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Apple is cool.

Talking about Apple is cool.

itsHiroShima @chriistiandior @YourOrangeRaven @Apple__Volcel Maybe they weren't trying to really represent just one. They just felt like mixing it and going with something they thought was cool and new. You know, like Big Hero 6's setting. Culture is mixed, almost as if it's its own thing?? Just turned 20; Currently working on Manga... Also, If you make an art request with Curious Cat, please be specific. I don't know a lot of characters.
MenzPurple @Minecraft pssst you guys should make a new item that is like the golden apple but a potato and you should have the enchanted version like the notch apple but a potato I think that would be POG oh and like add more cat variety that would be cool oh and add some wolf variety pineapple is forking great on pizza
nappeunchaerin @GZBforLife I’ve always been on Apple Music but I’m thinking of switching to YT! I think you can listen to covers and live performances too on YT which is pretty cool pointless 🆑 fan account
Tyrowo Botw wishlist 2: I wish cooking cool dishes was more rewarding. Cooking a single durian or big hearty radish and it being better than cooking a whole apple pie is sad. wanna-be full stack developer, exF2P MTG Arena Challenger, wr holder for HotD2 100%, ex streamer, and animal crossing fanatic. he/him
WastlerSteven @CoryMills_PACEM Hello Cory Mills, It may be America will hear a song that Unites, Builds, Inspires, and totally Rocks our Nation. America One by Steven Michael is a good beginning. It will be super cool if you could do a cameo in my coming Steven Music Film for this song I Love Being Me songwriter singer musician music/film producer/director Rock On Cafe recording studio Rock On 59 Cafe label published author college graduate
HlugaTheGuy_ Pretoria & Klerksdorp Lets link up on @Tribelinkapp 😃. An app that is fun to use and full of friendly and cool people 😎. Download it and check it out yourself 🤙🏾. #Tribelinkapp Links for downloading: Android: iOS:
sigurdfe ⅕ dia • frq=OK hi i think you’re funky fun and cool. whats uhhhh uh your favorite candle scent. almost said flavor <3 — flavor works i could eat a candle. anyway my fave is cinnamon apple :) leo or mia • 19 • she/they ♡ insert loveless monologue here ♡ m/w @tacticalboIt
Andrew_OSU Ohio I still think ⁦@jasonsudeikis⁩ is outstanding, and I thought so BEFORE it was cool! Editor & video producer for AppleInsider & MAOmagic. Cautious of people who think Crocs are cool. TL/DR: Scuba Diving Magician that shoots video.
applejackoat while im here, have some forking horrifying apple sleep experiment drawings i did a little bit ago. i just think spooky crap is cool and i love it?? he/him hi i really like these pastel ponies uh i write and draw! find me on fimfiction, deviantart and derpibooru under the same name :)
39pelican CoVoGPSaMC, Michigan @lilyw12_ I like the stat tracking. My favorite features are that the watch tells me the current outside temperature (it's on the watch face!) and using Apple Pay. Holding my wrist to the card reader to pay for things is so cool. Howdy, I’m Vivian. ↙️↙️↙️️️🥑🏳️‍⚧️ she/they
stereooff East Coast United States @queerartemis in addition, out of many 'white noise' apps, this is our go-to: WhiteNoise HQ is cool because it lets you combine sounds and mix them. Want to feel like you're on a slow and steady Russian locomotive with rain on a particular type of metal roof? Done: Indiepop + electrorock from nyc new single out now: +
Moss_Is_Best Phoenixville, PA @nialv @barrysandwich @magnific3ntfury @UFWupdates 40 minutes is a bad value man i was eating lunch on my break and casually responded when i wasnt looking at the documentary that was on (there were jubalayas or some ethnic food pretty cool ngl) i wasnt citing articles about a apple picker i was eating ತ_ʖತ meoark
leorenseu NCITY OMG I’m still torn between Apple Music and YouTube Music but this feature is cool multi stan 🎉 nct / bts / f(x) / shinee / exo / svt / skz / golcha / txt / treasure / tbz / day6 / rv / enhypen / victon / kim wooseok / cix / mcnd
maiko_tkr @therealdjflux @Apple No problem! This would be so cool and I really hope you get it! Also my wife is still really interested in everything nasa so I still need to get with you about a NASA visit some time like we had talked about! I'm Michael Tucker. I love movies. I also try to be funny.
