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PardonMyTake hank@barstoolsports.com PMT 9-21 with @maxhoma23 and @JoshAllenQB is now live! - Monday Night Football Recap - Recapping all the College Football games - Hot Seat/Cool Throne - FAQ’s & More DL R & S ——> Podcast by @BarstoolSports. @Barstoolbigcat & @PFTCommenter deliver the hottest and most correct sports takes known to man presented by @visible . Subscribe ⬇️
MemphisBelle111 Midwest USA @realeverywriter cool nights, warm days without humidity, the leaves turning, the way the sky turns intensely blue and clear, apple cider, bonfires, mugs of hot cocoa, hoodies, getting my boots out of the closet again. Did I mention that fall is my favorite season? #bluehoosier #Freedomofthepress #atheist #forkTrump #VotingRightsAct #WhiteRoseSociety #forkTexasGOP ✊🏿🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸♠️ When there are nine. she/her
Cool_Knights 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @MagicEden This is why Web3 is the best, imagine Microsoft and Apple getting into Twitter beef 😭 Pixel Artist, crapposter, Web3 OG. Your favourite influencer follows me. 📭 DM’s open.
WinterSkiis I’m tired. Got really nothing exciting for my birthday All I really got was a new monitor and an Apple TV which is cool ig Nothing like the MacBook or Apple Watch I was planning to get but okay Prove 'em wrong everytime til its normal. Advisor @DesignGala22. #BlackLivesMatter
dobbin_joshua Took this picture in an apple orchard; thought it came out cool. The world is really very pretty sometimes, if you take a moment and look at it. Human, currently being.
GavinHuet Aotearoa @juhasaarinen They are very good, the spatial audio from Apple Music and the head tracking for sound direction is so cool Described as “Stunning and Brave” by @jeff_s_king, and “You're weird. The most un South African South African I've ever come across.” by @sportsfreakconz
Temilade154 Ogun state On repeat @YoungJonn Rush fit be No 1 for Spotify and Apple music but Xtra Cool is my own No 1 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 i never stopped tweeting 💨💨💨
Webb3Fitty So the Web2-afying aspects of the big companies is cool. Taking that route myself. But apple taking a cut, copyright crazy Disney entering the game, and $1 billion interest free borrowing Starbucks is not what we wanted for #crypto and #NFTs The blogging and educational platform made specifically for crypto, web3, and NFTs- @zentaurios
kqningtheworld 24. | she/her. | lesbian. hua cooking a mean apple pie and putting it on the windowsill to cool and kiana comes over and is like “??? i thought that only happens on television” hello, you can call me bear. | just a place to crappost my ideas. | 🔞 minors dni pls | | pfp: @kjsrwife
mike_moroski Chaos Yo, @MadTreeBrewing: Is it cool if James just chills here for a few hours? He’s pretty cool and doesn’t need much. Just toss on “Monsters, Inc.” and give him an apple if he gets cranky. Executive Director, @HSCofHamCo • School Board Member, @IamCPS • Vice President, @cincyrec • Singer/Songwriter • Runner • Golfer • Atheist
mcmillan_photo Owen Sound Dynamic Island is cool. When I publish @iPhotoPodcast I include any images we talk about and they appear in most podcast players so you can see what we’re talking about. Dynamic Island shows them too! Thanks @Apple! #DynamicIsland #podcast #iPhone14Pro Christian • iPhoneographer • Author • Host of The iPhoneography Podcast • greg on Glass • If you like my podcast,
rp_shoots Los Angeles, CA @MyCatAteWaffles @matixs_666 @igor_arusa @UniverseIce We can be cool bro but just say apple is superior once and for all no 🧢
AceGrantson is it just me? or is there so much potential with minecraft foods? like- i really want omlettes and apple pies- hell maybe a bucket of chicken for a reference to kfc - i think it'd be cool?? Gaming Nerd, Thats all lol
