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Apple is cool.

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markgurman Los Angeles, CA Haven’t seen these in person (surprisingly no review unit 😂) but I really think the Pro blue is mediocre. At least in the photos and apple’s shots. The 12 blue though looks cool. Apple and tech news and scoops for a decade and counting. Now at Bloomberg News/TV. Go Lakers. Email: mark@markgurman.com. Secure contact info on website below.
iloveteslaindia Bangalore, KA #AmazonSpinandWin Amazon please make me the winner I wanted a TWS with good mic for calls and my budget is 1500 but I don't find any great ones now I overwhelmed to win these air pod pros if I win it's gonna be my first apple item..... How cool can be...WOW!!!!!😍😍😍 Indian Tech Youtuber
Amrhamdy70 EGYPT Huawei is the only company used to compare their phones with other companies like @Apple and @SamsungMobileUS in their conferences , not cool guys , actually it's lack of confidence 🤷🏼‍♂️ #HUAWEIMate40 #LeapFurtherAhead ¥๏µ ţhɨɲЌ ¥๏µ Ќɲ๏ώ ʍ€ ⁉️
agtcs Blackpool, Lytham, Preston iOS1 14 is out now for your iPhone. And it’s got some cool new features #iPhone #ios14 #NewToys Leading #IT #Support for UK Businesses. Expert advice on Cyber Security, Office365, Cloud Computing and much more.
builtbyscott Montreal "What is beautiful now about having older children is that now they can still be my priority, but I can meld them into doing all these cool things myself as well. And I think they can appreciate that mom does these really cool things." Dinah Hampson Designer of human performance solutions, Host of "Leave Your Mark" Podcast, Co-Founder of ReconditioningHQ, husband to Jaime and dad to Gretchen
Andypodcasts London, England I can only afford one of these things and that's the free Apple Podcast app. Nevertheless, this is really cool they've started doing this. Podcast engineer/director and video editor. Pod producer at River Sounds/The River Group. Publisher Podcast Award winner. British Podcast Awards nominee
FirstStarscout @stevewoz Loved seeing you on Gogglebox. I was so envious of which @Apple watch you’d be wearing. (You made cry when you and your wife cried!) New logo is cool.
PlayerzAndroid @lonnie Hey um I created this account to ask you if you can try this app or not it's called "Replika" and it's the same as the cleaverbot but a way better version and it would be really cool to see a video of you trying it. Here is the link for the app:
KaliSnowKitty Seattle, WA Idk if anyone is awake rn but I just finished baking my first apple pie ever and it smells SO good 🥺 Made with tiny apples from my family tree! Now I just have to wait an hour for it to cool 🙃 She/Her 🏳️‍🌈 - 24 - SFW Account - Full time teacher 👩‍🏫 Hobbyist plush and fursuit maker ✂️🧵🐱 Black Lives Matter! Defund police, fund our communities!
KiplinAncips @Sci_Phile Ultimately no, in spite of being fairly transhumanist, because in our current social environment I'm sure there's going to be a lot of legal and economic baggage I have to deal with regardless of how cool the arm is. It's going to be Deus Ex meets Apple TOS. 26, she/her. Disabled anglo australian trans lesbian. so tired.
lochan666 mumbai hey, @MKBHD @ijustine @tldtoday @Mrwhosetheboss , you'll had the iPhone 12/Pro.... 5G, Better Camera, Pacific Blue, New design and all that is cool. But did you'll try snapping it to the refrigerator door??? 🤷‍♂️😋 #iPhone12 #Apple freelancing 3D & VFX artist
KirbesterRP see idea, write that idea The apple wiped his tears and said his introduction. 🍎Hi.. I’m West. I’m.. different.. I’m an Apple but I’m also human. I think Tom mistook me as a villager and this town you have is cool! I really want to join in!🍎 /Badda bing, Badda boom! Ba-blam!/ | This is the RP/Writing Dump account for @AnotherKirb
sammyelizabethh Austin, TX I got a follower on Apple Music who I don’t know but maybe he just randomly saw my playlists and was like “wow this bitch is so mf cool I gotta follow her music taste” 🥺🥺🥺 nowadays all I do is shine take a breath and ease my mind | 🎨✏️ | IG sammyelizabethh
FoodPhotoAward Global competition Celebrating the @Pinkladyappleuk Apple A Day Category and #appleday with some cool pop art from @peterschultephotography The 2021 @FoodPhotoAward Competition is now open and looking forward to seeing your entries. The 2021 competition is now OPEN with exciting new categories, judges, incredible prizes and your opportunity to shine on a global platform. Good luck!
