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Coreforce2 Im not doing that @Yoshisaur9 @BenGeskin *internal and external screaming* APPLE IS COOL AND U KNOW IT! Hello people, I don’t think my mom knows I have a twitter account because if she does then I would be DEAD! so I will do this secretly, goodbye!!! And I’m cool!
SpitefulSpice @TimereUnius // Apple is cool and all but it has certain limitations compared to Android. That's why I'm using one right now. The game is rigged, and it does not reward people who play by the rules. |OC|Fake|
LoudOnMixer Chicago, IL @LuckyShotsMIX @TonzyMixer @Apple Their copywrite rules when editing videos is ridiculous, even if you BUY the song you STILL can't use it like wtf?!? With my Android I can produce 4K videos with whatever music and images I mfn want! Hahaha Apple is cool but overrated for sure! PLAY 🕹️ SMOKE 💨 WIN 🏆 AND REPEAT ♻️ Founder and CEO of Loud House Gaming 🏚️ Business Email: LoudOnMixer@gmail.Com 📨 XBOX Gamer Tag 👉🏼 LoudByThePound 🎮
Shuttlecock Melbourne, Australia @aivencha Actually a cool random feature they have for members is that you can link it to your Fitbit or Apple watch and earn Qantas Points for reaching step goals. I've actually earned enough points walking for 3 domestic flights. Almost pays for itself (if you walk) I write about tech for @onmsft & @Lifewiretech for @dotdashco, geek for @moonkittynet. Bitcoin, crypto, gaymer, Japan, travel. Xbox: Brad Cafe 🎮🌈✈
ijustmakesandwi Phoenix, AZ A creamy butternut squash soup is easy to throw together for fall. Garnished with toasted pepitas, dried cranberries, and fried sage, this silky smooth soup, with hints of apple and cinnamon, is perfect for cool autumn nights. via @ijustmakesandwi Professional chef turned Food Blogger! Restaurant quality food at home is easier than you think! Visit to see how!
loveplaysee Is it normal that people need a honk when they are in an open-air taxi? Ummm...well..obviously yes?😂 📍Capri, Italy Want to follow a local's travels and discover cool destinations like this one? Download the App available on Apple and Android at ! Simply a social travel platform to explore new destinations, create experiences and stories, and be adventurous.🎦 | Play anywhere, see everywhere
AlphaSixFour LA-NYC Was at the Apple store and the Rep there was cool, he does photography on the side and said he loves tech, but Google Pixel 4 is about to clean everybody up when it drops lol Some people are talented I'm /G\ifted.
AkkodhaMusic Cool! This amazing playlist is now available on Apple Music. Sick retro synthwave music by and including ⁦@KindRegime⁩ , my song Escape, and tons of other great musicians. Check it out! . #applemusic #playlist #synthwave #vaporwave New album, Escape, out now. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and all other streaming services. 🐱🎸🚀🛸👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
dtgriffitts @lizzyloxy iphone IS way more user friendly. pixel has some really cool little tech things here and there tho. i’m trying to figure out if it’s worth the switch or not. i had the pixel for a bit and loved it (borrowed from a friend) but i already have apple watch and laptop so 🤷🏻‍♂️😫 “AHHHHHHHHHH“ -me
snowmanonakayak United States Not happy with @Apple it’s not cool to automatically update my phone to iOS13 when it wasn’t set for automatic updates and I didn’t want iOS13. Not cool at all. Is it even legal?
