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MajorBrandsMO Missouri, USA @JimBeam Apple is cool and crisp for every occasion. 🍏🍎 A leading wholesale distributor of premium spirits, wine & beer in Missouri since 1934.
praisejoseph_ Lagos, Nigeria @beehives__ @rutie_xx @Juicelandlord Lol Every gadget freak knows this Apple is cool, but android OS is better. Take Snapchat away from iOS (which Snapchat was actually made for from the beginning) and you'll have just another smartphone with approved security. Just another Nigerian youth.. Arsenal Fan⚽ Soil Scientist(ex-ladokite) Dog lover 🐕 Asshole 🙃
FiloSottile Manhattan, NY The Apple/Google Exposure Notification API makes it cryptographically impossible to outright list who a person associated with. This is just the police abusing the words "contact tracing" to sound cool and hurting public health efforts in the process. Cryptogopher @Google / Go team security lead / Opinions mine / @kateconger-knower / RC F'13, F2'17 / he+him / #BlackLivesMatter /
stoopidluna Ba Sing Se @TheMohkum you look like that one uncle from every family that smells like cologne and cigs and has a big adam's apple and laughs like HaHeOhAhEho but is really cool flexing? i got none.
CaYulduz Cupertino, CA #100DaysOfSwiftUI and #100DaysOfCode #Summer2020. Day #3 completed. @twostraws, your Unwrap app (is really cool.
xxieboo NY Watch me get my ipad and download flipaclip and complain again. But i wont. I actually enjoy drawing on the ipad. My sister's husband had me test it out and omfg it was soo cool. The apple pencil is beautiful and it flows nicely. ▶Sumi/Ru◀ ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ multifandom illustrator/animator/◻/they/them
stlplace Somewhere on the earth @heathborders I understand your concern. What Zoom said is a bit weaker than Apple’s stance not unlocking iPhone for law enforcement, and I am cool with that. But Apple is a much larger company than Zoom and has much more resources including best lawyers money can buy. Also Eric is an engineer Software engineer, born and raised in China. Alma mater: HUST and Rolla. Opinions are mine not my employer's.
robmathesmusic @NickyBenedetti ‘s brand new recording is magnificent!!! I love Nigel Kennedy w Rattle or Handley, James Ehnes with Andrew Davis & Hilary Hahn with Davis/LSO. The Hahn wasn’t well received and is perhaps a bit cool, but she plays the heck out of it! Rob Mathes is an Emmy-winning, Tony & Grammy nominated arranger/composer/prod. who's worked w Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, Aretha, Yo Yo Ma, Elton...etc
sofunkwithme I was looking for cars with Rob the other day and he was like "this one is cool and it has apple car play" and my dumb bottom was like "OMG I CAN USE MY CAR TO PAY FOR STUFF??" and he was like "uhhh apple PLAY not apple PAY." Tbh I am extremely disappointed. craving ramen
janetheses is it just me or apple watches have no use and people just buy em to look cool? I got it and it’s been dead for months Nothin' to see here ◡̈
angryamericans Undisclosed Location, USA ⚡️You might need your own personal anger translator if you don’t #GuessTheGuest. But whoever does gets a very cool @bravosierra_usa @AngryAmericans package for which there is no substitute. Let the guesses fly, subscribe for free: and listen tomorrow. 🇺🇸 If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. News, politics, culture. Host: @PaulRieckhoff. Power: @Righteous. Listen: #IYNAYNPA🎙🇺🇸⚡️
FineAssTwin SC @cashsamantha23 Ok cool. Your free stock is waiting for you! Join Robinhood and we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook for free. Sign up with my link. Building Wealth : 1/3 of @Navyblackpod
Sidque3 @tomidearoso @toby_dayvid @vibes_kay There u go. This is enough to make u analyse n understand that Eve knew she was naked but she was cool with it. Remember she was the first to eat the apple. And according to the scriptures the apple opens your eyes and consciousness to good and evil.
SmockySmadams Bellmawr, NJ The Apple Watch is cool and all but stop telling me to stand up. Let me lay around like the fat piece of crap that I am. you're face to face with the man who sold the world.
