Apple is cool

Apple is cool.

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nyactor New York, NY THANK YOU RICHARD! (my dad's name, ironically) He is my 1st and only BUCK... Tim Cook of Apple is cool and all but it feels MUCH MORE AWESOME to be BUCKED by the people of Twitter. If you wanna BUCK ME HARD: Creator ~ ~ Prev. @BHPhotoVideo, @HuffPost, @TechTimes_News RappStarsInfo@gmail.com
Nittimarley I wanted an every day watch and this Apple Watch is pretty cool 😎 Word Is Life! CEO of KPVision.
onetwtuser New Zealand @Gaia_Octavia @appleinsider @Apple Cool. Enjoy the cast-off versions of most apps, the joke that is the Play store, fragmentation, lack of support...I could go on. I’ve gone between iPhone and various Androids for 10 years. I’m never going back to Android again after my Note 9. a man for this place and time
fundandtechy Great discussion so far...Joe always surprises me with cool guests intermixed with MMA stuff I skip over. I like that Joe is capable of a deep interview with Bernie Sanders, and then Mr. Crenshaw—and I still am not sure what Joes politics are. Skillzzzz Financial Markets participant w/ typical limitations of those in this career. Respect fundies, techies, quants, and homework doers.
jamiemgalea Melbourne, Australia It kinda weirds and disturbs me to see Apple Card unboxing videos. (I get it the tech is cool but it's still forking weird). Social Media & Production guy for @newgameplustv. Is probably booking a trip to Japan as you read this. Likes old JRPGs and all sorts of media.
janewayxyz toronto, ontario, canada Today is a super cool 😎 edition of the #JaneInLivingColour mix. It features members of QOTSA, Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin. 📷: @sergiochaotik 🎨: Mind Eraser, No Chaser/Hwy 1 - Single by Them Crooked Vultures 🎶: 🎵: an award 🏆 winning whore ⚡️ they/them 🦇 #jamoutwithjane 👉🏻 🎨 for hot pics & cool bands 👉🏻 #janeinlivingcolour
jepstromeister Heerenveen @jessewien This is verry cool and useful. I may need an Apple Watch now. My name is Jesper. I'm into computers, cars, music, bodybuilding and a lot more. I also don't bite, so if you want to know more just ask.
jmwiltjer @reneritchie I don't have one but I'll share my thoughts. The titanium card is pretty cool, and I like how it works with the wallet app. But I think at the end of the day apple is just using a credit card to get people more stuck in their ecosystem, and that sounds pretty easy to me.
JTV95 Baker, LA A lady at Lowe’s was telling me how cool Apple Pay was. I told her if she thinks Apple Pay is cool she should check out #bitcoin. She asked me what bitcoin was. I told her a little bit and asked her to look into it online. It’ll blow your mind! Young and dumb finding my way! Enjoying the ride! Follow me to learn more.
audiojacker Manchester Discotron's cool cut Actin' Kinda Shady is out now at Beatport, Traxsource, Spotify and Apple Music on Tasty Recordings, go check it out here #House #DiscoHouse #JackinHouse UK based funky house producer, or for disco house goodies! :0) 9GKC87
TheOnenyte The Dangerzone with Randy Savage @BlindmanEnoch It’s not for being a problem , it’s design is just damn well terrible , Samsung users are just sheep’s like Apple but they don’t know it, bought the phone because it was cool and the “trend” . Oneplus and Hauwei are leagues ahead in development than Samsung Press buttons, Pressing Buttons , feels good don't it 😊
garybenitt San Diego, CA Got the Apple/Goldman card today. Not sure I'll be using it, but wanted to see what it was like. Activation is by holding the packaging close to the phone - that was a cool way to do it and just luckily enough, I hadn't thrown out the packaging yet! MD @ Social Leverage, Serial Entrepreneur, Husband & Father
greghall24 Kansas City Okay, this is pretty darn cool! Love ya, @ButlerBearXCTF! “Cross country is a sweaty morning run around Kennedy Lake with just enough time left to hit Koehn’s for Long Johns and Apple Fritters before first bell.” Omaha-raised KC-based software guy / writer / photog. A huge fan of the next generation because humans get smarter, nicer, funnier and better every year.
