I think its cool

I think its cool.

The things some people say about I think its cool.

johnnigs Quote of the day: 'I own a Cadillac with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL' - ANART1996s Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
happiersyd inside my mind man I already know how this meeting with my professor is going to go. she’s gonna ask me why I chose this topic and I’m not gonna have any answers other than “I think its cool” at your girl’s house dippin biscottis in your last breakfast blend kcup
majorjackerman North American Arctic I think its cool to have limitations and embracing them wholeheartedly knowing all others will suffer from death and respecting their ability to die from their beliefs marxist traditionalist e-shaman buddhist christian wizard 🧙🏼‍♂️: follow for follow, mutual only / the internet is a place to be kind and respectful / wise man
moleenjoyer cherokee 2spirit ⚣ aroace 15 @doggypilled in my town we have like free clean needles n stuff and a crew who cleans up old needles in various places so people can do it safely which is kinda related i think its cool if im not getting forked over, im not getting forked at all | he hym they | @john29854♡ @bugissleeping♢
ctommyinc @gottabemoo “🥑” % . . . . they!he!red i think its cool that we were here for the dreamsmp lore, like we watched it live. and some ppl will merely watch vods and never understand the livetweeting experience ☹️☹️ augs or tommyinnit? endearing? pshhhh. . . . always
eggboypriestman song is trndytrndy - its out 4 u !!!! i thought the song fit super well with the impostor ashfur stuff where he possesses bramblestar so im doing a super stylized amv with it and i think its cool :] also i think ill make the background nicer this is just a placeholder for now HI IM EGG!!!! | he/him | 19 | 2D/3D artist, animator, and musician | IVE GOT THAT SILLYFUNNY!!!! | side acc: @EGGPRIESTT
tanisthelesbiab UNATCO's cafeteria i think its cool being autistic and going on about how huge forking robots are the best thing to exist plural trans internet hellzone | she/it ONLY | 18 | pfp: @vinylmelon | antifascist, blm & acab | HRT: 2019-10-31 | 💙💜 @tipsyoncustard @_astroluna
_changbinswings I'm ready for skz concert been watching a lot of fancams recently. I've noticed that when Cravity dances, they all dance in their own style. Each member has their own take on the choreography and I think its cool that Starship is actually letting them dance how they want to. Stan Cravity.♡ #kpop #CRAVITY im a cool kpop stan ᴍᴜʟᴛɪ-sᴛᴀɴ ♡ ᴜʟᴛ stayvity
milzoguchi reconnecting with my inner child (im painting and listening to arctic monkeys and i think its cool) the rat behind @mizopom
Samant5536 @anandmahindra I think its cool. They are enjoying. We Citizens enjoy whole year partying and celebrating something or the other.. The song is cool too. No issues in it. Miles to go...
BRITTANYNATI0N ♐︎ 20 I never rlly understood why this was so bad cuz whenever i say a character looks similar to x im saying it cuz i think its cool that i can see the inspiration ... i got blocked by ppl for saying that and i still don't understand!? brittany nation🆖 creator of musical cosmetic products and procedures
moranbaek #原神 👾 sen 13-15 — th+them nb lesbian read pinned thread 4 socials ic @yeetoldy @dhandelionx 7.8/10!?? i really like the colors of the aro flag (the specific tint of green is so satisfying...) but the header is a bit common?? /NM I THINK ITS COOL AND CUTE holdin’ all the doors (holdin’ ur hand)
silo_gi she/her 🏳️‍⚧️ ~ 16 as im like listening to my playlist rn im like kind of realizing that i kind of associate every song in it with a VERY specific feeling and i think its cool 😍😍 #genshintwt | ar 57 | proud yanfei main 💪💪
888button cyberwrld the next 2 drops (including old friends) is going to be an ep kinda thing, following a story and old friends is the first chapter kinda corny but i think its cool haha she hit me on my trap phone he/her @wgunrange @dialt0ne_
acerubies she/her!🩰 @jenniesIady as long as youre going with a group and with plenty of food and supplies i think its cool let them eat cake
joystick6969 Yakima, WA @NadaAJones Just 1 inch taller than me , and I think its cool ..Seahawks fan all the way .GO HAWKS .Fishing and nature are life . Im one with nature . Believe in the impossible.