RayannaMichelle California And apple gives you an iCloud which is cool except it lets you store like 3 things without paying for more storage then heckling you about it “WE HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO SAVE THE LAST 30000 ITEMS PURCHASE MORE STORAGE” I hate y’all 😒 way to forking help lmfao don't quote me boy 'cause I ain't said crap
Davideilers67 North Vancouver @LyftGyft @macheauto Super cool. We may trade our model 3 in for the Mustang The Tesla is good. (I’ve never waited in line for the Tsupercharger. Actually I’ve barely seen anyone at the Tsupercharger.) I just like the look and style of the Mustang. (Apple CarPlay is easier/better than Tesla too) The Science is Still out on Science. (lol) A guy interested in Health Care, Climate Change, Business, Skiing, Biking, Boating and Playing Outside. My Opinions
denbeau24 St-Malachie Qc @JessLReid @minimalistbaker Here it is very ☀️and 🌡️Just back from an hour of snowshoeing and I'm drinking cold apple juice instead of hot chocolate! Waiting to cool down before hitting the shower. Should have put shorts under my snow pants. Mon pays : le Québec Mon idole: Johnny à part ça suis végétalienne depuis juin 2019, aime la lecture, le vélo, la télé et le mois d'octobre.
RozLeeds North Carolina @_hotc0c0 @nnenaa13 Hi. This is Craig. I'm the one who chats with your grandfather on the podcast. I certainly subscribe to the view that Ben Watford is one cool dude. Currently the pod is on Google, Podbean, Pandora, TuneIn, and a few others. Not got approval yet on Apple. We met when your grandad Leeds Leeds Leeds. Baildon boy now in USA. First match 23/9/67 v Leicester City 3-2 win. Billy Bremner - best player I've ever seen live.
SlaughterAM Princeton, DC, New York The part of me that hated high school is suspicious of anything called @joinClubhouse. And then I discover it only works in Apple world?? What, if you don't have an iphone you're not cool enough? Patriot. Entrepreneur. Mother. Mentor. Thinker. Feminist. CEO @newamerica. Fmr @Harvard_Law Prof, @Princeton Dean, Director of Policy Planning, @StateDept.
Call_Me_Apple_ they/them @ohissandhalasta NO IDEA, THE ONLY BIAS I COULD POSSIBLY HAVE IN THIS SITUATION IS A BIAS TOWARDS COOL ART, AND THAT SHOULD BE EVEN MORE REASON FOR PPL TO GO AND LIKE THAT ORIGINAL POST. OH BOY Theorist | Writer | Memer | Blockgame enthusiast ° General dsmptwt, endersmiletwt, borealtwt, sleepytwt💤 ° Pfp by @Pavvipw_ Banner by @late_august_
DTongSports Denver, Colorado Worldwide Listen Learn Grow Share! w/ @HenryGindt is the best podcast for quick, fun and fast learning on-the-go with cool music in the background. Brief histories on just about anything such as music, best practices... #learning #selfhelp #podcast #PodernFamily DTong - #DigitalMarketing #Podcasting @Fiverr #fiverr 5🌟seller #MusicMarketing #VoiceTalent #Voiceovers🎤 #CommercialActor #USNavy Vet @dtongradio 🚵‍♂️🏂🏀
EricPizano Coolest thing to do is to be cool with a mf and forkin' on his bitch I know mfs will do it to me so I'm always gon' send that hit
gyusvocals she/her 20 apple music is honestly so cool and so simple to use idk why so many people were so against it for all this time....... #SUNGJIN: "the best happy ending, you will be without a doubt my last love story" — 🔮 @solanaris
cloudkuns United Kingdom @Summertimelix43 Apple Music is cool too, not everyone’s favourite but since I’m a student I use my student email and I only pay £4.99 a month which is cool. Better than 9.99 a month nctzen | also a multi stan | johnny 💚 jaemin 💚 kun 💚 | I trade PCs sometimes 😊
seokhao_ hoshi♡the8♡dk♡vernon♡dino if you have Youtube Premium, you can access Youtube Music too. So no need to pay for Apple Music subscription :) you can close the app and music will still be playing. The option to watch the M/V is cool, too. svt & shinee & red velvet • podcast host of @thekimbopshow • was @bestboyhoshi • she/her
legonatl they/she || I AM 17 NOT 14 @Apple_SwanPriv omg i love apple. they’re super sweet and cool and their writing is just awesome. they should seriously consider taking down france with me! i draw sometimes and talk about ranboo sometimes
mynameismasego @khotso_dirane Nah bruh, Apple Munch is not, and will never be COOL time The first rule of convenience theory: Eliminate reasonable expectations!
