Apple is cool

Apple is cool.

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MMPconnection #cannabiscommunity #marijuana #cannabis Eaze delivery service facilitates sales between individual users and small retailers Apple is cool about apps selling weed but Google is not. Pic credit: WehoCity/Flickr Apple Inc. has softened its stance on Join Our #medicalmarijuana community read Breaking Cannabis & Business news informative articles on #CBD #THC All things #marijuana
HeroManoj1 Hyderabad Here is a super cool number #OnYourKnees from my most talented brother @suryagiri__ 👌 Thoroughly enjoyed it 😍 This bundle of talent need all your blessings and support ☺️ God is the greatest 🙏🏻
derekcbsnews Manhattan, NY I went to ⁦@IndianaUniv⁩ so I naturally hate Purdue but this is actually incredibly cool and great for the Earth. Well done. Director of Photography for CBS NEWS in NYC. Former DP at United Airlines, Aljazeera America, Vice and CNN
khunhappy This is way cool, and something I did not hear about from the apple announcement. Still not enough for me to upgrade to 13 from a 12...but maybe I will get a 14.
podcast_misfits New York, USA Do Canadians also have aliens or are they just trying to be cool? Is Appalachia inhabited by nocturnal men? Is there a secret sea monkey civilization in the sewers? We answer all this and more! Podcast and blog exploring everything from the supernatural to the very natural. Tune in to hear about the world's weirdest and wackiest phenomena. #StaySpooky
hiroism4ever United States of America @MKBHD Apple doesn't need 120w charging, as cool as it is. But to have to pay extra for "fast charging" that takes over 2 hours is unacceptable. Dual cell battery with 20w tech they use now totalling 40w and sub 1hr speeds should be how they do it, keeps battery health and all. I love my amazing boyfriend and blessed with an amazing family ❤️ My politics lean libertarian. and I’m definitely a tech and car nerd. 👶 SEA to SWFL 🏠
brendasharing Oceanside, CA This Instant Pot Apple Cider recipe is the best drink for fall, full of comforting flavors and is perfect to warm you up on a cool day. #instantpot #pressurecooker #fall #applecider #recipe via @WondermomWannab A mom and online business manager trying to live a #frugal and #healthy life.
shaun_obanion USA/UK/Czech Republic @BittrScrptReadr The best part is that they presented those to Apple as the additional two and they were like, “Yep. That’s cool.” #TedLasso Film Lover/Film Producer. IFP Gotham Award Winner. THE AUTOMATIC HATE (2016), GIRLFRIEND (2011) & DAKOTA SKYE (2008) #SupportIndieFilm
13thpower El Paso, TX @notjxkc @sweetma4life @Apple Bro you're just making vast assumptions as to what something is supposed to be. Cool you like your crappy phone,that just text and call I'll be over here gaming on 5g on my fold while simultaneously listening to music and working 🤷🏾‍♂️ I don't know what I am 😶 or who I'm trying to be 😶 →↓ ↘👊🏾 , #FGC #teamandroid 📲 MITT SORROWFUL ✊🏾BLM✊🏾 @LaceyJaymes 😍
notjxkc Rotting in my room B) @13thpower @sweetma4life @Apple The only thing remotely impressive from Apple to me is their M1 chips in their desktops and laptops. Tablets don't appeal to me and phones as I said are again, nothing but communication devices and social media browsing with a few cool little gimmicks here and there. 18 (HNC) Games Development Java, C#, C++
notjxkc Rotting in my room B) @13thpower @sweetma4life @Apple I can cause it was rhetorical. My point is, to me a phone is supposed to be nothing more than a means of communication and maybe a bit of social media. There are some features I think are fun and cool, some designs too. But Apple have none of those. 18 (HNC) Games Development Java, C#, C++
phxdev Phoenix, AZ My hobby and my profession! I didn't think sideloading apps was cool on Apple's devices? How does @disney do this at scale? If your answer is MDM, why couldn't they tell it had been stolen? Nerd questions! Software architect, serial tinkerer @ServiceNow | He/Him | | Profile images by @heycameronux | #dev #AZ | Views and opinions are mine alone
GordonAChaffin Washington, DC @bikeshopgirlcom @insta360 @GoPro Cool! One thing to watch is how much vibration from handlebars is transferred to the camera. Apple released an alert this week that iPhone cameras and probably other cameras with optical image stabilization (i.e. moving parts) get thrown off balance by the repeated road vibration Journalist & Current Events Storyteller @StreetSenseDC | Civically-Engaged Resident | I produce ✍️, 🎥, 🎙️, 📊 to include, inform, equip the least powerful.