xiphidae any pronouns this is the photo of the top left drawing before i had to retake it. i didn't modify the pic at all and idk how it came out like that but i think its cool no nostalgia hurts as much as nostalgia for things that never existed pfp:@explosionpsycho
orngeflavor Midwest @catboylover420 My downstairs neighbors play EDM at all times and i love them for it tbh :) as long as its not messing with ppls sleep i think its cool! And even at night i think its ok as long as yr neighbors know its cool to communicate when its messing with sleep hi im jace 🍊(23 they/them) korean painter/potter/studio guy fruits liker. 18+ to follow please
noturcupoteagan Vancouver Island I've literally seen bones sticking out of people and I think its cool as hell but some dog poop? Excuse me while I lean over the fence and puke RT(R). she/her
Oslozeimantz Washington STATE no D.C @MastiWassim @kidkoala hey give Eric like 50 for free and I think its cool. haha Habitual Line Stepper Riffin Notebooks.... I'm into crap you wont hear about. literature pusher. read a book for ; Christ's sake. (c) TMI ETC
1djhelix swampland i think its cool that rolls royce makes very expensive cars and also airplane engines idk thsts just cool the *only* DJ in the world to DJ in Tokyo *and* appear on Man vs Food - 我是普通话中文的学生! 微信: onedjhelix - NA: 1djhelix@gmail.com - WW: leo@awesome-agency.com
candicewoods806 Killeen, TX @TokenizedGA I think its cool have u get a referral link and whomever purchases using my link give me free bnb thats awesome @levar_87 check this out 🌟 32 years old and love my 2 daughters is my 🌎 $shebaboo88 #ottosquad #🎶 6️⃣5️⃣🎹 #Funsizedw1n #Sirgesquad #RuthlessFamily
FluffedUpNull No Minors Allowed @Origin_OfLife // Palkia definitely looks funky but I don't hate the designs. I think its cool with the implication that they weren't just born in one form and were always like that. FERAL EVENT! Dark Kinks ahead!
SpeakingoftheD2 he/they | bi aego agender @d3leteduser you have a really cool softness to a lot of your drawings that I really like, a kind of consistent one and I think its cool :D Artfrequentlyish + Write - (Minor) You can use my Art Things with cred - Eng/Itali | Timelines personal messenger | "it's just what I do" pfp: @cinnyhinny
Boris4T Australia @ZeekArkham Actually I was thinking about this the other day and I like people who create original content about themselves. I think its cool to do that. I tend to share more and reply more. Bending the spirit of the New World Order on a daily basis. Break free and reveal the truth. Speak softly but carry a big stick.
callakoh he/him ♡ @__tswizzle OKAY AND ???? U CAN DO THE HEART THING W UR EYE idk i think its cool that they look different colours entirely in different lighting “No one is allowed to hurt you, not anymore” ☆
_BlindNostalgia The Veggie Drawer @BR1CKtwitch Nah I think its cool. Simple and clean the simpler the name the better imo Legally blind albino Content Creator. *Twitch Affiliate* #VTuberEN. I got a YouTube channel and I’m learnin how to make video games. Art Tag: #BlindBroccArt
johnnigs Quote of the day: 'I own a GMC Yukon XL 2500 with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL' - Arnold Schwartzanegger Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
johnnigs I own a Ford F-150 with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
idcabtmyat the player, the oc not my ig main but it's the boy. also this pic bc sometimes i dress like azeon and i think its cool. (@/Kiyoshuki) perfect icon by @Admiralshiba 🖤 she/her — 20 y.o
0rtiz_iram @crimsonmettle Well I think its cool and if you like it then thats all that matters
TFerrandino United States @sussexsquadpod1 I think its cool you have a gun. Plus they're stupid. (The derangers.) And also its a good way to protect yourself, your family, your home, and your pets. #PrinceWilliamAffair #RIPGaspardUlliel #RIPLouieAnderson :(
TermineIIi Washington, NJ / Savannah, GA i think its cool how we all live in the truman show and you are a moments notice away from being truman 26, photographer, film student. he/him. #BLM @SCADdotedu