mutedbrowns Philippines @fedoraRapture1 her name is apple! she's an android originally built to fight criminals but she just likes hanging out, really x')) she's 14 years old and she likes cool vintage clothes, big shades, and good music 😎✨ matsuno karamatsu girl 💙 rami malek fan 🌠 philip j fry and lars fillmore defense squad 🚀 your local futurama fan ✨
GalacticosRtg @Tillian1243 That’s cool and I get you, I really like the idea of it :D I didn’t order a tracker yet because i’m having second thoughts, the apple watch se is teasing me :D 🇭🇺
thismfrimbe Viken, Norway @noob_apple I have a friend named Rapple (apple with the R letter first) and I thought it was cool to have the letter R before like a fruit or sum then apparently there is something called "Imbe" so I just put a R before it and then I just used it 14 | cringe | Norwegian | @wafflewild
evelynrray bootwt :D @Apple_SwanPriv apple is so cool and i love them sm YOU SHOULD TOO || she/her || minor || @beatrixtheenbee my beloved
deviljin2020 Orlando, FL @BourbonHouse_ Let the burn answer that question. There is no god, only devil space crow green apple nova milky way, with her surprised and sultry turn, burning yet cool, smiling adventurous lovley excitment with the woods that play poetic soul with her. Burn on honey unknown artistic writer poet of observations, soulful music reviewer, promoter and shirt designer. just a young soul experiencing myself and beyond.
sukivibing in a gender crisis hey #appletwt!!! if y'all want and apple is comfortable with it we could comment on toast's tweet! ik it's a long shot but i felt like it would be cool :D any pronouns | acnh, sims, among us, stardew valley | currently obsessed with deathnote :)
Soulless_red @analieninvestor @ksycheng @CunadobroBurner @Tickeri Only thing to be alarmed about is eventbrite 200+ mil in revenue already accepts Apple Pay and pay pal where tickeri doesn’t accept either.. I think humbl has a cool concept but that’s all it is right now.. Would be cool if they pull it off though. soulless ginger
SultanWilder @TheRealMenniti @BlackSabbath @OzzyOsbourne @geezerbutler @billwarddrums @tonyiommi Ay yo, much love for sticking to the grass roots right there. I’m a vinyl lover myself. The digital age is cool and all, but I’ll take a piece of vinyl over Apple Music anytime.
sportsguyjose San Antonio, TX 78207 Episode 25 of That One Vato’s Podcast features the homie @Issybellla ! She talked about growing up in North Austin, going college at UTSA and other cool ish. The episode is also available on Apple Podcasts. Social justice reporter for @SpectrumNews1TX in SA and host of “That One Vato’s Podcast” Black and Brown journalists are vital.
WastlerSteven @CoryMills_PACEM Hello Cory, totally agree. I wrote/performed this song in support of our Military Eight, Law Enforcement Medical, as being Funky is fun and cool. Enjoy. I Love Being Me songwriter singer musician music/film producer/director Rock On Cafe recording studio Rock On 59 Cafe label published author college graduate
CHAERY30NG bhc | they ae vamp xe he also i don’t know if this is done before but the book yves is reading in heart attack mv is called aphrodite means death, penguin 1009 by john appleby and penguin is chuu’s animal “apple”by yves 10 is chuu’s number and 9 yves’ so that’s cool loona tv #710
forkmeyounerd Charlottesville, VA « Could it be possible that all the extravagant praise and homage to Trump is just a polite way of urging him to go away? Cool heads know that he lost the election to Biden, as well as control of the Senate. » #duhhh #dontgoawaymad #justgoaway Caligula would have blushed ☺️, rarely SFW 🦚, DID 👩‍👧‍👧, she/her/We/meow 🐈‍⬛, Black Lives Matter ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽, fork you, can’t even sing 🗣
Mariigold86 she/her // 18 @Call_Me_Apple_ oh this is so cool!! i love how you describe how harsh the transition is between a conscious ranboo and an enderwalking one friendly neighborhood wilbur enjoyer + fanfic writer clingytwt // sleepytwt // beetwt banner by sad-ist
nvllsekt The Metaverse @SurrealSerpent1 There will prob never be, apple and their totalitarian monoculture playing the image of "being used by elites, cool people and artists" is kinda sickening. The irony of being a open minded supportive artist using restrictive closed culture products that threaten free speech etc. Mᴇᴛᴀᴠᴇʀsᴇ Bᴀsᴇᴅ Ξxᴘᴇʀɪᴍᴇɴᴛᴀʟ #cryptoartist Cᴏɴᴊᴜʀɪɴɢ Vɪsɪᴏɴs Aɴᴅ Sᴏᴜɴᴅs Tʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ Vᴀʀɪᴏᴜs Aɴᴅ Cᴏᴍʙɪɴᴇᴅ Mᴇᴛʜᴏᴅs Uᴛɪʟɪᴢɪɴɢ Pʜʏsɪᴄᴀʟ, Dɪɢɪᴛᴀʟ ᴀɴᴅ Aʀᴛɪғɪᴄɪᴀʟ Sʏsᴛᴇᴍs.