_ItzMario @_PapitoB @JustAirr @iFireMonkey (2/2) like LG. I like both phones and I think there pretty cool but my personal choice is Samsung because they have a bit more freedom and the TOS isn't as strict as apple. But I respect everyone's phone choice #⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ alt account:@ItzMarioAlt
brywharris So we're extending a guy who won't ever be anything now than a bench warmer. Cool. Thybulle is 100 times better than Smith will ever be and now that we have Thybulle, Smith is redundent. #HereTheyCome Catholic, CSW13, UD17, SU Law21, Accounting, AΦΩ Brother Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
valeetine 𝕜𝕛𝕙 Also when I took a screen shot of an email I had while in the car it also took a screen shot of what’s on my car screen since I’m using apple car play haha and this crap is so cool I love it #BAEKHYUN: [extreme screaming]
katslefty Jennifer Aniston on How Me Too (and Matt Lauer) Influenced ‘The Morning Show’ “There was really something exciting about being the first at Apple. Apple is pretty awesome. They make cool stuff. Why wouldn’t they maybe make cool television? And they are a… Not your typical nerd but a nerd nonetheless. 育児に励んでいる二児の父です。
skrimtrn your girl's heart @segalink As long as the extortion is offline they see it as cool. And it doesn't involve the possession of apple gadgets(cause to them its a sin) and agberos don't look good so they can roam for free. Its only a crime to look good. Recording and Performing Act🎙|| Disturbing IB🔊
DaveTaylor Boulder, CO Your Apple Watch is a statement, your watch band should be too! The colorful and chic straps for your watch from Vario can help without breaking the bank. I check out the Vario strap system and find a lot of really cool options: #applewatch Writer, YouTuber, entrepreneur, film and media critic, techie, gamer and proud father to three great kids!
john_deery99 Queens, NY yea yea dark mode is cool and all, but what did apple have to fork up the photos app for? ♌️👽
xchristinalatey Canada @Apple the way iPhones organize photos and videos is so forking stupid. It pisses me off to even find one photo that I just took. Not everything has to be so complicated. Simplicity is cool too thanks 💦(18+) #HOELLOWEEN 🍑🍭 🌸 buy something from my wish list & receive a video of me using it ♥️ xchristinalatey@gmail.com
mccoycore South Africa @ompslets No more iTunes, everything is integrated into 1. Audio books, Apple TV, Podcast and music. It looks cool but I can’t say much before I experience bugs. | SQE Lead | Foodie | Biker | Aspiring Wine Connoisseur | What’s the worst that could happen? |
DaltonBMiller Dallas, TX If you want to listen to me be cool, calm and collected for once as @ConnorNFLDraft acts like the sky is falling, you should listen to @TalkinTheStar from today. @colelpatterson, as usual is also a calm venter. Death by Formation | Shifts | Motion | Vet | #CowboysNation | Blue Chip Scouting NFL Draft Podcast | Avid golfer | Talkin’ The Star podcast
NumairSalmalin1 NoThx @DrUpauli in 2016 and it shows. their face unlock is major cool and looks just as promising as Apple's FaceID but the whole gesture thing is stupid and doesn't even work Most of the time. honestly this was their last chance to get their hardware together and if it doesn't hold up this year Catholic 💖 also gay come back later
mobimation Solna, Sweden Will do more on WatchOS soon. Teaching Siri to pronounce and recognize phrases using phonetic strings is way cool. Swedish Mobile and Embedded developer/contractor. Node/React, Java, Android, IOS, IoT, Telecom. +46 760 315300 Call to discuss work you need done ! /gunnar
djmrv San Jose, CA Hey @Apple why is all the cool watch faces only on the latest series??? We only got 1, many of us paid $$$ for our 42mm watches and should get the same faces at least? I understand certain apps... but faces? Geez 🙄 Well known for 3 words.... “Jus Dance Baby” | @sole_channel Music Founder. | Proudly serving House Music since 2001.
