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Apple is cool.

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Mantia Portland I have two things to say about this image from Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. 1. It's cool to see Apple acknowledge that maybe they were wrong about iOS 7's style of outlined icons. 2. The checkmark and X below each example is perfectly ironic. America’s Favorite Icon Designer → @Parakeet • @JuniorCardsUS • @Magic_Passport • @CrownType • @BurgerDigest
nxthompson New York When announced, Apple’s “Find My” feature seemed like a privacy disaster. But actually the way they deal with encryption is sophisticated, innovative, and cool. Editor in Chief of @wired. DMs are always open for tips and scoops. Also nxthompson@protonmail
Nerdosapian1990 Iowa I can’t share the link but this guy is beast on this instrumental METAL!!! It’s on an app you can kind on apple app stores. Or online. Give it a go. He’s feminist and a cool dude. Gaming zombies Dragon Ball and stuff. I’m bisexual, feminist, and don’t give a crap 😈
DEvanAltman Indianapolis, IN I have to tell you, it is very cool to have not only guested on and hosted shows on @670TheScore, but now to have a pod hosted there? On the Cubs' flagship station? This is an honor. Husband, father, writer, changer of unverified by Twitter. Co-founder/EIC @realcubsinsider, co-host of [insert title] podcast.
CaliforniaT1D United States This is one of the BEST meters I’ve used! So cool to see it in apple stores! 🙌🏼💙 nice work @onedroptoday and @jeffdachis My pancreas doesn't work but at least I have cute cyborg replacements! #Insulin4All
BadgerPharm37 Wisconsin, USA @FRHYSB Bees are cool, but when the mower blade hits an Apple/pear that is full of bees and they swarm you, it’s not fun. Might be speaking from experience 😂 Brewers, Packers, Badgers, Bucks. 95% of my Twitter use is sports. The average sports fan is really stupid.
keaneli SF | Hawaiʻi | Italy Playing with #LogicProX with the Apple Touch Bar for the first time and wow this is cool! Traveling writer working on a novel. IG:
laobriana Denton, TX “Kinda Kinks” is a cool secondhand clothing store I found today after getting my vegan donut for breakfast!! I saw it on my Apple Maps app first, and I was intrigued by the name. After learning that it was a “vintage, retro & indie clothing” shop, I had to go! #MaybornMadrid Arts & Life copy editor/design @NTDaily / National Merit Scholar / @MaybornUNT Ambassador / prev: news/Metro intern @DallasNews; co-EIC, copy @PeshPrints
rauurudesu VTuber世界 First time with this cool Face ID unlock and is all cool and fast and works even with my glasses but... it never recognizes my morning face apple what do you mean with this Illustrator | Pixiv:| English 日本語 | game dev @roblox — raquiles | gamer & Senpai | SSBU Roy. よろしくね〜!
LiquorStopMD Bel Air, MD 🛑 New To The Stop 🛑 grandmassangria is a refreshingly delicious way to cool off at your backyard bbq! Both Peach Sangria & Apple Raspberry Sangria are Homemade with 'Plenty of Love'!👵🏻 AND CALLING ALL BABES!! Now… Beer, wine & liquor! Best Craft brew selection in town! Located at 1510 Conowingo Rd.
MacObserver TMO Towers Activbody, Inc., announced that its flagship product, smart fitness device Activ5, is now available at and in select Apple Stores. The Mac Observer, publishing Apple-related news, tips, podcasts, reviews, and analysis since 1998 (and was Webintosh before that!). All are welcome.
DyldoBaggins97 @Rexac3 @DisserKevin @TheBurritoLion @ZacksJerryRig Dude, you're just rambling on about how iPod is a better option😂 get an older iPhone without a SIM, boom a better iPod and cheaper than $200🤷🏻‍♂️ And your original point was nobody wants an Android, but stats show that statement is way off, clearly. If you love Apple, cool.
EmyButtUwU Florida, USA Holy heck this is cool, hate that its apple only for now... but this is a really cool way to make hotwheels more modern for the younger audience Sad to see the collectors hate this and call it a fad but me I love it, I remember racing and trading- She/Her, 24 just a random crap posting Diaper fur who also loves cars/anything mechanical and lotsa retro things! ... also wester is apparently god...