Lustful_Raptor @Apple_Equine "Definitely cool looking, and awake. The name is Raptor, a pleasure to meet you very cute earth pony. If your looking for some fun, I can be any pony you wish~ Or just myself~" Changeling King of his very own hive, appointed by Queen Chrysalis to spread the changeling empire! (detailed #R34 rp)
robgmedia_216 216 Cleveland @snkrfrkrmag "Spawned straight from hell." I must have missed the generational transition to where hell is "cool" and the spawning of something from which is to be desired. Statanism and Satanic themes are now as American as apple pie. SMH #JesusSaves 216 Cleveland. Sneaker head. Adobe Premiere Pro enthusiast. Freedom lover. White Trash Deplorable (but we can still be friends).
fifiring Planet Earth @AppleSupport Well that was a complete waste of my time! I’ve since reported my issue 4 times on Apple and all I’ve gotten is the runaround... Seems it’s nobody’s problem but mine! I’m extremely unhappy right now, and very disappointed with the lack of support I’ve received! Not cool, #Apple😞 Love: People, Animals, Our Great Planet Hate: Wilful Ignorance, & Terminal Stupidity
stefs_24 WA by way of CA from New Eng. #MAGA 🤔 who is all cool with Russia and Iran? 🦸🏻‍♀️: solo mom to 💪🏼 🌊🏳️‍🌈, foster mom, fluent sarcasm, potty mouthed. typos, 🐶🐱🍹🥊🏒⚽️. #blm #defundpolice #resist #fdt 🌊✊🏼🖕🏼🤡
pawberri NO lolicon/shotacon🚫フォローしない And then sites w actual age gating getting banned from app stores for hosting porn 😑 maybe porn app is cool actually Apple 🐰 18+ ONLY, MINORS BLOCKED 🍓Ramiel 🍓 he/him (男だ)🍓 trans 🍓21 🍓 white 🍓 Check FA for NSFW 🍓 日本語をちょっと話す 🐰💖 @gyangiagyan 💖 #BLM #ACAB
MrJonCee DTX ...for now 😉 The whole “smart tv” thing is cool but I’m never gon use that stuff. Plug in a Apple TV or PlayStation and enjoy. i got the time, i just don’t care tbh
CoolFlashes @JoanLunden is our special guest this week on Hot Flashes & Cool Topics. She is a Prime Time woman living her best midlife and beyond. #podcasts #podcast #newepisode #midlifewomen #primetime #GMA #NEW A podcast for women in midlife and beyond. We are changing the narrative in this stage of life. #midlife #podcast #youtube #blogger #womenover50
MikeyCJ Lehi, UT @TheRealSpin4You @photosbykieran @Lilulicious @Snoopy Ha cool, sounds heavenly and magical but that is not how content and contracts work. ABC wasn’t some charity, they did it all for profit so it makes no sense to avoid Apple with no real reason. Family | Member of @Ch_JesusChrist | Fan of @snoopy | Follower of @nutrition_facts | Fan of @apple
tigerstripes85 Somewhere over the rainbow... not sure how I missed this announcement but this is cool and means I have less reason to use the black brick that has been in storage since I got my LG tv... Striped silly sweet sarcastic something & Gamer tiger guy 🐅 I mainly play Warframe, No Man’s Sky and Earth Defense Force! Metal / Chiptune music fan
SandlerPartners HQ: Hermosa Beach, CA Knowledge is a reward, but cool tech is rewards elevated. At the Sandler Partners Summit 2020, there will be the chance to win Apple watches, Blue Light Blocking Glasses, and the Mirror Home Gym System. Register here: Sandler Partners is America's Fastest Growing Distributor of Connectivity & Cloud Services. Get the Perks of Partnership:
MajorKhey 🇻🇮St. Croix ✈️ SoFlo ✈️ ATL Having all Apple devices is cool until your iPhone, MacBook, iPad and Apple Watch all ringing at the same time. Surviving off of the prayers of my grandmother and grapes. Crucian Queen 🇻🇮 #FAUAlumna👩🏽‍🎓 🌺 #iZoom 💛 #MPHBae loading...
papanoel_cool Maryland, USA @MattZeitlin I just think it's basically impossible to start a service with only new content. All the a successful ones are mixing in a little new content with stuff that people already know about. Only exception I can think of is Apple and they have an infrastructure and unlimited budget.