weirclintonh Danville, IL This is SUPER COOL. On my .@Apple #Apple #AppleWatch, in the Timers app, when I lean the Watch TOWARS me, I see the full time remaining (minutes and seconds). But if I lean it AWAY from me, it 'knows' I'm not looking at it so it leaves off the seconds, presumably to reduce power. Just some guy with art for sale. Buy one, your houseguests will thank you! Also, get some great Amazon deals at
AJY Eden, Utah Visual lookup on the new iOS update is pretty cool! I can’t wait to see where it goes and how this feature evolves content creation and the creatives in art and business themselves! I wonder what creative ways they will utilize this technology! #Apple #iOS16 #content #photo Co-Founder. Automotive industry. 📷💥💫 anthonyjames.sol • anthonyjames.eth
GarbishThey Orlando, FL It’d be super cool that if I start a timer on my Apple Watch that I could see it on my iPhone and vice versa. Is this really not a thing or am I doing something wrong
menalora1 Brooklyn. Philly Gosh check us out if you want - @pixelgodxsquad is so cool and we've made some music I want to share it with you <3 #spotify #NFTartwork #NewMusic #applemusic #crypto #band #1000x #NYC #pop #trap #RnB #boudoir model content creator in Brooklyn #nsfw
LindsTS19 Massachusetts, USA Okay so here’s my dilemma: the bracelet is so cool but I don’t really wear bracelets. The most I wear is a hair bow on my wrist lol and my Apple Watch. Do I get it and get used to wearing a bracelet? I need opinions pleaseeee If you need me I’m currently streaming Red Taylor’s Version
JamesAlexis1 @ctOSro @UniverseIce Silly you, existed for years in One UI. And if you are smart enough you will find that Samsung implementation is way better than Apple iOS. The depth crap is cool but I like to see the whole thing(Time)... Don't be an #Stupid I'm a teCh guy... I like video games and MCU
ashcapvisions Earth To be honest I’m into you and the way you talk is so damn cool. With your love I’m on a different high I’ve never felt before. And if your love is a drug I’m an addict ‘cause damn I’m fiending for more. some of my best friends are ghosts. 👻 stellar being. 🛸 heart on my sleeve. ❤‍🔥🗡 humanities/social science A.A. bachelor of arts in english. ♐/♏/♈
flearhcp97 Illinois, USA @MobileHonesty I always say, @Apple can do whatever they want and idc. Lie about "inventing" things/features? Cool, idc. Problem is when it affects me (RCS, removal of features, etc.). @Apple moved the American market away from the headphone jack & SD cards ☹️ I'll never forgive them for that. Scissor Me, Daddy Ass!!!! ✂ ✂
prerakdesai07 Paris Also saw a girl tap and pay using apple watch on vending machine Pretty cool Is it possible from other smart watches? VC Fellow @anthillventures | Summer Intern @deloitte consulting | @mdigurgaon '23 | Chartered Accountant | Brews Dark Coffee & Listens to Rap @prerakdesai_
dee_peculiar1 Where The Money Reside Pumpkin spice is cool and all, but the real winner is the apple drizzle/apple brown sugar combo Queer. Part-time gamer. Heart of a weeb. #NCCU Alumna. she/they
Bulls_Jay Chicago, IL NEW #CashConsiderations with @SBN_Ricky is all about Bulls Media Day! -- Latest Lonzo update -- DeMar is cool as hell -- Zach and Vooch expecations -- Pat says new offense? -- Updated season predictions Apple: Spotify: Editor @ClutchPointsApp Contributor @BullsBlogger @Forbes Co-host Cash Considerations @bluewirepods Contact me: jason.patt2@gmail.com
dominocollege Indiana, USA @laxmanndhotre What I am saying is the crease makes it a non-starter for something Apple will do right now. They tend make cool tech into actual useful feature sets. And when they do it the apps will already be 100% ready for it since it will likely be iPad apps. Rational thoughts on Apple, Inc. Critiquing technology and its critics. Centrist. Immune to algorithms.