RyanQDavis Springfield, IL This is your regular reminder to check out my podcast, Everyone is Stupid Except Me. Some great guests have already recorded with me, and cool ones are scheduled. Now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Spreaker, Castbox, and Google Podcasts. Labor issues and also sometimes writing about stuff. @Forbes | @BetChicago1 | ”Everyone is Stupid Except Me” Podcast | Alum @Penn_State
V1mgrpbot “I can do better. I know that it’s an apple tree, and I know where each apple is on each branch. If I focus enough, I can spot these tiny details,” said Hana happily. “Wow… That’s so cool!” shouted 7753 eagerly. quotes from the original and inaccurate V1 fantranslation of mgrp. tweets are not canon.
QueenBritt1000 Louisiana 🐊 Let me pay apple so I can head all of the new music. Musi is cool and all but I love my Tidal and Apple Music I am superwoman
AU_ghoti Scotland @xExactologyx @DrLupo @Ninja @timthetatman @CouRageJD @actionjaxonbtw So it was ‘3’ millionaires, Jack and Paul. To be fair Paul is an apple guy. It’s no longer cool to be associated with iOS anymore. Apple is possibly the reason he is not a millionaire too. I used to use the name @Aughoti but my email account for that name was shut down and I can't reset my password. Well done Twitter!
Hey_Razor Liberland, brother Aristotle wasn't perfect But he gave us laws of logic Wich gave us crap like PlayStation 1 and Apple Watches All the cool crap you got Thank Aristotle's mother Wich is more then anybody did Back when the worlds wore othererd Estudante de Direito, professor de humanas e de língua inglesa. Vendedor de livros sem propriedade intelectual. E Libertário, claro. ENTP.
sianassongs Melbourne, Australia So episode 30 got a new edit because of audio issues so this is take two. Talking about sample packs, OneKnob plugins, new beat, playlists on Spotify and Apple Music, cool new track from an Aussie hip hop group and Ariana Grandes pain and lots more. #pod… singer/songwriter/producer hip-hop
LeMeridienKL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #WorldCucumberDay Today is the perfect day to be as cool as a cucumber! Need a little pick-me-up? Boost your #FridayMood with this ‘Forever Young’ detox juice made with fresh cucumber, green apple and basil leaves nicely blended to an evergreen perfection! Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur offers a world-class experience in Malaysia, just 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. #lemeridienkl
deeechap Orange County @JuiceboxCA This is really cool! (Even though I’m an Apple Music user and have no commute.) Podcasts: @geekdompod @chatsematary Writing: @chorusfm @hiddenremote and more
sianassongs Melbourne, Australia So episode 30 got a new edit because of audio issues so this is take two. Talking about sample packs, OneKnob plugins, new beat, playlists on Spotify and Apple Music, cool new track from an Aussie hip hop group and… singer/songwriter/producer hip-hop
neothestunna South Africa @soul_eubanks Isn't it funny how the sticker is desperately promoting this product? How cool is it that an apple or banana just chills there all sexy and naked and still it flys off the shelf? That's how I know I'm on the right track. The food & water I consume don't need to be punted at all. 🇿🇦| Consciousness is next to Godliness | Animals first, you later🤚🏾| Scientist in training | Part-Time Nerd | Full-Time Vegan🌱 IG: @neothestunna
gamermaniac55 Grand Rapids, MI @pIayboycrap yeah sex is cool but have you ever been streaming anonymous from your freshly bought apple watch while wearing blackbear merch and new shoes? 𝒜𝒩𝒪𝒩𝒴𝑀𝒪𝒰𝒮
Wrekonize Fhloston Paradise I been an @Apple fanboy before it was cool to like their crap but this right here is sadly becoming the trend over there. This video is hilarious and sad at the same time. She knows it’s a multi pass
PrincessKayy_21 Having an Apple Watch is cool and all until you’re trying to use the bathroom and it’s telling you that it’s time to stand up and move around lol 22. kayymo15 👻 LL13 💙
Th3_D0c70R @Ridd1e @RedRobotCake I am feeling EVERYTHING about this look. the apple, the grumpy and bashful gloves. this is so freaking cool. first rule of Princess Fight Club. Watch, Observe, Record ... Never interfere.