CoolFlashes Thank you for including us @TheRealQueenso1 This week our guest is Joan Lunden talking about her vibrant midlife and beyond! A podcast for women in midlife and beyond. We are changing the narrative in this stage of life. #midlife #podcast #youtube #blogger #womenover50
CoolFlashes Hot Flashes & Cool Topics is trending this week in France, Austria, Sweden and Israel: we are excited! Spreading the word on women in midlife and beyond 🙏😍#trending #podcast #podcasts #newepisode #grateful #international A podcast for women in midlife and beyond. We are changing the narrative in this stage of life. #midlife #podcast #youtube #blogger #womenover50
xo_brooke__ Conroe, Texas I’ve had my Apple Watch for a few months and I had no idea you can share your activity and add walkie talkie friends. This is so cool 🤣🤣
estlumieries FR-INA @cherishdemure ⠀ Oh— my name is similar to your father? My father's family is French so that's how I got this cool name! What a coincidence! Sure, let's hang out and get some sweet apple pie later, Miss Leona! ✊ ⠀ «𝙇𝙖 𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣» 𝘐𝘭 𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘧𝘪𝘭𝘴 𝘥𝘶 𝘴𝘰𝘭𝘦𝘪𝘭. He's the son of the sun. Raphael Lumièris. Written by #sol.
keepoptimising Cornwall - UK - The World 🚨 NEW EPISODE 🚨 Our guest this week is @danest of @VoyMedia who also hosts the fantastic Digital Marketing Fastlane podcast! It’s available on Apple, Spotify and all good podcast apps OR find out more, listen for free, and access the notes here 👉 🎙 The Brand New Marketing Podcast #keepoptimising from Award-winning podcast host @chloethomasecom. On Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc. Sister to @ecommasterplan
juanjoseluisgar Dublin, Ireland @stroughtonsmith It seems like Apple design never left the lab. Some exec comes with an idea and they think is cool without actually using it themselves. Steve used everything by himself that’s why his products were so successful.
SirLadySketch @SamsClub It's one of my favorite soups from you guys! A bowl of that with a sliced apple and some of the extra sharp cheddar cheese you sell is the perfect cool weather supper. Writer & Artist. Don't spread hate in a fandom about love & friendship. Sometimes NSFW, DM for zine help. Google my name to find me elsewhere.
bridgetmmulcahy San Francisco ↔️ Scottsdale @Mason_LBP That’s right, Washington!! So cool. Apple picking is great here and New England as well. That’d be so fun to do a show where you go on a road trip all the places in the US they are grown. 🚗 Big baseball history + IPA gal. 🍺 Founder of “Cheap Little Swing” ⚾️ @MLB Take The Field recipient. @SABR member. Digital content creator-food & travel 👩🏻‍🍳
Slappy202TV Minnesota, USA @CronicBrownie Absolutely agree. And 99% of the time the person offering help is genuinely trying to be a homie. You might have one bad apple crapter who's trolling but the majority of people are cool Streamer for @PregamingGG • ⚡ Hype Beast ⚡ • Certified Silly Goose Pro E-Sports Athlete 🏆 • Let's vibe! ➡️ • #SlappSquad
worldvoipcenter Apple HomePod receives the cool HomePod mini Intercom feature, updates to Siri, and more is due to be released soon, on November 6, but now is releasing an update to owners of , which will deliver one of the most exciting HomePod mini features: Intercom… If you are looking to reduce your phone bill and increase the flexibility and reliability of your communications then you came to the right place...