DastanPrinceTF @LlunaBlue i´m fan of that kind of changes!quick changes could be awesome too,some people didnt like that but idk,its just another way to change and i think its cool,slow enough for you to realize whats happening but quick enough to not let you finish a sentence as you try to ask for help TF/TG ARTIST I DO NOT RP
voorsiansiran icon: @xianiyi super epic that maintenance goes past reset so i cant do reclears until the afternoon when everyone in pf is dogcrap i love that and i think its cool @dydroit's XIV twitter || Esja Helvig @ ULTROS || + many alts || UNTAGGED 6.0 spoilers & semi-nsfw || toxic raider who likes emet selch a normal amount
wrennii @tilumina_ Jus wanna lyk that im doing this bc i think its cool and it cool dsmp fanart and content :) | Safe Space | they/them | taken |
meulinex inside your computer have no clue who this bruno man is but i think its cool that he's a guy whos living in your walls and has multiple rats on standby i do funny voices and funny drawings, all for YOUR (Your) Entertainment! ☆ @Aceandro 💚
johnnigs I own a Ford Truck with a 4000 thousand horsepower engine AND I THINK ITS COOL Hello my name is Scott Cawthon, did you guys know what scott cawthon was named, John Nigs.
axolware Talking directly to ROG. @kirboloid personally i think its cool. its like obviously for attention but its also like cool to know cause its not immediately distinguishable from mspaint cause of how universal and accessible brushes are composer, animator & artist for @mnstrshark working on 'The Dungeon Hates You' transfem - she/her for my personal projects, check out @smisw3 @AeroTheGoat 💞💞
kyokaana she/her 15 @yukagay i think its cool cuz ppl like seeing the process + improvement with every post and it builds credibility as an artist to post sketches imo disclaimer: joke....
thelastyateman @penoakeo Bro I heard Effy talking about it in an interview and I think its cool af. Double J out here wearing gunslinger garb and being an old bastard. sad. still gaming, still watching prowres, still a rat.
MattCommins USA @vitaliyk I listened to what you said and I think its cool you tried to talk to them. I give you a high five for trying. 👍 2018 & 2019 NFBC Fantasy Baseball Champion. Fortuna eruditis favet. I write about my investments & baseball here:
zuptr she/her someone asked me "do you not like it? :(" and i typed "no i think its cool!!" and then thought the no gave wrong vibes, so i wanted to delete it. somehow i deleted everything BUT the no and immediately pressed send. i hate my life KNK, SVT, NCT, ATEEZ 23 🌈♠️
justatweetgold Somewhere in Nevada... @CatgirlLeaNya2 but im sure if you asked them all. They would tell you good things about your art and coming from me, when i talk about your art its not a bias Lea. I generally enjoy your art Lea i think its cool as hell Hello i am Gold! ||MINOR||He/Him||Bisexual||3Dartist||Discord:JustSomeGold#4233|| Pfp: @ferarironing
TurlzG Splatsville @RoninImperial @sanchicho_ @TwitterBlue And heres you with wasting your money on nfts Becuase your saying crap like "oh look at me i use nfts because i think its cool" maybe get the fork off your computer get some help and stop being a retard and pull your finger out of your bottom and do something good? Just a suggestion i forking hate twitter and i like splatoon. Banner by "Barnum Effekt"
saturnqcaIs tw ed vent she/her pro-recov so. sometimes i force my dad to listen through me explaining something in ts4 because i think its cool and hes not enough of a jerk to act uninterested even if he is+ mun sy-sy-sydämestä puuttuu palanen... @dietlock
ZoleFN Valorant @wilguo i think its cool as long as the guy knows boundaries and respects the relationship $11k earnings / 19
vampyreism 18 • they • adhd • cel ♡ i think its cool and silly im a capricorn so maybe this ghost just loves to blaze it
catluvrxx666 all pronouns !! I dont necessarily believe in it but I think its cool to think and learn about your average boob lover
BrianaFairchil1 New Castle, IN @OfficialJaskoYT I think its cool. You could use it and make that area your youtube studio where you go live and crap. I love it