SuzanneGaddis Lockhart, TX Amanda, how cool is that! Love this hands on! Remember that @ChatterPixIt app, that would be such a fun next step! If you have an Apple TV then you could mirror the Ss work from @ChatterPixIt and share their work to an audience of classmates. Hope your year is going great! Technology Instructional Mentor for Lockhart ISD, love helping teachers integrate TEKS with Tech for Student Engagement!
DanielJCage San Antonio, TX @GatorShut @Apple They have the lighting->3.5 mm adapter, which is an additional accessory. It’s annoying when you can’t find it, but still cool that it exists. I’m pretty sure their goal was to condense their portable product line. Cram it all into a phone and generalize. CEO: Cage Interactive
pureit Hampshire & Dorset Calling all Apple users❕❕ iOS 16 is FULL of new cool hidden features📲 Make the most out of your update and learn how to access these below! Providing comprehensive IT support services to business clients throughout Hampshire and Dorset.
xxxxManok Germany @AndroidEducator Now to be fair, flashing a phone is not exactly easy. And the updates come from the community. Now yes, it‘s cool and Apple should allow it, BUT you cannot compare these two Tech-lover. Loves facts. Not a fanboy, but critical.
userserhat London Dynamic Island on #iPhone14Pro is cool and works perfectly so far. @Apple ⚖️ Trade Mark & Patent Attorney 👨🏻‍💻Technology Enthusiast 🦟 Bug Reporter 📱iPhone Street Photography
toddYoungonline St Louis, MO oh sure, being able to throw a magic hammer and have it come back to you is cool, but the better power is being able to lay in bed or sit on the couch and have anything from the kitchen come to you... i had to get up and go get the apple despite my best efforts...:) My Designs/Your Individuality #DesignYourLife... #Animation #Design #Illustration #Fashion #Streetwear
jesse_hynes I’ll never forgive Walmart for losing my Apple Pen in shipping and refusing to refund me for it 😂, but this looks cool. What I like most about it is that I didn’t even know they were building it. #lesshypemoreaction Chief Legal Officer at Gala Games. I may be a lawyer, but I’m not YOUR lawyer. No legal or financial advice here. Wake Forest School of Law Alum (Go Deacs).
hikosaemon Tokyo @ImGeraldMan @PaceDJ @YouTube This is pretty cool, although you can't sync with your own subscriptions and watch later list. But vids look great on the big watch - shows that YouTube should be supporting Apple Watch Tokyo based Vlog/Video podcaster & bilingual news geek 東京在住外国人ブロガーです♪ Live Japan news show every Sunday at 10:30pm JST on YouTube
katchwreck san francisco @POTUS that's why i still use a button phone. i am not cool with the "iOS / Android" duopoly over mobile computing devices, operating systems, and their service providers. what we have is tantamount to a cartel between Apple, Google, Verizon, etc. tweets are mine, no bots :) RTs & likes are mine too @vizflow @nanobiomd
Third_Nut I'm only a few hours in but Fantasian is a really cool game with really beautiful art and music, I hope it's not locked behind Apple Arcade forever. Also yes I am rushing to play it now before my free trial from buying my phone expires lmao 27. he/him. formerly @Peeeeeeeenut (this is my old private account which I am making my new main)
KlintKanopka Stanford, CA @blackhomeva @Apple my phone just autocorrects my name to ALL CAPS, which i think is cool and appropriate PhD candidate @StanfordEd. Psychometrician, data scientist, and general-purpose computational modeler.
