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Apple is cool.

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carnival_yup Las Vegas, NV Okay Apple is cool and all, but wireless power sharing??!! Samsung is calling my name 😪 ✨ 850🌴 to 702🌵
kikoartzz Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki @LewLater @UnboxTherapy Tbh I think the ideia is cool but could be a lot better executed. In my opinion the huawei folding phone seems like a much better execution. As an iPhone user, I would love to see Apple do this, but I have to admit that if it wasn’t for reliability (iOS and optimization) + full time senpai 易浦ザ
jonleschinski Kennewick, WA @ShaunMusgrave Cool. I’ll have to move it up my backlog. Playing Sekiro atm and I’m not that great but it’s inspired me to take on more difficult games. The Messenger OST is on Apple Music and I really like the 8-bit/vibe of it. // // insta: travelsarespooky / jonleschinski
JoshuaBCarter Atlanta, GA “Apple has implemented a neat activation method - you'll just tap it against the iPhone when you get it, without the need to place a phone call for activation like you have to do with existing credit and debit cards” This total societal efficiency is cool! Projects @Carter_Ventures || Co-founder @HowIGiveBackOrg || Finance Director @mylantiseptic || Partner to @morganwizilt || Brother to @spencart & @TyJCarter
Ksquared56 Wellington City, New Zealand @five15design Cool! I'll have a look at iFixit & talk to the IT expert in the whānau. (And why Apple haven't grasped that there's a segment of iPhone fans who prefer and/or need smaller phones is beyond me. It can't *just* be institutional sexism...can it?) Māori/Buddhist/urbanist/Steampunker/cat parent/book addict/vege gardener/writer/abuse survivor/all-round hyphenate
beardfury Boulder, CO Dearest @Apple @tim_cook I hear you’ve got some extra cash laying around for the Notre Dame, which is cool and all, but maybe you could also spare a little to fix Flint, MI? That’d be real neat of ya I make web pages for the world wide web. 🌹 🏴
Craigeshapiro West Hollywood, CA @scambers73 @RobKoenigTennis @nicklester Some supplemental @RobKoenigTennis listening is here, we did a cool interview with him and learned a lot about his life in tennis and he shared lots of interesting perspectives Proud Rhode Islander now living in LA. @racqetmagazine contributor, film @lovealwaysmomthemovie. podcast @urwithcs talking tennis like crazy
cdoolz13 Seattle, WA Cool to see the same app i use for grocery lists is used for major political correspondence and announcements. @Apple #Notes Im Connor. Fake chef, long-distance Floridian.
WOURHA Monmouth, OR Due to a shortage of AirPods, the NEW Dance-A-Thon main prize will now be a pair of Bose Soundsport Free Wireless headphones!!! Comes with a charge case, a find-your-earbuds feature, independence from what society has deemed “cool”, and is compatible with both Apple and Android! Follow us to keep yourself updated on RHA happenings and maybe laugh a little!
GangsterTacoCat @AmazonHelp Appreciate the sentiment, not trying to be stroppy, but we've discussed on my end, and no one on your end has been able to find a remedy. The sentiment/apology is cool, but Apple purchases from now on will made be from Apple. OuchTown, population you, bro.
MichaelisMath I have an opportunity to pilot a hybrid, touchscreen laptop/tablet. We are not an Apple shop (no Apple TV) and not a G-Suite school. But I still want to maximize this tool for my classes. What cool stuff is out there? Why do I need the touchscreen? Thank you! #MTBoS #ITeachMath you know, that redheaded math teacher (pronounced mih-KAY-liss) Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose. #MTBoS #kindnessmatters
arouxBTN Chicago, IL Then, producer @colldegs joined for her #CollForTheCulture segment to talk some NBA playoffs, NHL PR statements on Twitter, spring Sundays and to debate if Coachella is still cool. Tune in! (25:00-end) 🍎 🎧 Illinois grad | Digital Media for @BigTenNetwork | Host: Take Ten Podcast | 🎗
every_daydad Springfield, VA I know this is a promoted advertisement but it’s cool seeing Apple actually embracing the power of their new iPads even if it might threaten the MacBook line. @LumaTouch is legit and changed the game for travel video production. I love camera’s and talking about them forever. Runs @cheapest_the and @the_crop_factor will never get sick of taking online video production.
THESuperswede78 Massachusetts, USA If you would've told me a couple decades ago that a billion dollar corporation would be using music off of "Killing is my business..." by @Megadeth to sell their product, I'd have told you there's no way in hell and that you're crazy. How cool is this? I'll try not to leave a mess.
GeraldWallace London, England Left my phone on a picnic table for 5 mins just now and phone locked with a message from Apple “Your iPhone is dangerously hot. Please cool down to use” #hastings ☀️😅☀️😅☀️ Online ads. @theserveup NBA Podcast host and general basketball and internet junkie.