MAKREACTS 3rd day of lockdown and 1 hr left to surf the wifi waves Surreal. Everyone is rushing home while we let Bubba get some air. Its sticky and humid today. Another swelterin summer in the rotting apple, stuck inside wont be good. The night airs the cool air😟🗽🌑🌬 Abandoned adoptee/Survivor of abuse/Saved by grace alone/Christ alone. 2 my abusers: IM STILL ALIVE🌱
ChrisCR8IV United States @Aisha__Urooj Excellent! Just purchased and will check it out! It looks like this is your book - would you by chance have a pdf or EPUB of it so I can read it in Apple Books instead of kindle? Lol I hate their app :) totally cool if not ^_^ Milky Wayist • Graphic Designer • Philosopher • Mensa • G7 Pro • Carbon based • Time Mag Person of the Year 2006 • He/Him • Hand wash only, tumble dry
cc_akanno The Communeating Table It’s past 11pm and you want to open your fridge.🤭 That’s cool, if you want to grab a glass of milk or water and maybe an apple or any fruit of your choice.🤔 But you see those carbs there? This late...? They don’t agree with the abs you want. Less is more. Good night. Community Nutritionist | Entrepreneur | Founder @Diet_234 | Convener @Communeating_NG | CEO @CenterpriseCo | Public Speaker | #SDG2 #SDG3. 📧cc.akanno@gmail.com
CoolFlashes Today’s episode is about #midlife and #menopause clinics opening up for #women in the US. Doctors addressing #symptoms women in are struggling with in #middleage #mentalhealth #hotflashes #weightloss #specialists #doctors #clinics #anxiety A podcast for women in midlife and beyond. We are changing the narrative in this stage of life. #midlife #podcast #youtube #blogger #womenover50
DisGuy1282 @nfldraftscout Going to be honest...I had no idea what Juneteenth was until my kid saw it on my Apple calendar a week or so ago and asked me. Googled it and I’m surprised we were never taught about it in school. This is a cool idea to educate more people about it and celebrate culture. just shaking my head at Twitter all day long
mybrospodcast Birmingham, AL Pretty cool new development here. We are now on Apple Podcasts. So, here ya go. You can subscribe, rate, and review if you’re into that. We just want you to do what you feel your heart is telling you to do. Two brothers (@Seth_Alford10 & @AlexAlford7). One podcast. Who knows where this could go. Spotify //
destroyed4com4t probably Portland, Oregon The reason that both the Commodore 64 and the NES dominated in ways that contemporary devices did not was the potential for expansion. Apple got weird about it and that is why the whole Apple ][ project died no matter how cool they made it. Destroyed For Comfort. Sad but funny. Weird, Queer, Barely Here. Dying of Irony Poisoning. Award winning game designer, freelance writer. Hire me. #23ROOMS
CrisbinJoseph Chennai, India @Apple this is cool! Thug reply+action to those miscreants who looted and destroyed stores & properties across USA. I stand with #Floyd but can’t justify the #Rioters and #Looters Hell with such #RiotersAreNotProtesters @MaxWinebach @MKBHD @jon_prosser @tim_cook @9to5mac CEO & Founder @AnocomInc | Innovating for a Better Future
ChiChiGetDatYao Brooklyn / Gulf Breeze Listen we can boycott/ buy black all day... Cool. Pero... Guess what is NOT budging? I’m not substituting my APPLE products for nathan. And def not my Marc Jacobs Beauty & Ole Henriksen. Im not experimenting with MY SKINCARE/PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS for anybody. 🙃 Royalty receiver. Ya favorite artist’ favorite writer. Insatiable narcissism and vanity. Oh yea, this IS the BURNER. 💅🏽
stiinkfiist Liverpool, England My contract is running out soon... I love Apple too much but I kinda wanna get an Android just so I can say I tried. And then come back to Apple after 24 months of torture. It’s almost like I want to go through some form of trauma. Lol. Them flip smart phones look cool. Ngl. I’m so ugly, but it’s okay ‘cuz so are you.
TrapPoliticsPod Spotify•Apple•Google•NY🗽 The best untapped market for apps.. That no one, and I mean NO ONE.. has touch yet, is the (Primarily) the Apple watch/ Active Wear market.. I mean Fitbit is cool.. If you over 60.. 😒 Maybe I should.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤫 "Ask yourself.. Is This A Trap, Or Is It All Politics?" #TrapPoliticsPod + #TrapPoliticsBrand • Trending Culture.. & Lifestyle Commentary • Host: @R3LL3VisioN
billjonesphoto Las Vegas, NV But not the #FoxNews crowd. They drank the Fox News cool aid and think #trump is doing just fine. #Stupid Protecting EVERY life on Earth by resisting #trump & #GOP agenda. Join the revolution! #Resist Proud #AntiRacist!
emmalarkins Seattle, WA Responded to a bunch of people I do not like on the Apple Music thread with this gif. Cathartic. Also now this is my top used gif and that's pretty cool. Board game designer: Host @ludologypod & #TableTakes. Streamer. #gamedesigndaily. eklarkins@gmail.com. @spiderjerome ❤️ she/her
TheKid_Sam NJ What Apple Music did today is cool but I ain’t forget Joey Bada$$ music was censored and unplayable the other day 🤨 🇵🇷🇱🇷🏁 IG: tan.marino_sg
Elijah99346045 Clovis, CA Closed all of my #activity #rings on my #apple #Watch. The photo looks like a screensaver for my phone, it’s cool. Staying healthy and #active during these ruff times, how is everyone doing?? Civil Air Patrol, CHS-2023, Pilot, the normal stuff. IF YOUR READING THIS YOU SHOULD FOLLOW!!!!