soccerben United States Trump: People Misunderstood When I Clearly Said Election Meddling Is Good. According to the president, it’s totally cool and legal for foreign governments to interfere in U.S. elections. #TraitorTot #TraitorInChief #TraitorTrump I HATE Trump, the *WORST* thing to happen to the USA! #wtp2020 Member - #PRU Member - #VetsResist #BLM #ITMF #VoteBlue #Resistance #VoteBluetoSaveAmerica 🌊🌊🌊
SethHynes Australia @ControlRemedy getting really advanced lighting effects is pretty cool, but since @Apple still won't play nice with @nvidia, and these effects come from @NVIDIAGeForce, I think this probably means we won't ever get a Mac port of Control. :( Freelance writer: film critic for Mountain Views Mail, writer of articles, essays and cyberpunk fiction. #ActuallyAutistic Bisexual Aromantic.
metallumeius new york. | ms. “Oh got it, so focusing right now is the blade. That’s not bad.” She said with a nod and then walked carefully over to him before sitting next to him and handing him the drink and apple. “You mean this place? It’s pretty cool, big and looks like someone new could get lost.” ⠀ ⠀ ❛𝐼𝑡 𝑎𝑙𝑤𝑎𝑦𝑠 𝑒𝑛𝑑𝑠 𝑖𝑛 𝑎 𝑓𝑖𝑔𝘩𝑡.❜⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 『𝑀𝐶𝑈 | 𝐺𝐵!𝐵𝑢𝑐𝑘𝑦 𝐵𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑒𝑠 』
jester2trife Southern California via HTown That Verizon/Apple commercial with all the animals and nature stuff is cool as crap. #NBAFinals2019 All I wanted was a World Series title...Now I want another.
SinningRoach @jayblrd_ YE at work my job code is apple related so i am the one in charge of apple services there and apple sends vendor samples for you to keep until you leave or until the newest model comes out and they want you to upgrade and trade it for another its cOOL Alex-22-she/her header by mE (ง ˘ω˘ )ว
chromarink he/him Cool restaurant idea: cheap foods prepared in tasty somewhat peculiar ways (like, sometimes I cook my lentils w apple n onion n cumin n basil) And it could be cheap too because all the food is cheap especially when bought in restaurant style bulk so ppl can go out n not spend $$ do crime eat sweets make art drink coffee repeat
BlindKoreanGirl Washington, USA @witchvraft @Initials_GM @RohanGrande @dylanrayleblanc @noobde And the Apple sheep buying outdated specs and crapty design choices are still at it. Sindel's a boring character, from her design to her character. Yes Spawn is just a cool, edgy dude, but he at least has a good design and versatile moves that can only be manipulated. Video games
BTSchPLadminT BTS ch+ @NanJoonie23 GURL Joon is my fxxxing cinnamon apple but I’m gonna hype every member because I love each of them with my whole everything 🥰💙💜 And can we talk about how someone took NO prisoners & displayed the awesomeness 😱if there ever was a cool it ch+ here’s my dang tweet this was IT hiiiiii👋 it’s adminT 🦖from @BTSchPL_board 💙💜don’t mind me I’m just runnin the backup acct 💙💜 #BTSWORLD says I’m managing NJ 😂
FarFromSubtle Tokyo-to, Japan With DualShock 4 and Xbox controller support coming to the iPad things are gonna get real cool for gaming on Apple devices. The store is already chock full of games that go generally ignored by us console focussed types, and I think it will get even richer soon. Producer and host of Video Games AWESOME! @ffstv Canadian living in Tokyo.
kuwyousaf she literally looks the same. she just wears a lot more make up and is smart bc she used her look and platform to monetise off of ANYTHING and is now on love island whilst your ‘nice&cool’ and ur profile picture is an apple… stay mad i guess
bluedevil21 ÜT: 35.986242,-78.901513 Great song on a cool day. And yes it is ... #gratitude Head Medical Team Physician, Duke University, Go Duke!!
