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Apple is cool.

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vuda123 Earth @esaagar No need and they know it. Migrating from apple is a pain so ppl will take the easy way there. Apple is easier than android, easy choice for regular user. Glamour, status or w/e as a Brand. Apple is cool, not so much difference between others. So....... hispanic immigrant, unvaxx 2 time covid survivor 🤣,small business owner/mental health practitioner, neither blue nor red. term limits! 🇨🇴
gorthonperson @MinamtheD @conlon_chris This is helpful but I thought volume discounting is fine under it but that needs to be offered to everyone (e.g. can't give Apple a discount over GE just because Apple is cool and you want them to mention you on their website). Though looks like in some cases was just anti-volume Data expert, amateur at everything else. I have opinions but few fixed positions. Directness != confidence. Trying not to be mean but may be coarse.
LewisPatzner Oakland, CA Brand new podcast episode with ⁦@Esteen4CA⁩ is up now! Jennifer is running for California assembly district 20 and she is a cool lady! Professional cellist & composer. Guy from “The Crossover Cellist” podcast. Sharing music recommendations. Open-minded progressive.
fervorcandleco Cincinnati, OH These are our new sorting hat inspired wax melts! The fragrance is cool and refreshing with notes of cucumber, honeydew melon, aloe, lime, green apple, and ozone 🤤 Set of 4 with one of each color color-burst wax melt We believe EVERY HOME should smell fantastic WITHOUT sacrificing your health // Healthy Fragrance for a Happy Mind // Gentle on Allergies & Pet Friendly
BrookdaleFarms Hollis, NH The Heat is On! Grow Baby Grow… We have plenty for planting: •Annuals •Perennials •Herbs •Vegetable Plants •Roses •Apple Trees •Mulches & Composts from Coast of Maine •And much more! See you soon and stay cool! B.F.F. Now in our 175th year, we’ve been family-owned and operated right in the center of Hollis, NH. Farm Stand, Greenhouses, Award-winning PYO and Farm Supplies.
RaighoHusky Nottingham, United Kingdom Finally set up and started wearing my new Apple watch today and its surprisingly heavier than I remember my Series 2 being. The always on display is heckin’ cool though! oh and the new features some of them do feel futuristic!!! 30-something fluffy husky fursuiter. Likes sweet treats, balloons and spacey things. Bark!
michael_schofer @TechHighest Actually idgaf because the batter lasts long wnought and if you run out of you just snap it on the side of your iPad for half a minute and you can write an hour or more. Also the Apple pencil feels more natural because of its scale, weight. But Samsung's is also cool BC in phone.
CarswellWilliam USA If you want to send your money to hospice, this guy is a financial Jack Kevorkian. Note the date of this “redeeming” article and check the ticker $ENJY $ENJYQ ⁦@BagholderQuotes⁩ Investor, historian (financial and otherwise), dad, husband, dog-owner. Some tweets are satire. No tweets are investment advice.
coolzonemedia New @HappenHerePod Chris is joined by Shannon and John, two organizers working on the @DualPower2022, to talk about how you can join a bunch of cool people camping in the dunes and talking organizing from July 29th to the 31st! @Itmechr3 Chronicling the collapse as it happens in order to build a brighter future. Cool Zone Media is a podcast network helmed by @iwriteok & @why_sophie_why.
vuda123 Earth @esaagar No need and they know it. Migrating from apple is a pain so ppl will take the easy way there. Apple is easier than android, easy choice for regular user. Glamour, status or w/e as a Brand. Apple is cool, not so much difference between others. So....... hispanic immigrant, unvaxx 2 time covid survivor 🤣,small business owner/mental health practitioner, neither blue nor red. term limits! 🇨🇴
CakingUSAss @miyu_yamazato Using Apple and Tesla products is cool is just a marketing gimmick. Do they really make you richer or better looking? Especially when everyone next door is using the exact same product! Born in Hong Kong, educated in the US, spent a great deal of time in the UK for business, travelled half of the world and finally retired in China 💖🇨🇳.
jaredEXjohnson Rochester, NY Someone I don’t know just came into DT wearing a newer Candy Apple shirt, and that crap is cool. Love seeing people fork with that band. @Sore_Ear. XØ.
