative with my friend’s object OCs. for example: bushy’s handscarf and cocoa’s cow. i know that they’re not supposed to do that but i think its cool and i like it. shaggy this isnt wheat | Ghost Marker kaji code: v8mj | Pfp by @HazelCricket
MissAyuNadia Tenom, Sabah @fairycubvm Saw this tweet and i think its cool. But when i saw all the name list, they all are younger than me. Im shy to drop my real age here. Ehekkkk. 😂😂😂 They said 'Love Yourself' . I purple you 💜🌻
JoonsTokyo_ they/them // pansexual // writer @muslimnamu Im not sure why. But I think its cool. I like seeing the amount of diversity this fandom has and how diverse the people to bias Joon are as well. Its fascinating and I absolutely love getting to learn about other cultures and life styles because of it @euphoria_wings❤️🥀I don't owe you a god damn thing.
JojoNeedsHugs Ultimate HQ @zzsoteloo Because I dont have it and I think its cool lol
Pretty31693262 Maiduguri, Nigeria @yasminv_ig There's nothing wrong in that. Is we Nigeria that so much worried about saving name with emoji and pet names. So i think Its cool and he still love you simple and easy going👌
sootttea i think its cool to see how much ive grown with my art first drawing is from 4 years ago (2015) and second one I drew yesterday same character too! 25yo they/them. 2D animator & art gremlin. #Critter Muppet Ruler. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY ART coffee!:
maddieluvmail m/w my gf🌸💕 samajaku -ok gonna b real i dont really thibk about this ship BUT i think its cool and has a lot of potential -like? i think samatoky and jakurai got some lore there we aint discussin...hmm... -if samatoki has a medical kink good for him {⚢;16;🇵🇭} proud embarrassment to the lesbians of color community
6951deeps @Bellagiotime Ugly Superman! I think its cool and cool. I like rear cars with cool cars. Of course the front is also.
tsujishinnosuke 20 / lesbian / idols wt gbf @CastrumFluminis IM RLY GLAD FOR UR RUBY LUCK THATS WHAT U DESERVE!!!! hope u get china dress ssr sometime soon too www also omg i think its Cool... its clear and sexy u carry a power страшний демон гомосексуалізму на ім'я райдугей
lilblondqueen @2AdDiCted2 @JANlSMATH they had a break , made out / had sex with other people, and realized they want to stay together . i think its cool ut shows breaks aremt 100% definitive. no cheating / obsecure age gap / non consent and stuff like that take what's yours with Fire & Blood
kirszche read carrd! / art in moments ⚡ @saejimas i think its cool to experiment just to see what fits ur style and comfort better but if u think ur style looks/feels best with messy lineart then u should keep it that way! loose lines are a hassle to tame and shouldnt be regarded as lazy bc adapting ur style to em takes time!! 20 ♡ she/her ♡ i like girls & bad anime men
Joe4Public @TimesLIVE I think its cool. It just feel awkward when u think its your kid... Grade 4 and 5 at boarding school we had no education needed. Kids teach talk educate each other far better safer and without embarrassment. White but not a monopoly capitalist. White but not a racist. White but love Mzanzi. White and still advantaged by apartheid. Dying to see the 🌈 in my lifetime.
sampate86231930 Mumbai, India. Planet Earth!! Probably wants to be humble and not show a finger like “up yours”! I think its cool. By 2022, he will ve seasoned to enter politics. Business and Financial News NGOs and Social Good. Building lasting Partnerships.
allforskz justin and skz i think its cool how people have nicknames like Ariana Grande as Ari, Justin Bieber as JB and Han Jisung as Legend [#리노]: i mean yeah, sure, i have my bad days, but then i remember what a cute smile i have
dreamilyart Hell #dressmyoc So I did this with @KTechnicolour 's oc and i tried to do a steampunk thing. I think its cool. Love your art! Yo whats up im Remmi (they/them) A sub-par artist and a writer (sometimes) Tumblr: @dreamilyart
maxpeezy Im listening to the new logic. I think its cool. Its wordy and takes a couple brain cells to listen to. LISTEN TO max p peezy ON SPOTIFY
13alexgirl honestly!! i think its cool tati called him out but my initial thought was... poc have been saying hes terrible for years?? and even years ago w the whole “ebola tweet” its like everyone magically forgot even tho they tweeted he was terrible then went back to supporting ⠀⠀⠀ professional dumb bitch
Wonwooching I have 3 helpful guide for Ateez and 2 unhelpful guide videos on my phone and I think its cool to stan them Meanie is life❤ BTS makes my heart go boom boom❤ SuJu is still weird❤ SVT makes me happy❤ EXO! LEGENDS!❤Got7 are kings👑NCT is cool❤ K-POP change my life
kazumi070 @AVeganPhoenix @VeganForLifeNZ and I think its cool vegans are fighting for animal rights and stuff but lets be real, its not the most effective way to save animals. Lab grown meat ftw. Now I am not going to lie I only eat meat and animal products for convenience of eating whatever when i go out
southparadox okay yall. this is it. im unstanning the voidz. changing the header is easy peasy BUT the handle!!! cant even think whats cooler than madxerox (yes i think its cool and i will NOT respond to any slander) stream south by hippo campus and paradox by dried cassava
ambidex_game he/him or ze/zer theres lightning outside and i think its cool as fork sigma/terra/zero - 20 - scp-682 - join me as i dance madly on the lip of the volcano - tu fui, ego eris - @timetrialsplus is the eboy to my himbo
quietcells Gettin right w/ gosh @llactrodectus look ash at these koalas! i think its cool cos they usually dnt move cos they have so little physical energy to exhaust that sometimes they freeze n cry when they fall out of a tree- but these ones obv felt their habitat was being encroached on and took care of buisness. nature! jude*/jackie*/reggie* if ur nasty... [23•he/they] cow cud by any other name wud chew as choice

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