thetroseshow Fort Lauderdale/Pittsburgh @jennaezarik @adamfakhoury1 I used mine earlier at the drive thru and the guy accidentally drops it on the counter. Then realized it was an “Apple” product and says I’m so sorry. But this is so cool. He calls his boss over, he taps it on the counter to hear it cling and says “oh rich people problems” 🤦‍♂️ I am an advocate, podcaster, blogger, author, student and an on air personality. Catch me on air @919WCAL
CocktailTradeCo London @LanaGAEC @BuildLaw_ArtTea It's a popsicletail that tastes exactly like a boozy apple pie and is also an apple pie. Cool? The popsicletail Trading Co. is a cooperatively-run bar business, covering all aspects of the bar world including ownership, consultation, and, of course, tending!
andresecoronado Kansas City, MO Two years with Samsung Galaxy S8+. After possibly the worse phone I have ever had, finally getting a new phone! 🎊👏🎉🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ P.S. @SamsungMobile @SamsungMobileUS @SamsungUS 8 different warranty and insurance S8+ not cool! P.S.S. @Apple is it your turn!?😯 Kansas City Valor•Member of Verified Level 40 Club•Current holder of USA WAFU raids records #OKC112, #KC135andLunch #KCNoMap108 #US160 Legendary raids in a day.
bjaj1 Lawrenceville, GA Hey @apple I gotta say your new #AppleCard is very cool. Applied and approved and in my iPhone in less than 5 minutes. #WellDone #iMpressive 😀 #JeffAllenTheGigGuy, Husband, Father, Photog, Explorer, Driver, Actor IG/Voxer @bjaj1
ihaas Los Angeles, CA New episode today! About what a cool nightmare planning a wedding is- please listen and subscribe Canadian. She/her. A bit much.
ErnieSolorzano My use of Twitter is entirely dependent on my Apple Watch. A few days ago apples dictation servers were down and I couldn't use voice typing on my watch. I stopped using Twitter entirely. I want Twitter to be cool so bad LOL but I just can't get interested. Trinity❤️
GLynnConcepts Washington, DC This is kind of cool...The #logos of Apple, Nike, Amazon, and Coca-Cola like you’ve never seen them before Me= Managing Partner @BekozMarketing | Brand Strategist | Speaker/Facilitator. Passionate about people & purpose!
toshispiral335 チバラキ [Promotion]My new song "Midnight Blue" is now available on Apple Music / iTunes and amazon music. This time, the artwork was made by @shiinet! It's really cool artwork! Come! Listen to the artwork! TOSHIHIKO - Midnight Blue - Single - #iTunes 作曲や編曲したりしています。iTunes Store、Amazon MP3で楽曲配信中。JAZZ/R&B/SOUL/エレクトロニカ/オーケストラ/サウンドトラック。 TSHK名義でニコ動向けにUTAUのオリジナル曲とか作ってます。 ゲーム音楽好き。 遊び人。
crismarinelli_ Did I need the new Apple Card? No. But is it really pretty and cool? Maybe.
fxp123 Kennesaw GA Review: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ - More phone—and more power in a phone—than you might ever need. It’s actually a challenge to drain the battery. S Pen is still a convenient and fun alternative form of input. Reflective “aura glow” finish is smudgy but cool HBCU graduated, USAF vet&brat,, .retired from the USPS , granddad..Taylen: I'd rather slam my hand in a car door than ever for anyone in the GOP #Resist
rodynielgonzale Puerto Rico @samsung you have to work better in your cloud for a better ecosystem, it is cool having it on mobile devices and tablets but we need it on computers too (online) (more like Google and Apple)... and the most important apps (gallery, notes, contacts and CALENDAR)
herikay23 @swaceapp @nokia @Android @SamsungMobile @Apple This is a very cool and innovative project. This project in the future will be very helpful in the world of crypto. Hopefully this project is successful. Easy going and fun
James_Treadwell Birmingham, England The wonderful @StaffsUniLPF @StaffsUni academic #TrueCrime podcast #crimetapes I do with @BavinKyla is now on iTunes. This is cool, even I know (I am a bit betamax or HDV, and have never downloaded anything from iTunes). Please follow, download, enjoy. Professor of Criminology @StaffsUni #ethnography, Crime, Violence, Prisons, Police, Politics, Drugs.