vincianedepape Calgary, AB What a cool tool! is supporting folks to have their names recognized by @Apple @Google @Microsoft. Please #addmyname to your dictionary and make your programs more inclusive of all Lead, DEI Advisory at @buildwithbloom. Recovering goth. She/her. 🏳️‍🌈
mattbirchler For my Apple-only friends who haven't seen live captions on Android yet, this is how they work. I toggled them on here, but they can be running all the time if you want. It's all processing on-device and you can move the captions wherever you want on screen. Super cool. Designer at NMI. Host of A Better Computer and writer at
bibillybaby 21 |she/her| the original one is SOO cool like imagine shining through the city with a little funk and soul in an APPLE crazy #BTS: “When we up in the club, all eyes on us”
hunniebeezer a swiftly tilting planet fiona apple was right, this world is bullcrap. but helping people through it is cool and good, any little bit. heretic. oracle. bastard. 🦇
emsenn Occupied Shakori Land Y'know what's cool? Someone who has a cultivar of apple made for their time and place. Show me that. Show me the person who knows how their bioregion is gonna change between now and 2070 and has relationships with people (apples) relevant to that. lost bird Itázipčo Lakota, queer, e/em pronouns. the earth is your grandmother and that isnt a metaphor. i boost sexwork posts; minors please don't follow me.
deepdesai1225 Valsad "Apple Music is available natively on Audi's 2022 models. Here's how this cool feature works and what you can do with it Personally an APPLE fan. Love your blog @iDownloadBlog.
GarzillaGames It’d be funny if @Riddler_Khu was talking about the grapes and apples scattered throughout the trailer. Apple 🍎 and Grape 🍇 Legendaries confirmed. 😜 (My theory is still that the theme of the games/Legendaries are Time and Space, even if they’re cool fruit monsters.) A simple man who loves video games. Nintendo and old school games are my favorite, but it's hard to make a video game I don't like. Love and Respect.
FlyingSaucerHou Houston, TX @TheAstrosLocker 100% agree but a bunch of clown bottom Astros 'fans' on twitter have been harassing her, all because they needed to complain about the Apple+ broadcast booth for 6 weeks straight and think @ women on twitter to harass them is cool. We unfollowed a lot of people that night. See you, Space Cowboy! 🚀
yourfriendSOMMI @mattKawaEth cool thing about crypto... 1. we manipulate supply . stocks keep minting more shares and dumping on people . 2. no wages and buildings to pay for (significantly lower cost) 3. ethereum is a platform , people build products on it . apple has to make shiny new object every year ❤️💛💚💙 believe in my prophecy 🔮
areuboredyetpod Did a thing recently. Actually a while back. But it is out now. On Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and elsewhere. Check it out, yo. It cool. #Dune #DunePartTwo #Stepbro #MYTHICQUEST 🔗 : a podcast about a lot of different things! (but mostly pop culture) | two hosts for the price of one : @akshansh_m and @crank_sinatra9
2508ABN82INF Britney Spears Guest House @ChatterBuffalo That’s cool and all but his music is bottom cheeks. Thank God Apple Music has the lyrics to the songs on the app cause my man raps in braille. 82nd Airborne Infantry Retired.Connecting with Vets and crapposting.#BuffaloBills.I train at Shogun Mixed Martial Arts:Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu/Muay Thai Kick Boxing
danball_en Powder game is a sandbox game of physics and chemistry. Top 10 User Data Ranking for The Keyword "Art". Android : iOS : #powdergame #free #game #danball #Art #pixelart #DigitalArt #cool Play the original free games with a PC browser, smartphones and tablet apps.
SheriSachse Aumsville, Oregon, USA @AishaM131 I've been drinking cool water and "hot" apple cinnamon tea. Barely eating. Food is not so interesting. I love my friends, my kids, furry critters & the beach. #GoRabbitohs #Loki #lockgoddess #supportthearts
hourlylnikki Miraland ♡【Night Breath】 Apple Federal Suit Why is mint candy is so cool and refreshing? Let our reporter Night Breath answer the question. A bot for posting random suits from Love Nikki (and eventually Shining Nikki) (hopefully) (there's so many...) @ the bot with "give suit" for a random suit.