seanpatlogue Pottstown, PA This is cool but #Montreal is still closer to me for an ⁦@F1⁩ #race. I really hope #Miami does it right and more places consider doing it maybe closer to me in the states! IFB always / Truck Driver West Motor Freight, #Republican, #Catholic, #NRA member, and remember “facts don’t care about your feelings”. #MAGA #KAG
jakenbake09 Caroline @bananadayanana apple maps had me lost in DC and i pulled out google maps and instantly knew where to go lmfao. and Google is just reliable, Waze has a lot of cool features i like using google for simplicity and reliability word life, this is basic thuganomics
EricMueller Zürich (hometown = Los Angeles) How cool and gorgeous is Sayonara Wild Hearts from @simogo, part of Apple Arcade for Mac? Amazing that this game (and over 100 more) are $5/mo (and that covers ALL your devices, wow!). @awedgirl @meodai 🏳️‍🌈 Californian 🇺🇸 in Switzerland🇨🇭entrepreneur/tech guy/coder ⚙️ Twitter for 12+ years, @Quora Top Writer ✍️ built 1st @Tesla site ✈️ traveler
DelilahCass @kezia420_ Final Cut Pro. We have super cool apps like Motion that you can do soooooo much with on the computer and editing. It’s super cool to have but a little hard to learn! Plus final cut is a one time purchase! $300 I believe and have it forever ❤️❤️ obv this only works best w/ Apple MV ‘19 Bush & Show Props OTY 👑 Cammy Awards x2 Winner ✨ 📸 insta @delilahcass 🔴 live cam: 🌎💌 delilahcass@outlook.com
salamander1020 Lynchburg, VA All of you "pumpkin spice??? Please. I'm so cool and different and love apple cider instead" bitches can we please just agree that both are to DIE for and there is not a bad thing about fall except that my skin is starting to dry out?????????? look at my puppies
IlPrimoCoffee Wichita, Ks Good morning 🌞🍂 Nothing better than a cup of coffee on a cool fall morning! ☕️ Today’s flavor is caramel apple cobbler and the drink of the day is Boo-berries ‘n’ cream 👻 #primoespressocaffe #coffee #coffeebar…
whatampolitics Dublin City, Ireland 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF Space is cool. And there are lots of political things to talk about. So listen to our latest episode to learn more! Join us as we break down big political issues into comedic bite size bits and try figure out, What Am Politics?•@HSPodNetwork•Buy us a 🍺
FayedxShaikjee South Africa okay, so the Top 100 on Apple Music is pretty cool cos you can listen to the top 100 songs of different countries and idk it’s not that major but i just think it’s pretty cool man the magician || the lovers
michaellegge London The new episode of @DTRTpodcast is great. Mainly down to @matosman, who kindly took a break from being utterly cool to lower himself to working with Margaret. He’s brilliant in this! As are @RufusHound and @TrondyNewman. Give it a listen. Your hot uncle. I do comedy. Agent: @PBJmanagement. My stand-up show is available to download FREE at
RickyJMarc Paris, France He’s an Apple exec if an Apple exec ran for POTUS, @NomikiKonst. Unions (and foreign policy) are his worst nightmare, and everything else is markedly minimalistic and Libertarian. I’m cool with UBI, but not as a replacement for virtually everything else. Should be a supplement. CEO: Marc-Vincent, LLC | Alumnus: @ObamaWhiteHouse & Paris Institute, @CornellLaw | Contributor: @5ReasonsSports | Past: @FLSenate & @MiamiHEAT | 🇺🇸🇫🇷🌹✊🏾
OilOnBastille @marajanai I personally love my Apple Watch! i have it so I still get texts and calls even if my phone is not near me/dead, so it comes in handy! It also tracks my steps and heart rate and such which is also cool! I love mine! Just Drink, fork, Dance Right Through Disaster
Diamond_Apple_ Robot city! "i was once part of a game of emotional tug-o-war... and i was the rope" is one of the only cool things I've ever said honestly by day i animate cartoons, but by night... i animate the dead! twitter for my comic: other art acc:
eljaymanzo United States @BobMrazik @Apple @ckklynen First, very cool theoretical nickname. Second, flyover in @apple maps is so easy and fun. We can take @FrankDAngelo19 on a field trip next. #easdedtech Learner | Educator |  Apple Learning Specialist |  Apple Teacher | EdD Candidate | Supervisor of Ed Tech 6-12 | #easdedtech | Views are my own