regencymjlloyd The 19th Century @mosaisms I prefer Apple for notes and foundation work (GoodNotes, PaperShip, stuff like that), and MS Office for bulkier work, so to say. MS Word is also probably more accessible price-wise, so it would be cool for users to have that option. It's definitely my favourite word processor. ✒️ Traditional Regency Romance | ⌛Historian | Aʟʟ ʙᴏᴏᴋs FREE ᴏɴ Kɪɴᴅʟᴇ Uɴʟɪᴍɪᴛᴇᴅ |
Htraffica Nashville, TN incredible that we went from “i know this sounds like a crazy conspiracy but its almost like my phone is constantly listening to me and collecting the data” then Apple was like “yeah that’s happening.” and we were like oh ok cool all my baseball teams are celebrating championships
itsmattnow South Florida Take time to pay attention to Apple suggestions in your keyboard and tap the words as Apple learns how you text through on device AI machine learning, it is a time saver. Creepy but cool. I wrote this whole tweet like that Host of "I Got Time" podcast. Subscribe and follow for more real conversations. #IGotTime ⏰
luzurabot well, uh, wanna head back ? this is all so cool, but... eda's probably on her third cup of apple blood by now, and the last time, it was real hard getting her off the roof. has lines up to kings tide ! tweets a quote or one of the pictures on here every ten minutes :D
NFSDudeAbides RTP, North Carolina @MorningBrew @phoebegoh This is cool and would have been so much better if Apple’s design team had made that functionality more obvious. Who uses a + for a menu button??? My views? They're like, my opinion, man. #NetAppATeam Host of YouTube:
BorgusFilm USA New podcast episode just went up. Our guest is 1stAD @CChenMTF talking about her really cool picture-book for on-set lingo: Get REELisms. We loved the book and wanted to talk with her. LISTEN HERE: #indiefilm #indiefilmmakers Hitchcock whisperer, filmmaker, speaker. Author 'Between the Scenes' & ‘Suspense With a Camera.' Contributor to MovieMaker Mag.
Biokevin SoCal @thebigguy86 @androidcentral Sure, I'm certainly not saying others didn't have it. Apple is always late to the game but they made the punch hole camera cool with something no one has done to this extent. This blend of UI and Hardware is something I was shocked wasn't mainstream on Android yet. Husband 🏳️‍🌈 Doggo Dad 🐾 Christian Technophile Independent (Maybe Forward Party soon)
Mrs_Katielouise Harrogate, England This delicious fall apple cider punch is perfect for any fall get-together. It’s quick and easy to make and sure to be a hit! #Motherhood & #Lifestyle #Blogger 🌈It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow 💖Mumlife with 3 Girls 🎥 Netflix lover Instagram: mrsktlouise
SamuelGLondon Hampshire, United Kingdom Episode 165 of #ComicsForTheApocalypse is now live with comic book writer and super cool dude, @BjergLeland who talks about what comics he'd take into a zombie outbreak apocalypse! ENJOY 🙂🎧🎙👍 #Comicbooks #Comics #Podcast Comic book writer & host of Comics For The Apocalypse - where I ask creators about what comics they'd take into an apocalypse - samuelgeorgelondon@gmail.com 👍
Illtron99 Planet Shining Oh yeah and I was gonna give Suikoden a shot but hey the first two games are getting remasters so that's p cool Wish I could play Grimoire of Souls but fsr they decided Apple Arcade is a good place for it Octavia (Tavi). (Neo)futurist cyber anarchist punk. Music gal. Rad fat trans girl, anti-fascist n crap. fork capitalism and crypto. Trip Hop junkie. She/her. 23
mariamenounos Los Angeles, CA Cool Connecticut breeze, Apple picking with my Dad, and Kelsey in a little wagon is the perfect recipe for the best weekend ❤️🍎 Ps. Would you believe me if I told you the jumping photo only took one try 😉 Join Our Better Together #HealSquad HERE ➡️ │ Host Better Together Daytime Show| Emmy-Winning Journalist| NYT Best Seller
heymiles Solana | Singapore assetdash is cool! get the app today. and if you're seeing this u already missed the 75% airpods pro / apple watch promo... dont miss anymore mf!!!!! Writer & Marketer • Growing @YawwwNFT, the first OTC marketplace & P2P loans platform on Solana ✌️ • Player of long term games • @MonkeDAO @gomugomuverse
deadrabbit92 NYC This is cool, I usually don’t like dirt notes but I think it works particularly with the apple and wood notes Poet at @dmnchcknscrtch - a cool bottom collaborative zine of art, writings, and other creative disasters. DM an address for a copy