SebAaltonen Helsinki, Finland Battery life seems very good when doing lightweight work. But reviewers say that it gets hot when doing long lasting heavy work. This is likely where Apple M1 and M1 Pro beat 6800U. Even the M1 Max keeps cool and silent in demanding 3d scenes. And zero throttling on battery. Building a new renderer for HypeHype. Former Unity principal engineer and Ubisoft senior rendering lead. Opinions are my own.
ShahriarFahim_ Florida, US @whatatechworld @naveen_kumar12 @csaba_kissi …extended U1 capabilities, and so much more! But ooh, Apple bad cause they make money :(. If licensing fees can ensure quality and privacy, what’s so bad about that? Nearby Share might be better for large files, and Phone Link app mirroring is cool, sure, I’ll give you that.
wollmannbruno Regina, SK @ecbanks This looks cool. I’ve tried text-based tools like this before, but I always come back to @mindnode for outlining on all my Apple devices. You can switch between text and mind map views. Moving and reorganizing is easy. Curious if you’ve tried mind mapping SW? Family, sports and packets | Consulting Network Architect | #CCDE 20190002 | #CCIE 19817 | #TOGAF 9 certified | #CiscoChampion | #TechFieldDay
andrewdmaclean British Columbia, Canada Watching @Apple Co-founder @stevewoz talk so fondly @newrelic @futurestack about how he always wanted to be an Electrical Engineer AND a Middle School teacher is incredible! Also, learning that he actually taught middle school in the 90s is super cool 👨‍🏫 M.Ed. | Building Ideas & Experiences through Technology & Education | Co-founded: @hightechu_ca | Work: @playbattlesnake @visii_school | Building: @comtinuum
def_Sammy Next Door @Mr_penfreak @Utd_winning Youtube music has the largest collection of music on the Internet and is user friendly. Spotify is very cool and u can enjoy the free version. Apple music is just there. Igbo; I love good Music and Psychology #iAm_Libra
Josueli33177014 Gaming, Österreich @Bonagamer @KkjReve @SpudLovely @HomerMassMedia @BurningSpaceMan @VRScout That you didnt even consider the possibility that the reason apple wants to put you in a vr windowless box is because they want to spam adds in your face even more and not "cool road effect go brr". Actually insane how u ppl not only allow crap like this but support it too in game
peculiarplanets the netherlands | en/nl tweets yesterday i found out my bank finally has apple pay so today i paid for groceries with my phone and i have not stopped thinking about it what a time to live in the world is going to crap but at least technology is kinda cool ur local retro wood elf. (comic) writer, geek & magpie. writes for @akavirtual_, @GuildhallStudio & @MadCaveStudios (coming soon). autistic, adhd & enby. #BLM
craig1black Portland, OR @lazygamereviews It really would be! There was cool old tech there last time, though no Apple IIs. The sign is at the intersection of Washington and Prairie Schooner Way -- with Prairie Schooner being the name of the covered wagons used to traverse the trail. Adrian Black and general nerd, creator of Adrian's Digital Basement, and fan of computers of the 70s and 80s.
BeckRyooan This is cool, @metaculus has started the Metaculus Journal Podcast, and they've turned some previous journal pieces into podcast episodes. So now you can listen to my essay about forecasting renewable energy! Politics, science, making spreadsheets, forecasting, and writing things. Author of SEER. Bridge engineer.
CoachKGrabowski Avon Lake, Ohio Scott Peters provides information that will open your eyes and spur thinking on how every coach is responsible for creating a strong future for the game. Register for the COOL Clinic: Apple:Spotify: Host-The Coach & Coordinator Podcast. 8+Million listens. Author. 🇺🇸🏈Warrior for the Game! #Hudl100
kuzekuze3 Walking into a bank with no physical cards or ID and being able to withdraw cash via @apple pay is pretty cool. Be even cooler if they let me withdraw my USDC from Phantom and convert it to cash on the spot, but baby steps. Product manager @Solana Foundation on all things censorship resistance (stake pools/delegation program). Tweets are my own. R/Ts are not endorsements.