ZosiaNReed Bristol, England @E_Staniforth That's so cool that you've already got some apple trees! We also have a 3-year-old avocado tree that my partner managed to germinate and grow in our old flat (we're in the UK). The thought of growing an avocado tree in an actually hot country is very exciting! RU/ES/PL to EN translator, learning FR. Focus on plain/accessible language. Dream of one day becoming a translator at the UN. She/her
turambar112 Staying up to listen to Fiona Apple at 3am is a symptom of me being cool and smart and hot Marxist-Leninist from Australia, himbo with a hint of nihilism, tragically awful bisexual, guy who has arthritis but in a cool way (he/him)
cookieandkate Kansas City, MO On a cool fall day, there’s nothing better the smell of this apple crisp baking in the oven. 🍏 💖 This is my favorite apple crisp recipe, and it just happens to be gluten free and healthier than the rest. It’s made with wholesome ingredients, like old… Food blogger, dog lover, wannabe globetrotter. My best-selling cookbook, Love Real Food, is available now! Link with details below. 👇
staplermilk he/they/ve - minor @louderthanjoo this is so cool omg im gonna steal his apple and eat it 🏳️‍🌈 beeduo enthusiast :) - fanartist - layouts are cool but please credit me!!
Lele1989420 @DontForgetGin Yes! She brought me vanilla ice cream for the apple crisp and cool whip for the pie. She is too good to me! @mouthywifey Sarcastic. Love dogs more than humans. Logan is my whole world. 🐾 Music soothes the soul 🎶 Packers for life- Win, Lose, or draw🏈💚💛
cooprXX The Radiator @stocksandteeth @Apple @JoeHarper @jon_prosser @AppleSupport Nothing is made to last more than a couple years anymore, pretty cool! Worried about waste and saving the planet but you have to throw electronics out every couple years, makes sense. options, crypto, nft collector extraordinaire (1). welder and gastronaut.
apple_britters Puppets @puppetsrolldice This is a really generous offer from Alex! if you play Dragon&Dungeons but don't do a lotta fights and would instead like to be gay, smooch, etc, with cool horns, your table should check this out! Product designer and Illustrator by day, Co-Designer and Director for Attaway LARP by night. Gamer, Birb, Puppeteer. she/her Profile pic by @angryartist113
Blissful_Apple Manitoba, Canada This picture is obviously photoshopped, as Yvonne DeCarlo (Lily Munster) and Bettie Page never met, but I find it sexy and cool just the same.🔥 Court Jester. Wannabe Wiccan. 🚫18 NSFW She/Her No DM's.🇨🇦 #SexWorkIsRealWork #LGBTQ2IArights #AnimalRights #BLM #StopAsianHate #IndigenousRights
rbenedict04 @Apple iPhone 13 is cool and all but please…. USB-C on the next.
not_carlisle the dmv this podcast is so fun to do because we get to talk about chelsea men’s and women’s players doing madnesses then lee tells us how funny and cool they are in real life the tweeter formerly known as @carIisIe | opinions my own | Chelsea Mic'd Up | @wagnh_cfc | @blackandredu | @DiasporaUtdPod | @FranKirbyFC | he/him
michael_olmsted West Florida Your messiah conjured, planned, and executed an insurrection against the United States of America, ⁦@mattgaetz⁩. The fact that you are totally cool with this is telling. grandfather, husband, motorcycle rider, drummer, lefty. Profile pic taken by me on Perdido Key, FL “Liberalism is liberty and equality.” #resist #climate ♋️
parasolstand @KalynnBayron I can rotate a couple dozen apples, independently, while slicing them and making apple pie in my mind - but yours is cool too i guess. Radical, gnarly.
vmisev Belgrade @benjedwards @howtogeek In early '99 I installed Slackware just to see what's that new cool thing everybody is talking about. In '02 Mandrake as netatalk/samba server for company I worked for (mixed mac/pc env) so they didn’t buy OSX server and Apple dealers hated me ~'06 #FreeBSD & never looked back :) Tinkerer; BSD Unix aficionado; VMS hobbyist; "Tape loading error" survivor. MS (G35)
miguel_says England @NeilClark66 Check out a really cool cellular phone with no google/apple connection. Sideload all apps and voila - a phone that works, where content is yours. No track and trace, and a battery that lasts for EASY 1.5 day, and that WITH @ProtonVPN running constantly. If you see me on the streets of London, come and say hi!
Rutunj3 Vadodara @abshekha I've liked and unliked every tweet with this #AppleEvent tag. And everytime it breaks my heart 💔. That cool apple animation is gone! Bazzingaa!⚡
knives_are_cool kyle @apple_sen_pie @MTDomain @thetimes nobody in the UK thinks in imperial units except in extremely specific circumstances, and when they do they can't relate that to another unit even in the same system. A healthy adult male is 12 stone. What's that in "lbs" pronounced "pounds"? or kilos? nobody knows scientists made me big
bree_hwa washington state @crajabli @GabbieChaotics @isenggantinama @skinny_kitty_ @averadian @maht_in_chicago @kaxamdays same!!! My bro is a huge apple nerd and when I was showing my niece how to unlock my phone he was like damn that's cool as hell lol i camp. i do a lot of nothing. and sometimes i stream.
itsyokylo Little Rock, AR @Skittles I love how everyone is crapting on the green apple one like bruh just bring lime back to the original package and we cool probably dragonborn
shinola90 I see the apple processed along with hundreds of others into a cider, warmed in a carafe and enjoyed by a family of four on a haunted hay ride, but the waxy skin with water droplets is cool too America is back, baby, and with it comes America's pastime.