KaileighMcilroy Greater Vancouver, British Columbia Dead @Apple - how is it that you can come up with all these cool new devices with cool cameras etc, but you can’t make a simple change to the photo app? I want to sort my photos into albums... but noooo, I make an album and it just copies the picture and puts it into said album. 29 // Vancouver, BC // Operations Supervisor 🙅🏻‍♀️ // Take me someplace where I am feel something
summahreay newcastle Apple Watch activity sharing is cool for when u go to the gym and your dad sends you a gold star emoji but not so cool when u have a 7 min activity spike at 11pm n all you can explain it as is a waste of time xx
rajesh_ihm Hampshire, Southampton @SnazzyQ It’s not a normal credit card 💳 it’s a ... Apple Card and it’s makes you look cool and dumb at the same time .. and it makes you tied up to it’s eco system .. and it’s not a normal card it’s only for apple users so NORMAL is gone out of the window a explorer, a global traveller, a photographer, love to savour the local cuisine, wherever I go, my camera is my best friend.
camcavers Vancouver, BC @jere7my Ah yeah; “face letters”. (I’ve been more or less fluent in Japanese for a couple decades so I forget that these things aren’t common knowledge, to be honest.) What’s cool is if you have Japanese installed on an Apple device and type in “kaomoji” in Japanese, it gives you a list: Designer/developer living in Vancouver. UX design and F/E dev. Literal unicorn. Amateur baker/cook. たまには日本語でもツイートします。
Datawrangler32 @BillyHurls But the new Apple Card is so cool! It clinks when you drop it on a counter, and if you sharpen the sides you can cut someone. Just think how ironic it would be to cut someone to pieces with a credit card. 😀 Southern, liberal bc we should care about the welfare of everyone, Christian bc Jesus taught compassion, forgiveness, and love. Purveyor of Faulknerian Haiku.
_keronjones New York, USA Just got approved for my Apple Pay Credit Card. This is so cool. Works directly in Apple Wallet and Apple gonna send me a fancy Titanium card in the mail. Content Creator and Editor of SVNT Film Productions and PotentialSpot
greggsoho New York,NY @sportswithfacts Gotta love JJ, he is a very cool guy, very likable and honest! He takes after his father, a tough man who also is very likable, and totally a stand up guy. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! And another winner, BTW, the over came out just like JJ said! Good stuff!
snakes_are_cool California, USA @iamscoobydoobie @freakyfreckles6 Maroon is a classic but purple rain and topless ressurrect have me going but also apple biter I can't wait to use that move looking to start a fight club
_thegoodonesgo New Jersey I think it’s so cool that the Apple Card just has my name and a chip without any numbers on it. This is so futuristic. I’m legit nerding out right now 🤓 27. single black female. MPH candidate.
JankyHoboSpidey Earth-E616 @selen0ps "It IS pretty cool it didn't slow down your tech development, though." "I guess the next step is mixing them up, right? Bionic spell-casting arms. Robot wizards. Apple iWands." "And THEN the NEXT step is using 'em on Jameson." 𝗧𝗵𝗮𝘁'𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘼𝙢𝙖𝙯𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝗦𝘄𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗽𝗮𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝗠𝗰𝗚𝗲𝗲. 𝗜'𝗺 𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲. @BlackCatPI 𝗶𝘀 𝗺𝘆 𝗰𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗵𝗮𝗹𝗳. ( ITSV RP acct )
uygarturk998 Eskişehir, Türkiye @SnazzyQ It’s cool but it is still not reliable as Samsung pay because it doesn’t work on everywhere, still. Apple needs add internals for wireless payment that Samsung is using for years in the new iPhone. They probably announce it like “ And the new iPhone 11 comes with enhanced  pay”
DaveTaylor Boulder, CO Breaking: Rumor is that the next generation of both @Apple and @Samsung smartphones are going to have "Time-of-Flight" cameras. Here's what that means and why it's pretty darn cool stuff: #camera #future #iphone Writer, YouTuber, entrepreneur, film and media critic, techie, gamer and proud father to three great kids!