SkipIntroMy Malaysia Ayyyyy! Cool! We knew we were on Spotify and Apple podcasts but this is great news! @bfmradio’s new #movie, #tv & #streaming review & discussion show. Join Lynn, Bahir, Iain & Julian every weeknight at 7:30pm & at
willyyyy_wonka Pueblo, CO this is where Apple makes a crying sunglasses emoji so I can be cool and sad at the same time aye 😼
EricJGreenberg1 New York @KurtBrowning @starsonice Great jon Kurt. And he is funny. So here's another Spring Treat: Lightfoot pens cool song with me called #UpinBuffalo. Listen, enjoy, Retweet, let us know what you think. Also available on Spotify. Public Affairs, Communications, Multifaith Leader, Award-Winning Newspaper Reporter, Songwriter
fresk0_ San Antonio, TX @JosephJMiccolis I joined because I’m a sucker for film, art and iPhones and everything Apple related . And especially love the jailbreak community! Twitter is forking awesome ! 😎🔥And I like creating wallpapers for people’s devices to look cool. Artist•Techie•Visionary•#iPhoneographer• Jailbreak Illusionist•Film Fanatic 🎥Creator of #LiquidLoungeVol1/ #aWallpaperCollection ☕️or🍺
jodyfuller Opelika, Alabama Wife: What’s that on top of that car? Me: You know, I bet it’s an @Apple maps vehicle. You know how they drive around mapping out the area with video, pictures and all that? Yeah, that’s what it is. That’s pretty cool. The car then turned right. Wife: Nope. It’s @dominos. Father. Comedian. Speaker. Writer. Army Officer. 3x OIF #Veteran. Lifetime Stutterer. Pet Lover. For booking: angel@killswitch360productions.com
LodgeInteract Parsippany, NJ Now that’s cool. Full outfitted rooms Marriott is building the tallest modular hotel in the world in NYC — and it's expected to only take 90 days to assemble - Business Insider Award-winning digital marketing, social media engagement and web design solutions for the hospitality industry since 2001.
mapletreeleafs California, USA I grew up watching a largely starless leafs team. Seeing Mitch and Auston on a nationwide (in th US!) Apple ad is so cool to me 🤗 leafs fan living in california
Uglydemeegod House Targaryen As of lastweek my bullet journal is full and Ive gotten tired of buying them. So I found this cool app it's worth taking a look at.
carinoconejito bebop hate apple hate capitalism but the face ID feature is amazing and yeah it’s probably the FBI agent scanning my face so the gov can use it for whatever reason but that’s ok it’s still cool. probably having a manic episode. 20 yr old unemployed bi polar taurus....
Heathernews Mt. Pleasant, SC Just charging my new thang... but now, where to wear it?!? My Apple Watch is on my left wrist, and I use my right hand for the mouse. Oh well.. for this cool embrwave… These are my personal tweets & views.. In no way related to my job... which is award winning executive producer at WCBD
BJJWhitford Calgary, Alberta @MQOResearch @Colettod This is really cool. I love it when small or new parties make inroads and upset the apple cart. Its rare and is a sign of a healthy democracy. Mechanical Engineer, interested 3rd party.
badconfig Utah, USA Apple Watch will give you a notification if your heart rate is elevated but not sensing activity. Cool feature, but I already know I’m having a panic attack and this information isn’t really helping the situation Tim. technical manager, hardware, software, sleepwear, kitchenware. sometimes shady dot tech. shadytech@pm.me
ahmadelnemr cairo, egypt #Apple #AirPods2 is a great product specially if you have many Apple devices. The iCloud sync for a headphone is a cool idea and very convenient. Surprised no one mention it in all the reviews I read. Wondering human being. Photographer. Olympian 2012 & 2016 Archery. @ahmadelnemr on IG
a_j_t_j_a Edmond, Oklahoma / K5AJT @Apple @JAMFSoftware Provisioned deployment is really pretty cool. It's just the back-end hoops one must jump through that make such efforts so daunting. Thanks for all the support and diligent testing that goes in to your products. As a photographer, amateur storm chaser, poet and opinionated writer, I'm always looking for the perfect angle.
ElegantGizmos 6 Latest Gadgets To Buy & Enjoy. Technology is evolving. See what's new with Alexa, Samsung Galaxy, Apple Airpod, FitBit and more. Some cool gizmos and gadgets. Elegant Gizmos is a small family business based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We specialize in innovative gizmos, tools and accessories for home & home office.
maga_monkey Southern @MALabounty @bamaterri1 @realDonaldTrump And hear is your basement dwelling, rent owing to mom, Snowflake Reprobate. He actually thinks it’s cool to be a perpetual do nothing loser. 😂😂😂 Maybe mommy will give him another Apple Music card to ease his pains. Wow, such losers. Patriot🇺🇸
BeardedVillain_ Lebanon How f****** cool is that Touch Bar 🖤, and that butterfly keyboard is just 😩 super amazing #MacBookPro #apple my music: #ClassicRock . my mind: Of all the things I've lost,I miss my mind the most. @mercedesAMGF1 freak. twisted enough for you
objdadon @Bman923 No Apple for me lol, this concept is cool but i really don't see how folding and unfolding a phone like this will ever stand the test of time, I'll never trust it An avid gamer who enjoys giving commentary on the gaming world, hip hop, electronics, and entertainment.