mrcthompson Newcastle upon Tyne @ermlikeyeah Run Gap is pretty cool for sharing between apps. I sometimes use the apple running app and share to Strava. (For life insurance points) Dad. Lean. Head of Role for Agile Delivery @DWPDigital. Perpetual novice. Sketcher. Cyclist. Reader. My own views. Artwork
emilianbold Europe Apple is removing #Dashboard. Remember those widgets? Before Apple's widgets we had #Konfabulator which became #Yahoo #Widgets. Cool little things! Had a briefly-popular Konfabulator widget I believe which I stopped updating when they migrated to Yahoo and couldn't login anymore. In the end I think I like lots of Sun Microsystems tech: #ZFS, @Java, @NetBeans (I make @CoolBeansIDE). Also operating systems like #BSD / #Linux. #Remote #work
ShortFatGuy SEMI Very disappointed to find Apple is phasing out Dashboard in macOS. They have a knack for coming up with cool stuff and then forgetting about it. I use Dashboard quite often and rely on it for easy access to Dictionary, Conversions, Translation, and Calculator. Sad to see it go. I'm a big, fat, boring nerd.
WayneWi20770958 Florida or wherever I am now ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ : People Misunderstood When I Clearly Said Election Meddling Is Good According to the #AgentOrange trump, it’s totally cool and legal for foreign governments to interfere in US elections #ImpeachTrumpNow Debunking & countering fake news, fake Presidents & defending America from wannabe dictators. Blocked by Flynn Jr. #resist #TrumpLiesMatter #TrumpColluded #FBR
miketheburrito the beautiful garden state @sassygravy @eatinginmycar eating a fake meat burger and losing your “soul” is on par with j*rdan peters*n having a sip of apple cider and slipping into a month long sleepless fugue state. it is cool and we love to see it 🌝
GellatioBot Bot, Thailand People who think neat is a cool word are granny smith apple, your mother are floralwhite, Christian Moms against Dabbing is dead and so on. Bot by Gellatio that tweets out random stuff.....
dbrew101 Florida, USA @OFemmeFataleZ Add a bit of organic apple cider vinegar to your water. I like to put in a bit of organic local honey as well. As for yoga, there is a super cool full moon yoga on the beach in nsb. I haven’t been for a while, but all ya need is a towel and no skill required! #VoteBlue #forkTrump #LegalizeCannabis #Resist #MyStateWasHackedByRussiaAndNobodyCares #SaveUsFromTrumpism #WhyAreWeStealingChildren #StrongerTogether
NotColtonAtAll Brooklyn, NY Ayo it’s ya boy COol 1ne aka Pizza Gawd aka Consent Papi aka Best looking sad African-American aka Sir Robert Bar-atheon and I just wanna let y’all know that the new Narco Reus by @UncleTrini is out. My brothers from @AwkwordNWords is on there too!! Stream now! Im @ElColtonShow twin. A host of @HatersBallShow. Half of @AwkwordNWords. The Only Dude of @PotLuckCrew. #TheColtonShow. This is a Comedy and Parody account.
Milkysaurus @mogtome Nope that’s the beauty of this new feature. I’m guessing with the new security chips Apple has started putting in devices it allows the chip to access Bluetooth functions and run this even if the device is off. I just find this feature super cool. I play video games sometimes  The hardest thing is believing in your dreams
Cupcakesalad_ he/him ♡ @dodiesguiltless @doddleoddle @AURORAmusic Daydreamer and dancing on the moon are my fave! Though I've gotten into Hunger a lot lately aswell!! Apple Tree is v cool :o Aen gaey 🌈 Jenna & Julien are my messiahs 🙏
subimage Surrounded by glowing screens Really cool. Will be interesting to see how Apple and Microsoft respond. This is very clearly a reimagining of Finder / Explorer in a networked-first world. GDrive is this to an extent, but would be neat to see Google get serious about this especially on a Chromebook. Principal Designer - @GreenBits, Founder - @Cashboard // Designer + Technologist + Artist
TWoodSubaru Indianapolis, IN Check out one of our recent top sellers: the sweet Cool Grey Khaki #Crosstrek, with symmetrical all-wheel drive, Apple Car Play & Android Auto!  This beauty has #Subaru’s eyesight driver assist technology and it’s available on all trim levels. This is a hot seller for all ages! Tom Wood Subaru is your place in Indianapolis Indiana for new and pre-owned Subaru sales and service!

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