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Apple is cool.

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Joeweee_ In my lonely mind. @SolarLadeyy @puffwastaken @LionWasTaken Apple is cool, for most occasions. Once you see into the darkness, you carry it around you for the rest of your life. | Mentally exhausting from overthinking. | Certified Loser & Asshole.
SolarLadeyy holy frick and dang @Joeweee_ @puffwastaken @LionWasTaken Relax iPhone user. big screen gang but apple is cool スキルトリックショット | Grinding for @SwavyOps
EpicSylve Alaska, USA @b0ndnc @ShamarEades890 @bodil40 @FortniteGame My man, I don't agree with what Mr. Meme said but at the same time, what's wrong with android? Got an issue with options? With not paying $1200 for a subpar experience? Sure, apple is cool for a couple weeks, until an unavoidable update renders it useless. Owner of
godlike_j Somewhere in Tx @apple ..... is cool . 🧞‍♀️|| a lil gay
Haryurlar1 Lagos, Nigeria @badt_BOI_ @Jamide25 Biggie apple is cool though ◽Manchester united 💕 ◽Follow for follow back💯 ◽Computer scientist 💻 ◽Get yourAUSTRALIA and CANADA 🍁 school admission done including Visa too 💯💯 🇦🇺 Dm me
uhethon Android users to Apple: Apple is cool Apple users to Android: 17 • mii gunner main • amiibo collector • pls follow x i need more smash mutuals
kingidris_ @motivatedgeorge @Ndukajohn2019 Bigi apple is cool not living up to my potential
dr_emmay Planet Earth No bro. Bigi cola tastes like poverty Bigi apple is cool Same with bigi tropical. That bigi cola is a No No lol Emmay #CFC #ProudlyAtheist. 1997-20XX
GerberKawasaki Santa Monica, CA This is so cool. Like Ring for your car. No other car has a security system like this! Tesla releases Sentry Mode with surround video recording and blaring musical alarms - Teslarati $tsla Co-Founder & #CEO, #InvestmentAdvisor. #Stock market #investor #musician #Fintech innovator app: Disclaimer -
nbcthegoodplace Australia Another special @nbcbrooklyn99 guest podcast? Cool cool cool! @marcevanjackson is joined again by @melissafumero, @djgoor, and @ldeltredici. Listen and subscribe on @ApplePodcasts. 🚨 Welcome! Everything is fine. The official profile for #TheGoodPlace on @NBC.
saraevansmusic Birmingham, AL & Nashville, TN How cool is this?! “A Little Bit Stronger” is streaming now on @DollyParton’s What Would Dolly Do? @AppleMusic playlist! The Official Sara Evans Twitter. New album #Words now available featuring #AllTheLoveYouLeftMe
rivnatlevine langmate is pretty cool
TuurtleLover Every year I bought myself chocolate covered strawberries and this year I spoiled myself with an Apple Watch & yeah being single is cool 😂💕
DontaeNotNice Fort Sill, OK I don’t think anybody is gonna hop on it like its new but it’s definitely cool that it’s on Apple Music now lol. Yeah ight. SC: blackthundaa IG: shelovesdarrien PSN: vonsora52
DangerousTami @KiriMixer @Luli_Lovers1 @ArianaGrande There is an app called snd.wave that automatically connects to your Apple Music and it tells you who’s your most listened to artist or what is your top 10 most listened to songs. Yup it’s really cool. Once again SND.WAVE. A тrυe вad вιтcн aιn’т weaĸ or вιттer!! My fav has a number one on billboard.... and yours?? NICKIANA only!!! Stream Queen and Thank u, next out now!! 💎🖤
GRRLmusic Durham, NC This is, like, otherworldly cool Music Person • @NTSlive • @NESTHQ • @GANGlabel • • • Contact: GRRLmusic@gmail.com
malihinaya 'Coloring Pages for Kids' is really Cool colouring app. Check it out .
KCxmpp Daytona Beach, FL Having an apple watch is cool and all but I think I wanna wear a nice bottom watch soon and very soon yeah I’m just chillin tbh | #BCU20’
Cool_iPhoneApp "Paintover for iPad" - Coloring is possibl by sketch/border/cartoon image creation function. #iPad CoolなiPhoneアプリを紹介します。相互フォロー100%します。 Will introduce Cool iPhone App. 100% follow back.
DMiller_357 Kennewick WA Rest Easy Knowing That Donald Trump Jr. Is Dating a Cool Girl - Vanity Fair ⁦@VanityFair⁩ ⁦@ZANGTOI⁩ - wearing clothing that incorporates elements of the US Flag is a violation of the Flag Code. While there is no penalty, it is disrespectful. Retired Marine and unabashed liberal. True national security depends on education, health care, jobs, civil rights, income equality and a clean environment.