MrPaulBae Vancouver, BC One I just stumbled on to this week (and glad I did) is @Tasha3point0's ACT TWO podcast. This was like sitting with cool friends in the TV biz lamenting all the stuff we go through in this industry cuz we love it. If you miss being in a writers room: Podcast production in front, TV development in back. @biglooppodcast @blacktapespod @marvel I have a book:
pdxsecularguy Oregon How is Washington the Evergreen State and Oregon the Beaver State? I've never seen a beaver here but certainly had evergreens fall in my yard last week, AND our cool license plates (Personally getting the Smokey Bear one), & UW plays Wazzu for the Apple Cup! #WashingtonAppleState PNW Pandemic Beard. Divine Disbelief. Partner @motelcowboy. Aspiring NT scholar. 🥾, 🏔️, 🏕️. We collect Funkos. #BLM @doscorgis15
countercultureo København Take care and give attention from next week Apple will send to every iPhone two question with one answer;take care about your personsl attack to how will be watch cool nickname,my friends other people should know about me,i dont know what to do anymore,is tough!! Driver med kommunele,och som du vet for at folk skal kunne få hørt om dt må mye promotering til!Skjønner godt bjl-kbh@e-postboks.dk countercultureo@europe.com
jesskenney nyc // nj The way my phone shows me “featured photos” as memories each day is cool, but I’d also love if @Apple suggested a handful of photos for me to delete every day. The amount of memes and screen shots and photos of nothing clogging up my storage is absurd and unmanageable. i love music for a living. i'm funnier on twitter than i am irl. director of streaming @ververecords, part of @UMG. emo4evr. tweets are my own!
slime_man_bren Carrboro, NC @zingsthings Wait. But the Spanish translation here is Alexander, correct? Can names even be translated through language? Love having intellectual conversations with you. Stream Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato on Spotify and Apple Music now. straight married guy here looking for fun
mainKoffizinho 15 │🇧🇷 │ he/they │art: you think YOUR comfort mcyt is cool? mine literally made an apple and tomato juice and drank it back in 2014 /lh nerd who likes to draw block men - mostly happytwt n blocostwt spam account: @Koffizinho artist on: @DailyTcDoodles
TokomiF Honestly just wanna drink so much apple juice that my stomach rounds out and is cool to the touch Big lizard juice gut NSFW/18+ Only 🦎 25yo 🦎 He/Him 🦎 Mega Charmeleon X 🦎 A lazy Pokefur that loves food way too much. 🦎 Banner: @KobaltOrb @Dag0n 🦎 Icon: streetdragon95 (dA)
Chriz_Sevenfold El Paso @AlanHerringtonn Exactly! The other day my mom was listening to Apple Music on shuffle and Meteor came on and she said it was a cool song, this album is gonna do amazing for them to get in that new audience, next up is ADTR tho, I’m scared tbh lol, I don’t want it to disappoint • (Prime) SSBU Sheik/ Dark Samus main
_yeonkook_ I’m going to watch the movie, dream a good dream, wake up “cool”, have a bite of an apple and go work again, Im guessing all armies watching this in 2021, Happy new year I wish the day where everyone is healthy and happy comes soon. Fan page💜 🌟one of @Taehyung_arab admins🌟 21 yrs✨ don't feel lonely let's share our pain together 💜

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