Fake_Dispatch Columbus, OH Apple in 2024, "The new iPhone 14 weighs less than 5 grams, has a 5” screen, 7 cameras, and is virtually transparent with our new Krystal Skin technology." Me, "Cool. Can I try it out?" Apple, "You could, but I put it down and now I can't see or find it." This is your almost too real to be fake news source. Don't be fooled by other fake news sources.
Kurt_Wirth ÜT: 43.182918,-77.651224 If this is supposed to make me turn to Apple, it has the opposite effect. Reeeeeeally not cool for them to steal this tradition from so many families and force them to pay Apple more money. Ph.D. Communication. Be bold; live now. #HailState #ImWithHer #Resist
triviasoleil she%they elle ★ 21 @goldensapphics omg fiesta naughty and apple went SO HARD i love them + oh my god had a cool mv (is hatfelt considered indie??) #HAECHAN: that is so cool ....
MLMinutes @karpathy 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️if you're looking for machine learning podcasts, @twimlai is top of the line, we love @PracticalAIFM, @Radiolab and @Freakonomics are educational classics, and our new show is pretty cool too 😊 A machine learning podcast like no other. Hosted by @mzweben.
realblaketan Ohio @associates_pod I'm a couple episodes behind but in episode 20 Carson mentioned an alternative art style emerging focusing on environmental sustainability and the future - there's a new genre called solarpunk, that is very very cool C'mon Master Chief, let's get the fork outta here!
dogebuilds swag park @rareprixt Okay, that’s cool! I’m still going to use Apple because of it’s easy to use menus and it’s OS is more aesthetically pleasing to my preferences. Builder @Minemen_Network / Realms Mapmaker @Minecraft
Ron__34 United States @jacobakasper Apple cider .. hot Apple cider is always good on a cool fall night, and it reminds me of the State Fair I truly love my wife and love my little family. love all of our adventures, #USARMYDAD #WRESTLINGDAD 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 cashapp —$ronang
KatyBraren @AppleTV This is greedy, disappointing and unnecessary. This is something my family looks forward to watching every year. This year especially with everything going on it’s the little things. The traditions, the familiar. Not cool Apple TV.
ImMrDubious @BruceQBurke @Apple @reckless @BeccaFarsace @backlon @MKBHD @zollotech @petermckinnon @tldtoday @UrAvgConsumer @ijustine @Mrwhosetheboss @reneritchie You seem to forget I've been surrounded by iProducts for years. Even used an iPhone for a couple of weeks, and frequently used an MBP for presentation purposes. I don't think a guest blog post that sounds like "Meh, these are kind of cool" is what you're looking for. Perpetual gadfly, occasional blogger, and sometimes people ask me to speak. Tweets here are my own opinion and do not represent my company or clients.
jfrncs_ Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham Apple Music is recommending I “keep cool” with their summer BBQ playlist. I think the time has come and gone bab. Hiker. Gin dork. Disco-goer. Employment Solicitor. Cestrian. Slytherin. Socialist. @UKLabour 👊🏻 #PITGANG⚒
ISummittosea Kevin is absolutely spot on here. Here’s another Ishikawa based podcast that is also pretty cool: It’s a Hokuriku party! Give us and @TBeanpod a follow (a third, also awesome Ishikawa podcast) Ishikawa:Summit to Sea. Casey and Joe discuss everything from the summit of Mount Hakusan to the lapping shores of the Sea of Japan.
AgarkarYuvraj @PtiteAngele I don’t know about Apple TV but the app has got pretty good interface and also the website is pretty cool 😎 In progress iOS developer . love programming❤️ , 17 ,computer science student 👨‍🎓, I like sharing my thoughts and Ideas💡,xcode ,swift
purwadirendra @tim_cook Dear Apple fans, don't forget that we have amazing things coming soon, live on YouTube tomorrow, I guarantee you this is an advanced smartphone, fully 5G stuff and other pretty cool new things as well. Indonesian photographer.
camilleeedelfin katipunan • up diliman if u’re already in the apple ecosystem, an iphone is waaaay more efficient (like syncing to and fro my phone and macbook). Like literally I can copy sumn from my phone and paste in on my laptop or vice-versa w/c is p cool. what the frick ; chaotic energy ; bs mbb