notr3damned hell so while ur out of school go read a book, there r online libraries n stuff + if u own an apple product, make use of the ibooks app bc they have a lot of literature available for FREE bro u can read doestoevsky and nietzsche for FREE HOW COOL IS THAT la colère est une femme
tinysweetbaby The Lipschitz / X49 Cleaner @Redskins And finally, you can introduce your super cool new mascot – RED the Apple. Look at how badass Red is man I can just imagine him now cheering on the team after a big win the fans are going nuts i am not a frog
sidney_odom 🤪, AR my new apple watch has a walkie talkie feature that no one has told me about and omfg this crap is so cool BLACK LIVES MATTER
JohnnyInterval washington pa @Apple wtf?? I have a show and need to learn songs. AND MY ITUNES IS LOCKED ON FIGHT THE POWER!!!!! Not cool. #BlackOutTuesday Musician 🎸 Barbershop Owner ✂️ Website Designer 🖥 Studio Owner 🥁 Producer 🎶 I’m much cooler in person! 😎
ImNotTheWolf Digital Nomad @PhanBoi @INVESTMENTSHULK So you're saying only ONE individual was responsible for all of that graffiti? What about all of the riots and looting around the nation. Are those just 1 bad apple as well? Problem is that immature kids think it's cool to be anarchist and it's totally forking up the movement. Trader || Content Creator || Podcast || Best #Cryptocurrency Exchange: || Automated #Bitcoin Trading Platform:
IcyWitch35 Treaty 6, Canada @Foxsan48 Is my first apple phone and I like, has a button that vibrates and feels like it clicks which is like real cool hehehehehe I post what ever my twisted mind wants. 18+ Trans,polyam,sapphic,fibro, #pluralgang. @orezpraw💙 She/her, 29
PistolPeteACE My co worker who is Hispanic was telling me about the apple thing and the music...and she said "I think its so cool they are only playing black people music" and I said thank you for being on our side...she said basically "you already know " Huh?💨💹🙌🙏⚡🏝🏖🌊🛫🛥🦅🦅🌴
Nakeuru family guy epic anime is not @Nirvana @AppleMusic this is cool and all but who uses apple music the flo rida fandom is dying repost if you're a real flo rida fan
Purchalace England, United Kingdom @waldmotel Definitely recommend Make America Great Again and Bad Apple by Pussy Riot! Also Grandson has some cool stuff, my favourite is probably Stick Up. Lizz | 23 | she/her Web developer, doodler, cat enthusiast, and serial time waster.
meltlemons @Fash_Point @PaigeSully88 Like I said before, I have my own Scandinavian heritage, which is entirely separate from American apple pies and baseball games. It works. If people of the same culture want to assemble and live together, cool! But you can't kick out everyone else from this country. Named "the world's greatest hypocrisy detector" in July 2019. At your service. "Only he deserves power who every day justifies it." - Dag Hammarskjold
Kwaz990 New York, NY This is very cool @Apple. To all those demonstrating, thank you and be safe!
BigHairyManBoy United States @singulover @christamck @AppleMusic Which is true, but Apple is denying a service that was paid for already. They should atleast refund a one day credit to accounts. Would you be cool paying for an oil change and the dudes like, nah I’m not giving you that because I’m protesting...and I’m not giving you a refund.
heslwtffss BLM i saw someone post about apple music and i had to check it out this is actually really cool dedicated to touching
CassieVasie Corporations making political gestures are invalid and usually hypocritical but also Apple Music removing all features and playing only political hip hop and RnB is cool especially considering that this whole thing was made my black indie musicians talking about representation Just like, y'know? - She/Her
designbyjam Apple Music has blacked out their browse section and replaced it with a button to a station playing empowering music for the black community. Without giving them too much praise, this is cool. Listen Together. #BlackLivesMatter Artist.Designer.Gamer #BlackLivesMatter
dot_cool_ The US’s draft law on contact tracing apps is a step behind Apple and Google
masonlkemp Salt Lake City, UT How cool is this from Apple Music: Only music available on their browse and radio is music by Black artists. USU alum - he/him 🏳️‍🌈 | BLM
truCkcalB LDN/BRISTOL/NY/THEWORLD I was just like “oh cool apple did something cool”, then remembered this is all just corporate performance activism and @Apple literally use child labour to mine coltan for their devices. 23/switch/pan/poly/they-them/if you follow me be 18+ or you get blocked/ iG- truckcal.b
superdupertyla @MrJayWashington One of the realest voices out there never scared to speak his mind and an all around cool guy,comedian,host,a plethora of other things cause this guy is so talented Watch the Mad Titan Podcast Artist Haywood /Phantom on @17theseries still new but my attitude veteran “peep new crap👇 bookwh1t3@gmail.com
nanibash @jkitsallgood @_Trapitalism @snitchcatcher @rashaaddenzel They also blocked Joey Badass music for a minute so they trying to make up for it. Like this is cool and all but it’d be even cooler if Apple Music screenshotted a multimillion dollar donation check ☺️ if we really talking, i’m malcolm x meets buddha with the superior knowledge of Black Womxnness
Tylerdeecreator Greensboro, NC @TIDAL What Apple Music is doing is cool and all, but @TIDAL is black owned, offers better sound quality, offers live concerts, playlist curated by artists you listen too and isn’t ripping off your favorite artists. Owner of “A Different. Podcast” ΦΒΣ ΔΑ 🕊🤘🏾Fall 18 | WSSU Alum | Educator | Entrepreneur | Writer | 252