IAmNotRudy LA @ThisIsBruceLee Lmao. Basically what I think makes Spotify superior is that it recognizes your listening habits and puts you onto a lot. It gives you playlists to listen to like every other day. Apple Music was cool but you literally pay the same for less content. Just explore Spotify some more replace my heart with an 808 🎵Keito
pineconlatte they/them Your chaotic gay energy is honestly such a mood and a lot of the time you're too cool for me. - I'm too complete to need something From someone who's not on my frequency - Spotify:AM:Si en algún punto de mi vida voy a Marte les aviso | 🏳️‍🌈
BaddCompani Portland, OR @GovMikeHuckabee @swin24 @seanhannity @FoxNews So time for you to come out and hang yourself. Cool, you're pretty damn good at it. I mean, let's take Sarah for instance, wasn't that video just the Apple in God's Eye. She is the Rotten one, Nah, that would be rude to a Puppy. I get knocked down, I get back up again. Butt hurt they are. Complaint Department No Drama Zone
shreya_exe hell yeah your boyfriend may be cool, but has yours made an entire twitter account just to talk to u because u get ur phone taken away a lot and twitter is the only media accessible from ur apple Macbook? didn't think so spoopy scawy s-skeletons send shiwers down my spine
SaladSleeper Los Angeles, CA HAUNTING new ep of sleeper salad for you folks! @CattttCrawford joins @kablomme and @BababoomFiona to explain who she is, what’s going on and what kind of podcast this is! There’s cool news and a Halloween seggie, so idk why you’re not already listening! Your Diet Fantasy Football Podcast, hosted by @kablomme
pagangodofoops pangea the best way to prove you are a cool person is to eat an apple casually while running errands and walking the streets I worked really hard and made my own book I hope whoever reads it likes what I have to say endamarriage2019
blauhydrangea Iphone commecials be cool as hell but all I do with my iphone is stock photos of frank ocean and tweet stuff you said I was the most exotic flower
weareslam STL & MIA “When we talk about STEM, my endpoint is always innovation … it goes beyond just what we think is cool, it’s about how we leverage that science and change systems so that science can change society.” — @KilanBishop We are a digital storytelling agency that helps brands realize and reach their highest potential. #weareslam #InnovationCity
jrkrame Voice text is cool and all but it makes some of the most egregious errors. It can be so smart and intuitive and then make a mistake a 4 year old would make. #apple #voicetext
GRiMSELECTION United States What’s the best application for Pixel art? Mostly for still images, option 4 animation is cool too. Preferably one compatible with the iPad and Apple Pencil? Pls respond. #digitalart #pixelart #Procreate #twitchcreative #art #digitalpainting #2d #2danimation #gamedev #gamedesign gettin’ weird on the internet. horror. gaming. art. // Insta: grimselection
Gahnia Respectfully on Biripi land. “Attempting to drought-proof Australia is not “managing for the dry periods”, as advocates claim. It is sticking our heads in the dry, salty sand and pretending the land is cool and green and wet.” Proud father, ecologist, restoring habitat - working in, for and between the natural environment and people. MEnvMgt. Runner. RTs may not mean endorsement.
NickStalburg Point Elias, Stalburg @schristakos @JamesBluestinks @MKBHD Seems like a cool feature. And actually, Spotify is against Apple. Don't enter B2, I like Tesla and Cookies
adamegypt Los Angeles, CA If you’re very very excited about it you can pre order it right now from iTunes, which is cool (and SUPER HELPFUL for us in getting it out there!) DIRECTOR: Daniel Isn't Real (2019) | Holidays (2016) | Some Kind of Hate (2015) | GRAPHIC NOVEL: Ballistic (2015)
DrvrBby Seattle, WA @AlexShoolman @tesla_truth @Tesla Cool thing too is that they can potentially be useful ads. More like educational videos or well-produced infomercials than annoying advertisements. Think 3 minute Apple iPhone overview/intro video. Hop in and choose which product or service to learn about. Pretty sweet. Made by Humans on Earth. UI/UX designer. Half-Canadian. Weniger, aber besser.