MacAndCheeks Ovi’s Office, The Vault Every couple years Samsung does something really cool and people go all “well this is the end of Apple as we know it” ...then Samsung’s phones start exploding or something 😭😩 ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈 GDTBATH! #Crypto
James_Edgington Well this is very cool. I was recently invited onto the Trailer Junkies Podcast where I got to discuss all things trailer related. It was so much fun and thanks so much to Jim and Ted for having me on! Hope to join you again sometime! Movie Trailer Editor at @MarkWoollen
Suburban_Hell Suburban Hell, MA The Muscle Hustle is a fling-wrestling game for mobile that I've been outright addicted to the last few months. If you click below and join/play the game (it is free), I have a chance at earning some cool stuff for my wrestlers. Please help if you can. Part-time games journalist, former radio practitioner, and now sidekick of Kazoo the Tuxedo Torpedo (@kazootiepie). Full-time awesome.
ArtOnEvolution Chicago, IL @spiritsdestinyu @tyler_c_world Me and Tyler talk about changing the narrative any small ways we can. The more that act cool the easier it is to spot the bad apples. Human nature for some is to be a dick. I always try my part to back up anybody whoa dealing with a bad apple. comic writer/artist.
CeciliaClark923 Houston, TX Samsung's $2,000 folding phone is breaking for some users after two days @CNBC Well it seems that the new phone is not as cool as people imagined. I am sorry but I am sticking with my iPhone! ⁦@Apple⁩ #HRTribe what do you think? Sr #HR Generalist passionate about all things HR. #HR2Serve #HRJedi #SHRM18Blogger #HelpMe #HelpYou #MakeLifeALittleBetter #HRTribe
UlurooSpeaks available wherever the Internet is sold oh, cool, I wasn’t aware we could turn “Apple is doomed” articles into lawsuits writer of tech things ~ co-host of @theFlockCast ~ creator of snazzy Twitter bios
itstheone_me Hilton Head Island, SC @msappleexe That’s so cool! I was in the Apple store on my birthday and each one said happy birthday. Apple really is a special company not worthy
BeritaAfroSoul Africa I had the privilege to work on @ItsCitizenDeep EP Image which is currently out. We did a really cool song called Craving together, Stream and download link here: Multi award winning singer-songwriter & guitarist. 🌍🎸🎤 enquiries contact Eric: +27 73 969 8989 and or email: admin@beritaafrosoul.co.za
qdoug Nomadic Opener is pretty cool because you can use it to work around Universal Links not working without deleting and reinstalling apps. I make iPad apps: @PDFViewerApp at @PSPDFKit, plus @_readingapp on the side and occasionally @Cambugs. Helping with @NSLondonMeetup.
ABENEVIN San Francisco, CA so ya STREAM RAMREAPER ok cool every song is my favorite song including feloos, ramraja, i knew, austin powers and in shambles afghan larry david
Fluttermind Oakland This is really cool. What Mode 7 would have liked like without the SNES lookup tables and rounding errors... BAFTA nominated co-creator of Fable and the original Dungeon Keeper. Now solo dev of Incoboto, Spellrazor, Wardenclyffe and other gaming/synthesizer projects.
timklemser @Apple Can U guys make a code that gives us a 30 second countdown when are phone is at 1% before it dies? would be so cool I see that run to my charger and im good(30 seconds is a long time in a wrestlers mind lol)
Adriannawutt0 Guys look how cool this is goto Siri and say 17 it shows u new apple updates and emojis and stuff
HockeyLevine My podcast is officially live on iTunes! Feel free to subscribe, there’s going to be a lot of cool videos coming there weekly and potentially interviews with subscribers! Quality NHL Prospect Analysis! Support Hockey Scouting Reports on Patreon:
tigerblues1 mike manne and tiger blues on blues artist CD out now ! "Blues comes to Junior High" Is a concept blues project, that comes to a junior high school, and plays some really cool blues for a school audience, and is being hosted by the town library
adhdone @austinnotduncan @tldtoday Most I see are not rooting for Samsung to fail. They are responding to the arguably rose colored, uncritical look YouTubers gave to this device. Yes it is cool and possibly the future, but deserves the same unrelenting examination that products like AirPods and Apple Watch got. Tech | Family | Humor | ADHD

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