Teafreak35 This is pretty cool! Writer, teacher, preacher, lover, & reacher. Follower of Jesus; husband of Wendy; father of Zach, Colby, and Anna Catherine; educator at heart.
apple_britters @sophiekaner So this is the best part: he actually tried to use that as some sort of weird ultimatum like "if you don't get back together with me i'll go to seminary school" and I said "COOL GO DO THAT" and like... a couple girlfriends later... yep. 🤣 Product designer and Illustrator by day, Co-Designer and Director for Attaway LARP by night. Gamer, Birb, missed my calling as a Muppet puppeteer. she/her
MissXQ Hong Kong @zhongnanhai write a post about why Apple is not popular in China anymore- one of the biggest reasons for a Chinese China watcher - it is the sentiment the CN gov is building - China Made Pride. Here is more - the Qing Dao beer returns as a hip and cool young brand again in China China social media analyst; Reporter; Beijing girl in HK;Foodie;Walker.
HeathFloof Surrounded by Floofs 🐾🐾 🙋🏻‍♀️ ⁦If Junior is FrumpyDumpy’s “second-favorite son”, who is his first? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #VanityFairTrollin ♥️ Rest Easy Knowing That Donald Trump Jr. Is Dating a Cool Girl - Vanity Fair #Resistance #UnicornIlluminati 🦄 #ThirdLegSupporter #FridayIsTheBest #HystericalWomensRightsHarpy
peterfletcher Perth, Western Australia When the market is falling, keep your cool, don’t panic. 'I'll buy cheaper': Australia's property king is exploiting the slump - The Sydney Morning Herald Licensed real estate settlement agent, dreamer, wannabe poet and powerlifter. My last hot shower was May 10, 2008.
The_Last_Macias Lurelin Village Hey! ✌️ Download a new cool game Bowmasters! 😂 It's hilarious!!! 😂😂 Download Bowmasters FOR FREE right now! 🔥🔥🔥😍👉it’s so cool to there is free skins and more I see the corruption.
GuyArk Rest Easy Knowing That Donald Trump Jr. Is Dating a Cool Girl - Vanity Fair Part of the resistance! won't play nice w ignorance! Trump & his sheep are this county's biggest threat!
labellaluna11 United States Don Jr is a joke 😂😂 Rest Easy Knowing That Donald Trump Jr. Is Dating a Cool Girl - Vanity Fair ✨Speak up for truth ~ enough is enough✨ 💫 💙 VOTE BLUE 💙 •NO lists
ruda19_dorota Rest Easy Knowing That Donald Trump Jr. Is Dating a Cool Girl - Vanity Fair love life and animals happy to be a life and hate trump #blackout #resistence #trumprussia #stillwithher
lolankford los angeles google photoz is cool cos it means i don’t get those emails every month from apple saying that i need to buy more storage but it’s also annoying cos it’s always notifying me of mEmOrIeS… coffee obsessed, vegan, pup rescuer, proud hillbilly from the sticks, collector of both old & handmade things. etsy shop @southerndropout.
trumpsuckbigly Rest Easy Knowing That Donald Trump Jr. Is Dating a Cool Girl. Oh and apparently it’s ok to drag a flag in the name of fashion but kneeling, not ok. Yep. Got it. ⁦@VP⁩ ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ ⁦@POTUS⁩
PaulRabil Btw, how cool is my mom with her @apple watch and @PRFund bracelet? I think so. Athlete and Co-founder, @PremierLacrosse
LurakeBuz USA Rest Easy Knowing That Donald Trump Jr. Is Dating a Cool Girl - Vanity Fair
mikkiundergrnd Shade! Rest Easy Knowing That Donald Trump Jr. Is Dating a Cool Girl - Vanity Fair One body. One mind. One life. Use them wisely. “Your fate is the consequence of your choices.”
jbiz2 ATL Pretty cool! The Mars rover Opportunity is dead. Here's what it gave humankind. - National Geographic Proud father of four girls, including @julia_stewart23. Accepting donations!
Trump4D Australia What a nasty write up! Vanity Fair got something to hide too? Rest Easy Knowing That Donald Trump Jr. Is Dating a Cool Girl - Vanity Fair #MAGA #BREXIT #MBGA #FREXIT #KAG #TRUMP2020 #TRUMP #PATRIOT #CONSERVATIVE #FBTS Love GOD, hubby. Q fanatic.WWG1WGA No DM pls❤️ I follow back, pls do the same

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