m_meyer9 @IliaSakowski I think Buffet secretly loved the day the Fed officially ended Capitalism and bought Corp Bonds- Apple included, socialism is cool 😎 Registered Independent, 3 grown bottom boys, St. Louis Cardinals, Nevada !, Biking the whole Strand on California Beaches :)
CoachKGrabowski Avon Lake, Ohio Joe Thomas & Bob Wylie discuss various aspects of pass protection. A future Hall of Famer, Thomas shares what is useful for any coach and offensive lineman. Register for the COOL Clinic: Apple:Spotify: Host-The Coach & Coordinator Podcast. 8+Million listens. Author. 🇺🇸🏈Warrior for the Game! #Hudl100
Vera_O_ London, Ontario 🤯that is beyond cool @Apple "Apple’s upcoming #accessibility features, include the ability for iPhones to detect and give information about the location & design of doors and giving information about how close people were standing nearby" #technology Helping to #smashbarriers. Opinions my own & not the views of my employer. she/her
JaniceG63116227 @BenCKinney I’m amazed at how much it looks like the crappy Magic Mouse! C’mon Apple designers, stop recycling styles from ten years ago. When is the next “cool” product coming and will Apple be its maker?
deepdesai1225 Valsad "Apple Music is available natively on Audi's 2022 models. Here's how this cool feature works and what you can do with it Personally an APPLE fan. Love your blog @iDownloadBlog.
iDownloadBlog San Diego Apple Music is available natively on Audi's 2022 models. Here's how this cool feature works and what you can do with it A blog about the iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, AirPods, HomePod, and Apple. Got tips? Send them to tips@iDownloadBlog.com.
WellsMania Indianapolis, Indiana What the hell is going on with #SashaBanks and #Naomi? Is it a work? Is it real? Honestly, I came up with a really cool idea for the whole situation! Tune into Episode 65 of #WellsManiaPodcast to find out. Host of The Most Underrated Wrestling Podcast In The World • Once drank a PBR with John Cena • #DominateTheDay
mzhangclan Brooklyn, NY Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV feels like a nice salve to the abomination that is Jurassic World. Some of us actually want accurate realistic dinosaurs bc we think they’re cool, not dinosaurs doing backflips and doing parkour chasing motorcycles designer, illustrator, background painter, vis dev artist | previous clients: Google, Netflix | current: Design Supervisor at Titmouse on Pupstruction
888Tron TRON.network 🤑Don't forget to take part in our promotion! Hurry up and get your cool prizes! New MacBook Air💻 or iPhone 13 pro max📱 - the choice is yours! #Apple #win #Giveaways #casino 🎮 PLAY #games » ⚒ MINE #888tokens » 💰 EARN #USDT rewards on & #slots 🎰 #livecasino 🎲 #sportsbook 🏈 #lottery 🎟 #TRX #BTC
SolarisSpirit Apple fan boys who actually admit both OSes have ups and downs are cool same for Android fanboys NEITHER IS DEFINITELY BETTER Buy the phone you like?.. what features you need?.. I'm using a android phone from Sony cause I wanted a reliable phone with a good camera and android personal account unrelated to Spyrit Studios and SpyritBSD I'm a furry cry about it she/they feel free to call me anything
scott_thewspot @niall_bigscreen this was a patent concept from 2016, and I don't think it was ever actually "released" by Apple as a thing they were building It's also cool the it was Mark Rober who was the lead inventor for it. I doubt this is even remotely a real thing, but I'm happy join in the fun anyway Meh. All views are possibly my own. If in doubt, assume it's sarcasm. Follow @ip1 for my technical feed
Apple_Cars5000 @Patrick21611 Hey Professional are you gonna get gifted membership for YouTube? Its a really cool feature just go to your YouTube studios and sign up for the gifted membership, what it does if a viewer is subscribed to your channel they are able to gift membership to other people Apple Products are the best products
bahabidari Sarawak 🇲🇾 What would be cool is if Sarawak (and Malaysia) becomes a cashless society sooner rather than later. Only places I regularly use cash now is coffee shops. And Apple Pay works here. That would be good too Wired differently. I lead a boring life selling firearms @tycomaarms. No, seriously, boring AF. I tweet about all sorts of things. Semi-pro crap-stirrer.