html5cat San Francisco, CA @rfradin @arampell Market research, curiosity and I hear the card is a cool titanium 🙃 Someone summarized it as “weird flex from Apple but ok” Founder at @PumaBrowser Previously @Lyft @ParseIt @Meteorjs @IBMcloudant 🇨🇦🇺🇦🏍🚉🚲🎾📷 they/them
GiantFanInGB CT -- NY -- Green Bay, WI @DragonsWizdom I’m cool w/ secondary. I think Baker will be relatively fine — not worse than Apple. I like Haley. Peppers/Bethea good combo. Jackrabbit is solid. It comes down to generating a pass rush and how good Dex will be against the run. How Dex plays will be pivotal to the D’s success. NY Football Giants fan | NY Mets fan | U.S. Army Veteran - 11B/CIB | Analyst | Logistics/Supply Chain Mgmt/Economics |
Heffertron Swindon, England Threw this together in around an hour this evening using @rotatoapp. My editing skills are pretty poor, but Rotato does a lot of the work for you and I think the end result is pretty cool! #SwiftLang #iOSDev #Apple #LordOfTheRings An iOS Developer hobbyist. If you like Lord of the Rings then download my quiz app from the App Store! 👍🏼
tierralamour_ Atlanta @drkelseileann Apple is the most convenient IMO but Spotify and SoundCloud is cool too I’m just here to laugh
LindaC528 Chicago SW suburbs Apple Card is now available to everyone in the U.S. - Mashable Sounds cool, but it locks you into iPhones 📲 forever... unless they eventually release an Android version. I’m not holding my breath— and I currently have a Samsung Galaxy, so I’m outta luck. Proud progressive🇺🇸 Animals🐈 Movies🎥 Marilyn👄 TV📺 Travel🚐 Books📚 Home Decor 🛋 Twitter was fun until 2016 Now it’s like a job👷‍♀️#BlueWave 🌊 #Resist
daverpvb Ponte Vedra Beach what3words by what3words Ltd. This is incredibly cool, and I’m surprised to just be learning about it. Of course, it is of no use whatsoever if you don’t have a data connection, but if you do it can vastly simplify sharing an accurate location. Retired USN O-5/1110 USNA '79 BS Ocean Engineering "No matter where you go, there you are."
bzamayo UK Apple Music is running full-screen interstitial ads in apps and games which is like a live mini-jukebox for a playlist. You can scroll and tap to preview all the songs. Honestly, pretty cool advertising. iOS developer, Apple blogger. Available for developer work: me@bzamayo.com. Read me on @MayoBlog and @9to5Mac.
ontosphileo Cape Town, South Africa @joe_human_ yap. i'm in the media intelligence space. insights and data is the *hottest* stuff atm. #DataIsTheNewOil #InformationSociety it's just not cool when these tech companies (i.e. FB & Twitter & Apple) sell user data without consent. make them remember you.
ReviloTheTwitt Milton Keynes/London This is so cool. The collaboration with the wassoulou queen Oumou Sangare and Jazz extraordinaire Jacob Collier is sick. I’m so late to the party, but this album is undeniably sweet, you must give it a listen. Recent masters student obsessed with grooving to afrobeat, tweeting about music and one day conquering his large afro mane.
boy___troy Want the Apple Card because it is new and also looks cool. I do not have a job or money social strategy @ the Anna Delvey Foundation
joemartignetti Beat Central, USA @John011235 @SnazzyQ It is the truth. Steve killed SONY and became our modern day Edison. We live in his 'cool' wake. Apple is still riding it. It's cool. 🤗 #TopBeat10 playlist; (See Pinned Tweet) - Streaming Dreamy International BeatPop to your soul. I used to work for RomperRoom but, Rap broke my spirit.
JvR4Cape Cape Town @sne_ndlovuSA There's a smaller % of each population & race group in the world that is focking it up for the rest of their people. Those 3 dudes are cool .. but here you're an arsehole Guess that makes you the bad apple of the 4 Take Your Hate/Race Based 💩 and eat It ❗️ Proudly Cape since 1652 ~ ☆ ~ Almost 200 Years b4 You

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