itsrenatak I always worry that the genuine Apple USB cable and adapter is really safe for our iPhones as they do give off some heat sometimes and when the devices are fully charged the charger adapter and cable cool down. Beautiful heart and cares a lot for people. Loves @bevansisme, @Timmyrasmuss3n, @Spencermusic, @WalkneyOfficial & @zacnewsome is cool & @jordanjansen is cute
sabrinablittle Morehead, KY I had a really great time on @rambling_runner’s first episode of “Fail” Forward Friday with amazing 800-meter runner Allie Wilson. This is such a cool idea, and I only talked about Aristotle one time. Philosophy Professor at Morehead State. Trail & Ultra Runner for @HOKAONEONE. 5x National Champion. World Silver Medalist. Connoisseur of Toothpastes.
legonatl they/them/any idc || 17 @luxzhurii hello!!! i’m nat and my goal is to eventually hit 1k :] here is Art to convince u to follow me also follow v cool folks @ayooevy @orangiemilk @Apple__Swan 🏳️‍🌈 mcyt fanartist & The Lorax (2012) enthusiast
Lostsweatshirt The Apple Card is pretty cool and all but I do nottt get how to use it so I don’t touch that card
Manny_______ California, USA listening to new music for me is going on apple music on friday and listening to the ones with cool looking artwork.
ASMRxism that's cool. I imagine the apple from the moment it was a seed, sprouting and becoming a beautiful tree. a red apple falls to the ground and is eaten by a bird, spreading the seed which grows into a tree. this all happens simultaneously. but I can't rotate it. how do you do that last night I thought of something really good to put here but I don't remember it now
mjc0961 Cool, my phone is doing that thing where it just decides to not respond to touch at all for a bit. God damn capacitive touch is useless garbage technology. fork Apple and fork the copycats for dooming us all to this crap. Please enjoy Majima. He/him. 🖕 transphobes.
pretinglescents Accra, Ghana @episode_wan @__theasiedua__ @I_Am_Winter @kobbykatalyst1 @SneakerNyame_ @Akua_gh_ Tango in Mango is everyone's fav. But my newest cool is Tangerine and Apple Loris Reed Diffuser and more Location: Legon Campus (Pent and Night Market) Contact:
kylemsguy Vancouver, British Columbia @alecatmew It’s related to the controversy with Apple and scanning photos on people’s iPhones and comparing them to the hashes of illegal images. Cool tech, but controversial in terms of what else it could be used for. The hash is designed to hash similar images to the same hash. Some guy who spent too much time on Splatoon (soon)3 and code. Googley eyes 👀. Opinions mine. Profile pic by @artofcelle
halcyonmobile We were casually watching the Apple keynote on Tuesday and spotted something cool. 😎 On the screen behind Tim Cook, there’s an app icon that belongs to a product we’re building. Wink-wink! Can you guess which one it is? #AppleEvent #timcook #apple #app #product We create award-winning mobile products that shape people’s lives
scrypto_ Aus Ok from insta so far I’ve learned opensea is launching on google play and Apple store. That’s kinda cool hopeless. hopeful. ⭐️☀️✨⚡️spending my days with magic beans and jpegs
meeeair Texas, USA @Apple “wow guys look at the ipad mini! usb c is so cool and fast. don’t look at the bottom of our iphone 13 tho” TV Head, apprentice in bullcraptery. Hee/He
honeydew_meIon gjgtwt 9/16 nat cool branco vinho verde blend from portugal funky, cidery, fizzy!!!! cloudy unfiltered goodness. it’s giving me green apple, melon (hehe), and saline a very yummy cheap(ish) wine. and the bottle is a liter! 22• she/they• 16+ plz
allthingscomedy Everywhere The Metro Area (and Earth's) preeminent Morning Zoo Crew @979theratrace is back and all-new from The Air & Water Show! It's a bonanza of cool planes and even cooler giveaways! Although perhaps not the Street Team's... finest hour? Comedy. Owned by comedians. Direct to fans. No middlemen.
behlov Terran Solar System @alisonmartino That is so cool. I just bought the entire Columbo collection on DVD and ripped it for viewing on my Apple TV. Columbo binge watching here we come. I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!
black1ris they/xem you see streaming seems fun and cool and all except for the fact that my setup is a crapty pc with outdated apple earbuds sat on my floor bc my desk is covered in art supplies <3 ghost :)
VikingBlood70 On the road to Shambala @UncleSnotty That is so cool! Bees are just amazing My grandpa was a beekeeper for years and kept nice healthy hives and harvested some of the best fresh honey. Kept them in his orchard. Raspberry and apple blossom honey Calmer than you are
TedStryker Los Angeles. Was just asked.. "What is the goal of your Tuna on Toast podcast?" My goal is to create a sense of belonging and community for those that listen, a fun cool little exclusive club👊 Hope you can subscribe, thank you for your support! PODCAST - TUNA ON TOAST 🗣🎙️Nationally syndicated @OutOfOrderShow 📺 Host Grammy's, Audience Music, MTV, Ellen 🎬 Grandma's Boy, OutCold 🎮 #Burnout3 #CrashFM